Questions Asked on
October 16, 2019

  1. math

    Textbook prices have a seasonal structure on Ebay. At the end of a term, the supply of used books outstrips demand, and the price is lower. Near the start of a term, many students are looking for books, and the price is higher. Suppose we can classify

    asked by Kristy
  2. Math

    The Wilson family was one of the first to come to the U.S. They had 9 children. Assuming that the probability of a child being a girl is .5, find the probability that the Wilson family had: at least 2 girls? at most 3 girls?

    asked by Kristy
  3. Geometry

    The 8th term of a(GP) is 640. If the first term is 5, find the common ratio and the 10th term?

    asked by Helen
  4. Chemistry

    Which of the following pair of aqueous solutions when mixed will not form a precipitate? A. FeCl2 (aq) and NaOH (aq) B. Ni(NO3)2 (aq) and Li2(CO3) (aq) C. KBr (aq) and AgNO3 (aq) D. (NH4)2 CO3 (aq) and KBr (aq) E. All of them

    asked by Walk
  5. Algebra

    Gabriel is making a mixture of compost and soil to use for a special plant. He wants his final mix to be 2 parts compost to 10 parts potting soil. He wants to end up with 12 kilograms of mix.

    asked by Robert
  6. Math

    A letter from the word MATHEMATICS is chosen at random. What Is the probability that the following letters are chosen S

    asked by Juliet
  7. math

    what is 2.268 rounded to the nearest whole gram

    asked by maniyah
  8. Social Studies

    1. Drag and drop the descriptions to match the country in which the civilizations developed. China Japan Korea The Silla defeated two other kingdoms to unite the country under their rule for centuries. The Sui built the Grand Canal uniting northern and

    asked by 👩🏼‍⚖️ Ari
  9. Math

    The mean of a normal probability distribution is 440; the standard deviation is 8. A: About 95% of the observations lie between what two values? B: Practically all of the observations lie between what to values?

    asked by Latina
  10. History

    Explain the role that the allies played in determining the outcome of the war

    asked by Jashika
  11. Calculus


    asked by Abby
  12. Math

    Both are normally distributed. For the net sales, the mean is 180 million and the standard deviation is 25 million. For the number of employees the mean is 1,500 and the standard deviation is 120. Clarion Fabricators had sales of 170 million and 1,850

    asked by Latina
  13. Math

    find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of y = (ln x)^2, at x = 3

    asked by Kd
  14. science

    Tomato Plant Growth Marissa wanted to see how the amount of water given to tomato plants affected their growth. She had six tomato plants that she split into two groups of three. She watered each plant in group 1 with 300ml of distilled water per day.

    asked by ;>
  15. Music

    Which major key has one flat in the key signature? A: Bb major** B: C major C. F major D. G major 2. In key signature which sharp, the key is A. One half step up from the last sharp B. The next to the last sharp C. One half step up from the last flat D.

    asked by Sksk
  16. History

    Which progressive reform did woodrow wilson endorse? A. Regulating big business B. Expanding presidential power C. Providing protections for laborers D. Allowing expansion of the business trusts***

    asked by Kat
  17. Biology

    Most enzymes in the human body work best at 37 degrees C (98.6 F.) What do you think this means then when your sick?

    asked by nadia
  18. math

    A new car is sold for its sticker value of $19,400. Three years later, the customer returns to the car dealership to trade the car in. She is told that her car now has a value of $12,105. What is the rate of decline in the value of the car? In your final

    asked by kyle
  19. chemistry

    After the precipitation of the Group I cations as chlorides by the reaction with HCl, nearly all of the precipitate dissolves in hot water. Which ion(s) are present? Which ion(s) are absent?

    asked by tammy
  20. Thermodynamics

    An ideal gas, Cp = (5/2)R and Cv = (3/2)R, is changed from P = 1 bar and V{ = 12 m3 to P2 = 12 bar and V2 = 1 m3 by the following mechanically reversible processes: (a) Isothermal compression. (b) Adiabatic compression followed by cooling at constant

    asked by Sarah
  21. Math

    Sand is falling off a conveyor belt and onto a conical pile at a rate of 12 cubic feet per minute. The diameter of the base of the cone is approximately 4 times the height of the pile. A) At what rate is the height of the pile changing when the pile is 10

    asked by Jessica
  22. History

    Choose which aspects of civilization scholars still have questions about for the Indus Valley civilization. Select all that apply. city planning kind of government** reading their writing establishment of farming** used wheights and measurements reason for

