Questions Asked on
November 7, 2019

  1. English

    Is there any abstract noun start with letter x and z?

  2. Math

    You want to wrap a gift shaped like the regular triangular prism shown. How many square inches of wrapping paper do you need to completely cover the​ prism? In a triangular prism, the front and back faces are triangles and the other faces are rectangles.

  3. Algebra

    The rectangle shown has a perimeter of 118 cm and the given area. Its length is 4 more than four times its width. Write and solve a system of equations to find the dimensions of the rectangle. (rectangle has an area of 528 cm^2) The length of the rectangle

  4. English

    I need help with this True or False question: All supporting sentences in a paragraph should refer to the topic sentence. True False

  5. history

    Almost from the beginning of his administration, Lincoln was pressured by abolitionists and radical Republicans to issue an Emancipation Proclamation. In principle, Lincoln approved, but he postponed action against slavery until he believed he had wider

  6. Math

    Make h the subject of the formula A=πr²tπr√h²+r²

  7. Math

    Make the subject of the formula U=1-3v over ut-w

  8. math

    You are purchasing a car for $12,465.00 plus 5.65% sales tax. You make a $1,300.00 down payment and have a fair credit score. If you improved your credit score to good and paid $1,500 on your purchase, how much interest could you save in the first month?

  9. Science

    Understand how to the transition from the sporophyte generation to the gametophyte generation occurs and how the process occurs.

  10. Math

    1. Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Is 38 53 3853 in simplest form? Explain why or why not. If not, write it in simplest form. 2. Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to

  11. math

    what is the value of 1+1000(1000)-1000

  12. English

    When identifying an unfamiliar word, which of the following is NOT a technique you should employ? Establish the context Identify the grammatical structure of the sentence Identifying part of speech Pronouncing the word

  13. math

    Use words, fractions, equivalent decimals, or other representation to write at least three names for each decimal for 0.550

  14. Math

    The total distance a freely falling body covers in time, t, is given by the equation d(t)=1/2 gt2 where g is constant at 10 m/s2 Show, in terms of n, the distance a falling body covers in t = n seconds of movement. Show, in terms of n, the distance a

  15. math

    An animal shelter has 9/10 of its crates filled with animals. 12 of the filled crates are holding dogs. What fraction of the total number of crates are holding dogs? i think it is 10/12

  16. Health and Human Services

    Please check my answers to the following thank you. Discuss how the changes in society have impacted healthcare delivery in the U.S.. Are there certain healthcare services that have an impact more greatly than others? Explain your answer. I am having a

  17. English

    Which of the following sentences from the selection is in passive voice? A. Actor Robert Pierre seems to wander aimlessly around the set.*** B. This movie was advertised as "full of stunning action." C. So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever.

  18. math

    A factory produces nails and packs them in boxes of 200. If the probability that a nail is substandard is 0.006. Find the probability that a box selected at random contains at most two nails which are substandard.

  19. science

    The decomposition of water into hydrogen gas H2 and oxygen gas O2 can be modeled by the balanced chemical equation A) H2 + O2 → H2O B) H2O → H2 + O2 C) 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O D) 2H2O → 2H2 + O2

  20. history

    "On August 10, 1821, Missouri entered the Union as the twenty-fourth state. Named after the Native American people who originally inhabited the land, Missouri was acquired by the U.S. as part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. At that time, the territory's

  21. Spanish

    Which is not common in the Spanish speaking countries? A. eating lunch from noon to 2:00pm ***** B. ordering pizza C. Serving dinner at 5:00 pm D. having empanadas for lunch *** my answer

  22. math

    The equation (24x2+25x−47/ax−2)=−8x−3−(53/ax−2) is true for all values of x≠(2/a), where a is a constant. What is the value of a? A) -16 B) -3 C) 3 D) 16

  23. Economics

    In an economy the marginal propensity to consume is 0.90, and gross domestic product (GDP) is $100 billion. If gross private domestic investment declines by $2 billion, then GDP will

  24. physics

    A uniform metre rule is freely pivoted at the 11cm mark and it of mass 80g is hung from 2cm mark ? a) draw a clear force diagram of the arrangement? b) calculate the upright of the rule? c) calculate the upload force extelide by the pivote

  25. English

    Put the parts of the heading in the correct order. Apache Junction, AZ 85219January 17, 20094717 East Junction Drive 4717 East Junction DriveJanuary 17, 2009Apache Junction, AZ 85219 January 17, 2009Apache Junction, AZ 852194717 East Junction Drive asap

  26. math

    if 40 cm of wire is used to fench a square garden then what is the area of the square garden

  27. Civic Education

    Discuss 3 local civil problems

  28. Science

    What force is neccesary to accelerate a 1250kg car at a rate of 40m/s?

