Questions Asked on
October 24, 2019

  1. History

    1. What was the purpose of the Treaty of Tordesillas? A. to end a war between Spain and Portugal B. to give Portugal control over the Spice Islands C. to divide the non-European world between Spain and Portugal D. to create a trade agreement between

    asked by Corgi
  2. Math

    Given that √6,3√2,3√6,9√2 ...are the first 4 terms of an exponential sequence. Find in it simplest form the 8term

    asked by Etinosa
  3. Biology

    1. Which elements are most abundant in living organisms? A. hydrogen, carbon, calcium, potassium, oxygen, and phosphorus B. oxygen, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, hydrogen, and carbon C. carbon, potassium, iron, magnesium, hydrogen, and nitrogen D. oxygen,

    asked by Elma
  4. Math

    The sum of the first 21 terms of a linear sequence is 28 and the sum of the first 28 terms is 21 . find which term of the sequence is 0 and also the sum of the terms preceeding it

    asked by Etinosa
  5. English

    1. We took an express train. 2. A train whistle sounded in the distance. 3. I will train your dog. 4. Cross the street on a green light. 5. Turn right at the next cross street. 6. She was wearing a gold cross. 7. The boss will fire me. 8. The fire

    asked by help me
  6. Accounting

    1. What are the three types of assets that will be found on a balance sheet? A.local, national, and international B. land , buildings , and liquid C.current , fixed, and intangible D.short - term, long -term , and medium

    asked by lovely lola
  7. Math

    Which special version of the Pythagorean Theorem can you use to find the length of any square's diagonal, d, using only the length of its side, s? My answer: A special version of the Pythagorean Theorem I can use to find the length of any square's diagonal

    asked by Lei
  8. Ed Tech

    Janice, who is 15, posts a picture of herself drinking alcohol and making an obscene gesture on her social networking page. Which of the following are potential consequences that could negatively impact her future? Select all that apply. A. A college

    asked by CNS 13
  9. Chemistry

    If 4.2g NaHCo3react with 10g of CH3cooH solution then 2.2g CO2 evaporate in environment then calculate the mass ofprespity

    asked by Ritesh
  10. algebra

    A tortoise is walking in the desert. It takes 6 minutes to walk 7.68 meters. What is its speed?

    asked by Presley
  11. Geometry

    The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 15.6 m. Find the lengths of its sides, if: The base is 3 m smaller than a leg

    asked by Vernice
  12. Geography

    Identify three perceptual factors that affect Egypt’s regionalization. These are the ways that people think and act about a region - they can be very powerful. Find a perceptual factor that connects Egypt to Africa, to Europe, and to Southwest Asia.

    asked by Lee
  13. chemistry

    what mass of nitrogen(v)oxide would be obtained by heating 33.3g of lead trioxonitrate(v)

    asked by joseph oreoluwa
  14. History

    How did the Indians use the buffalo? A. as food and shelter B. as something to trade C. as something to worship D. They did not use the buffalo.

    asked by ME HUNGERY!
  15. math

    Which decimal is non-repeating? A. 0.444… B. 0.16 C. 0.3682 D. 0.269

    asked by Aubrey
  16. English

    The main reason for this essay is to persuade the readers that a tolerant society is created by working on a small scale. Barbra Jordan appeals to authority when she cites the examples set by martin Luther king jr and former president Lyndon johnson.

    asked by that one dude
  17. math

    1. 3(y + 1) for y = 2 (1 point) 6 9 7 8 2. start fraction lower d plus lower g over lower h end fraction for d = 45, g = 18, and h = 9 (1 point) 6 7 3 4 3. The cost in dollars of a class party is 59 + 13n, where n is the number of people attending. What is

    asked by silly sally
  18. English

    Often thunderstorms produce lightning that ignites wet areas. 1)restrictive 2)nonrestrictive I say 1

    asked by Joreka S
  19. Social Studies

    which of these helped hinduism spread? A. The religion forced people to give up their old beliefs. {I think this is the answer} B. Hindus formed organized groups to worship together C. Other gods and traditions were absorbed into Hinduism. D. Prayers could

