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October 21, 2019

  1. math

    A farmer is going to divide her 50 acre farm between two crops. Seed for crop A costs $50 per acre. Seed for crop B costs $25 per acre. The farmer can spend at most $2,250 on seed. If crop B brings in a profit of $90 per acre, and crop A brings in a profit

    asked by justine
  2. reading

    Which of the following is the purpose of the italicized words in the magazine clipping? a. Indicates headings b. Indicate dialogue c. Indicate foreign words d. Indicate title

    asked by lie
  3. Math

    Which of the following expressions is 8x + 16 not equivalent? A. 2x + 5 + 6x + 11 B. 10x - 2x - 20 + 4 C. 2(4x + 8) D. 8(x + 2) (honestly i dont know what to choose)

    asked by JuST MOniKA
  4. English

    Which sentence has correct subject and verb agreement? A)We be planning to celebrate all night. B)Both of my older sisters plays softball. C)The frogs croaks in the pond all night long *** D)Neither Carla nor Tim plays in the marching band. I got C but my

    asked by Max
  5. Maths

    A point p is 40km from q on a bearing of 61 calculate the place of north of q and east of q

    asked by Bearing
  6. Physics

    A ball thrown vertically upwards from ground level hits the ground after 4s. Calculate the maximum height it reached during during it journey (g=10m/s2)

    asked by Abdullahi
  7. math

    peter notices that the corner cafe lists smoked salmon and poached eggs for lunch every friday. Since peter loves these foods he plans to eat at corner cafe every friday b a) deductive reasoning b)inductive reasoning c)analogical reasoning d)none

    asked by James
  8. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2NiS2+5O2--->2NiO+4SO2 a) How many moles of SO2 will be produced from 8.95 g of O2 b) How many grams of NiO would be formed from the reaction of 0.0125 mol of NiS2? c) How many grams of O2 are needed to completely react

    asked by Abby
  9. math

    the discount of a hat is $18. what is the regular price?

    asked by Maya
  10. Chemistry

    Li+ S2- chemical formula

    asked by Trisha
  11. Physics

    You are driving down the highway late one night at 20 m/s when a deer steps onto the road 35 m in front of you. Your reaction time before stepping on the brakes is 0.50 s , and the maximum deceleration of your car is 10 m/s2 . How much distance is between

    asked by Dave
  12. Math

    At Canada's Wonderland, a thrill seeker can ride the Xtreme Skyflyer. This is essentially a large pendulum of which the rider is the bob. The height of the rider is given for various times: Time(s) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Height(m) 55 53 46 36 25 14 7 5 8 15

    asked by A
  13. English

    PROJECT: ORAL REPORT Here is your goal for this assignment: Plan and compose an oral report for possible presentation Choose one of the following topics or makeup one of your own to write your oral report of at least 300 words. My Favorite Hobby You could

    asked by kyle
  14. English

    REPORT: AUTOBIOGRAPHY Here is your goal for this assignment: Read and report on an autobiography Choose an available autobiography from your library. After reading the autobiography, write a report of at least 400 words about what you have learned. Use the

    asked by kyle
  15. math

    A rectangular shaped desk has a length of 30 inches and a width of 24 inches. A desk with a similar shape has a length of 48 inches. What is the width of this desk?

    asked by bee bee boo boo
  16. physics

    A heat transfer of 9.0×10^5 j is required to convert a block of ice at 20°C.what was the mass of the block of ice

    asked by Temitope
  17. Maths

    A model engine of length 12cm is built to a scale of 1:50.The length of the actual engine is?

    asked by Lani
  18. math

    The balance on a car loan after 4 years is $8,996.32. The interest rate is 5.6% compounding annually. What was the initial value of the loan? An investment made in the stock market decreased at a rate of 4% per year for 5 years. What is the current value

    asked by kyle
  19. english

    Question 13 of 18 Read the following passage from the Odyssey, in which the Cyclops has captured Odysseus and his men: "You are a ninny, or else you come from the other end of nowhere, telling me, mind the gods! We Cyclopes care not a whistle for your

    asked by hipniblet
  20. science

    1.Carbon-14 is a radioactive isotope. What is an isotope? What is the approximate half-life of carbon-14?