  29. Algebra

    Solve by the substitution method. 2x + 4y = 8 -5x + y = 13 What is the solution of the ​system?

  30. science

    information about inherited traits are stored in?

  31. Science

    How does internal fertilization occur? How does external fertilization occur? Why would organisms develop these two different types of fertilization?

  32. math

    the log legged secretary bird may walk 19 miles a day hunting snakes, other birds and insects how far could he walk in 30 days

  33. English

    The gardens in Delhi is well maintained

  34. Maths

    The price of a house decreased from RS 15,00000 to RS 1200000.find the percentage decreased solve it

  35. Math

    17 chocolates shared among 4 friends... I know the answer is 41/4 but not sure how to do the working, grade 2.

  36. English

    Which sentence has a dependent clause? I know you're busy tonight and you can't join us. The Moon is supposed to be exceptionally bright in the sky tonight. We should practice the song again. I watched so many movies that take place in London

  37. math

    what is 10938284747 times 23423667566

  38. Chemistry

    Leaving a beaker of water open to the air until it is empty is an example of

  39. Physics

    A falling ston accelerates at a constan rate of 10m/s^ is dropped from rest down a deep well,and 3 second later a splash is heard as it hits the water below. A) how fast will be it be moving as it hits the water? B) what will be it averege speed over

  40. Social studies

    Which of the following suggests That the Indus Valley people have a strong system of central government

  41. Chemistry

    on analysis a compound of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen contains 60.5% carbon and 6.5%hydrogen. if 0.309g of the compound yielded 0.0313g of nitrogen , determine empirical formula of the compound. ( h=1, c=12, n=14, o= 16)

  42. biology

    Membranes found inside and around chloroplasts divide them into compartments. This is useful because it allows __________. the three stages of the Calvin cycle to be kept separate a proton gradient to be produced chlorophyll not to come into contact with

  43. Math

    Determine the slope for the line that meets each condition stated. Show your work. a.Passes through the points (3,5) and (−1,−7). b.Passes through the points given by the table of values. x y −2 −7 −1 −6 0 −5 1 −4 2 −3

  44. Science

    What is the process in which plants use energy from sunlight to produce food? A.Nonvascular B.Vascular C.Gymnosperms D.Angiosperms

  45. Math

    Solve for x: 2 + 3(x + 2x) = −2x(2 − 4) + 1 a)-5 b)-1/5 c)5 d)1/5 i think it might be a i am very confused

  46. science

    Hemophilia is an bleeding disorder where blood dose not clot properly. This disorder is caused ny a recessive allele on the X chromosomr. A couple has just learned that their daughter has hemophilia. They already have a son who dose not have a disease.

  47. Career guidance

    What career can you do if you choose Maths lit, Business Studies, Geography and Life Science

  48. Math

    You walk 27 m to the north, then turn 59° to your right and walk another 42m. How far are you from where you originally started?

  49. Statistics

    The method of tree ring dating gave the following years A.D. for an archaeological excavation site. Assume that the population of x values has an approximately normal distribution. 1320 1236 1292 1222 1268 1316 1275 1317 1275 Find a 90% confidence interval

  50. English

    Select the word that connects the independent clauses in the sentence. The weather was cold and wet yet we played outside for most of the afternoon.

