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November 1, 2019

  1. Math

    Two ladders are leaning against a wall at the same angle, as shown. How long is the short ladder? (two ladders, one is 60 and 40 and the other short ladder says 10). 6ft 15ft 20ft 30ft Is it 15ft? Can someone explain to me how to solve it?

    asked by Dylan
  2. Earth Science

    Why did George Washington support the construction of canals on the James River near Richmond? He wanted to be able to ship goods to and from west of the Appalachian Mountains. The canals could be used to generate electricity to power Richmond. He owned

    asked by Madi
  3. art

    When the artist created the portrait shown here, he... a. used appropiate portions while correctly capturing texture and details. b. used appropiate portions but did not capture any of the face or clothing. c. drew the image out of proportion with little

    asked by LOL
  4. Geometry

    Let A and B be two points on the hyperbola xy=1, and let C be the reflection of B through the origin. (a) Show that C is on the hyperbola. (b) Let Γ be the circumcircle of triangle ABC and let A' be the point on Γ diametrically opposite A. Show that A'

    asked by Dog_Lover
  5. History

    Look at the picture. It shows the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, one of the earliest cities of the Indus Valley civilization. What have scholars concluded about the civilization by looking at ruins such as these? What have they not been able to determine yet? A.

    asked by fghjkl
  6. French

    I REALLY NEED HELP NOW. Le temps unit test help. I can’t figure any of these out, and I’m running out of time. Match each subject pronoun with the correct verb form. Fill in the blank with the letter of the description that best matches the term.

    asked by Ellix
  7. Social Studies

    Mongolia, Japan, and the Koreas are largely homogeneous, with large majority ethnic groups. However, the Aino make up a small minority group on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. China’s largest ethnic group are the Han, but the large country has many

    asked by EmoHat
  8. Math

    I need help on the questions ASAP one of the questions are Part A How would you classify the decimal form of 11/3? A. rational, non-terminating, repeating B. irrational, non-terminating, repeating C. rational, terminating, non-repeating D. irrational,

    asked by nothing.
  9. math

    Discuss methods of solving arithmetic problems Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  10. Global Studies

    Can you check my answers? Why did Olmec farmers move their farms from time to time? A. As their families grew, people needed larger farms. B. Maya invaders took over their farmlands. C. Heavy rains flooded their fields and forced them to find new land. D.

    asked by
  11. art

    You definitely cannot use any piece of art ?

    asked by trinity
  12. Social Studies

    What is the significance of the Vedas?

    asked by Ryleigh
  13. English

    What is the denotative meaning of detritus as it is used in the sentence below? It is dumbfounding to think that each piece of detritus in a shooting star could be the size of a small rock otherwise known as a meteoroid. A. backlog B. accumulation C. silt

    asked by Donny
  14. math

    Hillary and Charlene both drove from City A to City B. At 10a, Hilary left City A and drove at an average speed of 120km/h. Charlene drove at an average speed of 144 km/h and took 50 mins. She arrived at City B at the same time as Hillary. Find the time

    asked by Anonymous
  15. social studies

    NEED HELP Why did Western nations want to colonize the Micronesian islands? A. The islands are located midway between Asia and North America, and ships needed places to refuel. B. The islands are in a tropical climate, and this made them ideal locations

    asked by pela
  16. Calculus

    Find the points on the curve y=x2+2 closest to the point (0,3). Round to the nearest two decimal places. I know this requires the distance formula.

    asked by Amalia
  17. social studies

    The incorporation doctrine has been used to apply the bill of rights to the states and not just and not just to the federal government . Explain how the incorporation doctrine serves individual rights. Give examples of the freedom it protects and at least

    asked by ThickiNikki
  18. U.S. History

    Why was the presidency of George Washington considered to be so significant? A) His actions would define the role of the Supreme court. B) His actions would set precedents for all future presidents.** C) His actions would determine the need for a

    asked by BenidictArrow
  19. Math

    Which situation CANNOT be represented by this equation? 6x−7=29 CLEAR CHECK A)**Joel earns $7 per hour to mow his aunt’s lawn. If he spends $6 on gas, how many hours, x, will he need to mow to have $29 left? B)Joel mows his aunt's lawn for $6 per hour.

    asked by Kxd Buu
  20. Math

    What is the ratio of 4/5 to 7/15? A - 7/12 B - 1 5/7 C - 11/15 D - 1 4/11 My answer is B, 1 5/7, but I just wanted to make sure.