    asked by Alexandra
  21. English

    Charles couldn't stop thinking about the field day. There were all sorts of relay races. The funniest race was moving water from one bucket to another using only a sponge. The most interesting contest was spitting watermelon seeds. Charles won this contest

    asked by that one dude
  22. math

    Can you give me the answer and explain how u got it so I can know for further refrence. In the app you are creating, a duck is going to fly from the coordinates (1, 3) then go 3 units right. And 6 units down. Write a rule to describe the translation. What

    asked by cONNECTIONS
  23. English

    What are the principal parts of verbs? A. The base forms of verbs with no endings added ***B. The present, present participle, past, past participle form of verbs C. The most common forms of the most common verbs D. Action, linking, regular, and irregular

    asked by Albert Einstein
  24. chemistry

    Equilibrium expression: AgCl(s) ⇌ Ag+(aq) + Cl-(aq) KSP = 1.8 x 10-10 The solubility of AgCl in: i) pure water: solubility = 1.3 x 10-5 M ii) a 0.50 M NaCl solution solubility = 3.6 x 10-10 M as KSP = [Ag+][Cl-]Total where [Cl-]Total = [Cl-]AgCl +

    asked by JAY_ndabeh
  25. Science

    What is the main difference between primary and secondary succession? A.) The climax of primary succession is a pine forest. B.) Primary succession begins with bare rock. C.) Secondary succession begins ith mosses and linches. D.)Secondary succession

    asked by Man with a actual huge screw is his head
  26. Algebra

    The volume of the cube is equal to four times the area of one of its faces. What is the volume of the cube?

    asked by Maddie
  27. Chemistry

    The heat of combustion of carbon is -393.5kj/mol. Calculate the heat change, when 45.0g of carbon undergoes complete combustion given that c =12

    asked by OKO ORU
  28. History

    Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of Native American societies during the Mississippian Period? walled settlements with a complex political organization leisure activities such as tattooing, making arts and crafts, and smoking simple writing

    asked by AnonymousCharlie
  29. Physics

    Two masses, of 2.1 kg each, connected by a string slide down a ramp making an angle of 50° with the horizontal (see figure). The mass m1 has a coefficient of kinetic friction 0.60, and the mass m2 has a coefficient of kinetic friction equal to 0.40. Find

    asked by Cassidy
  30. math

    How do I solve this equation? 13.5=3.1sin(360/365(x-79.95)+12.18

    asked by A
  31. Math

    Find the identity element of R vnder the operation*.

    asked by Akingbade
  32. chemistry

    Describe how you would prepare 0.05 sodium carbonate in a total volume 250 mls.

    asked by Tresford
  33. math

    Suppose f(1)=1 and f'(x)≤2 for x≥0. Apply the MVT to the interval [1,x] to prove that f(x)≤2x-1 for all x>1. Verify all the conditions of MVT are satisfied.

    asked by maath
  34. math

    The third-tallest Ferris Wheel in the world is the London Eye in England.The height (in metres) of a rider on the London Eye after t minutes can be described by the function h(t) = 67sin [12(t + 0.0223)] + 70. a. At what time(s) will the rider be at the

    asked by A
  35. math

    A new car is sold for its sticker value of $19,400. Three years later, the customer returns to the car dealership to trade the car in. She is told that her car now has a value of $12,105. What is the rate of decline in the value of the car? In your final

    asked by kyle
  36. math

    The balance on a car loan after 4 years is $8,996.32. The interest rate is 5.6% compounding annually. What was the initial value of the loan? An investment made in the stock market decreased at a rate of 4% per year for 5 years. What is the current value

    asked by kyle
  37. math

    If a jacket costs $71 and there is a 11% sales tax, how much will you pay for the jacket

    asked by David
  38. chemistry

    If you added 4mL NaOH 1 M to your 100 mL buffer, would it still be a usable buffer according to our conventions? Explain why or why not.

