Questions Asked on
November 14, 2019

  1. Math

    How much horsepower would the Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody need to run the speed of sound arrive before the sound of its legendary engine arrives? Given: Assume Stock Redeye Widebody curb weight Assume no wind Assume no driveline losses Redeye

    asked by George
  2. History

    Under feudalism, who was directly responsible for protecting the people?

    asked by Me help fast
  3. Science

    Ovaries contain?

    asked by Alex
  4. English

    This is from The Cay. Language arts lesson name: The Cay chapters 1-2. 6th grade. Which of the following details about Phillip's mother seems most out of character for her? A) She worries about Phillips safety B) She is unhappy in Willemstad C) She

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  5. Math

    Bill has 2/3 of his left from lunch. If he eats 3/7 more of the pizza is left? a.1/4 b.1/3 c.1/21 d.5/21 I think it's D but I'm not sure so it'll be nice if some one could check my answer thanks! 😊

    asked by Lil meme
  6. math

    a seamstress has a piece of cloth that is 3 yards long. She cuts it into shorter lenghts of 16 inches many of the shorter pieces can she cut

    asked by Sara feleke
  7. math

    1. Mike opens a checking account with an initial deposit of $200. Without making additional deposits, he withdraws $25 each week. Kyle also opens a checking account. The function y = 25x + 200 represents the current balance in Kyle's account. Suppose the

    asked by Kiri
  8. Texas History

    Why was the last battle of the civil war, Battle of Paltimo Ranch, fought in texas? A. All Texan troops refused to quit fighting. B. Grant had brought the majority of his troops to texas. C. Lee had refused to surrender and retreated to Texas. D. News of

    asked by AnimeHunter
  9. Math

    Kevin is planting 15 bushes and 9 trees in rows. If he wants all the rows to be exactly the same, with no plants left over, what is the greatest number of rows Kevin can plant? I need help.. I think you need to find the greatest common factor? And that

    asked by Molly
  10. Technology

    Using NOT when searching allows you to________. A)Search for subtraction math games B)Eliminate unwanted topics to narrow down your search C)Search for more than one topic D)Narrow down your topic by combining words Which term isn't a part of the Boolean

    asked by Help!.-.
  11. Career

    just need help checking my answers:) 1. customer service is the same as professional sales a.True b. False (my answer) 2. corporate computer support departments have computer repair personnel who are part of: a. production c.maintenance (my

    asked by .
  12. Math

    Evaluate the expression for the given quantity. 3 3/2x - 51/3x, x = 2/5

    asked by that one dude
  13. math

    the library has 441 storybooks and magazines altogether there are 8 times as many storybooks as magazines how many more storybooks then magazines are there in the library

    asked by ashraf dwal
  14. Math

    Solve each question for the variable. g + 114.78 = 152.98 A.g = 267.76 B.g = 28.2 C.g = 38.2 Please help! I think it is C or A

    asked by person
  15. Algebra

    Is there more than one answer to this inequality 2y+3

    asked by Reg
  16. math

    Jenny filled 12 pitchers with an equal amount in each. The total amount of lemonade in the 12 pitchers was 41.4 liters. How many liters of lemonade would be in 7 pitchers?

    asked by Sara Feleke
  17. Chemistry

    Calculate the standard enthalpy of reaction for the reaction 2Na + 2H2O——> 2NaOH+ H2. Standard enthalpies of formation are -285.8 kJ/mol for H2O and -470.11 kJ/mol for NaOH.

    asked by Opal
  18. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements describes the social situation of the United States before Jacksonian Democracy? A.Hundreds of craftspeople were opening shops in the cities. B. Power was in the hands of a few wealthy individuals. ** C. Ordinary Americans

    asked by Stressed Otaku
  19. History

    in which following situations would Texas most likely have chosen to stay with the Union? if Texas had better relations with Indian tribes if Texas was located closer to the east coast if Texas relied less on slavery if Texas had a strong military***

    asked by saskue uchiha
  20. Math

    Determine the product (-2 7/8) (-4 4/5

    asked by that one dude
  21. Mathematics

    A basket contains 3 red balls 5 blue balls and 7 green balls. Two balls are picked one after the other without replacement find the probability that. (a) Both are red. (b) First is blue, the other is green. (c) One is blue, the other is green. (d) Both are

    asked by George Ayomide
  22. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of nitrogen that will be produced at S.T.P from the decomposition of 9.6g of ammonium dioxonitrate 3?

