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November 10, 2019

  1. Math

    Connections Academy: Algebra 1A, Part 1 Practice Test. 1. Solve the equations using Addition or Subtraction. 4=q+13 A: q=4 B: q=17 C: q=-9 D: q=-2 (Please Help)

  2. math

    A box is 24 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. About how many cubic feet is the box?

  3. maths

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 42cm and its length is xcm find its width in terms of x

  4. Business Math

    How is finding part of a whole similar to finding part of a set? How is it difficult?

  5. world geography

    To the east of the coastal country, some of Syria's major cities lie on steppes, which are characterized by a large plateau. true or false?

  6. Algebra

    A coffee mixture has beans that sell for $0.20 a pound and beans that sell for $0.68. If 120 pounds of beans create a mixture worth $0.54 a pound, how much of each bean is used? Model the scenario then solve it. Then, in two or more sentences explain

  7. science

    1. Suppose a particular flood mitigation project has a benefit-cost ratio of 0.72, According to this ratio, is the project a success? a. Yes, because a ratio greater than 0.5 means a project is a success. b. Yes, because a ratio less than 1 means a project

  8. Health

    Which is a true statement about gender roles? A. Gender roles are basically the same across all cultures. B. Male-female friendships are more difficult to develop today than they were in earlier generations. C. Most people look for males and females who

  9. Math

    Given triangle ABC is congruent to triangle PQR, triangle PQR is congruent tp triangle XYZ, prove that triangle ABC is congruent to triangle XYZ

  10. Maths

    solve the following using quadratic formula 2x^2 - 11x 12=0?

  11. Math

    From the top of a 200 metres high building, the angle of depression to the bottom of a second building is 20°. From the same point, the angle of elevation to the top of the second building is 10°. Calculate the height of the second building.

  12. math

    Mrs. Wallace bought 0.75 pound of sliced turkey for $3.45 and 1.5 pounds of sliced ham for $6.60. How much more was the turkey per pound than the ham? A.0.20 B.1.20 C.3.15 D.9.00

  13. Math

    Martina made deposits of $2,000 at the beginning of each year for four years. The rate she earn is 5% annually. What's the value of Marina's account in four years? a. $8,260.00 b. $11,051.00 c. $9,051.20 d. $8,260.20 My answer is D.

  14. Spanish

    Fill in the blanks with the appropriate PRESENT PERFECT form of the given verb. Remember that the present perfect requires a form of the verb HABER + the past participle. 1.) Yo _________ __________(conocer) a muchos españoles durante la fiesta. 2.)

  15. History

    Which of the following best describes the main motivating factor that encouraged women to fight for suffrage in the 1800s and early 1900s? They felt they had a civic duty to improve society. They felt their rights to earn money were being attacked. They

  16. math

    The population of bacteria present after t hours is given by the function P(t) = 2530e^(0.24t) . (a) What is the initial population of the bacteria? (b) How long will it take the population to reach 10,000?

  17. physics

    A machine with velocity ratio 5 requires 1000J of work o raise a load of 600N through a vertical distance of 1.25m find output ii.the efficiency of the machine iii.the mechanical advantage of the machine

  18. Mathmatics

    What is the correct scientific notation for 0.00000235?

  19. physics

    A capacitor of capacitance 3.0microfarad is subjected to a 2000v potential difference across its terminal.calculate the energy stones in the capacitor.

  20. math

    6y² = 17y -12

  21. Math

    Ok can u guys please help me Evaluate 1/3m -1 - 1/2n when m=21 and n=12

  22. math

    Solve the geometric probability scenario that you created for question #1. Include all appropriate geometric formulas, and when applicable, leave your answer in terms of and include all necessary calculations. here is my answer is it correct? area of

  23. Math

    Someone please help,I have to sleep just 2 questions idk how to do 6. The diagram shows the cross section of a cylindrical pipe with water lying in the bottom. (Since I can't post picture here) The diagram: ◒ a) If the maximum depth of the water is 2cm

  24. Physics

    The distance round a great circle is 40000km.What is the diameter of the great circle?

  25. History

    Which statement correctly explains the reasons that the Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850 were unsuccessful at solving the nation's issues? Slave labor was such an important part of the American economy that most Northern states stopped

  26. Maths

    (a) what should be add to k^2-10/11k to make it a perfect square? (b)solve the equation v^2-v-1=0?

