Questions Asked on
October 28, 2019

  1. History

    “Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided … but by iron and blood.” –Otto von Bismarck, 1862 Which most accurately examines how Bismarck applied the principles expressed in the passage? He

    asked by Ash
  2. Calculus 1

    A 16 foot ladder is leaning against a wall. If the top slips down the wall at a rate of 4 ft/s, how fast will the foot be moving away from the wall when the top is 15 feet above the ground?

    asked by Katherine
  3. Math

    The ratio of the number of boys to girls is 5 to 4. There are 60 girls in the choir. How many boys are in the choir?

    asked by Jay
  4. Math

    3 quarters of a sum of money is 21p. What is the sum of money.

    asked by Harry
  5. English

    hi How do you say? A sheep has a tail. or A sheep has tail. Thanks

    asked by edith35
  6. science

    What is ∆H0 for this reaction? Br2(g) → Br2(l) (∆Hf0 Br2(g) = 30.91 kJ/mol) 1.546 × 101 kJ –1.546 × 101 kJ 3.091 × 101 kJ –3.091 × 101 kJ

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Career guidance

    which careers that I will ables to choose with this subjects.. hostory,life orientation, tourism , geograph, maths literacy, tswana, english?? history,tourism,geograph,maths literacy, tswana,Lo

    asked by lerato
  8. Math

    A student experiences difficulty with malfunctioning alarm clocks. Instead of using one alarm clock, he decides to use three. What is the probability that at least one alarm clock works correctly if each individual alarm clock has a 90% chance of working

    asked by Jess
  9. Math

    A number consists of two digits whose sum is 9.if 9 is subtracted from the number , the digits interchange their places.find the number please

    asked by Jenny
  10. Spanish

    Complete the sentences with the correct forms of conseguir, ir, pensar, querer, or suponer. Nosotros (vamos) de excursión a las montañas, Toño. ¡Yo (supongo) que vas a dormir todo el fin de semana! No, Carmen. No voy a dormir. Voy a ver videos. Siempre

    asked by Celia
  11. Health

    What is the small flap at the back of your throght that keeps you from choking

    asked by UHVFYVGV GY

    a simple pendulum has a period of 4.50secs,when the length is shortened by 1.2m the period is 2.50secs. calculate the original length of the pendulum

    asked by pauline
  13. Math

    The scale Of A map is 1:1000.What are the actual Dimensions of a rectangle which appears as 4cm by 3cm on the map?What is the area on the map in cm2?What is the actual area in m2?

    asked by Amira
  14. Math

    The formula is A = (R((1+ i)^n -1))/i R is the regular payments i is the interest n is the number of compounding periods Determine the amount of each ordinary simple annuity. A) $650 deposited every 6 months for 8 years at 9% per year compounded

    asked by anonymous
  15. Social Studies

    The overall effect of the five amendments was to extend the vote to: A. Larger portion of U.S. citizens B. A limited number of citizens C. Tax-Paying citizens D. Citizens qualified by race and gender E. Those citizens who must pay for the privilege Thank

    asked by Luisa
  16. Physics

    The equation y=5sin(3x-4t), where y is in millimeters,x is in metres,and t is in seconds,represents a wave motion.fine the frequecy,period and speed of the wave

    asked by Esther
  17. social studies

    Select two events that highlighted the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation that prompted leaders from several states to call for a convention to revise the Articles of Confederation (select two) a.Due to arguments over land, western territories

    asked by yeehaw
  18. History

    What is the role of a lieutenant governor? A. To check and balance the actions of the governor B. To maintain order and decorum on the Senate floor C. To cast the tie-breaking vote in the state legislature D. To take over the governor's duties if the

    asked by Olivia
  19. Drawing

    1. Which of the following is true about the way the human eye perceives objects? -All objects appear the same -Far objects are hazy*** -Mid-range objects are hazy -Near objects are hazy 2. Ashely is drawing a desert landscape with dirt road in the