    asked by Jeff
  21. Calculus

    Gloria would like to construct a box with volume of exactly 45ft3 using only metal and wood. The metal costs $14/ft2 and the wood costs $5/ft2. If the wood is to go on the sides, the metal is to go on the top and bottom, and if the length of the base is to

    asked by Amalia
  22. math

    In a lottery, 5000 tickets are sold for $1 each.... one1st prize of $2000, 1 2nd prize of $500, 3 third prizes of $100, and 10 consolation prizes of $25 are to be awarded. I want to set up a probability distribution table to help me solve this problem but

    asked by lijm
  23. Social Studies

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. Nigeria’s economy is almost entirely dependent upon

    asked by amya22
  24. Spanish

    si tu doler la garganta, no coman la comida basura. this is what i'm suppose to say, "if your throat hurts, don't eat junk food."

    asked by 👧
  25. Science

    tom is marking the locations of active volcanoes on a world map. Explain how the locations of the valcanoes are related to earth's plates. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LONG

    asked by Raj
  26. algebra

    The population N(t) (in millions) of a country t years after 1980 may be approximated by the formula N(t) = 213e^0.0101t. When will the population be twice what it was in 1980?

    asked by logos
  27. English

    Ms.sue pls help Suppose Karla wants to find out more about a successful African American ballet star. She would find most of the information __________. A on a website selling ballet shoes of different colors B in a magazine article about the Osage Nation

    asked by Hylah
  28. Art

    Three Pears By Paul Cézanne 1. Which of the following statements is not true? A. The pears occupy the positive space in this image. B. Recognizing the negative and positive spaces could have made it easier for the artist to paint the pairs. *C. The

    asked by CGM
  29. Math

    Raymond buys bottles of water at $2.10 each and a large pizza at $12.99. The total cost was $21.39. How many bottles of water b did he buy?

    asked by Trikzz
  30. math

    A Ferris wheel with a radius of 24 feet takes 1 minute to complete one revolution. When a seat is at its lowest point, it is 5 feet above the ground. Write an equation for the height h(t) of the ferris wheel for any time t.

    asked by Lila
  31. Health

    What is schizophrenia?

    asked by Abigail Cheriman
  32. Circuits

    An inductive circuit, in parallel with a non-inductive resistor of 20 Ω, is connected across a 50 Hz supply. The currents through the inductive circuit and the non-inductive resistor are 4.3 A and 2.7 A respect￾ively, and the current taken from the

    asked by Toff
  33. Physics

    A man of 80kg stands on a spring scale in an elevator during the first 10seconds of motion from rest. the tension T in the cable is 9300N. find the reading R of the scale in newtons during the interval and upward velocity v on the elevator at the end of

    asked by Felix
  34. Math

    A drug is eliminated from the body through urine. Suppose that for a dose of 10 milligrams, the amount A(t) remaining in the body t hours later is given by A(t) = 10(0.7)^t and that in order for the drug to be effective, at least 2 milligrams must be in

    asked by Anon Math
  35. math

    8. Two ladders are leaning against a wall at the same angle, as shown. How long is the short ladder? long ladder 60ft wall 40ft short ladder 10ft

    asked by unseenface0987
  36. Math

    The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 26 cm. The length of one leg is 24 cm. Find the length of the other leg. 2cm 10cm 35cm** 50cm

    asked by S i R e N
  37. Physics

    A stretched string is 1.93 m long and has a mass of 21.1 g. When the string is oscillated at 440 Hz, which is the frequency of the standard A pitch that orchestras tune to, transverse waves with a wavelength of 16.9 cm travel along the string. Calculate

    asked by Eric
  38. math

    During the first year at a university that uses a four-point grading system, a freshman took ten three-credit courses and received two As, three Bs, four Cs, and one D. a) Compute this student's g.p.a. What I did : 2+3+4+1/4=2.5 2.5 g.p.a b) Let the random

    asked by lijm
  39. Math

    You are driving to visit a friend in another state. You are driving 55 miles per hour. You must drive 440 miles total. If you have already driven 275 miles, how long will it take you to reach your destination? Use h to represent the number of hours it will

    asked by Trikzz
  40. Math

    Find the range of all possible values of B if the graph of P(x) = 12x⁴ - 5x³ -38x² + Bx + 6 crosses the x-axis between 0 and -1

    asked by Sandeep Kumar
  41. math

    A 4​-ft vertical post casts a 20​-in shadow at the same time a nearby cell phone tower casts a 125​-ft shadow. How tall is the cell phone​ tower?