    asked by salman
  39. Math

    At the zoo the polar bears are fed 0.1 bucket of a fish every day the penguins are fed 0.83 that Amount how much of a bucket are the penguins fed

    asked by Ellexis
  40. math

    The balance on a car loan after 4 years is $8,996.32. The interest rate is 5.6% compounding annually. What was the initial value of the loan?

    asked by kyle
  41. Math

    What is the range of this data set? 27, 5, 11, 13, 10, 8, 14, 18, 7 A. 22 B. 7.5 C. 11 D. 16

    asked by Hey can you help me
  42. Maths

    A man spends 3/8 of his money and still has rupees 720 with him. How much money did he have at first.

    asked by Maths
  43. science

    A well-oiled machine has no friction.

    asked by Deanna
  44. Math

    if i factor the expression 7x -89= 9 is 8 x or is it 9?

    asked by TBOII
  45. History

    What were John Adams contributions to the Revolutionary War? Plz help i do not understand what it means i have already tried to look it up in my history book but it does not say anything about his contributions.

    asked by lily
  46. Chemistry

    What is the charge of nitrogen? Is it N3+?

    asked by Olive Tala
  47. Early childhood

    Which of the following play centers can be added to the block center?

    asked by Mohamed
  48. Math

    Use the list below to find the lower quartile. 27, 5, 11, 13, 10, 8, 14, 18, 7 A. 7 B. 7.5 C. 8 D. 8.5

    asked by Hey can you help me
  49. Math

    Question 3 of 5 Use the list below to find the upper quartile. 27, 5, 11, 13, 10, 8, 14, 18, 7 A. 11 B. 13 C. 14 D. 16

    asked by Hey can you help me
  50. Math

    What is the interquartile range of this data set? 5, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 17, 21, 23 A. 7 B. 9 C. 11 D. 13

    asked by Hey can you help me
  51. Math

    What is the interquartile range of this data set? 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, 24 A. 6 B. 7 C. 8 D. 9

    asked by Hey can you help me
  52. social studies

    What was the purpose of the Article of Confederation? A. To establish the U.S. Constitution B. To establish a judicial branch to interpret the laws.*** C. To establish an executive branch to enforce laws D. To establish an alliance of states 1 point

    asked by ME
  53. Math

    ontili shared his money his three sons. The first son received 1/3 of the money, the second one got 1/5 of it and the third son got 1/4 of the remainder. If ontili remained with sh. 210000, how much did the first son received?

    asked by BETHWEL
  54. english

    Which of the following is an important theme throughout the Odyssey? A. hospitality B. royalty C. forgiveness **** D. innocence

    asked by hipniblet
  55. Music

    Check my answers pls 1. Which tempo marking means "at a walking pace"? (1 point) a) andante ****** b) allegro c) presto d) moderato 2. In music, what does the term ritardando mean? (1 point) a) speed up over time b) slow down over time ******** c) perform

    asked by lol
  56. algebra

    You’ve decided to start your own business and sell handmade toys. You found an online supplier, Company A, where you pay $11 for each of the toys plus $10 shipping. You will sell the toys for $13 each. Since you are just starting out, you can’t spend

    asked by answer this one
  57. Social Studies

    Mongolia, Japan, and the koreas are largely ______, with large majority ethnic groups. However, the _____, make up a small minority group on the Japanese island of Hokkaido.China's largest ethnic groups of the Han, but the large country has many minority

    asked by Ali
  58. Math

    Can someone explain me how to do it and write it out In the app you are creating, a duck is going to fly from the coordinates (1, 3) then go 3 units right. And 6 units down. Write a rule to describe the translation. What are the coordinates of the duck’s

    asked by CONNECTIONS
  59. Math

    The stem-and-leaf plot shows the test scores of a science class. Use the plot to answer the question. How many students scored 78? A. 1 student B. 2 students C. 3 students D. 4 students

    asked by PLEASE HELP I BEG
  60. Math

    The graphs below show the number of honor roll students in each grade at Bridgeport Middle School. Which statement is true? Graph 1 Graph 2 Two bar graphs are shown. Both graphs are titled Honor Roll Students at Bridgeport Middle School. First graph: The

    asked by PLEASE HELP I BEG
  61. Science

    Pls break down this for me Compute the modulus of elasticity when a 50 mm long by 20 mm (0.020 m) diameter sample compresses 0.50 mm upon loading by a 20 N force

    asked by Peniel
  62. Math

    Which of the following is a statistical question? A. How many floors are in the Empire State Building? B. How many states are in the United States of America? C. How tall is the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.? D. How old was each U.S. President

    asked by oobleck your a god thank you but can you help me with this
  63. Calculus