    asked by Urgent
  20. math

    How to solve 3 divided by 2428

    asked by Kimore
  21. Geography

    If the time at townA(longitude 75degree west)is5:00pm on friday.what will the time and dasy be at townB(longitude 120degrees east)

    asked by OZIOMA
  22. Art

    Please help!!! Proportion Test 1. Even though people have different-sized faces and features, artists can apply universal guidelines for mapping any face that the artist draws. (1 point) A) True*** B) False 2. Which of the following are characteristics of

    asked by Allie:)
  23. Math

    Dominick is in charge of ordering supplies for Harrys hamburger stand. Hamburger buns come in a pack of 12 and frozen hamburger patties come in packs of 20. He must have the same amount of hamburger and buns. What is the least number of packages that he

    asked by Harmony
  24. English

    Write two or three sentences exploring why Mrs. Price responds as she does when Phyllis claims the sweater. Support your answer with textual evidence. (Eleven by Sandra Cisneros)

    asked by Jocelyn
  25. ohys

    Electricity may be generated by rotating a loop of wire between the poles of a magnet. The induced current is greatest when a. the plane of the loop is parallel to the magnetic field. b. the plane of the loop is perpendicular to the magnetic field. c. the

    asked by Anonymous
  26. history

    Why did the first settlements in China begin along the Huang River?

    asked by just an 8th grader
  27. Geometry

    The diameter of a circle has endpoints of (-3,2) and (3,-2).Which is closest to the length of the diameter of the circle round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. social studies

    How did Buddhism affect India? A. It became the major religion in India, taking the place of Hinduism. ** B. It offered an alternative to the rigid caste system of Hinduism. C. It changed the culture to focus on one God rather than many gods. D. It led to

    asked by yeeyee
  29. Social Studies

    Why might Chinese burn paper money at a festival for ancestors? A. To give the ancestors income in the afterlife. B. To bribe the ancestors to stay away C. To give the ancestors money for passage to the spirit world. D. To show sacrifice in honor of the

    asked by Khloe
  30. math

    during the snow storm last week, Walter Meteorologist reported that in the first hour of the storm it snowed two and one-half inches. In the second hour, he reported two and three-fourths inches had fallen. In the third hour he reported two more inches.

    asked by vanessa
  31. Texas History

    Why did the Spanish return to texas in 1716? A)The Hasinai requested that they return and build a new mission. B)They came to help the Apache fight the Karankawa. C)They heard that gold had been discovered in the area * D)They wanted to keep the french out

    asked by help please
  32. Social Studies

    The histories of Kush and Egypt are intertwined with each other because they were reliant on each other. How did their interdependence work, and why did each take control of the other in turn? Well at first the Kush traded gold for grain but eventually I

    asked by Alex_The_Wolf
  33. Physics

    Attempting to measure the force constant of a spring, an experiment clamps the upper end of the spring in a vise and suspends a mass of 1.6 kg from the lower end. This stretches the spring by 0.23 m. What is the force constant of the spring?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    A company will need ​$35,000 in 7 years for a new addition. To meet this​ goal, the company deposits money in an account today that pays 4% interest compounded annually. Find the amount to the nearest hundred dollars that should be invested to total

    asked by Jaidon
  35. Physics

    A ball is thrown upwards. Neglecting air resistance what initial speed does the ball need to remain in the air for a total time of 10 seconds? PLEASE show work :)

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    jumbo's bedroom is 11ft. by 11ft. THe living room is twice the size of his bedroom. What is the difference in the area Jimbo's bedroom and the living room? 11x 11 =121

    asked by Ashley
  37. Algebra

    The sum of two numbers is 87. The difference of the two numbers is 63. what are the two numbers? X with a larger number and why be the smaller number Write an equation that expresses the information in the Sentence “the sum of two numbers is 87” Write

    asked by Korie
  38. math

    How much time would it take for 9000 atoms of nobellium-253 (half-life is 97 s) to decay to 2250 atoms? a)291 s b)97 s c)48.5 s d)194 s Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  39. chemistry

    what are the 8 isomers of C4H11N?