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    The distribution of the number of viewers for the American Idol television show follows a normal distribution with a mean of 27 million and a standard deviation of 10 million. A: Have between 29 and 37 million viewers? B: Have at least 21 million viewers?

    asked by Murry
  24. social studies

    According to stories in the Vedas, scholars believe that the Indo-Aryans first lived as what? A. Hunters

    asked by earl grey tea
  25. math

    Karen deposits $375 into a savings account which earns simple interest at a rate of 4% per year. She wants to use the interest to buy a new camera. Which price camera could Karen buy at the end of 5 years? SELECT THREE!!. A.$764 B.$52 *** C.$38 D.$75 ***

    asked by frankie :))
  26. literature

    Which of the following correctly revises the sentence so that it is entirely in the active voice? It has been decided by the school that the class should not be evaluated by their regular teacher; instead, the assessment should be performed by a visiting

    asked by anonymous
  27. math

    Which of the following options represents the advantage of purchasing with cash instead of a credit card? The cash payment does not include interest fees. If you don’t have enough money at the time you can still make the purchase. You will worry less if

    asked by kyle
  28. math

    Caroline had 400 stamps in her collection. 1/10 th of them were Indian stamp. Of the remaining, 1/ 3 were Europe, and 100 stamps were from Africa. The rest were from United states of America. How many American stamps were there?

    asked by stella
  29. science

    What is the mass number of a Cesium (Cs) atom that has 78 neutrons? a. 55 b. 132.9*** c. 133 d. 132

    asked by anonymous
  30. Civic education

    What are five ways leaders can protect the interest of their followes

    asked by Fabian
  31. Social Studies

    Which of the following has created the most conflict between North and South Korea? A. North Korea's limits on its citizens' freedoms B. South Korea's increased democracy C. North Korea's continuing effort to make more nuclear weapons D. South Korea's

    asked by that one dude
  32. math

    x P(x) 0 0.3 1 0.3 2 0.2 3 0.2 Find the mean of this probability distribution. Round your answer to one decimal place.

    asked by Kristy
  33. History

    What was the function of Sumerian seals? A. to honor a city-state's god or goddesses B. o serve as a personalized signature C. to serve as a common trade currency D. to serve as a standardized measure of weight I think it is B

    asked by non
  34. Math

    Write a translation rule that maps point D(7, −3) onto point D'(2, 5) I need major help, please???

    asked by meeeee
  35. Math

    Find the ratios of 3 basketballs 2 football's and 3 baseball

    asked by Cardi
  36. Statistics

    The mean one-way commute to work is 25.8 minutes. The longest one-way travel time is in New York City, where the mean time is 38.9 minutes. Assume the distribution of travel times in New York City follow the normal probability distribution and the standard

    asked by Latina
  37. Algebra

    You are filling a 19,400 gallon pool, w. The pool fills at a rate of 8 gallons per minute, m. The amount of water in the pool at any given minutes can be found using the equation. What is the domain and range.

    asked by Chloe
  38. Geography

    What is the answer to the blank? Madrid is to Spain as ________ is to France.

    asked by Meepy :3
  39. Math

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Write a translation rule that maps point D(7, −3) onto point D'(2, 5). (x,y)->(x-7,y+-3) How is this so far?

    asked by meeeee
  40. Math

    What is the distance between point A (-1,3,4) and point B at (-2,5,1)?

    asked by Tris
  41. Algebra

    HELP ALGEBRA HOMEWORK 1. Classify -6x^5+4x^3+3x^2+11 by its degree. A) quinic B) cubic C) quartic D) quadratic 2. Write -2x^2(-5x2+4x^3) in standard form. A) -8x^5-20x^4 B) -8x^5+10x^4 C) -7x+2x^4 D) -7x^5-10x^4 3. Consider the leading term of the

    asked by Can I get some help here?
  42. Science

    1. A town's large sugar beet processing factory is destroyed in a flood. Which of the following is a likely consequence in the next few months? The farmers near the town will immediately plant more sugar beets. The cost of processing sugar beets will

    asked by Please Help
  43. geography

    which of the following was NOT a characteristic of native american societies during the mississippian period

    asked by qwerty
  44. Algebra

    Mallory had an average of 87 on her first three algebra quizzes. She made the same score on the first two quizzes and 9 points higher on the third quiz. What was her grade on each quiz?