  51. English

    I need help with parallelism involving adverbs. So, I have narrowed my options down to: 1: We debarked in zero gravity; we then quickly began our telemetric mapping of the alien city 2: We stared, dumbly, mouths agape, tryinng to take the implications. I

  52. History

    Use the image to answer the question. What was likely the main purpose of this propaganda from the world war one era? A. To gain financial assistance for the American troops B. To encourage eligible Americans to become soldiers C. To convince immigrants to

  53. English

    What is a strong thesis statement for comparing Ballet with Breakdancing?

  54. Electro technology

    A 30kw , 500 volt shunt generator has its driving machine uncoupled after it has reached normal operating temperature. It is then run as motor drawing an armature current of 4A from a 500 volt supply. The machine has an armature and shunt field resistance

  55. Math

    Four times the sum of a number and 20 is at most

  56. Texas history

    (**= My answer) 1. Which group most benefited from new settlements in South Texas during the 1840s and 1850s? A: Anglos** B: Tejanos patrons C: enslaved African Americans D: German immigrants 2. What was the U.S Army's solution to the long distances

  57. Math

    -5g - 6 for g = -2 I need help for my homework.

  58. Math

    − 7 − ( − 6 ) -7--6 Explain how you could use a number line to find the difference. What is the difference?

  59. Math

    − 7 − ( − 6 ) Explain how you could use a number line to find the difference. What is the difference?

  60. math


  61. Algebra

    3. Consider the points A(0, 0), B(2, 3), C(4, 6), and D(8, 12). A student plotted the points and drew a line through the points. Then, he created a triangle using points A and B and another triangle using points C and D. a. What is the rate of change

  62. algebra

    how do i approximate 86

  63. math

    What is the distance between points a and e, this is for connexus grade 7 math please help

  64. Geometry

    I NEED HELP ASAP 1.which could be the name of a point? W L 1 W 2. WHICH COULD BEE THE NAME OF A LINE K H H HK

  65. science,

    Using the periodic table and your knowledge of atomic structure. Cobalt (Co) and nickel (Ni) have almost identical atomic mass numbers. Comparing the typical nickel and cobalt atoms, which statement best describes the atoms? A) Nickel has one more neutron.

  66. science

    Protons are positively charged and repel other protons. Which other particle is found in the nucleus and separates protons so that the strong force can hold the nucleus together? A) electrons B) neutrons C) protons D) quarks

  67. sceince

    What are the two primary types of waves generated by earthquakes? What are the two primary types of waves generated by earthquakes? P waves and S waves horizontal surface waves and surface waves S waves and body waves horizontal surface waves and vertical

  68. Math

    Mrs. Delgado needs to buy 160 begonias for her flowerbed. At the prices shown, how much would she save if she brought them by the flat instead of buying them separately ? A ($160.24) B ($45.50) C ( $170) D ( $46.40)

  69. Algebra

    Solve by the substitution method. 7x + 2y = -19 -5x + y = 33 What is the solution of the ​system? ​(Type an ordered​ pair.)

  70. math

    If two pounds of meat will serve 5 people, how many pounds will be needed to serve 15 people? *

  71. Math

    A farmer plants 0.4 of a field with a wheat. The field is 3.45 acres in size. How many acres are planted with wheat ? A ( 0.126) B ( 0.138) C ( 1.26) D ( 1.38 )

  72. Social studies

    “We may be tossed upon an ocean where we can see no land – not, perhaps, the sun or stars. But there is a chart and a compass for us to study, to consult, and to obey. The chart is the Constitution.” -Daniel Webster The quote above reflects the

  73. Math

    Alyssa is painting her bedroom blue. Each of four walls has dimensions 12.9 ft by 11.1 ft. How much area will she paint

  74. History

    Who created a common currency to make trade easier throughout the Persian empire? A. Cyrus the Great ^^^^^^B. Darius C. Hammurabi D. Sargon i think its B

  75. Career guidance

    what can l become or any carees are available for those subjects maths, accounting, business studies, tourism

  76. Math

    Write a fact family for 2, − 5 , and − 10 .