    asked by Ọga mugu
  23. Math

    2.8x =-9.24 It's Lesson 5: Solving One-Step Equations by Multiplying/Dividing if your on connexus Ms. Sue I really need help can you help me?

    asked by None of your business
  24. History

    How many fights do Alexander The Great fight wen he was alive? A) 3 fights B) 4 fights C) 5 fights D) 6 fights

    asked by ???
  25. Physics

    Shawn and his bike have a total mass of 40.6 kg. Shawn rides his bike 1.9 km in 10.9 min at a constant velocity. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . What is Shawn’s kinetic energy? Answer in units of J.

    asked by Tex
  26. math

    A house was purchased for $140,000. Three years later, the value of the house was $155,000. If the value V of the house increased linearly from the date it was purchased, which of the following represents the value, in dollars, of the house t years after

    asked by Kylie
  27. Career

    i just need some help making sure my answers are correct:) 1. And art director is an example of: a. a blue-collar job. b. a white-collar job. (my answer) c. a production job. d. a market research job. 2. Some merchandisers design window displays. a. True

    asked by .
  28. Math

    Solve each question for the variable. 1,402.234 + c = 1,932.321 A. c= 530.087 B. c= 532.086 C. c= 529.087 Please help! I think it is B or C

    asked by person
  29. Math

    What is the formula for the diameter of a circle?

    asked by anonymous
  30. math

    In the year 1985, a house was valued at $110,000. By the year 2005, the value had appreciated exponentially to $140,000. 1. What was the annual growth rate between 1985 and 2005?Round your answer to two decimal places.) 2. Assume that the value continued

    asked by Doll
  31. Math

    Determine the area of each composite figure. The figure is a circle inside a semicircle just like the picture in this website below, the r in the picture in the website is not given. h

    asked by anonymous
  32. Precalculus

    The population of a southern city follows the exponential law. If the population doubled over 20 months and the current population is 70,000, what will the population be 5 years from now

    asked by Josie
  33. Math

    A pet survey found that the ratio of dogs to cats is 2/5. Which proportion shows the number of dogs if the number of cats is 140?

    asked by Vanessa
  34. algebra

    Triangle CAT is located at C (-2, 2), A (4, -2), T (1, 1). Find the coordinates of its image after a dilation with a scale factor of 4. (3 points)

    asked by ajani.huff
  35. Math

    1.Which of the following fractions is also a repeating decimal? A. 7/14 B. 3/12 C. 10/16 D. 5/15 2. Trent has completed 3/20 of his homework. Write this amount as a decimal. A. 0.15 B. 0.23 C. 0.30 D. 0.35 PLZ HELP!!!!!!!

    asked by Corgi
  36. Geography

    Is Asia the largest continent? True or False

    asked by Mr. Yoe
  37. Science

    13. After a recent experiment, a scientist noticed that the computer simulation varied from the actual experiment. What should the scientist do? A. Repeat the experiment several times in order to verify the results B. Adjust the computer’s program so it

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  38. Algebra

    -3,-12,48,-192 what is the 9th term of the sequence

    asked by Bob
  39. maths

    a triangle is such that the first side is twice the length of the second side. The third side 4m long. if the perimeter of the triangle is 13m, find the length first and second side

    asked by suleiman
  40. math, probability

    I am studying for an exam on Wednesday that covers probability. But I wanted to check in here for a refresher since it's been 2 or 3 weeks since I've worked on questions like this. 85% of the pizzas offered in Mario's Pizza Palace have both meat AND cheese

    asked by lijm
  41. Science

    A scientist designs an experiment to determine if his explanation for how jellyfish sting is correct. Which part of the scientific method describes his possible explanation? A. conclusion B.variable C. hypothesis D. scientific law

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  42. Calculus

    3x²y + 2xy = sin(y²) help pls

    asked by Shrimp
  43. Math

    Hey Jiskha! I need help again... Joe will go to the swimming pool on 20 different days this month. • A one-day pass to the pool is $2.25. • A monthly pass to the pool is $30.00. How much money will Joe save by buying a monthly pass? I got 45 but thats

    asked by Molly
  44. English

    Which of the following statement best illustrates the political and social climate of the world in the 1940's? A) Civil unrest lead to peaceful demonstrations against world leaders B)The global economy was gaining strength, and oil production increased