    Use the formula in Exercise 42 to find the curvature. x=acos(ωt), y=bsin(ωt) Exercise 42 formula: k = l(x' y'' - y' x'')l / (x'^2 + y'^2)^(3/2) This is what I did but don't know why my answer not correct. x'=-aωsin(t), y'=bωcos(ωt),x''=-aω^2cos(ωt),

    asked by #1
  64. Health

    1. Which digestive organ is the last organ food passes through before reaching your stomach? (1 point) pharynx epiglottis esophagus mouth 2. Starches and sugars belong to which class of nutrients? (1 point) carbohydrates fats proteins enzymes 3. A method

    asked by I like dogs
  65. History

    1. Which of the following statements would describe the significance of the Battle of Kettle Creek? A. The British gained arms and ammunition B. The backcountry of Georgia fell under British control*** C. The morale of Georgia militia was lifted by this

    asked by Can someone check my answers please
  66. Math

    Solve the equation. Explain each step and identify the property used to reach each step. 0.6x + 0.8 = 1.4

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math

    - 4d–3d+ - 4d+ - 7d

    asked by Anonymous
  68. MATH

    A firework is set off from the roof of a building. Its height, h, above the ground in feet after t seconds is given by the function h(t)=-t^2+6t+16. How tall is the building? What is the maximum height of the firework? How long would it take the firework

    asked by Mich
  69. Math

    239,800,000 to the greatest place value

    asked by Kimelia
  70. computer

    Rachel has completed her assignments and wants to email her file to her instructor . She wants to rename her file according to the naming convection of her course . Which function key will help her rename the file .

    asked by Welp_oh_dear
  71. algebra

    You’ve decided to start your own business and sell handmade toys. You found an online supplier, Company A, where you pay $11 for each of the toys plus $10 shipping. You will sell the toys for $13 each. Since you are just starting out, you can’t spend

    asked by equation
  72. Math

    An operation bar v on the set of real nvmbarsis defined by a bar b=3a+b-1 all over5 for all a,bER. a. Determine whether or not the set R is closed vnder bar v

    asked by Akingbade
  73. math

    find a mathematical model for the verbal statement. p varies inversely as the square of r

    asked by abby
  74. Math

    Can someone help me asap with this unit test Lesson 14: Equations and Inequalities Unit Test Math 7 A Unit 4: Equations and Inequalities

    asked by pop
  75. History

    from Chapter VII, How To Govern, Chuang Tzŭ Chien Wu meeting the eccentric Chieh Yü, the latter enquired, saying, "What did Jih Chung Shih teach you?" "He taught me," replied Chien Wu, "about the laws and regulations which princes evolve, and which he

    asked by BENAVIX
  76. History

    What does Theravada Buddhism emphasize? A. the Buddha's compassion B. the Buddha's path of reincarnation C. the Buddha's wisdom D. the Buddha's history My answer is B Please check my answer

    asked by Dont listen to blanco brown Listen to Florida Georgia Line!!! (Fgl)
  77. History

    Which of the following groups fought each other in the first two years of the Revolutionary War in Georgia? (1 point) Conservatives and Loyalists *Loyalists and Patriots Conservatives and Native Americans British soldiers and Minutemen 2. Which group did

    asked by MEEEE
  78. Science

    A county commissioner wants to reduce the amount of waste sent to the local landfill. Wich of the following would result in the greatest reduction of waste? A. Composting food waste B. Recycling Glass, plastics, and metals C. Reusing rubber, leather, and

    asked by Gemini Kitten😸
  79. Language arts

    Which element of plot matches the definition

    asked by David
  80. Jiskha

    What is this homework help site when it's pretty much the answer site? Do you do anything about all the free answers? How do you delete them and stuff?

