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October 20, 2019

  1. math

    Jada has a coin jar containing n nickels and d dimes worth a total of $3.65. The equation 0.05n + 0.1d = 3.65 is one way to represent the situation. Which equation is equivalent to the equation 0.05n + 0.1d = 3.65? 0/1 5n + d = 365 0.5n + d = 365 5n + 10d

  2. algebra

    i need help with my Rational Numbers unit test part 1

  3. Social Studies

    I studied and these are the answers I got Ms. Sue. 1. Which of the following best summarizes how the environment impacted the growth of the Maya? A. The Maya had to adapt to living in high elevations with thin oxygen B. The Maya had to learn farming

  4. History

    In what key way did Confucianism shape the Han Dynasty ~missionary efforts to spread belief system to other lands* ~persecution of alternative worldviews ~rejection of trade and political isolation ~use of a civil service system based on merit My answer is

  5. Math

    A carpenter was putting up a shelf. The shelf needed to be 86 cm long, but the piece of wood he had was 1m and 26 cm long. His saw was 33cm long . How much did he have to cut off the piece of wood to make it fit?

  6. algebra

    A wire to be attached to support a telephone pole. Because of surrounding buildings, sidewalks and roadways, the wire must be anchored exactly 21 feet from the base of the pole. Telephone company workers have only 28 feet of cable, and 2 feet of that must

  7. Math

    Find the cost price of the following: a)selling price $55, profit 10% c)selling price $680, loss 15$

  8. Science

    Calculate the theoretical yield of ethyl acetate formed if 10 mL of ethyl alcohol (density = 0.79 ... (density = 0.79 G/mL; MW = 46.1 G/mol ) And 12 ML Of 17.4 M Acetic Acid Were Used .

  9. Maths

    The base JK of isosceles triangle HJK is produced to L.if J=69 calculate HKL

  10. English

    Close the windows immediately.change into passive voice.

  11. Math

    You deposit $800 in an account paying 7.9% simple interest. Find the future value of the investment after 2 years.

  12. Physics

    A small child is learning to ride a bike for the first time. Her dad decides it would be a good idea to start her on a small hill. The hill is inclined at 3.00° to the horizontal. The child starts partway down the hill, 7.00 m away from her dad, who stays

  13. Science

    What would most likely not exist without biomedical engineering

  14. Math

    Explain how you could use a number line to find the number that is 9 less than 1.

  15. Math

    The net sales and number of employees for aluminum fabricators with similar characteristics are organized into frequency distributions. Both are normally distributed. For the net sales, the mean is 180 million and a standard deviation of 25 million. For

  16. Math

    The table gives the lowest temperatures ever recorded in five U.S. cities. Use this table to answer each question. Lowest Recorded Temperatures ° F Honolulu, HI Huron, SD Mobile, AL Norfolk, VA St. Louis, MO 53 -41 3 -3 -18 What is the difference between

  17. Math

    Increase 70 in the ratio 3: 2

  18. Chemistry

    An apparatus consists of a 4.0 dm3 flask containing nitrogen gas at 25 oC and 803 kPa. It is joined by a valve to a 10.0 dm3 flask containing argon gas 25 oC and 47.2 kPa. The valve is opened and the gases mix. i. What is the partial pressure of each gas

  19. math

    Explain why the equation 5|x|-7=7 has only one solution.

  20. Math

    The formula above gives the capsize screening value, c, for a sailboat with a beam b feet long and that displaces d pounds of water. Higher capsize screening values ​​suggest that a sailboat is more stable. Which of the following equations correctly

  21. History

    Legacy of the Assyrian Empire?

  22. US government

    I'm doing an essay on what influenced the US Constitution and have to choose 3. Basically explaining how is it important, how it impacted the US Constitution and how it'd be different if it was not included. I'm not that informed on the whole topic and my

  23. Maths

    If A varies jointly to BC. When B=4 and c=9,A=6.Find A when B=3 and C=10.

  24. math

    The probability a car salesman sells a car to a customer is 0.05 Assuming the salesmen sees 14 customers in a week, what is the probability he sells less than 2 cars?

  25. Science

    Write half equation s for the following reaction. Cu(s)+2AgNO3(aq) produces Cu(NO3)2(aq)+2Ag.

  26. Math

    Determine the difference 34. 7 − ( −8.6). A. –43.3 B. 43.3>> C. 26.1 D. –26.1

  27. Physics

    Distinguish between instantenous speed and average speed.A man drives a car at distance of 200km at an average speed of 44km per hour .What must be his average speed for the next 220km if he is to cover the total distance in 9hours

  28. Math

    Explain how you could use a number line to determine −5−(−3). What is the difference?

  29. Math

    Which statement explains how you can use a number line to determine the number that is 3 less than –4? A. Go to –4 on the number line and then move 3 units to the left. B. Go to –4 on the number line and then move 3 units to the right. C. Go to 3 on

  30. algebra

    The volume of a cone varies jointly as the square of its radius and its height. If the volume of a cone is 50π cubic inches when the radius is 5 inches and the height is 6 inches, find the volume of a cone when the radius is 4 inches and the height is 3

  31. Math

    Jim began a 207 mile bicycle trip to build up stamina for a triathlon competition. Unfortunately, his bicycle chain broke, so he finished the trip walking. The whole trip took 6 hours. If Jim walks at the rate of 3 miles per hour and rides 45 miles per

  32. English

    The magician entertained the children with his tricks.changed this to passive.