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  45. Math

    What is....? 63/6÷56/8=?

    asked by I don't know?
  46. Science

    Two companies make golf balls, and each claims that its ball goes farther. Which would provide the best scientific evidence to help determine which ball goes farther? * A. The best golfer in the world hits each ball 100 times, and you measure how far each

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  47. math

    How high is a tree that casts a 26​-ft shadow at the same time a 8​-ft post casts a shadow which is 11​-ft ​long?

    asked by brody
  48. Physics

    A uniform half metre rule is balanced horizontally across a knife edge placed 15cm from one end . A mass of 30g is hung from the same end . What is the mass of the metre rule?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. science

    What is a physical or mental representation of an object or an event

    asked by Baby.J💕🥶
  50. math

    (x - 5)(-.025x + 220) Is the answer -.025x^2 + 220x - 1100 OR -.025x^2 + 219.875x - 1100 I keep getting the first answer but in class the teacher said the answer was the second one and I'm getting frustrated because I can't get the second one!

    asked by carly
  51. Physics

    The current theory of the structure of the Earth, called plate tectonics, tells us that the continents are in constant motion. Assume that the North American continent can be represented by a slab of rock 5250 kmon a side and 35 km deep and that the rock

    asked by Tex
  52. math help!

    bill has 2/3 of his pizza left from lunch. if he eats 3/7 more of the pizza, how much pizza is left?

    asked by CONNEXUS USER
  53. Science

    wo students think that wintertime thunder storms are always followed by snow. Which of the following would be the best way to test this hypothesis? A. Measure the snowfall after the first winter thunderstorm B. Compare data collected for one week with data

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  54. Math

    Translate the difference of victors age and 15 is 69 into one step equation

    asked by Von
  55. Math

    6 +9p=-12 9p=6-12 9p=18 p=2 check this work

    asked by jj
  56. Spanish

    Parte II: Conteste las preguntas utilizando mandatos formales. Trate de usar pronombres cuando posible. Example: Pregunta: ¿Es importante ESTUDIAR el vocabulario? Respuesta afirmativa: Sí, ESTUDIE el vocabulario. or: ESTÚDIELO. 1. ¿Es necesario apuntar

    asked by Jay
  57. Sports

    what are the reason for the Olympic Games to be largest of all sporting events

    asked by Tizita
  58. Physics

    The fastest recorded pitch in major-league baseball, thrown by Nolan Ryan in 1974, was clocked at 100.8 mi/h. If a pitch were thrown horizontally with this velocity, how far would the ball fall vertically by the time it reached home plate, 60.0 ft away?

    asked by Ellie
  59. science

    How does a shark detect vibrations emitted by other animals? Is the answer a lateral line?

    asked by melony
  60. Physics

    The force required to stretch a Hooke’s-law spring varies from 0 N to 75.5 N as we stretch the spring by moving one end 10.3 cm from its unstressed position. Find the force constant of the spring. Answer in units of N/m.

    asked by Tex
  61. Math

    Convert the map scale to a unit rate. How many inches represent one mile? Show your work. Interpret the meaning of the unit rate. 3/10in.=7/8mi.

    asked by saskue uchiha
  62. Science

    A gardener is investigating whether Brand X fertilizer will increase the growth rate of the rose plants growing in an outdoor garden. Which rose plant would be the control for this investigation? A. a rose plant in the garden given only water and sunlight

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  63. Science

    A student rolled a toy car down a ramp and timed how long it took to reach the bottom. After one trial, the student doubled the height of the ramp and added sandpaper to its surface. The student conducted three more trials. After reviewing the data, the

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  64. Science

    Students were studying how temperature affects water movement. The students added drops of food coloring to different temperatures of water.They measured the rates at which the food coloring spread throughout the water. Which tools would best help the

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  65. math

    44 rail cars is __% of 50 rail cars..

    asked by Help for a friend
  66. Arithmetic


    asked by Gates
  67. Science

    Last thing I promise! (I think) What are three simularities between cells and organisms?