    asked by Eve
  20. English

    As a school prefect of your school write a speech on what your school needs

    asked by Nasir
  21. Algebra

    A theater sells adult tickets for $8.00 and children's tickets for $5.50. Sally but some of each kind (not the same number) and paid a total of $78.50. which equation represents this situation. A) x+y=78.5 B) 13.5x=78.5 C) 13.5xy=78.5 D) 8x+5.5y=78.5

    asked by Terra
  22. Math

    You mix soda water, fruit punch concentrate, and ginger ale in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 5 to make fruit punch. How many pints of each ingredient should you use to make 4 gallons of fruit punch?

    asked by Emiko
  23. Math

    calculate the sale price of each item. A pair of headphones is on sale for 15% of the original price of $305

    asked by that one dude
  24. science

    if the speed of a motorcycle from 10 km/hr to 50 km/hr in 9 seconds. what is its acceleration?

    asked by cujo
  25. Math

    Write an algebraic expression to represent "five plus the puotient of r and 14." A) 5+14r B) 5+14/r *** C) 5+r/14 *** D) 5-r/14 My answers: B C Which one?

    asked by Unknown
  26. Language

    1 Which of these sentences has a possessive noun? Sentence 2 Sentence 6 Sentence 8 Sentence 10

    asked by For connexus 8th grade
  27. math

    I am having trouble with converting and finding unit rates relating to meters and kilometers and doing double number line can someone help me through these concepts?

    asked by Kimberly
  28. math

    placing card is drawn from standard deck of 52 card what is the probability that cards a, king b, heart c, red card d, honor e, face card

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Chemistry

    What inert materials are likely to be present in chalk, and what other indicator can be used in place of methyl orange

    asked by Nella
  30. Maths

    If the bearing of A and B is 120°, find the compass bearing of A from B

    asked by Bearing
  31. Science

    How many energy are released when new bonds are formed?

    asked by Mirriam
  32. Math

    If 3,p,q,24 are consecutive term of an exponential sequence, find the value of p and q and hence the sum of the first 10 terms

    asked by Etinosa
  33. Math

    Find the perimeter of the triangle whose vertices are the following specified points in the plane. (0,−9),(1,−1) and (3,6)

    asked by Kyle
  34. Careers

    which career's to follow when having these subjects mathamatical literacy, geography, life sciences, agricultural sciences

    asked by modise
  35. Writing

    Ok so I'm doing an essay for school about KPOP and how it blew up and all I really know abt KPOP is DAY6 and TWICE and Idk how it got popular but I need some HELP BADLY Its due soon!!! please send an article or something I need HELP!

    asked by Okami Aoyama
  36. Math

    Factor the expression 20k + 50 and show your work

    asked by Bruh
  37. math

    Which model represents the cost of the trip if the trip cost is discounted 26%? PLZ i need help

    asked by jonathon
  38. math

    The model represents 100% of the cost of a trip to the Bahamas.Which model represents the cost of the trip if the trip cost is discounted 26%? PLZ HELP ME

    asked by jonathon
  39. Science

    A plant utilizing photosynthesis, a sea anemone using stinging cells to stun prey, a mushroom secreting digestive enzymes to break down detritus for absorption, and a bacteria cell utilizing chemosynthesis are all different ways that organisms A) reproduce

    asked by Ninikothe_Weeb
  40. English

    I need to know which word is a gerund: "Sleeping is an essential part of maintaining the body's health." How can I tell which word is a gerund?

    asked by DeAnthony
  41. US History

    How was daily life on the farm different from city life in the late 1800s?

