Questions Asked on
October 10, 2019

  1. AP Chemistry

    If a sample of 27.0 g of aluminum metal is added to 333 mL of 3.0 M HCL acid, the volume of hydrogen gas produced at standard temperature and pressure is a. 2.8 L b. 5.60 L c. 11.2 L d. 22.4 L

    asked by Magna
  2. social studies

    Compare and contrast the treatment of different religions by rulers of the Arab empire

    asked by camery
  3. history

    Based on the information on the map, what can you infer about industry in the United States? A. Manufacturing was a key part of the economy in the Northeast. B. Agriculture was the major industry in the South. C. Mills in the Northeast had to be close to

    asked by I hate peaple
  4. social studies

    How did the kings of Ghana become wealthy?

    asked by camery
  5. social studies

    Based on the information on the map, what can you infer about industry in the United States? A. Manufacturing was a key part of the economy in the Northeast. B. Agriculture was the major industry in the South. C. Mills in the Northeast had to be close to

    asked by I hate peaple
  6. History

    Why did the Articles of Confederation have to be replaced by the Constitution? A) The Articles of Confederation were never ratified by the states. B) The Articles angered state leaders by giving the central government too much power. C) The Articles of

    asked by Quiz
  7. Physics

    A particle of mass m, initially at rest at x = 0, is accelerated by a force that increases in time as F=Ct^2. a) Determine its velocity v as a function of time. b) Determine its position x as a function of time. Express your answers in terms of the given

    asked by E
  8. Physics

    If a person weighs 900 N on Earth, then that same person is recorded to weigh 2125 N on Planet X, what is the acceleration due to gravity of Planet X? (1 point) 40.98 m/s^2 5.78 m/s^2 23.16 m/s^2 33.09 m/s^2 Define Newton's Second Law (1 point) When an

    asked by Geno Suicidal Kiddo.
  9. math

    In the small town of Middleton, there are only two restaurants that serve pizza- a small family-owned Italian restaurant and a new franchise pizza restaurant. In a recent review of the franchise, a food critic reported that the pizza was delicious as

    asked by kyle
  10. Science

    Which of the following statements about radioactive decay is true

    asked by Julianna
  11. history

    what important aspects were covered in the law of april 6, 1830 select all that apply (3 points)

    asked by person
  12. Spanish

    What is a typical way to introduce yourself in spanish? Me llamo Donde De donde

    asked by Backaches
  13. Physics

    A jet airliner moving initially at 915 mph (with respect to the ground) to the east moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 319 mph in a direction 78◦ north of east. What is the new speed of the aircraft with respect to the ground? Answer in

    asked by HECTOR
  14. History

    How did the Assyrian empire dominate Mesopotamia? A. It dominated Mesopotamia through its use of archery forces and stone weapons. B. It dominated Mesopotamia through its use of cavalry forces and iron weapons. C. It dominated Mesopotamia through its use

    asked by xxZanderxx
  15. History

    Why is it possible to find fossilized sharks teeth near the city of Macon, which is located along the Fall Line in central Georgia, far away from the Atlantic Ocean? A) Native Americans who Ived near the Ocmulgee Mounds and sharks teeth, dispersing them

    asked by William Davis
  16. Math

    Write the value that makes the statement true. 1]- 223.7km = ____m 2]- 3.219m = 3,219__ Use benchmarks to estimate the sum, difference, or product 3]- (1 7/8) + (1/9) 4]- (7 2/7) x (3 7/9) 5]- (1/9 + 2/9) 6]- (12 1/9 + (10 2/3) 7]- (-4/9 + -1/3) 8]- (4/7 -

    asked by Anti-Savage
  17. Math

    Washington Middle School's school flag has a height: width ratio of 12:27 If the school flag is 32 inches high, what is its width? If the school flag is 48 inches wide, what is its height to the nearest tenth of an inch?

    asked by ?
  18. math

    Construction paper costs $0.006 per square centimeter. How much will Susanna spend to build the figure out of construction paper? Round your answer to the nearest cent.

    asked by stanly is right is right and is always right
  19. Economics

    What is true of education spending? A. It is a significant expense of state governments. B. It costs the federal government more than Social Security benefits. C. It has increased at a greater rate than health care spending. D. It is the largest part of

    asked by Emma
  20. Algebra

    Pothagorem therom Determine the missing measurements for each TV. 32” TV height: 16” width: _____ • _____ TV height: 34” width: 61” • 60” TV height: 30” width: _____ • _____ TV height: 20” width: 35” • 52” TV height: _____ width:

    asked by Ajani huff
  21. History

    Which was one of the roles of farmers in ancient Egypt? A. help the pharaoh govern Egypt B. keep records for the bureaucracy C. work as laborers on the pharaoh's building projects D. instruct the slaves in religion I think its B

    asked by Squirrelflight
  22. Physics

    A large box whose mass is 30 kg rests on a frictionless floor. A mover pushes down on the box with a force of 392 N at an angle 30◦ below the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the box across the floor? Answer in units of m/s^2 The box now rests on

    asked by Ryan
  23. precalculus

    Compare the graphs of the logarithmic functions f(x)=㏒_7 x and g(x)= ㏒_4 x. For values of x is f=g, f>g, and f Please help!

