Questions Asked on
October 26, 2019

  1. Math

    Make h the subject of the formula s= 2πr(r+h)

    asked by Sodiq
  2. Algebra

    A rock is thrown upward with a velocity of 14 meters per second from the top of a 20 meter high cliff, and misses the cliff on the way back down. When will the rock be 12 meters from ground level

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Physics

    A 20g bullet moving at 200m/s hots a bag of sand and comes to rest in 0.011s. What is the momentum of the bullet just before hitting the bag? Find the average force that stopped the bullet

    asked by Grace
  4. Calculus

    A box (with no top) is to be constructed from a piece of cardboard of sides A and B by cutting out squares of length h from the corners and folding up the sides. Find the value of h that maximizes the volume of the box if A = 7 and B = 12

    asked by Jackie
  5. Pllllz helpppp URGENT

    Microsoft Word provides __________ ready-made shapes that you can alter to your liking. 5 10 20 more than 25 A?

    asked by Aubrea colbert
  6. Physics

    A girl whose weight is 30 N runs up a flight of stairs 5 m in 6 s. What is her average power

    asked by Favour
  7. math

    Let L1 be the line passing through the points Q1=(4, 2, −3) and Q2=(0, −2, 3). Find a value of k so the line L2 passing through the point P1 = P1(−11, 2, k) with direction vector →d=[3, −2, −3]T intersects with L1

    asked by sam
  8. math

    the first term of a gp is twice its common ratio. find the sum of the first two terms of the progression if its sum to infinity is 8

    asked by victor
  9. physics

    A man of mass 50kg ascend a fight of stairs 5m high in 55 seconds.if acceleration due to gravity is 10ms the power expand is what

    asked by Emmanuel
  10. math

    the first term of an ap is -8 the ratio of the 7th to the 9th term is 5:8 calculate the common difference of the progression

    asked by victor
  11. Science

    How would you compare infrared radiation absorption and emission rates for an object at constant temperature? Thank you :)

    asked by Marcus
  12. Math

    A fireplace arch is to be constructed in the form of a semi ellipse. The opening is to have a height of 3 feet at the center and a width of 8 feet along the base. The contractor cuts a string of a certain length and nails each end of the string along the

    asked by Tex
  13. history

    What are some common things people do for a living in the Complex Civilization time period?

    asked by givj
  14. Chemistry

    The pH of an arterial blood sample is 7.15. Upon acidification of 10 ml of the plasma 5.91ml of CO2 is produced at standard temperature and presure. Calculate: a) total CO2 in the specimen b) the individual concentration of disolved CO2(H2CO3) and HCO3- c)

    asked by Monika
  15. Mathematics

    Mr. David class 5 \ 8 of the children walk to school 2 \ 8 take a bus and the rest cycle to school. what fraction of the class walk and take a bus to school? what fraction cycle to school

    asked by Angella
  16. math

    Let L1 be the line passing through the points Q1=(−1, 5, 3) and Q2=(1, 6, 1) and let L2 be the line passing through the point P1=(3, 10, 2) with direction vector →d=[4, 4, −2]T. Determine whether L1 and L2 intersect. If so, find the point of

    asked by sammy
  17. Math

    A department store is holding a drawing to give away free shopping sprees. There are 10 customers who have entered the drawing: 6 live in the town of Gaston, 2 live in pike, and 2 live in wells. Two winners will be selected at random. What is the

    asked by Nashawn
  18. Science

    A cannon fires ball horizontally off the top of cliff at 100m/s.Neglecting friction, how long will it take for the magnitude of the vertical component of its vertical component of its velocity to equal the horizontal component?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Math

    Write the equation of the line passing through the points left (-5, 9) and (-5,1) in slope format y=mx+b

    asked by Mia
  20. Calculus

    Derivative of e^x

    asked by A
  21. Math

    A flower bed is in the shape of a triangle with one side twice the length of the shortest​ side, and the third side is 14 feet more than the length of the shortest side. Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 158 feet

    asked by Andrea
  22. Physics

    If the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in an athlete's knee has length 1.0cm, breaking point 1.9×10^8 Pa, and Young's Modulus 6.0×10^8 Pa, how far must it be stretched from its relaxed length to tear it? PLEASE HELP! My answer is 0.0032m, but I am not

    asked by Kmatteucci
  23. social studies

    Which phrase best summarizes Qin government? A. It was centralized. B. It upheld Confucian ideals. C. It divided China into rival states. D. It relaxed the harsh laws of the Zhou dynasty