    asked by Molly
  68. Math

    Evan said the numbers 0.37,0.36,0.25 and 0.4 were in order from greatest to least . Is he correct? Explain

    asked by Maggie
  69. English

    f you were adjusting your reading rate to suit your purpose, how would you read this passage from Act II, Scene 5, of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley? SCROOGE. … I am light as a feather, I am happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy. [Yells

    asked by Nate
  70. social studies

    Hi! i was wondering if someone could check a few of my test questions, i want to submit it but im scared that my answers are wrong :( 1. Which of the following were important achievements of the Kushites? Select the three correct answers. A. the defeat of

    asked by bloop
  71. Biology

    A strain of E. Coli with this genotype: Lac I- Lac O+ Lac Z+ Lac Y- Lac A+ Would be expected to show what behavior Regarding The expression Of functional Beta Galactosidase ? A. Uninducible B. Inducible C. Constitutive D. Inducible, But would require a lot

    asked by Logan
  72. algebra

    Solve using elimination. 2x − 5y = -6 -3x + 5y = 14

    asked by clay
  73. Physics

    Explain how image is formed by a plane mirror

    asked by Ande
  74. To @R_Scott

    This is a follow-up to So if we take the probability as 0.05 from the left side of the z table, the relavant z value would be -1.64(cause

    asked by Aryaa
  75. Math

    I really need help with this focus problem I don’t know how to approach it. Have you ever thought about the size of the US national debt? Have you ever pondered the literal size of weight of it? How large is the US national debt right now, and more

    asked by Cyrus
  76. maths

    An aircraft flies form an airport X (lat35°S,long40°E) and after 1500km due East, it reaches are airport Y. It then flies due South to another airport Z on latitude 70°S . Calculate to 3 s.f :. a) the radius of the latitude through X. b) the longitude

    asked by ọga mugu
  77. Math


    asked by Brianna
  78. science

    When the nitrogen is cycled from the atmosphere to the ground to the bacteria to the plant to the cow. Ammonia again meet the nitrifying bacteria and what two things can happen?

    asked by A confused child
  79. Chemistry

    How can we calculate the freezing point of a solution with in a given mass of a solution compound

    asked by Betty
  80. Math

    A football coach wants to know if the is a correlation between his players' leg strength and the time it takes for them to sprint 40 yards. he sets up the following test and records the data: Every day for a week, he counts how many times each player can

    asked by Joanne
  81. Math

    Triangle CAT is located at C (-2, 2), A (4, -2), T (1, 1). Find the coordinates of its image after a dilation with a scale factor of 4. I'm not sure what the answer is if you could give me a website that explains it or some help with the question it would

    asked by None of your business
  82. science

    which statement best describes the benefits of having a universal system of measurement

    asked by nayeli
  83. Science

    why does the sun have spots?

    asked by Kate
  84. Math

    which numbers are divisible by 5? A. 124, 333, 315, 266, 391. B. 135, 205, 330, 275, 365. C. 135, 211, 330, 274, 252. D. 232, 250, 365, 225, 210. PLZ HELP!!!

    asked by Corgi
  85. Accounting

    Purchased goods from Neupane worth Rs 30000 and partial payment of Rs 20000 was made. Prepare ledger account.

    asked by Baarish
  86. math

    an algebraic expression for 49 more than the product of 116 and b

    asked by sophia
  87. Math many servings can be made from 108 cups of punch?

    asked by Anika
  88. Science

    Students investigated four different brands of disinfectant wipes. The students rubbed each brand of wipe on a different desk. They collected a bacteria sample from each wiped desk with a cotton swab, then transferred the bacteria to a petri dish. The

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  89. Math

    How many subsets does this set have? A = {A, B, C, D} 10 6* 8 16 Question 2 Is {3,4} ⊂ {set of integers} no yes* Question 3 Which of the following is a subset of A = { whole numbers} {-2, 4, 7}* {0, 4, 7} {1/2, 4, 7} {1.5, 4, 7} Question 4 If U = Set of

    asked by Moo
  90. Science

    What variable is kept constant

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    which number is a composite? A 41 B. 81 C. 31 D. 47 PLZ HELP!!!!!!!

    asked by Corgi
  92. Math

    find the prime factorization of the number 3240 PLZ HELP!!!!!