    asked by Taylor
  45. chemistry

    The following reaction is second order in A and first order in B. 2A+1B --> 3C what is the rate law equation for the reaction below? (Assume that A, B and C are the same compounds for each reaction.) 4A + 2B --> 6C

    asked by anonymous
  46. literature

    How would you categorize the following statement by Asimov? But what I see - those quiet, twinkling points of light - is not all the beauty there is. a. valid opinion b. faulty opinion**' c. fact d. bias

    asked by anonymous
  47. Geometry

    This is the Unit 3 lesson 6 test for Geometry! Reasoning and Proofing test. Please I need the answers. I fell beheind so bad. 1. A statment can be expressed in if-then form is a ? A. converse B. conditinal (My answer) C. biconditinal D. counterexample

    asked by NeederOfHelp
  48. Math

    A car dealer will sell you a $5445 car for $1058 down payment and payments of $132.24 per month for 48 months. What is the simple interest rate? I've been trying to answer this question and am not getting the right answer as the textbook. Help please!

    asked by Ann
  49. Spanish

    Why is it not always necessary to include a subject pronoun before the verb in spanish? Write your answer in english and give and example in spanish.

    asked by Justice
  50. English

    The following letters: aaaaaaaaaabbccccceeeggghiiiiiiiiiiiiklllllmmmnnnnnnnnpppppsssssstttttttuuwy (75 letters), can be used to form eleven words to fill in the blanks of the four statements below. The statements are about what Lee Iacocca and his team

    asked by Dakari
  51. science

    Amotorvehicle of mass 1200kg is travelling along alevel road at 54km/hr.The breaks are then applied and the speed of the vehicle reduced to 18km/hr over adistance of 50M .if the afriction motion resistant is constant at 160N .calculate the effective

    asked by kinv
  52. math

    In two or more complete sentences, compare and contrast the 401(k) and the 403(b) savings plans.

    asked by kyle
  53. Maths

    5a-4b + 2 (-a + 2b) -9a +12b

    asked by Anonymous
  54. English

    Type the words in which the / g / sound is spelled with two letters. gh: gu:

    asked by kyle
  55. Social studies

    The Han emperor Wudi invented a bureaucratic system to help the Han run the empire. What was it based upon? A. Legalism B. Confucianism

    asked by Hetalia fanbase
  56. maths

    A piece of cloth costs Rs.35. If the piece were 4m longer and each meter were to cost Rs.1 lesser,then the total cost would remain unchanged. Find the length of the piece of cloth ?

    asked by kumar
  57. maths

    2 poles of height 15m and 20m stand vertically upstraight on a plane ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m. Find the distance between their tops ?

    asked by kumar
  58. Geography

    What will be the time in Nigeria longitude 50degree west when it is noon in London longitude 0 degree

    asked by Glory
  59. math

    An investment made in the stock market decreased at a rate of 4% per year for 5 years. What is the current value of the $1,000,000 investment? Include your calculations in your final answer. A new car is sold for its sticker value of $19,400. Three years

    asked by kyle
  60. Math

    Kathy spent $15.60 at the post office. She paid $11.40 to send a package to her aunt and bought stamps with the rest of the money. If Kathy bought 10 stamps, which equation can be used to find x, the cost of each stamp. A.15.60 = 11.40 + 10x B.15.60 =

    asked by JuST MOniKA
  61. Math

    Write a measurement division story problem for 5/12 divided by 1/6

    asked by Jose
  62. English

    What makes "I Am a Native of North America" a reflective essay? A. The author shares his ideas and experiences about living in two cultures. B. The author reveals how the white culture harms the earth. C. The author expresses the importance of living

    asked by Bill
  63. Math

    –11 ≥ –1 – 2x

    asked by Anonymous
  64. NM History

    Why was the Spanish-American War so important in New Mexico's struggle for statehood? A. The Spanish-American War gave the citizens of New Mexico a spotlight on which to prove their patriotism by supporting the war effort and volunteering for combat. B.

    asked by stan ateez
  65. Physics

    An autographed baseball rolls off of a 8.9 m high desk and strikes the floor 3.0 m away from the base of the desk. How fast was it rolling? Use g = -10m/s2.