    asked by anonymous
  40. Statistics

    The lifetime (in months) of a battery is modeled by a random variable X that has pdf fθ(x)=(K)*(θ^x)*(1)(x>0) where K=ln(1/θ) for an unknown parameter θ∈(0,1). (Here 1(x>0) is the indicator variable that takes value 1 when its argument is true, i.e.

    asked by Mac Daniels
  41. Chemistry

    Consider these reactions, where M represents a generic metal. 2M(s)+6HCl(aq)⟶2MCl3(aq)+3H2(g)Δ𝐻1=−740.0 kJ HCl(g)⟶HCl(aq) Δ𝐻2=−74.8 kJ H2(g)+Cl2(g)⟶2HCl(g) Δ𝐻3=−1845.0 kJ MCl3(s)⟶MCl3(aq) Δ𝐻4=−254.0 kJ Use the given

    asked by Allison
  42. Math

    Zachary purchased a computer for ​1,140 on a payment plan. Eight months after he purchased the​ computer, his balance was 320. Nine months after he purchased the​ computer, his balance was ​$185. What is an equation that models the balance y after

    asked by lemon
  43. Chemistry

    Suppose a student diluted and titrated a bleach unknown exactly as described in the experimental procedure, except only a single titration was performed which required 13.73 mL of 0.100 M Na2S2O3. The density of the original, undiluted bleach unknown was

    asked by Zay
  44. Science

    Iron oxide is a blue vitrol or green vitrol or rust

    asked by Pratham
  45. Science

    What is the speed of a rock if you drop it from a tall bridge

    asked by Gavin
  46. Careers

    I'm more interested in Health sciences but I can't fit on because of mathematical literacy,here are mt matric results:setswana HL 6 ,ENG HL 4,Geography 6 .Lice sciences 6 .Agricultural sciences 6 .LO 5 . MATHEMATICAL LITERACY 4.PLEASE HELP .I'm financially

    asked by Rika
  47. Maths

    Can someone help me with the following? Prove that (grad)^2 f(r) = D^2/dr^2 + (2/r) Df/Dr Where D^2/dr^2 refers to the second partial derivative of f , w.r.t. r and Df/ Dr refers to partial derivative of f, w.r.t r vector r = xi + yj + zk and f(r) is twice

    asked by Aryaa
  48. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. The population of town A increases from 1,346 to 1,500. Find the percent of increase in population for town A. a. Increase in population = 1500 - 1346

    asked by Hello
  49. Math

    Tasha believes that she can rewrite the difference 60 − 36 as a product of the GCF of the two numbers and another difference. Is she correct? Complete the explanation.

    asked by Troydan
  50. Social Studies

    Which situation was affected depending on whether a state was admitted as a free state or a slave state? A. representation in Congress B. number of Supreme Court justices C. amount of Western land available for settlement D. existing treaties with Native

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  51. Science

    I need an acrostic for symbiosis and commensalism asap. pls hlp

    asked by Micah
  52. Algebra

    Solving Inequalities Unit Test. Which number is a solution of the inequality? g> 6.4 a. 7 b. 6 c. 6.4 d. -7

    asked by Algebra Help
  53. English

    Use the context clues in the following sentences from "The King of Mazy May" to choose the most likely meaning for the word blows. He struck at their faces and mean must save their faces with their hands. So there was no shooting just then. Before they

    asked by Dakelo-Kun
  54. Social studies

    Im not very good in SS unless i get at least some help,hints, and clues. We seek no conquest.All we seek is to be let alone. According to this quote which statement best summarizes the Souths agenda? A. to continue their way of life unchanged B. to accept