    asked by anonymous
  81. Math

    Why does it work to break apart a number by place values to multiply

    asked by Sam
  82. math

    how can you determine the coordinates of any image that is dilated with the center of dilation at the origin without graping explain your reasioning

    asked by user1
  83. science

    Study the diagram below and answer this question: What are the genotypes of each of the offspring in the F2 generation? 1.FF, FF, ff, ff 2.FF, Ff, ff, ff 3.FF, Ff, Ff, ff 4.Ff, Ff, ff, ff

    asked by yeehaw
  84. chemistry

    Equilibrium expression: AgCl(s) ⇌ Ag+(aq) + Cl-(aq) KSP = 1.8 x 10-10 The solubility of AgCl in: i) pure water: ii) a 0.50 M NaCl solution solubility

    asked by JAY_ndabeh
  85. Algebra

    Angelo is trying to save up to buy the new iPhone 11. He has $40 in his wallet. He decides to shovel snow off driveways for $30 per house to earn some money. Which equation models the situation? 1. x = 40 + 30y 2. y = 40 + 30x** 3. y = 30 + 40x 4. x = 40

    asked by Amy K.
  86. Math

    So I know that my number is 215, and this number is 80%. How do I figure out my total? I just want to know how to do it:)

    asked by Cow
  87. English

    1. Which element of plot matches the definition? the outcome of the conflict in a plot A. resolution B. exposition C. rising action D. falling action Please help... thank you!

    asked by Sowwy... (For nothin)
  88. Algebra

    Task 1- You want to start a summer business to earn money. What will you do? You have to consider how much money you can afford to invest in this business, how much it will cost you to make each item, and how much you’re going to charge for each item.

    asked by Urgent
  89. math

    20 times 60

    asked by bella
  90. Civic education

    Discuss ways you can protect the interest of people when you become a leader

    asked by Soundgod
  91. science

    In a breed of cats, black fur is recessive to calico fur. How is it possible that 2 cats with calico fur produce kittens with black fur? 1Both cat parents are heterozygous and passed on a recessive allele to the kittens. 2One cat parent had the recessive

    asked by bamboo
  92. geography

    Why is Mexico called a developing country?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    please check my answer determine the number of possible solutions if A=62, a=4 and b=6 I got B a)none b)one c)two d)three

    asked by Kendall
  94. Chemistry

    Is your sample of calcium carbonate pure

    asked by Wealth
  95. math

    There are 96 students in a speech contest.Yesterday 1/4 of the gave their speeches.Today,1/8 of the remaining students gave their speeches. How many students still haven't given their speeches?

    asked by Jesus
  96. Chemistry

    Suggest other suitable indicators for determination of calcium trioxocarbonate (iv) content in chalk by back titration

    asked by Wealth
  97. math

    If the weather report predicts more than 20cm of snow in the mountains then Gunther will plan a ski trip. Tonight the weather channel predicts 30 cm of snow in the mountains. Therefore Gunther will plan a ski trip. I think its c a)inductive reasoning

    asked by James
  98. History

    Drag and drop the country names to classify them by their majority religion. Here is what I think: Indonesia-----Buddhism Thailand--------CHRISTIANITY Malaysia------BUDDHISM the Philippines-----ISLAM

    asked by 😂❤😍
  99. math

    what are all the prime numbers between 15 and 25

    asked by Lashawna williams
  100. math

    A bookstore had 70 copies of a magazine. Yesterday, it sold 1/5 of them. Today, it sold of what remained. How many copies does the bookstore have left?

    asked by boii
  101. Chemistry

    Which contains the greatest number of bromide ions? a) 100 mL of 1.0 M BaBr2 b) 50 mL of 2.0 M NaBr c) 20 mL of 2.5 M FeBr3 d) All contain the same number of chloride ions. How would I go about this question?