  33. Science

    X ,y and z melting points -219,119,-15and boiling points -183,445and78 identify the physical state at room temperature

  34. Algebra

    Find an equation of the line passing through each of the following pairs of points. (−3, 9), (−3, −5)

  35. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground level and hits the ground after 4sec calculate the maximum height its reached during each journey

  36. Physics

    Aprojectile Is At Such An Angle That The Vertical Component Its Volocity Is49m\s The Horizontal Component Of Its Volocity Is 60m\s. A,how Long Does The Projectile Remain In Air? B,what Horizontal Distance Does It Travel?

  37. Math

    Coordinate of P(2;3) is reflected in the Y-axis

  38. physics

    A 0.166 kg baseball, thrown with a speed of 38.6 m/s, is hit straight back at the pitcher with a speed of 47.9 m/s. (a) What is the magnitude of the impulse delivered by the bat to the baseball? answer: 14.4 kg*m/s (b) Find the magnitude of the average

  39. physics

    a ball thrown veticallyupwards from ground level hits the ground level hits the ground after 4s. calculate the maximum height it reached during its journey.

  40. Physics

    1. A 601 kg car stopped at an intersection is rear-ended by a 1880 kg truck moving with a speed of 14.5 m/s. If the car was in neutral and its brakes were off, so that the collision is approximately elastic, find the final speed of both vehicles after the

  41. chemistry

    A 40.0 mL solution containing a mixture of 0.0526 M KCN and 0.0526 M KCl is titrated with 0.0889 M AgNO3 . What is the concentration of Ag+ at the first equivalence point?

  42. chemistry

    @DrBob222 I am stuck, x=1.590 g of k2CO3=> x+y=2.118 1.590+y=2.118 => y=0.528 g of KHCO3 then 0.528 g to moles 2x+0.00527 mole=0.0230 mol => x=1.225 g of KCO3 A 2.118 g sample of a solid mixture containing only potassium carbonate ( MM=138.2058 g/mol ) and

  43. Math

    Explain how you could use a number line to determine - 5 - (-3). What is the difference?

  44. History

    1. What was a focus of the constitution of 1824? A. effective economic principles B. State led governments C. Strong, central federal government ** D. unification of all states 2. Which important legislation did Erasmo Seguin help write? A. Treaty of

  45. History

    what was the fredonian rebellion?

  46. Statistics

    3 X + Y equal to 13 and 2x + Y equal to 20 which one of the following also regression equation of Y on X

  47. social

    why did william hooker and roger williams dislike the puritans

  48. chemistry

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of ketones

  49. math

    a letter from the word mathematics is chosen at random.what is the probability that the following letters are chosen s

  50. chemistry

    1) advantages and disadvantages of ketones affecting the human body. 2) advantages and disadvantages of ketones affecting the environment and society

  51. Math

    Explain how you could use a number line to find the number that is 9 less than 1. What is the number

  52. Physics

    An object located at the origin and having mass M explodes into three pieces having masses M/4, M/3, and 5M/12. The pieces scatter on a horizontal frictionless xy-plane. The piece with mass M/4 files away with velocity 5.0 m/s at 37∘ above the x-axis.

  53. math

    if it takes x hours to get y pounds of coal, how many hours does it take to get a ton of coal?

  54. history

    Compare the constitution of 1824 with the u.s constitution in terms of indivisual rights, religion, power of the president and the right to possess firearms.

  55. Math

    By your cell phone contract, you pay a monthly fee plus $0.03 for each minute you spend on the phone. In one month, you spent 240 minutes over the phone, and had a bill totaling $26.20. Let x be the number of minutes you spend on the phone in a month, and

  56. Physics

    A car travels 30km due south and then 40km west, what is its resultant from the starting point?

  57. math

    what are the prime numbers to 100.

  58. math

    A shopkeeper sells an item for £80.5 after making 15% profit. What was the original price of that item ?

  59. Math

    3x+2y=-44 -3x+4y=2

  60. Statistics

    The longest one-way travel time is in New York with a mean of 38.9. This follows the normal probability distribution and the standard deviation is 7.9 1.What percent are between 30 and 41 minutes?

  61. Algebra


  62. Math

    Question : 1)Find the perpendicular distance of a point C=c fron the straight line (r-a)^b =0 2) Find the shortest distance between the two skew lines (r-a)^b =0 and (r-c)^d = Could you please help me solving this? I dont understand how to get started as

  63. Math

    Calculate the simple interest due on a 67-day loan of $2800 if the interest rate is 7%.

  64. math

    Suppose a train traveling 90 mph takes four seconds to enter a tunnel. From there it takes one minute before the train is completely outside the tunnel. Find the length of both the train and the tunnel.

  65. Chemistry

    What kind of acid is 3-methoxybutanoate?

  66. Math

    greatest to least 53 -41 3 -3 -18