    asked by Matthew
  66. Math

    How long will it take a passenger train traveling at 160 miles per hour to travel from Denver, Colorado to Lincoln, Nebraska? The distance between the two cities is 488 miles.

    asked by Zoe
  67. science

    How many valence electrons does Krypton (Kr) have? I think it's 8

    asked by anonymous
  68. Math

    You walked 2⁄15 miles from your chemistry class to your economics class at a constant speed of 0.8 miles per hour. How long did this take you?

    asked by Zoe
  69. math

    The weights and heights of six mathematics students are given in the following table: Weight (in pounds) Height (in centimeters) 165 172 123 157 212 183 175 178 165 163 147 167 In the statement, "Height is a function of weight," which variable is the input

    asked by Anonymous
  70. science

    Which is correct? a. Gallium is the most reactive because it has the most neutrons.*** b. Silicon is the most reactive because it is a metalloid. c. Fluorine is the most reactive because it has 7 valence electrons. d. Boron is the most reactive because

    asked by anonymous
  71. Math

    I am a two-digit number.My ones digit is the double of my tens digit.Two of my divisors are 8 and 12

    asked by Ali
  72. History

    How did the Assyrian empire dominate Mesopotamia? A. It dominated Mesopotamia through its use of archery forces and stone weapons. B. It dominated Mesopotamia through its use of cavalry forces and iron weapons. C. It dominated Mesopotamia through its use

    asked by Roger
  73. Chemistry

    What volume (inL) of 0.187 MKCI solution will completely react with 0.117 L of a 0.142 M Pb(NO 3 ) 2 solution according to the following balanced chemical equation: 2 KCl(aq)+Pb(NO 3 ) 2 (aq) PbCl 2 (s)+2 KNO 3 ( aq )

    asked by Mwalk
  74. Chemistry

    If 9.1 L of a 7.7 M SrCl 2 solution is diluted to 37 L, what is the molarity (M) of the diluted solution? (Be sure to use the correct number of significant figures and the abbreviated form of the desired unit in your answer.)

    asked by Sadie
  75. Math

    Why do you have to use estimation to find the number of triangles you need for the string?

    asked by meow meow kit kat =^.^=
  76. Physics

    A rock is thrown straight down with an initial velocity of 14 m/s from a cliff. What is the rock’s displacement after 2.0 s?

    asked by Mays
  77. Georgia history

    The Declaration of Independence stated that the colonists rights came from whom?

    asked by Autumn
  78. history

    The Earth can be divided into four hemispheres. Choose the respective dividing lines for each of the two sets: Northern and Southern Hemispheres versus Eastern and Western Hemispheres

    asked by welp_oh_dear
  79. Math

    Why is "How many continents are there?" is not a statistical question? A. there is only one answer. B. the answer is unknown. C. the answer is less than ten. D. everyone knows the answer. Plz help!

    asked by Corgi
  80. English

    In the call of the wild it was easy for Buck to save Johnson Thorton from drowning because of his valor and strength A.true B.false

    asked by Nichole
  81. managment

    What demands would most likely be advocated by union leaders in obtaining contract ratification?

    asked by Marie Ramirez
  82. Chemistry

    Diamonds are measured in carats, and 1 carat=0.200g. The density of diamonds is 3.51g/cm3. what is the volume of a 5.0-carat diamond, expressed in liters?

    asked by Stephen
  83. Science

    A particular neutral uranium atom has 92 protons, 143 neutrons, and an atomic mass of 235. How many electrons does the atom have? A. 92 B. 143 C. 235 D. 337

    asked by Morgan
  84. Chemistry

    A C=O stretching IR peak is usually quite intense, while a C=C stretching peak is usually quite weak. How might you account for this difference? Thanks in advance!

    asked by Anonymous
  85. math

    can you please check my answer? 3. What is 0.72 written as a simplified fraction A. 72/100*** B. 100/72 C. 36/50 D. 18/25

    asked by I NEED HELP!!!!
  86. Math

    Solve for x: Log base 2 of ( x+1) = Log base ( x+1) of 2

    asked by Pearl
  87. Math

    Solve for x: Log base 3 square root of x +1/2 = 3log base x 3

    asked by Jade
  88. MATH

    How does √(-3cos(t)/2)^2 +(3sin(t)/2)^2 (3cos(t)/2 - 9/2)^2 equal 3/4√4sin^2(t)-12cos(t)+17 instead of √cos^2(t) -254cos(t)/8 +81/4 Which one is correct or they're both wrong?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Science