    asked by Max
  102. Math

    What is a expression that shows how to multiply 4 times362 using place value and expanded form

    asked by Andrew
  103. Math

    X+1/2y=5.5 -1/8x+1/4y=.25 Using elimination

    asked by Chris
  104. math

    A mass suspended on a spring will exhibit sinusoidal motion when it moves. If the mass on a spring is 85 cm off the ground at its highest position and 41 cm off the ground at its lowest position and takes 3.0 s to go from the top to the bottom and back

    asked by A
  105. Algebra

    1/2 (8x-2) = 7x -2 + 3x

    asked by Kyla
  106. Math

    Alicia has some hair braids her sister has a third as many hair braids as she does they have 1620 braids in all haw many braids does alicia have

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Math


    asked by Tony
  108. math

    Alan paid $1.12 for a dozen eggs at his local grocery store. Determine the cost of 3 eggs

    asked by Anonymous
  109. history

    None of the answers for the question i asked were right.

    asked by no
  110. Math

    What is 700,000,000 + 600,000 + 5,000 + 100 + 80,000 + 1 + 40 + 60,000,000 in standard form?

    asked by Anjuli
  111. science

    Which of these BEST explains how the cell membrane helps animal cells grow and divide? It transports enzymes. It stores genetic information. It supplies the cell with energy. It controls materials that enter and exit the cell

    asked by that one dude
  112. physics

    question 1 - If Rojelio starts out at rest, and in 10 s speeds up to 50 m/s, what is his acceleration? A - 12 m/s^2 B - 8 m/s^2 C - 5 m/s^2 D - 15 m/s^2 question 2 - If Juan starts out at 10m/s, and in 15 s speeds up to 60 m/s, what is his acceleration? A

    asked by Israel
  113. Physics

    You are driving at the speed of 31.8 m/s (71.1498 mph) when suddenly the car in front of you (previously traveling at the same speed) brakes and begins to slow down with the largest deceleration possible without skidding. Considering an average human

    asked by Michael Gomez
  114. math

    computer power has been doubling approximately every 2 years as more and smaller transistors has been integrated to build better computer chips. the number of transistors, T, in a chip has increased according to T=4500(2)^n, where n is the number of years

    asked by anonymous
  115. Physics

    A block is at rest on the incline shown in the figure. The coefficients of static and kinetic friction are µs = 0.7 and µk = 0.59, respectively. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s^s. What is the frictional force acting on the 45 kg mass? Answer in

    asked by Lailah
  116. math

    you have borrowed $135,000 from the bank today. You are required to repay this money over the next six years by making monthly payments of $2,215.10 at the end of each month. What is the quoted interest rate for the loan (with monthly compounding

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Algebra

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 100 feet and the length is 12 feet longer than the width. Find the length and width of the rectangle.

    asked by April
  118. Science

    What’s the difference between a dog and a human’s tibia?

    asked by Sarah
  119. Social studies

    Identify the effects of Math, Chemistry and Astronomy on Egyptian Society. How did each one help develop ancient Egyptian Society?

    asked by fghjkl
  120. math

    Each of the following statements is false. Provide why the statement is false. 1) Every function that is continuous at x=a is differentiable at x=a. 2) The tangent line to y=f(x) when x=x0 is given by y=fprime(x0)x+f(x0). 3) The linerization of a function

    asked by x
  121. math

    Find the parabola of the form y=ax^2 +bx that shares a tangent line with the function y= (2x)/(x^2 +1) when x=1. Solve and show all steps.

    asked by x
  122. math

    A Dish TV satellite dish is the shape of a paraboloid. The dish is 42 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. How many inches should the receiver be located from the vertex for optimal reception? (round to the nearest thousandth)

    asked by Paige
  123. math

    A fireplace arch is to be constructed in the form of a semiellipse. The opening is to have a height of 3 feet at the center and a width of 8 feet along the base. The contractor cuts a string of a certain length and nails each end of the string along the

    asked by Paige
  124. math

    The variable y is directly proportional to the variable x. If y = 10 when x = 6, what is the value of y when x = 15? A) 20.5 B) 25 C) 30 D) 35

    asked by katie
  125. physics

    a car accidently roll offs cliff.As it leaves the cliffit has horizontal velocity of 13metre/second it hits the ground 60metre from the shore line to find the total time that the projectile hits the ground of cliff

    asked by sumeya