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  24. Physics

    A body of mass 70kg runs up a set of steps if total height 3.0m find the work done against gravity

    asked by Amanda
  25. Physics

    A loaded sack of total mass 500kg down from the fall of a lorry 5m height calculate the work done by gravity on the lorry

    asked by Zaneta
  26. Calculus

    How do we evaluate the volume under the surface given by, z=2xsin(y) over the region bounded below by the curve y=x^2 and above by the line y=0 for 0

    asked by Aryaa
  27. Science

    Name four principles of kinetic friction

    asked by Mokhehlane
  28. English

    What is the tense of the verb in the following sentence? Marta has composed a song.

    asked by trinity
  29. Physics

    A vibrating sonometer wire emits a note which gives a beat frequency of 6Hz when sounded unison with a loaded tunning fork of frequency 257Hz. When the fork is loaded, the beat frequency increases. What is the frequency of the note emitted by the

    asked by Enock
  30. Biology

    Researchers discovered that zooplankton in Narragansett Bay now graze on floating algae more actively through the winter than they ever did before. What effect do you think this might have on the annual late-winter “bloom” of algae that occurs in the

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    A wave moves from material A to material B and bends towards the normal as it crosses the boundary. In which material does the wave travel faster?

    asked by John
  32. Physics

    How could you use a Leslie cube to investigate IR radiation emitted by different surfaces?

    asked by John
  33. Chemistry

    ```Compute the energy separation between the ground and third excited states for an electron in a one-dimensional box that is 8.00 angstroms in length. Express the energy difference in kJ⋅mol−1.```

    asked by Jayden
  34. Math

    Find an equation of the line passing through each of the following pairs of points.

    asked by John Chacon
  35. Career

    which of the following has a mission to provide entrepreneurship educational opportunities for young people from low-income communities A. Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership B. Junior Achievement C. Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship D. Young Student

    asked by ItsMeMf
  36. English

    Who was the person that said, "We live intertwined on this planet?" It's for a crossword puzzle and I got everything except for this. Thanks!

    asked by Dog_Lover
  37. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements best describes Maya cities? A. They were built on islands in lakes. B. They grew up mainly in the highlands. C. They had relatively few buildings. D. They had pyramids and palaces in their centers.--

    asked by KK
  38. math

    Can someone explain how 6/3 is greater than 10/15? thanks for your help.

    asked by playtime
  39. Science

    0.2 mole of hydrated salt was heated 0.10 mole of water was lost what is molecular formula of hydrated salt

    asked by Izaz
  40. PE

    What are the branches of physical education

    asked by Fawas
  41. Math

    What is the fraction 5/6 as a decimal?

    asked by Trikzz
  42. algebra

    Gary Glaze requires 25 hours to put a new roof on a house. His​ apprentice, Anna​ Gandy, can reroof the house by herself in 32 hours. After working alone on a roof for 20 ​hours, Gary leaves for another job. Anna takes over and completes the job. How

    asked by Carrie
  43. Algebra

    The Census Bureau estimates that in 2025, 20 of the 50 states will have a Spanish-speaking majority. What percent of the states will have a Spanish-speaking majority? A. 20% B. 30% C. 40%**** D. 50%

    asked by AlgebraHelp
  44. Algebra

    What percent of 40 is 24? Is it 6 percent?

    asked by AlgebraHelp
  45. Math

    26 is 65% of what number?

    asked by Hi
  46. Trigonometry

    From a building EF, the angles of depression to the top and bottom of a tree are 41° and 62° respectively. The tree is 15m from the building. (1)Draw diagram to show and (2) determine the height of the tree.

    asked by Arbie
  47. accounting

    Eckman Company purchased equipment for $420,000 on January 1, 2016, and will use the double-declining-balance method of depreciation. It is estimated that the equipment will have a 5-year life and a $2,000 salvage value at the end of its useful life. The

    asked by Tatiana