    asked by Taryn
  24. Math

    In A Class Of 60 Students, 30 Offer Physcis And 40 Offer Chemistry, (a)Use Venn Diagram To Represent This Information (b) How Many Students Offer Both Subject. find the number of those that offered history only, the number that offered economics only, the

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Algebra

    if the value of \frac{4^m}{4^n}

    asked by Abby
  26. English

    1. Yes, the data franchise owner is collecting, will be helpful to counter the criticism from the critic. As he has a record for every delivery they are making daily. 2. The scenario is that for every fifth customer, the owner crosses the four lines he

    asked by kyle
  27. Social Studies

    What belief did Zoroaster teach? A. He taught that the universe is dominated by good, not evil. B. He taught that the universe is governed by natural laws, not gods and goddesses. C. He taught that the universe is locked in an eternal struggle between good

    asked by Mouse User
  28. Math

    Consider the right rectangular prism shown. The figure shows a right rectangular prism whose dimensions are 8.5 centimeters, 2.25 centimeters, and 5.75 centimeters ​List the numbers of faces, edges, and vertices of the rectangular prism. The diagram

    asked by Brooklyn
  29. History

    Earlier I asked a similar question but I’m changing my topic a little so can someone please help with this? I mostly need my answers to be corrected and maybe added on to. Thanks!! 1. Did the Mauryas and the Guptas use religion to claim authority? Yes,

    asked by Addie
  30. Algebra

    The graph of f(x)=x was translated down 10 units to create the graph of g(x) Write the equation of g(x) using function notation.

    asked by ariana
  31. Science

    Scientists must be curious, honest, creative, open mined, skeptical, ethical, and aware of bias. List 3 ways thinking like scientists can help you in every day life. When doing things like sopping for a new bike, baking a cake, or reading a magazine.

    asked by Jazmin
  32. Physics

    A cheetah can run at a maximum speed 96.6 km/h and a gazelle can run at a maximum speed of 78.5 km/h. If both animals are running at full speed, with the gazelle 93.9 m ahead, how long before the cheetah catches its prey? Answer in units of s.

    asked by ENRIK
  33. Math

    8 x 19 in distributive property a. (8 x 10)+(8 x 1) b. (8 x 20)-(8 x 1) c. (8 x 20)-1 d. (8 x 10)-(8 x 1) I think it's a, but I'm not sure....

    asked by IDK
  34. physics

    A Corolla starts 200m west of the town square and moves with a constant velocity of 15 m/ s tow ard the east. Draw a graph that represents the motion of the Corolla. a. Where will the car be 10 minutes later? b. When will the car reach the town square?

    asked by inja
  35. Social Studies

    how was power passed through generations in Indus I think the answer is family and internships. Somebody plz check my work though

    asked by a very smart 7th gradeer
  36. Calculus

    A chemical reaction proceeds in such a way that after the first second, the amount of a certain chemical involved in the reaction changes at a rate that’s inversely proportional to the product of the mass of the chemical present (in grams) and the time

    asked by Sarah
  37. algebra

    Solve this application problem using a system of equations: In a basketball game, Alan scored 30 points, consisting only of three-point shots and two-point shots. He made a total of 11 shots. How many shots of each type did he make?

    asked by shanty
  38. History

    I have two questions about the Indus River Valley. I’m gonna try to answer but please correct me. I need at least a couple sentences for each of these. 1. Was religion used to become a leader/claim authority? I’m not sure about this one but I don’t

    asked by Addie
  39. math, probability

    In a survey of 1000 social media account holders, the following question was asked: how many social media accounts do you have? The results are summarized below: Answer 1-2 3-4 5 or more Respondents 650 200 150 b) What is the probability that a participant

    asked by lijm
  40. chemistry

    in general, a reaction is essentially over after 10 half-lives. prove that this generalization is reasonable

    asked by anonymous
  41. Adding whole numbers

    What is the combined length of the three longest glaciers

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Statistics

    The Acme Candy Company claims that 60% of the jawbreakers it produces weigh more than .4 ounces. Suppose that 800 jawbreakers are selected at random form the production lines. Would it be unusual for this sample of 800 to contain 575 jawbreakers that weigh

    asked by Frances Grigsby
  43. Physics

    Cloverleaf exits are approximately circular. A 1220 kg automobile is traveling 56 mph while taking a cloverleaf exit that has a radius of 35.9 m. Calculate the centripetal acceleration of the car and the centripetal force on the car. Remember that 1 mph =

    asked by Emily
  44. Math

    11/12 + -2/3 = ??? I am stuck plz help!