    A dog is trained to sit and shake hands. These traits are mostly likely, A. inherited B. not inherited C. not acquired D. innate

    asked by Bitter
  90. History

    Explain how the Silk Road impacted the development of East Asia.

    asked by that one dude
  91. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following best summarizes how the environment impacted the growth of the Maya? A. The Maya had to adapt to living in high elevations with thin oxygen B. The Maya had to learn farming techniques to clear the dense rain forest. C.The Maya had

    asked by Corgi
  92. Physics

    A swimmer whiches to swim with a speed of one metre square across anuer to a point a directly opposite him.there is uniform current with the speed of zero point five Newton square find the direction in which the swimmer must head to do this.

    asked by Abdullahi
  93. Science

    Why are fossil fuels consider nonrenewable? A. There is an abundant supply of fossil fuels. B. It is the most widely used source of energy

    asked by Kyra Crocker
  94. civics

    Which statement BEST describes the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer?

    asked by johny
  95. Math

    Count to 30 (in base 10) showing the equivalent numbers in base 6 Does this mean I count using base 10 or base 6? I am confused

    asked by Anonymous
  96. History

    Mongolia, Japan, and the Koreas are largely CHOOSE , with large majority ethnic groups. However, the CHOOSE make up a small minority group on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. China’s largest ethnic group are the Han, but the large country has many

    asked by THATboyFLAME
  97. Math

    Evaluate -5g-6 for g= -2 A4 B16 C10 D-13

    asked by I love cats to much
  98. Math

    Use an equation to solve the problem. 1. What is 57% of 11? a. 11 = 0.57 x n; 19.3**** b. n = 57 x 11; 627 c. n = 0.57 x 11; 6.27 d. 11 = 57 x n; 0.19 2. What is 45% of 10? a. 450 b. 45 c. 4.5**** d. 0.45

    asked by Candy
  99. Math

    Note: enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem. 1. Simplify the expression and explain each step. 4. (3x +2)-2 2. Factor the expression completely. 20b-16

    asked by ( the real) I love cats to much
  100. Math

    Find the percent of increase. 50 to 70 a. 20%**** b. 30% c. 40% d. 50%

    asked by Candy
  101. Math

    A car dealer will sell you a $5445 car for $1058 down payment and payments of $132.24 per month for 48 months. What is the simple interest rate?

    asked by Ann
  102. Math

    A hot air balloon descends at a rate of 75 feet per minute. Find the time it will take the hot air balloon to reach the ground

    asked by Chloe
  103. Math

    Joe is playing a game with a regular die if the number that turns up is even he will gain five times the number if it’s odd he will lose 10 times the number Joe rolled three express the result as an integer

    asked by Ava
  104. Math

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Write a translation rule that maps point D(7, −3) onto point D'(2, 5). I just need someone to explain this to me and then give me an answer or an example

    asked by meeeee
  105. Social Studies

    1. Which of the following best summarizes how the environment impacted the growth of the Maya? A. The Maya had to adapt to living in high elevations with thin oxygen**** B. The Maya had to learn farming techniques to clear the dense rain forest. C.The Maya

    asked by Corgi
  106. Social Studies

    What did Siddartha Gautama do after seeing old age, sickness, death, and finally a holy man in the city streets?

    asked by rawr
  107. Math

    The roots of f(x) = (x^3-x^2-6x)/(-3x^2-3x+18) are mostly nearly:

    asked by Tris
  108. Math

    25x13= ____twenty fives ___twenty fives + ____ twenty fives = (____x25)+(___x25) =_____+_____ =_______

    asked by Noah
  109. math

    Hello I'm back..I am really fustrated on this one problem. Mr. Scruggs got some money for his birthday. He spent 1/5 of it on dog treats. Then, he divided the remainder equally among his 3 favorite charities. What fraction of his money did each charity

    asked by Molly-Please Help
  110. Math

    A lady weighting 115 lbs is using a pair of high heel shoes. The area where the foot feels the most stress has a circular pattern with a diameter of 2.25 in. What is the stress exerted on one foot? a. 28.9 lbs/in^2 b. 51.1 lbs/in^2 c. 57.8 lbs/in^2 d.