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  55. math


    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    In the following passage from Pigman and Me what is the most unimportant detail? . A. I thought he was kidding. B. All we have done was carve off the outer pieces of bark. C. We hadn't carved deep into the tree D. The tree was to important to us. Please

    asked by Khloe
  57. math

    12/15 proportion ratio

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Astronomy

    Which of the different telescopes designed for the following specific types of electromagnetic waves has to be at the highest altitude from the surface of the Earth to be useful? a. Near (to visible) infrared b. Radio c. Visible d. Far UV to X-ray

    asked by Francis
  59. Language

    In witch situation is it best to observant A. crossing the street B. Listening to music C. Eating lunch D. Folding cloths Please help as soon as possible

    asked by Mia
  60. physics

    a diver jumps off a cliff with an intial velocity of 5.0 m/s. the diver strikes the water 3.0s later. what is the vertical speed of the diver upon reaching the surface of the water?

    asked by zion
  61. Math

    Points C(−5, 8) and D(2,5) lie on line CD. If points C′ and D′ are created by translating points C and D left 6 units, what is the slope of line C′D′? A. 3/7 B. −3/7 C. 7/3 D. −7/3

    asked by urgent!
  62. Math

    which of the non terminating decimals can be converted into a rational number. A. 0.818118111... B. 0.20304050... C. 0.10110111... D. 0.321321321...

  63. Math

    Consider the line y=x. If the line is dilated by a factor of 2, what is the equation of the resulting line? If the resulting line is translated 3 units up, what is the equation of the resulting line? Please answer!~

    asked by urgent!
  64. math

    What is the value of x in the equation 4(2x + 14) = 0?

    asked by selah
  65. Math

    Which pair of lines are parallel? Select all that apply. A. y=3−2xy=2x−3 B. y=2x−1y−2x=8 C. y−4x=6y+4x=−6 D. y=−3x+1y+4x=x−1

    asked by urgent!
  66. Social Studies

    What are some differences between the United States government and Canadian government?

    asked by I need help
  67. Pre Algebra

    I have some questions I have to answer can I get a formula for to find the diagonal length of any paper square? (it’s a project.)

    asked by Dillan
  68. Vocabulary

    For you to have a positive self-concept it is important that A. you think positively about yourself B. Your friends think positive about you C. Your grandparents think positive about you D. Your parents or guardians think positive about you.

    asked by Conexus student
  69. Math

    The equation x + y = 1 can be viewed as a linear system of one equation in two unknowns. Express a general solution of this equation as a particular solution plus a general solution of the associated homogeneous system. Then, give a geometric

    asked by Thio
  70. health

    ___ Is a feeling someone or something is important and should be treated in a appropriate way. A. Responsibility B. Respect C. Trustworthiness D. Caring

    asked by help pls
  71. Calculus

    QA: as x goes to infinity, i) describe how 1-exp(-x) behaves ii) describe how its derivative behaves iii) describe how ln(x) behaves iv) describe how the derivative of ln(x) behaves v) Can we say "If the derivative goes to zero, then the original function

    asked by Naomi O
  72. Calculus

    QC: Consider f(x)=abs(x-3)+abs(x-7) and the point (5,4). i) Is it an absolute/global min, according to the definition in our textbook? Explain. ii) Is it a relative/local min, according to the definition in our textbook? Explain. QD: this is related to the

    asked by Naomi Onye
  73. Math

    Tom buys a shirt for $22.00 plus 7% sales tax. His cousin buys a shirt for $18.00 plus 4% sales tax. a. How much do Tom and his cousin pay for the shirts? Show your work b. Who spent more on tax My answers Tom: $22.00*7%=1.54 $22.00+1.54=$23.54 Toms

    asked by N.e.e.d.F.o.r.S.p.e.e.d.
  74. math

    Jenny needs to read Treasure Island, a 230 page book, in 20 days. How many pages does Jenny need to read each day to finish on time?