    asked by joe
  42. physics

    Consider three wooden blocks floating in fresh water. They all have a volume of 1.0 m3. How do you calculate the buoyant forces acting on each block using: • by applying the condition for static equilibrium: 𝛴𝐹𝑦 = 0 • by the Archimedes’

    asked by Tiger Ale
  43. physics

    You hold a 1.0-kg wooden block under water with your hand (𝜌wood = 600 kg/m3). Calculate the forces acting on the block if the block is in static equilibrium. How do you calculate acceleration when the block is released?

    asked by TJ. Ale
  44. math

    If Building A had 8 more storeys than Building B, it would have 2 more than half a building with 46 storeys. How many storeys are there in Building B?

    asked by nicola
  45. Calculus

    Find the point on the curve y=2x+5 closest to the point (0,9). I know to use the distance formula but I cannot get a correct answer

    asked by Amalia
  46. math

    The tens digit of a two-digit number is five more than the units digit. The sum of the digits is 9. Find the number.

    asked by mr meh
  47. chemistry

    ઉષ્માગતિશાસ્ત્ર સંતુલનમાં શેનો સમાવેશ થાય છે?

    asked by ashish
  48. MATH

    how to I solve for t? x/5=tan^1 (t)

    asked by Anonymous
  49. greek

    How do myths impact today society?

    asked by jhone
  50. Math

    Give a real-world example in which decimals are used and a real-world example of when fractions are used. Be specific with your examples. Why is it important to know how to convert from one form into another form? What strategies do you use to convert a

    asked by Help pls
  51. physics

    In the figure provided, a 119 g ball on a 78.9 cm rope is swung in a vertical circle about a point 249 cm above the ground. If the tension in the rope when the ball is at the very bottom of the circle is 8.80 N and a pair of scissors cuts the string

    asked by Anonymous
  52. algebra

    A schematic of a simple electrical circuit consisting of a resistor and an inductor is shown in the figure. The current I at time t is given by the formula I = 25e^(−Rt/L), where R is the resistance and L is the inductance. Solve this equation for t

    asked by physics
  53. Math

    (x^3-1)=e^-x show that the x value of the intersection lies between 1

    asked by :)
  54. Mathematics

    If the slant height of a cone is 5cm and the angle of sector is 180.find the curved surface area of the cone.

    asked by Christian
  55. math

    Which is the best buy? Group of answer choices $19.25 for 11 candy bars $15.39 for 9 candy bars $17.30 for 10 candy bars $22.62 for 13 candy bars

    asked by antwan
  56. Physics

    Please help i have done this problem several times i dont know what is wrong? After you pick up a spare, your bowling ball rolls without slipping back toward the ball rack with a linear speed of v = 3.05 m/s (Figure 10-24). To reach the rack, the ball

    asked by Naomi Onye
  57. Math

    Hi there! So in math I am having trouble for factorization. I do get help from my teacher but I’m still confused? Terrence is taking two medications for his flu. He begins taking them both at 10:00 PM on Tuesday. If he takes one every eight hours and the

    asked by Maddie
  58. Math

    Suppose the price of a first-class stamp was 4¢ for the first time in 1958 and 44¢ in 2009. Find a simple exponential function of the form y = ab^t that models the cost of a first-class stamp for 1958–2009. (Let t = 0 correspond to 1958. Assume y is in

    asked by cheese
  59. physics

    Three sinking blocks have the same mass (1.0 kg) but different densities: 𝜌1 = 1001 kg⁄m3, 𝜌2 = 2000 kg⁄m3 and 𝜌3 = 3000 kg⁄m3. How do you calculate the apparent mass of each block?

    asked by Tiger Ale
  60. physics

    A 0.350 kg birdie is being hit between two badminton players. The graphs show the birdie's velocity and the force exerted on the birdie by the badminton racket. If the birdie is in contact with the racket for Δt=5.40 ms, what is the maximum force exerted

    asked by Anonymous
  61. algebra

    Chemists use a number denoted by pH to describe quantitatively the acidity or basicity of solutions. By definition, pH = −log[H+], where [H+] is the hydrogen ion concentration in moles per liter. Many solutions have a pH between 1 and 14. Find the range

    asked by asdfghjkl;
  62. Maths

    Find nth term of the sequence 5,8, 383.Find n.