  27. math

    Jenny deposits $867 into an account earning 5.309%, compounded weekly. (a) What will be her account balance in 14 weeks? (b) How long will it take for the account balance to grow to $1,500?

  28. Math

    pls HELP Eric owns and operates the Hot Ham food truck. The expression 3.25b+2h gives the cost of b burgers and h hot dogs. What is the cost of 4 burgers and 6 hot dogs?

  29. Java Programming

    Question : Write a java program to find circumference and area of a circle. Your program should be fulfill following requirements.  Radius of the circle should be read in the main method of the program  Circumference and Area should be calculated at

  30. physics

    a car accelerate uniformly from 20m/s to 50m/s in 6sec .what is the distance traveled by the car during the 4th second?

  31. History

    What happened to the population of New Orleans between 1810 to 1830? A) Between 1810 and 1830, the population of New Orleans almost doubled. B) Between 1810 and 1830, the population of New Orleans more than doubled. C) Between 1810 and 1830, the population

  32. Math

    Bill's pizza has an asset turnover of 305.The total assets of bill were $95,000. The net sales of bill's pizza is a. $271,8.50, B. $33,250.00, C. $27,142.85, D. $332.500 My answer is D.

  33. Physics

    The intensity of a certain sound at your eardrum is 0.0030 W/m^2. Calculate the rate P at which sound energy hits your eardrum. Assume that the area of your eardrum is about 51 mm^2. I found this to be 1.53x10^-4 using I=P/A What power output P0 is

  34. Physics

    Bowling balls are roughly the same size but come in a variety of weights. Given that the official radius a bowling ball should have is roughly 0.111 m, calculate the weight of the heaviest bowling ball that will float in a fluid of density 1.100×103

  35. Statistics

    The percent of fat calories that a person consumes each day is normally distributed with a mean of about 37 and a standard deviation of about ten. Suppose that 16 individuals are randomly chosen. Let X = average percent of fat calories. Find the first

  36. Algebra

    use a matrix to solve each system 2x + 7y +2z = -16 -5x - 8y = 17 x - 2y - 8z = -13

  37. Math

    As x → π, cos x → ? As x → (π/3)^+, cos x → ?

  38. Trig

    a circle of radius, r, with a sector of 45° shaded. (a) Find the length of the arc of the colored sector in the figure when r = 7 cm (b) Find the area A of the sector when r = 7 cm

  39. trigonometry

    cos θ = 0.7677 (a) the nearest 0.01° (b) the nearest 1'

  40. math

    Karlen took a piece of rope and made a square with it. Then he cut the rope into two pieces in the ratio 1:3 and made two different squares. Which is the increasing order of the areas of the three squares ?

  41. physics

    It is observed that rider A closes the 48 gap in a time of 6 seconds (a=ft/s^2). a) What speed was rider A moving while located 48 feet behind rider B? b) As timed from when rider A was 48 feet behind rider B, how many seconds elapse before rider A matches

  42. English

    How do I write this sentence in AP Style. Thanks Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee once chaired the National Governors’ Association.

  43. Math

    The angle of elevation of of the top of a house from the botton of a tower 160metres high is 26 degree.from the top of top of the tower,the angle of elevation is 24 degree.what is the height of the house if the tower ane the house are 50 metres

  44. MATH

    How do I dot (2t^2 -2)i and 4ti? Is this how you do it? (4t.(2t^2 -2))i=(8t^3 -8t)i

  45. Chemistry

    what volume of oxygen gas is required to react completely with 1.54 mol of hydrochloric acid according to the following reaction at 0 degrees celsius and 1 atm

  46. math


  47. maths

    A man save 55,000 in a saving account which pays compound interest semi annuals at the rate of 6% per annum . a.What will be the amount in his account after 12 years

  48. Physics

    The screen of a pin-hole camera is a square, of side 0.16m and it is 0.15m behind the pin-hole. The camera is placed 11m from a flag staff is formed centrally on the screen. The image occupies three-quarters of the screen. What is the height of the flag

  49. Physics

    A moving object takes off from a town p(latitude 40°N ,longitude 52°E) and after flying 1450km due East,it reaches a town then flies due North to another town S on latitude 60°N. 1)Calculate the longitude Q 2)The distance Q and S along the parallel

  50. History

    What type of natural resources does Qubec have I really dont know i think one of them is natrual gas. Plz help

  51. math

    Does (6(t^2 -1))/(2(t^2 +1))=3?