    asked by Corgi
  93. Math

    1.Write the inequality for the graph. _________O____________ -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A. x < 2 B. x 2 D. X >_ 2

    asked by wii
  94. Social studies

    Why are rising sea levels a concern in Australia and New Zealand? A. High tides and storm surges may damage property in coastal areas. B. Australia and New Zealand may disappear completely if sea levels continue to rise. C. Rising sea levels are changing

    asked by sarah
  95. Science

    So I am kind of stuck on the first question, and the second two I don't understand how they are worded. Please help if you can! Thank you! What are the ways that ordinary people can help to keep antibiotic resistance from getting worse? Express your

    asked by danceroftheages
  96. Accounting

    Can someone please explain why the sales for dresses and accessories will be sold for $294,582.5? IN THE FOLLOWING LINK I been trying to figure this out, instead, I was getting = (1500 x ($200 + $27.5 + $9.5)) x 70% = $248,850.

    asked by Urgent Help
  97. maths

    if f(x)=x^3-7/2 find f^-1(X)

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    which number is a composite? A 41 B. 81 C. 31* D. 47 PLZ HELP!!!!!!!

    asked by Corgi
  99. Math

    What is the distance between -10 and 10 on the number line? a) -20 b) -10 c) 0 d) 20**

    asked by Star
  100. Health and Human Services

    Please check my answers thank you. 1. Which condition is not a leading cause of death in the U.S.? Heart disease Cancer Unintentional injuries X Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Which is not a factor related to the growth of outpatient services? Economic

    asked by Lu
  101. Science

    A scientist sets up an experiment to see if plants grow faster under only ultraviolet light. Which setup has the correct use of an experimental control? A. All of the plants are outside B. some plants are outside, some plants are inside under an

    asked by Intelligent_Queen
  102. Art

    what are the 2 types of movement in art

    asked by Luis Silva
  103. math

    Given that 6,9,13½,21/4,form a sequence of number. Find the sum of the 13th term

    asked by Anonymous
  104. math

    in a.p. frist term is 4 .the frist ,second and third form consecutive terms of geometric progression. find the first three terms of arithmetic progression

    asked by mettu preparatory school
  105. Chemistry

    What mass of lead pb(No3) would be required ti yield 9g of lead pb(No3)2 would be required to yeild 9g of lead pb cl2,on the addition of excess Nacl

    asked by Nnaemeka
  106. math

    Max picks two different cards without replacement from a standard 52-card deck. What is the probability that the cards are of different suits?

    asked by Help
  107. math

    suppose an is an arithmetic progression .with common difference 2 and Gn is geometric progression.with common ratio 3 .let Cn be a sequence given by Cn=An+Gn .if C1=8 and C3=52 then find A1and G1

    asked by mettu preparatory school
  108. Math

    I am having a lot of problems in math right now. I am doing practice problems right now and I don't even understand them. I don't really understand it and I do online school. Any help would be appreciated. 1. What is the simplest form of the radical

    asked by really confused
  109. psychology

    what are the desciplines of pychology?

    asked by zewdu
  110. math

    glen can clean pools at a constant rate of 2/5 pools/hour. what is the ratio of pools to hours

    asked by Nyajah
  111. physics

    A car accelerat uniformly 20m/s to 50m/s in 6 sec what is the distance travelde by the car during the 5th sec ?

    asked by mili
  112. social studies

    as result of the french and indian war claimed all the land west of Mississippi river, and gained control of all land east of it

    asked by Anonymous
  113. chemistry

    you pipetted a 10.00ml of solution with a concentration of 0.200g/l of pure iron into a 100.00 ml volumetric flask to make a stock solution a) calculate the concentration of the stock solution in mole/l of iron b) calculate the concentration of the stock

    asked by vevia
  114. physics

    A car goes from rest to a speed of 90 km/h in 10 seconds . What is the car's acceleration in m/s²

    asked by andualemmekonnnen
  115. HTML / Web Design

    How do we create a checkbox of the following format in HTML? Colors (checkbox icon) red (checkbox icon) green (checkbox icon) red I could only do it as folows : Colors (checkbox icon) red (checkbox icon) green (checkbox icon) red

    asked by Aryaa
  116. Geography

    What religion is Persian, Jewish, Israeli,kurd an tajik

    asked by Alex
  117. math

    Derby 18 27 28 44 44 50 67

    asked by
  118. maths

    if a market is hold every four days and today is the market day which day in the week is the next five market days helps plz

    asked by kael
  119. math


    asked by mettu preparatory school
  120. Math


    asked by Uli
  121. physics

    for every 10m you desend below the surface of water

    asked by Anonymous