    asked by Help me!
  45. Physics

    Salmon often jump waterfalls to reach their breeding grounds. Starting downstream, 3.34 m away from a waterfall 0.634 m in height, at what minimum speed must a salmon jumping at an angle of 26.7 ◦ leave the water to continue upstream? The acceleration

    asked by E
  46. Math

    Hello! Here is my question. How do you write a rule to describe a translation? I don't quite understand translations, and if a math tutor could explain this and give me an example this would be great! Thank you so much!

    asked by +~* Sabrina *~+
  47. geography

    Why was the 54th Massachusetts Regiment famous? A. It was an African American unit that was noted for heroism in battle. B. It was a Union replacement unit that turned the tide at the Battle of Gettysburg. C. It was composed of men under the age of 20. D.

    asked by joe
  48. math

    After grading the most recent chapter test, a science teacher asks twelve of his 10th-grade summer school students how long they studied for the test. Their answers, as well as their corresponding test grades, were recorded on a table and placed on the

    asked by kyle
  49. Music

    4. Which minor scale has seventh scale degree when descending and descending? a) natural minor b) melodic minor c) harmonic minor d) chromatic minor 5. The most conclusive-sounding cadence, ofter found at the end of a piece, is a(n) a) deceptive cadence b)

    asked by Amarae
  50. Education

    I am a little confused about what the question means by this What are some possible consequences or repercussions of the issue or situation on a child?

    asked by Betty
  51. math

    ABC Taxi charges $1.75 plus 10¢ per mile while Friendly Taxi charges $2.25 plus 7¢ per mile. You want to know at what distance the two taxi companies would charge the same amount, and which company would be cheaper for shorter distances.

    asked by Sam
  52. Math

    Make a conjecture about the types of lines cut by a transversal and the measures of the special angle pairs. May someone please help?

    asked by Backaches
  53. English

    1. Yes, the data franchise owner is collecting, will be helpful to counter the criticism from the critic. As he has a record for every delivery they are making daily. 2. The scenario is that for every fifth customer, the owner crosses the four lines he

    asked by kyle
  54. Physics

    Cliff divers at Acapulco jump into the sea from a cliff 36.4 m high. At the level of the sea, a rock sticks out a horizontal distance of 13.16 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . With what minimum horizontal velocity must the cliff divers leave

    asked by SPaat
  55. Economics

    In what key area do the benefit principle of taxation and the ability-to-pay principle of taxation differ? A. how taxes should be collected B. which types of items should be taxed C. who should pay the taxes D. what percentage of income should be taxed Is

    asked by Emma
  56. Math

    In September, the ratio of the amount Ray spent and the amount he saved was 4:1. In October, he got a salary raise. He increased his spending by 25% but saved the same amount. Find the new ratio.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. History

    Did the Mauryas and Guptas have religious festivals? I don’t think they did but I want to double check :)

    asked by Addie
  58. English

    What is the relationship between verbal irony and sarcasm?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    Let f(x) = x+2/x-1. Find a function g(x) so that f(g(x)) = x. How do I solve this? I’m stuck on what to do. Thank you!

    asked by Maryanne
  60. Math

    I am not sure how to answer this can someone please explain it to me: Find a polynomial with integer coefficients that satisfies the given conditions. P has a degree 2, and zeros 1+i and 1-i Thank You!

    asked by Katherine
  61. Algebra

    4 9 3 Y • y • y

    asked by Daisy
  62. Algebra

    Which of the following is a root of -5x+x^2 a. -5 b. -3 c. 1 d. 3 e. 5

    asked by Abby
  63. algebra

    7x-2y=19 for y

    asked by Help seriously
  64. English

    PROJECT: ORAL REPORT Here is your goal for this assignment: Plan and compose an oral report for possible presentation Choose one of the following topics or make up one of your own to write your oral report of at least 300 words. My Favorite Hobby You could

    asked by kyle
  65. Math

    What is z/-12 = -5

    asked by Ryan
  66. Math

    Ok please help me I'm desperate! 7/8 - 5/12 A. 11/14 B. 2/24 C. 2/8 D. 2/12 Mrs.Sue I know your going to ask me what my answer is but I'm extremely confused and I dont know. Please please I beg somebody help me.