    asked by essence
  75. history

    why was the presidency of george washinton considered to be so significant? his actions would define the role of the supreme court. his actions would be set precedent for all future presidents. his actions would determine the need for a president. his

    asked by Anonymous
  76. history

    How does the concept of the Mandate of Heaven function in ancient Chinese government? help plzzz hurry!!

    asked by the unknown
  77. Health

    Which of the following organ is the one that absrbs the most nutrients. A = Large intestin B = Esophagus C = Small intestin D = Stomach I think it's C

    asked by Hfnchfofbfu
  78. Jiskha

    Hi, I am new to Jiskha. May one of the tutors tell me what Jiskha is for? My daughter uses Jiskha, but I'm not sure if this is a safe site. Is Jiskha for kids cheeting? If so, I'll immediately tell my daughter to log off. Also is Ms. Sue a tutor? I'm

    asked by Abigail Cheriman
  79. Health PE

    1. Kidneys contain millions of tiny filtering units called A = urine B =villi C = perstalsis D = nephrons I think its C or D 2. Proteins are made up of substances called A = amina acids B = sugars C = carbohydrates D = starches I think its carbohydrates

    asked by UNI-CORN
  80. math

    estimate the solution of y+1.8 = 3.14

    asked by connexus student 101
  81. social studies

    What is the significance of Siddhartha Gautama to Buddhism? A. An important Hindu, he taught that self-denial is the best spiritual path. ** B. An important Indian king, he supported the spread of Buddhism. C. Known as a missionary, he spread Buddhism to

    asked by yeeyee
  82. English

    peering through the window of moneys car in santa fe he feels

    asked by HELP!!
  83. social studies

    What is the significance of Siddhartha Gautama to Buddhism? A. An important Hindu, he taught that self-denial is the best spiritual path. B. An important Indian king, he supported the spread of Buddhism. C. Known as a missionary, he spread Buddhism to

    asked by yeeyee
  84. reading

    HELP ASAP what is the main idea of the drummer boy of Shiloh state your answer with support with the text

    asked by welp_oh_dear
  85. English

    Which genres (choose from these five: essay, letter, article, short story, poem) would be appropriate for each of the following topics? Explain why you feel the genres you choose are most appropriate, and why the others would most often be inappropriate.

    asked by Sam
  86. Math

    Gavin need to read at least 150 page of his book this week. He has already read 82 pages how many more pages p must Gavin read this week? Write and solve inequality

    asked by Sofia
  87. Social Studies

    In ancient Egypt, those responsible for using hieroglyphics to record important information and maintain records were called A. artisans B. bureaucrats C. pharaohs D. scribes

    asked by RickAM
  88. Social Studies

    As Eqypt established trade with Kush, the two areas began to develop ___________ , in which they relied on one another for goods and shared ideas. A. interdependence B. artistry C. bureaucracy D. mercantilism

    asked by RickAM
  89. social studies

    How is Buddhism similar to Hinduism? A. Both religions believe the cycle of death and rebirth may be overcome through enlightenment. **** B. Both religions believe in the existence of many gods rather than one God. C. Both religions include meditation as a

    asked by yeeyee
  90. Social studies

    What was King George III’s response to the Olive Branch petition? * It caused him to allow brief break in the rebellion. It allowed him to declare independence from England. It led him to further increase the Loyalist support for the Revolution It failed

    asked by Birdlover
  91. Math

    Someone help please!!!! What value of x makes the equation true. X+X+3=X+(-3)

    asked by Himiko Toga
  92. Honors Physics

    If an object is fired straight up at a speed of 10 m/s, the total time to return to its starting position is about ___? (Please show work as simple as possible)