    asked by Graves
  42. Physics

    Blood plasma at 37 degrees celsius is to be supplied to a patient at a rate of 2.8*10^-6 m^3/s. If the tube connecting the plasma to the patient's vein has a radius 2.0mm and length 50cm, what is the pressure difference between the plasma and the patient's

    asked by Kmatteucci
  43. Music Class

    I need some help on this music Lesson: 1.Which tempo marking means at a walking pace? a.andante b.allegro c.presto d.moderato 2.In music, what does ritardando mean? a.speed up overtime b.slow down overtime c.perform slowly d.perform quickly help plz

    asked by Okami Aoyama
  44. geography

    the ¨push pull¨ theory is used by scientists to explain

    asked by ale
  45. math

    Mr. Hamm's salary has increased by 250% over the past 10 years. If his original salary was $28,000 per year, what is his current salary?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. geography

    whats the longitude of Bangkok Thailand?

    asked by Kunpimook Bhukwhael
  47. Algebra 1

    -2/5x - 9 < 9/10 I understand how to do it without fractions but with fractions im completly lost. Can someone tell me how to do it? Do i subtract 9/10 - 9? If so then how would i do that?

    asked by aJJ.
  48. Geometry

    Prove that the altitudes to the legs of an isosceles triangle are congruent.

    asked by Vernice
  49. Algebra

    Value of x for a right triangle with sides of 17.5 and 11 and round to nearest tenth

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    which salary plan would you prefer a) you are offered job A with a starting salary of $24,000.each year for 10 years you will be given a 4% raise. b) you offered job B with a starting of $24000. each year for 10 years you will be given a $1000 raise.

    asked by jonatha
  51. English

    1. Which of the following statements shows that "the drive-in movies" is a first-person narrative? A) The lawn was tall but too wet to mow. B) I was sweaty hot. C) The paint was coming off. D)She turned on the garden hose and washed the car. 2. In "the

    asked by CONNEXUS USER
  52. Math

    1. Write the ratio in simplest form 45:15 A. 9:3 B. 3:1 C. 1:3 D. 4:1

    asked by imaHOBBOatINCA
  53. English

    the part of the work that introduces the characters, settings, and basic situation! A) Exposition B) Rising Action C) Falling Action D) Resolution

    asked by Who Wha

    If 15g of potassium trioxochlorate(v) is heated in the presence of Mno2. what is the mass of chloride produce

    asked by Anonymous
  55. math

    A car's value is declining exponentially. the car is currently 3 years old and has a value of$18000. The car sold for$26000 brand new. how much will the car be worth 5 years from now.

    asked by Abc
  56. Algebra

    2x-27 A.X2 B.X5*** C.X5 D.X5 ***=my answer

    asked by Algebra
  57. Algebra

    A theater sells adult tickets for $8.00 and children's tickets for $5.50. Sally but some of each kind (not the same number) and paid a total of $75.50. which equation represents this situation. A) x+y=78.5 B) 13.5x=75.5 C) 13.5xy=78.5 D) 8x+5.5y=78.5

    asked by Terra
  58. history

    Which most accurately describes a Chinese concept that influenced later civilizations?

    asked by john
  59. math

    solve 6(x+7)for x=9 plz thax

    asked by aayah
  60. math

    Evaluate 3 log 2 + log 20 _ log 1.6

    asked by Emmanuel
  61. Algebra

    Eloise is investing and retirement account. She plans on adding an additional $50 at the end of every year and the expected monthly rate of return is 3% of the amount invested, calculated at the end of the month. If she starts with $1000 in the account

    asked by Terra
  62. math

    whats the estimated sum using benchmarks in 1/8+10/11

    asked by hgfds
  63. math

    write an algebraic expression for the word phrase 5 times the product of X and Y

    asked by Yazed fattah
  64. Science~Business Letter

    Hello, here is my question: I'm supposed to write a letter to a representative about beach clean-up and keeping our communities clean. I understand this, but how do I write a nice clean business letter? Thank you.