  77. Maths

    What length of wood remains when 2½ yards is cut from 4 ¼ yards

  78. math

    Justify whether or not the following is a binomial. Rolling a fair die 3 times and observing the number of times a 6 is thrown. I know that the binomial rules are : 1. The number of trials in the experiment is fixed. 2. There are two outcomes of each

  79. Physics

    A block is at rest on the incline shown in the figure. The coefficients of static and ki- netic friction are μs = 0.67 and μk = 0.57, respectively. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . -What is the frictional force acting on the 30 kg mass? Answer

  80. math

    Compute the product (-39 + 13)*(-36 + 12) *(-33 + 11) *(-30 + 10) ---(33 -11)* (36 - 12) *(39 - 13) ]Where the first summand in each factor is increasing by 3 and the second summand is decreasing by 1. please help asap.

  81. math

    Justify if the following is a binomial. Rolling a fair die 3 times and observing the number that appears uppermost. There are 3 trials. So that is fixed. But there doesn't seem to be the two outcomes of success and failure. It isn't really clear in this

  82. math

    If N is the set of natural numbers that are factors of 24, choose the selection below that correctly shows this set in roster form. a. {2 ,4, 6, 12} b. {2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24} c. {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,

  83. Math

    Jenna says that no row or column contains products with only odd numbers.Do you agree?explain

  84. Math

    4(3x+2)-2 I need help I'm confused

  85. social studies

    Which of the following do Australia and New Zealand have in common with the United States? A. The constitution of each country includes a bill of rights. B. The governments of all three countries have a federal structure. C. All three countries are

  86. science

    Hi everyone! i hope you're having a good day! i need some help with electromagnets... basically i know electromagnetic fields can cause a lot of problems, but they can cause a lot of good stuff, basically i was wondering if the overall impact of

  87. Math

    1,754÷9 what are the two compatible estimated numbers that the quotient is between

  88. science

    Which of the following scenarios would create the most friction between the two surfaces? one choice answer. A. a shoe with a rubber sole moving against a smooth tile floor B. a shoe with a wooden sole moving against a smooth tile floor C. a shoe with a

  89. Math

    Which ratios form a proportion? A) 4/5, 20/25****** B) 8/12, 18/24 C) 1/3, 7/24 D) 2/5, 6/16

  90. science

    one example of a physical change is

  91. Math

    2) which ratio forms a proportion with 9/15? A) 3/6 B) 2/3 C) 12/30 D) 6/10***** 3) which proportion has cross products of 5×24 and 8×15 A) 5/8=15/24**** B)5/24=8/15 C) 8/24=15/5 D) 15/8=5/24

  92. math

    Find C(n,x) p^xq^n-x for the given values of n,x, and p. n=4, x=2, p=1/3 Did I set this up right? To find q: 1-1/3=2/3 n-x=4-2=2 P(X=0) = C(4,0) (1/3)^0 (2/3)^2

  93. algebra

    Please help. I have something from my algebra 1 class: For the equation ax+c+bx+d, where a is not equal to b and c is not equal to d. What is x? I know you're supposed to solve for x but I don't know how?

  94. science

    How can you compare Marie Curie's theories of radiation to Albert Einstein's?

  95. Math

    how does tan 110 equal tan290

  96. Math

    Hey Jiskha! So I have a problem, my teacher told me that my answer was incorrect but I don't understand where I went wrong. Here's the problem. 3 cups of suagr weighs 3/4 pounds. Find the weight of 1 pound. I believe you have to divide 3 cups of sugar by

  97. math

    a recipe requires 5/6 cups of sugar. if mrs.marina is going to make one half of the recipe, how much sugar does she need?

  98. History

    Had to watch the film "the final offer" where negotiations took place between the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union and General Motors Canada back in 1984. My question is to identify the bargaining structure. I think its single union-single employer and

  99. Arts

    Is there any way to watch a TV ad from late September 1986?

  100. math

    sammy is laying brick in his front walkway. the rectangular path measures 3/5 of a foot by 4/9 of a foot. what is the area of space that will be covered with bricks?

  101. math

    an article fills 1/2 of a magazine page. a corresponding photo takes up 3/8 of the article. how much of the page is taken up by the photo?

  102. Art

    creating a large scale monument of an induvidual could indicate to the viewer that? 1. this was a community center? 2. geometric and line patterns are symbolically important? 3. landscapes are appaeling to society? 4. certain induviduals are important? I

  103. math

    Maria ate 1/3 of a pie. her sister, Rebecca, ate 1/5 of that. what fraction of the whole pie did Rebecca eat?