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    Factor the expression 20k + 50 I’m super confused with this, normally I don’t cheat but I had to get some help with this one. Thanks :)

    asked by Yes.
  94. math

    Please help me 19=h/3−8 I dont get inverse operation could you please explain how to solve. Dont solve for me just explain it please

    asked by help please
  95. Math

    Lesson 13: Equations and Inequalities Review PRACTIVE I dont know anything. IM SO STUCK CA

    asked by HELP
  96. Science

    A group of organs that work together to perform a major function is called a(n) what? There is no answer choices My answer is organ system

    asked by Mavis
  97. Physics

    It requires 2460 J of work to lift a 15-kg bucket of water from the bottom of a well to the top. How deep is the well?

    asked by Cassidy
  98. physics

    an aircraft is flying northward at 300kmh where steady wind is blowing westward at 80kmh, what is the actual direction of the aircraft over the ground

    asked by valantina
  99. Social Studies

    How were the ancient Egyptians’ advancements in the fields of astronomy and mathematics helpful to farmers? For mathematics it might've helped the farmers to know proportions for farming?????astronomy days until crop grows. I dont know and I need help.

    asked by Alex_The_Wolf
  100. Math

    y=2|x|-1 What operation do I do with x?

    asked by Sneha
  101. Science

    State how matter moves through the biosphere. State how energy moves through the biosphere. Explain each statement using examples to illustrate your explanation. It's a written question.

    asked by Jaxx
  102. Texas History

    What was one reason that citizens from the U.S were so interested in settling Texas? A) Moses Austin was paying them money to settle in Texas. B) Texas had no laws, so citizens could do whatever they wanted. C) The American Revolutionary War was still

    asked by im trying my best
  103. Mathematics

    3 raise to the power of 4x-1=8 show workings.

    asked by Wisdom peter
  104. Math

    Hello, I have a question. Let's say I'm doing a math test, am I allowed to look in my notes to see the formulas or does this count as cheating?

    asked by Just Curious
  105. Maths


    asked by Wisdom peter
  106. math

    A football team has a net yardage of −38 1/3 yards on a series of plays. The team needs a net yardage of 20 yards to get a first down. How many yards do they have to get on their next play to get a first down?

    asked by i
  107. Math

    Student Council sells bottled water at the cheerleading competition as shown in the table. Determan if each statement is true or false. They sell 18 cases in 2 hours they sell 24 cases in 2 hours and 40 minutes they sell 36 cases in 3 hours and 20 min

    asked by Kayley
  108. math

    how many sides make up a square?

    asked by lilly
  109. math

    what is 8 x 4 =?

    asked by Abbagaile
  110. math

    what is 1 x 0 =?

    asked by Billy
  111. Math

    Kit bought a soft drink and a sandwich for $9.00. What was the price of each if the sandwich cost 3.5 times as much as the soft drink? 3.5 x2 =$7.00 sandwich 3.5 /7.00=2.50 drink check this for me

    asked by Johnnie
  112. Social studies

    What rights did citizens in Britain have been American colonists wanted but did not have

    asked by Jeff
  113. real world practical

    Are there any types of trash (bagged) that garbage collectors will not pick up? Or bill extra charges for? Or will there be a difference depending on number of bags on cost?

    asked by Brandy
  114. Physics

    A goose of mass equal to 6.9 kg is soaring at 24 km/h at a height of 82 m relative to the ground? (a) What is its kinetic energy? (b) What is its potential energy?

    asked by Cassidy
  115. Physics

    A body accelerate uniformly from rest at 3m/s^2 calculate the distance covered by the body during the acceleration

    asked by Bassey
  116. math

    In a survey of 100 students, 70 said they like football,50 said they like sweets and 30 said they like injury. If 44 like exactly two ofeverything, calculate those who like everything

    asked by michael
  117. Calculus

    QA: Sketch a function that behaves as described (separately for i,ii); also, on the same axes, sketch the derivative of that function. i) increasing on [0,5], f ‘(5)=0, then decreasing on [5,infinity) ii) increasing on [0,5], derivative = “infinity”

    asked by Naomi Onye
  118. Math

    Write a 4 digit number where the 3 is worth ten times more 345

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math

    Karen has 1/2 cup of sugar. She is baking cookies and needs 1 1/3 cup for a recipe. How much more sugar does she need if she wants to triple the recipe? 1 1/3 x 1/2 = 4/3 x 1/2 =4/6 =2/3 cups is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  120. physics