    asked by +~* Sabrina *~+
  65. math

    Andrew is twice as old as Nicole if n represents Nicole's age which expression represents Andrews age

    asked by mohamad
  66. Mafh

    Jake Jarvis square with a Samantha 4 inches right ask where I went silent of 6 inches what is the difference in the air of the

    asked by Jj
  67. History

    Which of the following is part of the US Cold War economy? command economy*** Private property is not allowed Private property is allowed free-market economy

    asked by Pumped up Kicks
  68. History

    Which of the following illustrates the relationship between the American Indians and British colonists? A. British colonists and American Indians fought often over land. B. British colonists and American Indians often allied together against the Spanish.

    asked by liz
  69. math

    Jay draws a square with a side of 4 inches. Ray draws a square with side length of 6 inches. What is the _difference________ in the_area__ of the square? 6 x6=32 4 x 4=16 32-16 = 20 sqin. is this right

    asked by johnnie.
  70. History

    Which of the following are the leading theories that describe how people first arrived in North America? Select the two correct answers. A. People may have walked over a land bridge from Asia. B. People may have traveled over by boat along the Pacific

    asked by greg
  71. Math

    Complete the set of data with one value so that the mean of the data is 24. 26, 35, 10, 18, 15, 37, 25, 20, 15, what is the last number

    asked by Jake
  72. Math

    Jay draws a square with a side of 4 inches. Ray draws a square with side length of 6 inches. What is the _difference________ in the_area__ of the square? 6 x6=32 4 x 4=16 32-16 = 20 sqin. is this right

    asked by Johnnie
  73. Math

    Which numbers are included in the set of integers that when added to − 4 -4 give a sum of less than zero? Select two answers. A.3 B.7 C.9 D.-2 E.4 I think the answer is -2 and 3

    asked by Selah Underwood
  74. Physics

    The velocity ratio and efficiency of a system of pully is 6 and much effort is required to lift at Mass 120kg

    asked by Amos
  75. Math

    There are 12 boys and 10 girls in your gym class. If 6 boys joined the class, how many girls would need to join for the ratio of boys to girls to remain the same?

    asked by Emiko
  76. Math

    I have a bag of trail mix. One half of the bag is peanutes, 1/4 of the bag is chocolate candies, and 1/4 of the bag is dried fruit. What is the likelihood of drawing a chocolate candy? • It is more likely than drawing a piece of dried fruit. • It is

    asked by Geoff
  77. math

    ay draws a square with a side of 4 inches. Ray draws a square with side length of 6 inches. What is the _difference________ in the_area__ of the square? 6 x6=32 4 x 4=16 32-16 = 20 sqin. is this right can some one with math please check this for me

    asked by johnnie
  78. Biology

    List five unusefullness of science

    asked by Alex favour
  79. Math

    jay draws a square with a side of 4 inches. Ray draws a square with side length of 6 inches. What is the _difference________ in the_area__ of the square? 6 x6=36 4 x 4=16 36-16 = 20 sqin. is this right Now do I have it right

    asked by Johnnie
  80. Math

    Hey does anyone know a website or any videos I can watch to help me with this problem? Thanks so much! At the halftime show, a marching band marched in formation. The lead drummer started at a point with coordinates (–2, –5) and moved 3 steps up and 1

    asked by CellLover727
  81. math

    75% of the students in sixth grade attend tutoring before school. If 96 students attend tutoring, how many students are in sixth grade?

    asked by Jordan
  82. Math

    Can someone help me solve this 360/365(t-79.75)

    asked by A
  83. Calculus

    ∫3,−2 f(x)dx = −4 and ∫4,3 f(x)dx = 3. Find ∫3,−2 (−4f(x)+3) dx = ______

    asked by Quaeme
  84. Math


    asked by Meliodas
  85. History

    During Georgia's colonial period, colonists were determined to find economic success through producing all of the following crops except A. SILK B.RICE C. INDIGO D. Cotton is the answer A?

    asked by MEEEE
  86. math

    there are 6 boys in a class of 15 students. what is the ratio of boys to girls

    asked by samya
  87. math

    draw a two-color counter model for each number sentence then determine the sum 10+(-8)

    asked by that one dude
  88. Writing

    How do i write an introduction paragraph?