  52. Maths

    solve the following quadratic equation using the factorization method x^2-2x-15=0 (b) construct quadratic equation whose roots are given as -1/2 and 3/2?

  53. English

    excerpt from “I Am a Native of North America” And I shall never forget his disappointment when once he caught me gaffing for fish “just for the fun of it.” “My Son,” he said, “the Great Spirit gave you those fish to be your brothers, to feed

  54. History

    During the Civil War, in which resource area did the Confederacy hold 28 percent of the total resources? Factories Food crops***** Soldiers Total population

  55. math

    3k² = 8k+8

  56. Math

    Bill's pizza has an asset turnover of 305.The total assets of bill were $95,000. The net sales of bill's pizza is a. $271,8.50, B. $33,250.00, C. $27,142.85, D. $332.500 My answer is C

  57. Physics

    In a body of water, a fish remains at a constant depth while motionless. In the same body of water, a person sinks while motionless. Why? More than one answer may be true. Group of answer choices The person has more mass than the fish. The person has

  58. math

    I only need my answer to be checked. In a lottery, 5,000 tickets are sold for $1. One first place prize of $1,000, 1 second prize of $500, 4 third prizes of $100 and 10 consolation prizes of $10. What is the expected net earnings of a person who buys a

  59. math

    The quantity, in grams, of a radioactive substance present after t months is given by the function Q(t) = 1000(5)^(−0.3t) (a) How much of the substance will be present after 6 months? (b) How long until there is only 8 grams of the substance remaining?

  60. math

    e^(−5−2x) = 5

  61. math

    Chell lends $500 to a friend for 8 months. What simple interest rate should she charge if she wants to be paid back a total of $535?

  62. Science

    A stone propelled from a catapult with a speed of the 50m/s^1 attains a height of 100m.calculate the angle of projection (c) the range attained

  63. chemistry

    Calculate the rms speed of NF3 molecules at 27 ∘C.

  64. maths

    Gordon Freeman wants to have $32,000 in 5 years in order to purchase a new car. (a) How much should he deposit today in an account earning 6.4%, compounded quarterly, to have the required amount in 5 years? (b) How much interest will be earned? (c) If he

  65. Calculus

    Find the tangential and normal components of the acceleration vector. (r)= 2t^2i + (2/3t^3 -2t)j These are what I did.There are just too many steps so I just show the important one r'(t)=4ti+(2t^2 -2)j r''(t)=4i+4j llr'(t)ll=√(4t)^2 +(2t^2 -2)^2 =2(t^2

  66. math

    The Fisher family bought a house for $191,000. They paid $40,000 down and took out a 15 year mortgage for the remaining balance at 5.25%, compounded monthly. (a) What is their monthly payment? (b) How much interest did they pay over the entire loan?

  67. math

    How long will it take to double your money if you earn 5%, compounded continuously?

  68. English

    Hi guys! on the next paragraph which one would you consider to be the topic sentence? Paragraph 2 Body mass is made up of protoplasm, extracellular fluid, bone, and adipose tissue (body fat). One way to determine the amount of adipose tissue is to measure

  69. math, probability

    In a study conducted by the Bank of America, it was found that 34% of young Millenials say that they sleep with their smartphone on their bed. If four Millenials are selected at random what is the probability that: a) None of them sleep with their phone on

  70. world history

    What were the causes of Roman expansion?

  71. Math

    A boy weighs three times as much as his younger sister. If both of them together they weigh 80 kilograms, what is his sisters weight

  72. Math

    If point A. is located at (0, -8) and B. is located at (4, -5). what is the distance between them? A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8*

  73. chemistry

    Convert propanone to ethane

  74. chemistry

    A voltaic cell consists of two half-cells. One half-cell contains a chromium electrode immersed in 1.00 M Cr(NO3)3 solution. The second half-cell contains a nickel electrode immersed in 1.00 M Ni(NO3)2 solution. Nickel plates out on the nickel electrode as