    A 60.0-kg skier slides down a hill. She starts with a speed of 0.50 m/s. The friction force is only 10 N. The slope is 80 m long and 50 m high. What is the speed of the skier at the bottom of the hill?

    asked by Dis List
  121. Math

    In one year there was 675 deaths due to impaired driving. For any randomly selected day what is the probability of 2 impaired driving related deaths in that one day?

    asked by Jess
  122. physics

    A bungee jumper of mass of 60.0 kg falls off a bridge with zero initial velocity. The bridge is 50.0 m above the river. When the cord is stretched at its maximum (position B), the cord stores 10.0 kJ of elastic potential energy. Neglect air friction.

    asked by Dis List
  123. math, probability

    How would you find p(AlBcomplement)? Just 1- the probability of b?

    asked by lijm
  124. Geometry

    The equation of the line passing through (1,8) and (5,6) can be expressed in the form (x/a)+(y/b)=1. Find a. Please help, I don't know how to put my slope intercept equation into that form. I found the slope intercept form to be y= -(1/2)x+17/2. Thanks!

    asked by Dog_Lover
  125. Health

    A person who does not recognize the signs of a mental illness may not know he needs help. 1. True***** 2. False Am I correct?

    asked by Trikzz
  126. Math

    3 ratios of 20/15???please help and hi if you go to sms

    asked by Anynomous
  127. Math

    factor the expression: 48 + 84 k=84k-48=36

    asked by Joe
  128. science

    A 10 N net force is applied to an object, which then accelerates at 4 m/s2. What is the mass of the object?

    asked by nyla
  129. Algebra

    A vendor sells h hot dogs and s sodas. If a hot dog costs twice as much as a soda, and if the vendor takes in a total of d dollars, how many cents does a soda cost?

    asked by Helen
  130. Algebra

    Im having trouble with this, ×+y=2 ; (8,5) Can you please show me how to do it?

    asked by Naeal
  131. Algebra

    Write the expression as a cube of a monomial. – 8/27a^15

    asked by Helen
  132. Math

    Como resuelvo esta ecuación de 3x3 2x-4+z=-3y Y-2z=14-x -x-z=-2(y+25) Gracias

    asked by Mercedes
  133. math

    Find the payment necessary to amortize a 12​% loan of ​$900 compounded​ quarterly, with 16 quarterly payments.

    asked by Mikayla Dance
  134. Math

    One brand has 30 speakers.They stack them at least 3 high,but no taller than 6 high.What are all the different arrays they could make?

    asked by Justin
  135. science

    Tom is marking the locations of active volcanoes on a world map. Explain how the locations of the volcanoes are related to earths plates.

    asked by boss
  136. Statistics

    A recent university survey on the monthly number of hours that students spend commuting states, the average monthly commute time is 20 hours. If the standard deviation is 7 hours and a random sample of 49 students is selected. a) What is the probability

    asked by S.S
  137. math

    Find the payment necessary to amortize a 4​% loan of ​$1900 compounded​ quarterly, with 19 quarterly payments.

    asked by Mikayla Dance
  138. math

    Fritz Benjamin buys a car costing​ $8800. He agrees to make payments at the end of each monthly period for 6 years. He pays 6.0​% ​interest, compounded monthly. What is the amount of each​ payment? Find the total amount of interest Fritz will pay.

    asked by Mikayla Dance
  139. physics

    A ball is dropped from rest from a height of h. It takes 1 second for the ball to drop from h/2 to the ground. From what height was the ball dropped?

    asked by Faria
  140. Algebra

    Write the expression as a cube of a monomial. 0.001y^12

    asked by Helen