    asked by Makiah
  89. History

    What does hides mean in this context? People used the hides of buffalo for clothing and sometimes blankets. A. tails B. saddles C. skins D. horns

    asked by ME HUNGERY!
  90. math

    the sum of 2 numbers is 31 and the difference is 7 what are the 2 numbers

    asked by lucia
  91. geography

    Imagine a family of farmers in the Neolithic Age. They are a multi-generational family living together on a large farm. They have bees, chickens, and other animals and crops that keep them fed. They have several shelters that are sturdy. Last year,

    asked by night :')
  92. math, probability

    Two cards are drawn without replacement from a well-shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. a. What is the probability that the first card drawn is a heart? b. What is the probability that the second card drawn is a heart if the first card drawn was not a

    asked by lijm
  93. Math

    4 1/8 c = ___ fl oz A.32 fl oz *** B.33/64 fl oz C.41 fl oz D.33 fl oz if it is not A then my next choice is C.

    asked by bleh
  94. Math

    detemine the difference 7 - (-13)

    asked by that one dude
  95. math

    How many solutions does the equation 4x + 2(x – 5) = 3(2x – 4) have? infinitely?

    asked by help
  96. Chemistry

    in order to prepare 50.0ml of .200m hcl you will add ____ ml of 1.00m hcl to ___ml of water How would I solve this equation? Thanks!

    asked by Kate
  97. Math

    detemine the difference -9 - 7

    asked by that one dude
  98. Math

    Three boxes contain 26, 28 and 30 balls. The ratios of red balls to all balls in each of these three boxes are 50%, 25%, and 20%. All the balls are placed in a large box. What is the ratio of red balls to all balls in the box?

    asked by Anonymous Person
  99. Math

    Carson can rake and feel 79/10 bags of Leafs each hour. How many bags of leaves will Carson rake and fill in 6 hours?

    asked by Hope
  100. History

    How were the Spanish able to defeat the Aztecs?

    asked by Lorenzo (Lj)
  101. math

    Complete each statement to identify the sign. Part A The sign of the product of two negative numbers is A. positive. B. negative. Part B The sign of the quotient of numbers with opposite signs is A. positive B. negative.

    asked by Aubrey
  102. Math

    Katie was chosen as a student leader. She got 3 votes for every 2 votes that Amanda got. If 8 people changed their minds and chose Amanda instead of Katie, Katie would only have gotten 1 vote for every two that Amanda got. How many people voted? I want to

    asked by Anonymous
  103. math

    Determine whether the sign of the product or quotient is positive or negative. Part A the quotient of two negative integers A. positive B. negative Part B the product of an integer and its opposite A. positive B. negative

    asked by Aubrey
  104. math

    How many solutions does the equation 4x + 2(x – 5) = 3(2x – 4) have?

    asked by please
  105. geometry

    i want to ask a question about geometry but i need to submit a picture how do i submit a picture

    asked by DailyDrama
  106. Algebra

    Your test scores in one class are 81 and 89. What possible scores can you earn on your next test to have a test average between 85 and 90​, ​inclusive?

    asked by Sarah glaser
  107. Algebra

    Your test scores in one class are 75 and 83. What possible scores can you earn on your next test to have a test average between 79 and 86​, ​inclusive?

    asked by Natalie Birch
  108. Science

    Locate the James, Roanoke, and savannah rivers. In what topographical feature do these rivers oiginate?

    asked by Unknown
  109. Math

    (The table shows the number of tulips and roses that two florists sold last month. Use the table to write the specified ratio for questions 2 and 3.) _____________ ______________|Tulips | Roses| | Flora's Flowers | 56 | 81 | | Pat's Petals: | 31 | 76 |

    asked by Geoff
  110. math

    A class is taking a trip to the aquarium. The teacher has received only 2 permission slips for every 5 students in the class. Use the graph.

    asked by Welp_oh_dear
  111. Arithmetic

    So it say i have 5 cokie. And sally has 5 cokie to. She takes all of mien. How much cokie 🍪 do i have left.Hlep me pease it is fonish in 2 mere days.