    asked by Owusu
  63. Statistics

    A normal population has a mean of 62 and a standard deviation of 5. You select a sample of 40. Compute the probability that the sample mean is Between 61 and 63?

    asked by Murry
  64. math

    Noah wants to put $1,000 in a savings account with a 1.5% annual interest rate. How much more money will he have after one year if it is compounded monthly versus no compounding?

    asked by sazoor
  65. Math

    The ages of 2 children are 11and 8 years. In how many years time will the product of their ages be 208 ?.

    asked by Anonymous
  66. civics

    which of the following is the part of the ratification prossess in the u.s constitution that has never been used A) congress calls for national conventional convention B)congress votes by two thirds majority votes to purpose an amendment C) three fouths of

    asked by help me
  67. math

    I only need someone to check my answers. Find the expected value of a random variable X having the following probability distribution: x -15 -1 0 1 5 8 p (x=x) .12 .16 .28 .22 .12 .10 E(X) = (-5) * (.12) + (-1) *(.16) + (0) * (.28) + (1) * (.22) + (5)

    asked by lijm
  68. History

    4. what name was given to those colonists who opposed independence, favoring instead to remain a part of england? A. Wings B. Patriots C. Loyalists----- D. Independents I think it's C. but I'm not sure.

    asked by Ciera Fernandes
  69. Math

    what is a common denominator for 7/9 and 17/20? please help as fast as you can

    asked by SaltyMcNugget
  70. History

    Why do governments use propaganda? To promote patriotism and dehumanize the enemy, causing citizens to support the war effort.* To increase diplomacy between countries. To educate citizens about the details of the war. What group of writers did the

    asked by Moo
  71. Math

    Is there a some type of way in sketching y=2^x-2^-x , without using a table of values.

    asked by :P
  72. Science

    What happens when liquid acid and Liquid Nitrogin mix together?

    asked by Livi
  73. History

    6. Who led american troops in the battle of kettle creek in Georgia? A. Lyman Hall B. Elijah Clarke C. Austin Dabney D. George Walton

    asked by Ciera Fernandes
  74. geography

    put the vamas in order withe those who have the highest status on top and those who have the lowest status bottom

    asked by chris
  75. physics

    In the figure, a 120 g ball on a 64.7 cm rope is swung in a vertical circle about a point 299 cm above the ground. If the ball is swung at the slowest speed where the ball goes over the top of the circle without the rope having any slack and the rope is

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Math

    In a group of chlidren 1/4 students playing hockey 1/5 students playing chess 3/8 students palying tennis and 30 students palying remaining many total students in a group

    asked by Rinkii
  77. english

    Which sentence from the selection explains why Pixar became involved in the film industry? A This computer, called Pixar, could make realistic three-dimensional images better and faster than any computer before it. B RenderMan made it possible to create

    asked by whoop whoop
  78. physics

    a 139 kg crate is released from rest and hits the ground 1.62 m below after 6.80 s. What is the mass of the crate to the left of the pulley? Assume the rope and pulley are massless.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. physics

    A missile is fired form the back of a stationary truck. The missile takes off at a speed of 47.9 m/s and has a mass of 31.8 kg. If the truck has a mass of 1.15×103 kg, what is the recoil speed of the truck?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math

    John's bicycle cost rs 589, Roy's bicycle cost 4 times as much, round off the amount rs 589 to the nearest hundred and estimate the cost of Roy's bicycle?

    asked by Sabeeh
  81. physics

    n the figure provided, a 3.20 kg textbook is connected by a string to a 0.940 kg cup. The textbook is pushed up a slope of 24.3° with an initial speed of 4.29 m/s. If the coefficients of friction are μk = 0.350 and μs = 0.780 with the surface, how far

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Geography

    What happened during World War 2, and how did it end?

    asked by Livi
  83. physics

    In the figure provided, a 255 kg crate, to the right of the pulley, is released from rest and begins to fall to the ground. If the mass on the left is m=100. kg, what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the 255 kg crate? Assume the rope and pulley are

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    the teachers are so mean they made 100 papers >:(

    asked by Mary
  85. Math

    What is the standard form of five and three hundred fifty-two thousandths? 1: 5.00352 2: 5,352,000 3: 5.352

    asked by Ninikothe_Weeb
  86. Physics

    A solid rectangular block measure 0.1m ,0.08m and 0.06m find it mass

    asked by Prince