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  67. English

    I need a good hook sentence about how important is nature?

    asked by Eunji
  68. math 3 honors

    the area of a trapezoid is 99 square centimeters. If the shorter base is 1 less than twice the height, and the longer base is double the shorter base, find the length of the longer base. This is my equation that I've written: 99=1/2(2x-1) + (4x-2)*h, I

    asked by jabria
  69. Graphs

    Why is it important to be able to use the given information on a graph? What kinds of workplace graphics do you anticipate encountering in Medical Services Administration? Choose at least two different types of graphics you might interact with in field.

    asked by Lu
  70. Physics

    An object falls freely from rest on a planet where the acceleration due to gravity is 27 m/s 2 . After 7 s, what will be its speed? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Farihaa
  71. Social Studies

    Which of the following might a limited government be more likely to do than an unlimited government?

    asked by SuTa pUaChInUm
  72. Math

    Two students flip the penny 30 times .The penny lands heads up 18 times and tails up 12 times.what is the experimental probability that the penny landed heads up ?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. physics

    A hiker walks 17.0 km at an angle 40° south of east. Find the east and north components of this walk

    asked by ena
  74. Calculus

    Let f be defined as follows, where a ≠ 0, f(x) = { (x^2-2ax+a^2)/x-a if x ≠ a, 5 if x = a Which of the following are true about f? I. lim(fx) exists x --> a II. f(a) exists III. f(x) is continuous at x = a Thank you in advance!

    asked by Olivia
  75. math

    Find X x+x+2x-30=570

    asked by anonymous
  76. History

    Can someone help me with this question?! Use the drop down menu to complete the sentence: In their trading relationship, Kush relied on Egypt for (Choose: horses, gold, grain, ebony) and Egypt traded for (Choose: gold, grain, cloth, papyrus)

    asked by Senpai~
  77. Math

    14 is added to 2/3 of a number, the result is 1/4 times the original number. Find the number

    asked by Blessing
  78. Math

    The number of library books in a school increased by 20% after it bought new books in May. The number increased by another 20% after a bookstore donated 300 books in June. Find the number of books in the library before it bought new books in May.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Education

    What would be some teaching approaches that could be adjusted to meet the needs of a child whose family is involved in a disability?

    asked by Betty
  80. math

    a ratio hat is equivalent

    asked by kaylen
  81. Maths

    Show that the sum of the first six terms is equal to four times the fifth term

    asked by Armando
  82. Math

    Is percentage a continuous or discrete variable?

    asked by Euler
  83. Math

    'Approval rating' as a percentage when reported by a polling company. Is it a continous, a discrete or a qualitative variable?

    asked by oobleck's student
  84. Physics

    Which of the following are the correct units for mass? Choose all that apply. dyn tons m/s2 u slugs kg oz g

    asked by Emily
  85. maths

    What fraction of 1 is 4oc?

    asked by Maballs
  86. physics

    the period for 12 successive crest view, if the time for 20 revolution of stroboscope 15(s)?

    asked by Maballs
  87. accounting

    Schmaltz, Inc. records its allowance for doubtful accounts based on an analysis of receivables. The current, unadjusted balance in Schmaltz’s Allowance for Doubtful Accounts is a credit balance of $28,000. Based on a year-end aging of accounts

    asked by dan
  88. Math

    Qualitative, discrete or continuous variable and why, 'Voting intention representing the political party for which an individual intends to vote

    asked by Euler
  89. math

    57-32=25 please check

    asked by captain obvious
  90. biology

    explain the reaction that occurred when a piece of steel wool is added to vinegar

    asked by orji Michael peter
  91. English

    Analyze how the similarities and differences between The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and The Journal of Madame Knight are reflective of the authors’ respective purposes. Use information from both passages as evidence for your analysis.

    asked by Moo
  92. Health

    Please check my answers thank you. Match the combing form to its definition. Lymph fluid found in lymph vessels Immunoglobulin antibody secreted by plasma cells Inguinal nodes lymph nodes in the groin Axillary nodes lymph nodes in the armpit

    asked by Lu
  93. Graphs

    What does it mean to synthesize information of a graph? Thank you for your help?

    asked by Lu
  94. Science

    What is the valence electrons in V3+ have l=1 in quantum numbers?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Physics

    A window washer drops a brush from a scaffold on a tall office building. What is the speed of the falling brush after 2.03 s? (Neglect drag forces.) The acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . Answer in units of m/s i got 20.19 but its wrong

    asked by Farihaa
  96. Math

    5 1/3 3 4/7

    asked by Emma
  97. math

    identify the property(5+3)+9=5+(3+9)

    asked by jared