    asked by Tris
  111. Math

    Lesson 6: Multiplication of Rational Numbers Math 7A Unit 4: Operations with Fractions and Rational Numbers -7/9 x 3/5 a. -27/45 b. -7/15 c. 7/15 *** d. 27/45

    asked by Rei
  112. Math

    Are these 2 equations the same? 5.6 x 10^9 and 56 x 10^8 when i did it out they were the same but i need someone elses opinion

    asked by carla
  113. Statistics

    Students heights in inches were obtained as part of a study and a frequency distribution was constructed with the first class having a lower limit of 50 inches. The class widths are 6 inches. What is the frequency of the second class in the distribution?

    asked by Ember Lovet
  114. Math

    Allison has five times as many baseball cards as football cards in all she has 120 baseball and football cards how many baseball cards does Allison have

    asked by Arline
  115. social studies

    How did the location of the ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro contribute to their development? A. Their location was near major trade routes. B. Their location near rivers provided rich soil that produced plentiful crops. C. Their location allowed

    asked by earl grey tea
  116. Math

    At the start of a party a bowl contains 16 pints of punch, guests drink 10 1/4 pints then the host adds another 7 1/2 pints to the bowl, how much punch is in the bowl now?

    asked by Jordan
  117. English

    I am to write a speech to be delivered to honour my principal who is due for retirement at send-off party

    asked by Samuel
  118. math

    Hello, I am studying for an exam on Monday. I am stuck on these 4 practice questions. 1) 60 students were asked about movies they had seen during the past month. 20 of the students had seen a comedy, 15 had seen a horror movie and 5 had seen both a comedy

    asked by desperatestudent
  119. math

    The surface area and the volume of a sphere are both 3 digit integers times π. If r is the radius of the sphere, how many integral values can be found for r?

    asked by rachael
  120. Math

    Mr baker baked some muffins. If he packs them in boxes of 4, he will have 3 left over. If he packs them in boxes of 5 he will also have 3 left over. If he packs them in boxes of 6 he will have only 1 left over find the least possible number of muffins mr

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Math

    1. WATER At 2 P.M., the level of the water in the pool was 10 feet. At 6 P.M., the level of water was 2 feet. Find the constant rate of change of the water.

    asked by malical
  122. English

    Identify the adverb clause and tell what it modifies. 1. Because the house had been vacant for so long, the lawn and garden were overgrown. 2. The grass in the front looked as if it hadn't been cut in months. 3. Ruth began mowing lawn while Lou and I

    asked by Hayden
  123. Chemistry

    Really basic question - what exactly are core electrons? ENC (effective nuclear charge) has a formula: # of protons - # of core electrons = ENC Mg has 12 protons and 10 core electrons, giving it a ENC of 2+. How do I know that Mg has 10 core electrons?

    asked by David
  124. algebra

    plz answer this -9p-17=10

    asked by adominus129578
  125. Math

    How do you find the GCF?

    asked by Anonymous
  126. chemistry

    8. Butane is burned in a lighter at a rate of 0.24 mol/min in the following reaction. 2 C4H10(g) + 13/2 O2(g) --> 4 CO2(g)+ 5H20(g) (a) What is the rate at which O2(g) is consumed and CO2(g) is produced? (b) How long does 15.0 g of C4H10(g) take to burn?

    asked by anonymous
  127. chemistry

    given that magnesium hydroxide is a strong electrolyte and has lap of 8.9*10 calculate the solubility of magnesium hydroxide in water

    asked by Obeng
  128. Physics

    If a machine moves a load of 800n through the distance 20cm. Calculate the work done by the machine taken that the load is the service force.

    asked by Obele clifford
  129. History

    Hi I need help I hope you can help me :) 1.Which era of Texas history is most associated with the culture feeling of independence that many Texans held? A) Era of Reform B) Mexican Texas

    asked by Connexus
  130. Art

    What step should a conservator take to preserve or restore art

    asked by Darlenne
  131. math

    The coaches of the Madison Academy jogging club measured have three of the runners could run in 10 minutes. And ran 0.8 mile, Billy around 350 milThe coaches of the Madison academy jogging club measured how three of their runners could run in 10 minutes.

    asked by oH