  104. Math

    Mrs. leal sponsors The Spanish club at Central middle school. The club has eight members who are sixth graders, 12 members who are seventh graders and 10 members who are eighth graders what percent of the Spanish club members are seventh graders.

  105. math help

    7/10 times 4/7

  106. physics

    A projectile is shot on level ground with a horizontal velocity of 21 m/s and a vertical velocity of 39 m/s . part1) Find the time the projectile is in the air. The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of s. part 2)Find the range R.

  107. Calculus

    The height, in feet, of a stone thrown vertically upward from 44 feet above ground level with an initial velocity of 40 ft/s is h = -16t^2 + 40t + 44. What is the velocity of the stone when it is 20 feet above the ground?

  108. PHYSICS

    Consider the motion of a projectile. It is fired at t = 0. Its initial speed is 17 m/s and its initial projection angle is 35◦ from the horizontal. What is the maximum height of its tra- jectory? The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in

  109. Math

    Find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of 12 ft and 16 ft. A. 11 ft B. 18 ft C. 20 D. 28 ft

  110. math

    Suppose U = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8} is the universal set, and P = {1, 3, 5, 7}. What is P'?

  111. math

    A man is pouring tea for his daughter, and after filling the cup, he takes a teaspoon of cream (from an identical cup) and stirs it into her tea. She wails "no daddy! I didn't want cream," takes the spoon and puts a spoonful of tea back into the cream

  112. math

    Given 12 people, what is the probability that at least two people would have the same birth-month? Given 13 people, what is the probability that at least two people would have the same birth-month?

  113. Math

    Tell whether the following statement is always,sometimes, or never true for numbers greater than 0. Explain. In equivalent ratios, if the numerator of the first ratio is greater than the denominator of the first ratio, then the numerator of the second

  114. math

    .500 l of gas at STP is changed to 150c at the same volume. Whats the new pressure

  115. Math

    Is 2/3 a unit rate? Please answer!! Need help. 7th grade

  116. math

    How can I find y-intercept when given the slope and a point

  117. Calculus

    Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 30 ft3/min, and its coarseness is such that it forms a pile in the shape of a cone whose base diameter and height are always equal. How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the pile is 15

  118. math

    the 6th term of a g.p is 2000 find it's first term of it's common ratio

  119. PHYSICS


  120. Algebra

    Determine whether the equation represents a direct variation. 2y=5x+1 Not a direct variation Direct variation, constant of variation is 5/2 Direct variation, constant of variation is 2/5 Direct variation, constant of variation is 1- 2/5

  121. math

    What are all the subsets of the set? {-8, 4} a. 0 with a line through it, {-8}, {4} b. {-8}, {4}, {-8, 4} c. {-8}, {4} d. 0 with a line through it, {-8}, {4}, {-8, 4}

  122. Maths

    (a+2) (b+2)=ab+2(a+b)+

  123. MATH

    Determine the principal that must be deposited today to provide for each ordinary simple annuity using the formula: A=(R((1+i)^n-1))/i a) Payments of $3500 for 7 years at 6.5% per year compounded annually. My answer: R=3500, i= 6.5%/100 = 0.065 / 12 months

  124. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a 0.02M solution of potassium benzoate solution ( K+ -OOCC6H5). The pka of benzoic acid is 4.19. (Write answer to the hundredths place)

  125. Chemistry

    Terephthalic( C8H6O4) is a diprotic acid with pka's 3.51 and 4.82. a. What is the pH of a 0.15M solution of this acid? b. What is the concentration of C8H4O4-2 in a 0.15M solution f this acid?

  126. Science

    The volume of an atom is determined by the size of its electron ______ (5 letters). My answer: shell

  127. Science

    Protons and neutrons are these (9 letters) My answer: particle

  128. Math


  129. Math

    Square with sides of length are cut out of each corner of a rectangle Mylar piece of cardboard measuring 13ft by 8ft. The resulting piece of cardboard is then folded into a box without a lid. Find the volume of the box. B. Supposed that in part a the