    asked by Nema is tom
  112. history

    How were domesticated plants and animals different from their ancestors? Select the two correct answers. A. Domesticated animals were smaller. B. Domesticated plants were smaller. C. Domesticated plants produced more food. D. Domesticated animals were less

    asked by Blah blah
  113. Physics

    If the same elevator accelerates downwards with an acceleration of 1.2 m/s 2 , what is the upward force exerted by the elevator floor on the passenger? Answer in units of N

    asked by Boomer
  114. Math

    What multiplication fact can be found by using the arrays for 2x9 and 5x9

    asked by Anonymous
  115. chemistry

    3. Determine the sign of both q and w for the following phase change at 25 °C and 1.0 atm: H2O(l) → H2O(g)

    asked by kelly
  116. chemistry

    1) The advantages and disadvantages of ketones affecting the human body. 2) The advantages and disadvantages of ketones affecting the environment and society I did look these question up on google but I couldn't find the answers to these questions

    asked by anonymous
  117. Science

    What is adaptation? Why must organisms adapt? Why are there different adaptations? Use an example to explain your answers. Please answer these questions!!!!

    asked by Skfjvnrjciwjc
  118. Physics

    You are driving at the speed of 31 m/s (69.3599 mph) when suddenly the car in front of you (previously traveling at the same speed) brakes and begins to slow down with the largest deceleration possible without skidding. Considering an average human

    asked by Boomer
  119. Math

    Write three equivalent ratios to compare the following: 8 triangles to 12 curcles

    asked by Cggggg
  120. Math

    37+18= Drag the number to show the partial sums and the sum Numbers may be used once or more than once or not at all

    asked by Gio
  121. Chemistry

    In order to prepare 50.0ml of 0.100M C12H22O11 (sucrose) you will add___grams of C12H22O11 to____ml of water. Can someone explain how I would solve this? I am lost and do not understand how to do the conversions

    asked by Jules
  122. Georgia State History

    what was the name of the aggreement between small and large states that provided propotional reprensentation by population in the lower house ad equal representation by state and senate? (A) great awakening (B) New Deal (C) Great compromise (D) Electoral

    asked by Georgia Connections Academy
  123. Physics

    You place a box weighing 242.4 N on an inclined plane that makes a 37.2◦ angle with the horizontal. Compute the component of the gravitational force acting down the inclined plane. Answer in units of N. Please

    asked by Boomer
  124. Chemistry

    A 22.472 g sample of impure magnesium carbonate was heated to complete decomposition according to the equation MgCO3(s) → MgO(s) + CO2(g) After the reaction was complete, the solid residue (consisting of MgO and the original impurities) had a mass of

    asked by Lukas
  125. Math

    A basket ball player who makes a basket Scores 2 points for her team tanya Made 9 baskets in the game.

    asked by Anonymous
  126. english

    the room was gaudy with its______ leather couch and purple walls. A)soft B) bright pink C) black D) small ?

    asked by suzi
  127. social studies

    two ways some Caribbean families preserve their cultural traditions

    asked by sherlene laurindo
  128. Physics

    A uniform pole 7m long weighting 10kg is support by a boy 2m from one end and a man 3m from the other end. At what point must a 20kg weight be attached so that the man would support thrice as much weight as the boy

    asked by Abigail
  129. Trigonometry

    Find the exact value of the expression cos(sin^-15/13-tan^-14/3)

    asked by Ashlyn
  130. Math

    A tree is 36 feet tall and is located 9 feet from a mirror on the ground. If eye level height of person is 4.8 feet, then how far away are they from the mirror?

    asked by Lisa Meredith
  131. English

    Explain the purpose of the apostrophe in each word, and explain what the apostrophe is probably replacing. If there is more than one possibility, try to get all possibilities and explain each. 1. It's 2. Sue's 3. D'Giorno 4. We'll 5. '70s 6. Bill's 7. 'til

    asked by Sam
  132. math

    Which property is illustrated 4*5=20 ∈ W. Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea