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October 9, 2019

  1. math

    Which scale would produce the smallest drawing? Explain your reasoning. 1:100 1 millimeter:1 meter 1 inch:10 feet

    asked by that one dude
  2. algebra 2

    Elisha thought that (2x+1) was a factor of p(x). She evaluated p(−1) and didn't get 0. Based on her work, what can Elisha conclude? Elisha can conclude that (2x+1) is not a factor of p(x). The Factor Theorem states that (2x+1) is only a factor of p(x) if

    asked by dom
  3. Physics

    A body is under the action of two forces 7N and 10N , find the resultant of the two vectors if the two forces are inclined at the angle of 60° to each other.

    asked by Oriji Godswill
  4. World History

    Analyze the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and compare it to the Declaration of Independence. What are the similarities and differences? Provide a list of four bullet points (two similarities and two differences).

    asked by Aubrea colbert
  5. medical coding

    In alphabetic index of icd-10-cm non essential modifier are

    asked by rose
  6. maths

    X is a point on latitude 28.6°N and longitude 105.7°W. Y is on the same latitude as X but lies on longitude 34.3°E. calculate the distance between X and Y along latitude 28.6°N. (Assume that the earth is a sphere of radius 6370km)?

    asked by Maballs
  7. Pre-Calc

    Alexa is weighing a construction barrel up a ramp 4 feet long into the back of a truck. The barrel weighs 120 pounds and the ramp is 45 degrees from the horizontal. How much work is Alexa doing?

    asked by Ken
  8. Social Studies

    On which idea did Patriots and Loyalists most agree?

    asked by Someone
  9. physics

    1.calculate the work done on a capacitor of capacitance of 200uF, when a potential difference of 100v is applied 2.find the area of a capacitor 1pF,if the distance between the plate is 76cm(=8.85×10^-12f/m) 3.A series arrangement of three capacitors of

    asked by Maballs
  10. statistics

    The Smith family was one of the first to come to the U.S. They had 8 children. Assuming that the probability of a child being a girl is .5, find the probability that the Smith family had: a. at least 6 girls b. at most 5 girls

    asked by Anonymous
  11. English

    Which three parts of this excerpt from F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams" reflect Dexter’s final disillusionment?

    asked by Barry
  12. Math

    The sum of 11terms of an Ap is 891 find the 28th and 45th terms if the common difference is 15

    asked by Anna
  13. Algebra

    A class of 33 33 students elected a class treasurer. There were 11 11 votes for Candidate A and 15 15 votes for Candidate B. The remaining students did not vote. Which expression gives the percent of voters who voted for Candidate A?

    asked by Sean
  14. chemistry

    Calculate the molar solubility of AgBr in 0.15M NaBr at 25 degree celcius (Ksp of AgBr= 5.0*10¤-3 mol¤2dm¤-6 at 25 degree celcius)?

    asked by Maballs
  15. Math

    Mrs. Greenaway has decided to open a new preschool in her town. To decide whether she will have enough students to be successful, she hires a researcher to conduct a survey of the town’s population. Which of the following groups would make up the best

    asked by Sophia
  16. science

    At Frugal Foods a loaf of bread cost about $1 in 1980. In 2013, the loaf of bread cost $2.50 1. A ratio is a comparison of two amounts by division. What is the ratio of the cost of a loaf of bread in 2013 to the cost in 1980? 2. Assuming the price of

    asked by Julia
  17. Art

    1. Which of the following best describes the artists use of variety in the painting? A. The Basket. B. The Table Cloth. C.The Flowers.D The Grapes. 2. In this image, the artist used a variety of which element to create the drawing? A.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. science

    The local garden centre sells lawn sand, which is a mixture of sharp sand and fertiliser (ammonium nitrate). It should be made up from a 50/50 mix of each, measured by weight. Your neighbour has bought some, but believes that the garden centre has cheated

    asked by SL
  19. ART

    The women in this drawing is how many heads high A 3 B 5 C 7 D 9

    asked by Bronson
  20. physics

    Salmon often jump waterfalls to reach their breeding grounds. Starting downstream, 2.95 m away from a waterfall 0.54 m in height, at what minimum speed must a salmon jumping at an angle of 29.7 ◦ leave the water to continue upstream? The acceleration due

    asked by helpp please
  21. Algebra

    Jim and his dad are bricklayers. Jim can lay bricks for a fireplace and chimney in 5 days. With his father's help, he can build it in 2 days. How long would it take his father to build it alone? days hours

    asked by Helen
  22. chemistry

    7.5 g of CaCl2 in 65.0 g of CaCl2 solution Express your answer using two significant figures.

    asked by tom
  23. Math

    Carol wanted to know about how much time students in her school spent surfing the Internet. So she asked 15 of her friends to complete a survey that she had prepared. Will the results of Carol’s survey represent the population of students in her school

    asked by Sophia
  24. math

    An architect is designing a circular opening 16 feet in diameter to make room for a spiral staircase. If pi = 3.14, what will the circumference of the circular opening be? 50.24 feet

    asked by leah
  25. Art

    In this image, which of the following shapes is present in the leaves? 1. A square 2. A circle 3. A Hexagon 4. A tringle

    asked by tuck
  26. History

    How did Darius strengthen the Persian Empire's economy? A. by increasing tribute B. by taxing the Great Royal Road C. by wiping out Zoroastrianism D. by introducing a common currency

    asked by doggo
  27. English

    Can you please check my answer for this question? Thank you. 9. Which statement correctly describes a monologue? 1. A monologue is a serious speech spoken only in a tragedy. 2. A monologue is a short speech spoken by one character. 3. A monologue is a long

    asked by +~* Sabrina *~+
  28. Algebra II

    What multiplies to 4 and adds to -2? I'm trying to find the zeroes of the function f(x)=x^2-2x-8. I did the AC/B tree (1*-8/-2) and from there I can't figure it out.

    asked by Leo
  29. US history

    What, if any, influences of the mayflower compact or John Locke’s ideas are evident in the Fundamental orders of Connecticut?

    asked by Haila
  30. math

    An experiment consists of recording in order of their births, the sex composition of a four child family in which the children were born at different times. Describe an appropriate sample space s for this experiments I can do GGGB,

    asked by lijm
  31. Science

    6 gram of metal M react completely with 23.66g of chloride to form 29.66ofvthe metallic chloride .Find the empirical formular

    asked by Tosin
  32. Science

    Why should a graduated cylinder be used to measure volume rather than a beaker?

    asked by Jazmin
  33. Social Studies

    Which represents a unique achievement of Kush's civilization? A meroitic script B hieroglyphics C papyrus D preparation for the afterlife. As Kush and Egypt built their relationship, how did trade create interdependence between the two areas? A egypt

    asked by ~~Anonymous~~
  34. Chemistry

    in general a reaction is essentially over after 10 half-lives. prove that this generalization is reasonable

    asked by anonymous
  35. physics

    The figure provided shows a hand pushing a 12.0 kg block. The two blocks, 12.0 kg and 26.1 kg, are attached to a string and move along a frictionless surface. Which of the following is true? Assume the string to be massless.

    asked by podolski
  36. Math

    What is the combining like terms property of equality in the proof process? I’m trying to solve my equation with the properties of equality and I can’t figure out what this one is

    asked by Trinity
  37. Careers

    Maths literacy, geography, life science Can I still become a clinical psychologist with the above subjects?

    asked by Yasmine
  38. Physics

    What is tensile strength?

    asked by Raj
  39. physics

    A wave is represented by the equation y=0.5 sin 0.4x(x-60t) there the distance x is measured in can and time(t) second what is the wave length of the wave?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. history

    The basis for the rights of United States citizens is the: Articles of Confederation Constitution Declaration of Independence Magna Carta

    asked by kyle
  41. science

    the diagram of the man that travel due north in order to cross a river PLEASE GIVE ME THE DIAGRAM

    asked by titi
  42. physical science

    A stone is placed in a graduated cylinder, which has been filled to the 35-mL mark. The level rises to 42 mL. What is the volume of the stone?

    asked by Claudia
  43. math

    The data shown in the table below represents the weight, in pounds, of a little girl, recorded each year on her birthday. Age (in years) Weight (in pounds) 2 32 6 47 7 51 4 40 5 43 3 38 8 60 1 23 Part A: Create a scatter plot to represent the data shown

    asked by kyle
  44. science

    two tall pea plants with yellow seeds and smooth pods are crossed. all of the offspring are tall. three offspring have smooth pods and one has wrinkled pods. the lake for wrinkled pods a. must be dominant because the tree does not appear in the parent

    asked by cookie
  45. Civics

    Which of the following do we call Supreme Court judge who uses his or her power to create new law A. Judicial activists B. Legislative judge C. Strict constitutionalist D loose constitutionalist

    asked by Oof
  46. science

    How does a higher heat capacity affect the amount of time it takes for an object’s temperature to change?

    asked by user
  47. English

    How do Spanish words affect the tone of a story?

    asked by bruh moment
  48. Discrete Math

    Question : Consider the following sentences and prove that "Diana will win the game" 1.All Players are clever. 2.Anyone who is clever and dedicated can play the game well. 3.Anyone who is playing the game well will win his/her game. 4.Diana is a dedicated

    asked by Arya
  49. math

    For each of the following ,state, giving your reasons ,whether it is is a qualitative ,discrete or continuous variable: a. type of fish b.test mark intention' representing the political party for which and individual intends to vote d.'approval

    asked by Euler
  50. science

    Read the scenario and answer the following questions: a. How could the scenario have been prevented? b. How should the student respond in the scenario to minimize the harm? During an experiment, Carin carefully pours solution A from a test tube into a

    asked by brianne
  51. science

    use virchow ideas to explain why plastic plants and stuffed animals are not alive

    asked by jaylin
  52. math

    1. estimate the sum 11/15+1/8 2 .use rounding to estimate the product 4 3/4 * 7 2/17 3. choose the sum 5/6 + 4/9 A. 1/2 B. 9/18 C. 1 5/18 D. 1 1/2

    asked by mrs. reeves
  53. math

    Bernadette bought two pieces of ribbon. One piece is 6 1/4 feet long, and the other is 11 1/2 feet long. Find the total length of the ribbon

    asked by mrs. reeves
  54. math

    1. the acronym audience serves to remind you of what to consider when analyzing an audience in the acronym what does the d stand for?

    asked by yz450f rider
  55. pre algebra

    32” TV height: 16” width: _____ • _____ TV height: 34” width: 61” • 60” TV height: 30” width: _____ • _____ TV height: 20” width: 35” • 52” TV height: _____ width: 45” If the TV is 5” wider and 3” higher, what is the new

    asked by ajani.huff
  56. math

    What value is equivalent to 8 · 9 − 2 · 5?

    asked by idk
  57. math

    the first of a linear sequence is 3 and the 8th term is 31 find the common difference

    asked by seun
  58. math

    Between which two whole numbers is 22x13 Between which two whole numbers is 22x13 ? A 8 and 9 B 9 and 10 C 20 and 21 D

    asked by bigboy
  59. design

    how can attitude affect a designer's ability to be creative

    asked by yz450f rider
  60. math

    if a square has a side of 7 m, what is the perimeter? I think it is 69.

    asked by i smell like beef
  61. social stuides

    How did European exploration affect East Asian countries?

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  62. Math

    Which of the following is an example of choosing a random sample from a target population of 100 students of which 40 are boys and 60 are girls? A. Choosing every other person on an alphabetical list of names. B. Choosing every 10th person from the list C.

    asked by Sophia
  63. Math

    Russell is 20 years younger than Emma. 3 years ago, Emma's age was 2 times Russell's age. How old is Russell now?

    asked by Ivonne
  64. technology

    Which of the following is a place where cyber-bullying doesn't occur? A.) Chat messages B.) Online Groups C.) on the football field D.) Cyberspace Please help, Mrs. Sue if your out there plzz help

    asked by MyDripTooHard
  65. Math

    Each movie you rent cost $3.30. You have $21.50. How many movies can you rent? 1. 7 2. 6 3. 71 4. 1 This equation is division right ? and my answer is 6

    asked by woah
  66. Math

    What value of x makes the following equation true? 5x - 23 = 12 A.66 B.28 C.7 D.3 My answer is 7 is it right

    asked by woah
  67. algebra


    asked by rod
  68. Math

    Jadon has saved $22.35. On Saturday, he washes cars for $8.50 per car. He washed 10 cars. How much money does Jadon have now? 1. $107.35 2. $30.85 3. $4.85 4. $32.85 My answer is 107.35 is it right

    asked by woah
  69. Math

    Which equation is equivalent to 3(2x + 7) = 27 A. (3 * 2x) + 7 = 27 B. (3 * 9) x = 27 C. (3 * 2) + 3 * (x + 7) = 27 D. (3 * 2x) + (3 * 7) = 27 my answer is D. is it right

    asked by woah
  70. Global Studies

    Q: Which statement best illustrates how American Indians were affected by British colonization? A: A. Trading partnerships led to peaceful co-existence between American Indians and British B. American Indians converted to Christianity resulting in

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Global Studies

    Drag and drop the events to the correct nation. Canada’s path: A) The British American act unites the provinces and allows for some self-government B)The British were defeated in the Battle of Yorktown United States’ path to independence: A) The

    asked by Anonymous
  72. language arts

    2. Players wear helmets and pads for protection. (direct objects, predicate nouns): Players wear both helmets and pads for protection. Just wanna see if i got the hang of it.

    asked by Youruserhere
  73. Language arts

    In which of the following sentences is a past participle used? By Saturday, Tom had watched every comedy he owned.* Tom is watching sci-fi and action movies this week. Tom watched 15 movies in just one week. My brother Tom watches movies very frequently.

    asked by KARD
  74. physics

    when the moving brakes are applied to a moving car travelling at 60km/h, it discelerates at a uniform rate at 5m/s. calculate the time taken to reach the velocity of 36km/hr.

    asked by favour
  75. math

    The scale on a drawing is 3:1. Which statement is true? Select all that apply. A. The scale drawing is three times the size of the actual object. B. The scale drawing is 31 times the size of the actual object. C. The scale drawing is one-third the size of

    asked by that one dude
  76. math

    A gardener measures the tallest of his prize-winning sunflowers and finds that the height is 65 in. The sunflower has grown 12.1 inches since the last time the gardener measured it. How tall was the sunflower when it was last measured? Write an algebraic

    asked by Connexus
  77. math

    Question says " Are events E & F mutually exlusive". I am given E = {a,b} and F = {a,d,f}. I think they are not. I think that if they were mutually exclusive, they would not have any elements in common right? Because I see that E and F have a in common.

    asked by lijm
  78. Science

    Take a look at what we recorded on our summary table. How might what we observed and learned about atoms help us to understand how carbon atoms can help us determine the age of baby Lyuba?

    asked by Amber
  79. math

    What makes two events complementary? What does complementary even mean?

    asked by lijm
  80. maths

    Two points M and N on the surface of the earth are given by their latitudes and longitudes as: M(50°E, 15°E) and N(50°S, 75°E). Calculate a) the radius of the parallel of latitude in which M and N lie. b) the distance MN measured along the parallel of

    asked by Maballs
  81. social studies

    Which Daoist belief about leadership is discussed in this passage?

    asked by bat
  82. Algebra

    Hello I need help on this question Violet has 6 teaspoons of salt. She puts 1/4 teaspoon of salt in each batch of blueberry muffins that she makes. How many batches of muffins can Violet make? please explain how you got the answer do NOT just tell me the

    asked by Layla
  83. History

    Use the chart to answer the question. How does the estimated population of blacks in the southern colonies change from 1700-1770? What might account for this change? (2 points)

    asked by :(
  84. Geography

    1. What is the role of Abraham in the history of the Israelites? A. He was a military leader who won many battles for the Israelites. B. He took the name "Israel" after wrestling against an angel. C. He made a promise with God and was the father of the

    asked by Sadness
  85. Math

    Washington Middle School’s school flag has a height:width ratio of 12:27. If the school flag is 32 inches high, what is its width? inches If the school flag is 48 inches wide, what is its height to the nearest tenth of an inch? oobleck? inches

    asked by that one dude
  86. algebra

    A stereo system is marked down from $450.00 to $382.50.What is the discount rate?

    asked by Mike
  87. Math

    Check my answer pleasee! Write a rule for the sequence: 1, 2, 4, 8 A. Start with 1 then add 1 repeatedly B. Start with 1 then add multiples of 2 repeatedly C. Start with 1 then multiply by 2 repeatedly*** D. Start with 1 then divide by 2 repeatedly I chose

    asked by
  88. Algebra 2

    Calculate the slope between the points 80-0 ——— = 80/10=81 10-0 I just need help with the last part

    asked by Soji
  89. Math

    The length of a ribbon is 3/4 meter Sun Yi needs pieces measuring 1/3 meter for an art project. What is the greatest number of pieces measuring 1/3 meter that can be cut from the ribbon? How much ribbon will be left after sun yi cuts the ribbon? Explain

    asked by Jasmine
  90. Science

    Which is the gas that makes up 0.01%-0,1% of the earths atmosphere?

    asked by Meah
  91. Algebra

    hey plz help yall but here is the question the size of a tv is given its length by the lengths of its diagonal that is the distance from one corner if the screen to the opposite side if a tv has he width of 36 inches and the height of 15 inches what size

    asked by james
  92. math

    how do you solve 21m+42 less than or equal to sign -8m-16

    asked by maliha
  93. Math

    Write three equivalent ratios for 5/6

    asked by Ava
  94. science

    rachel carson caused controversy with her search about the harmful effects of the pestscide ddt wich group mots likley would have disagreed wihe her finding

    asked by sirena valdivia
  95. math

    "Laura is painting a round floor cloth to resemble a globe for her bedroom floor. She wants to sew seam binding around the edges to keep the cloth from unraveling. If the radius of the cloth is 3 yards, how much binding should she buy?" I dont understand

    asked by Amanda
  96. Chemistry

    In standardization of potassium tetraoxomaganate VII with ammonium iron II tetraoxosulphate VI , how do you find the molarity of the potassium tetraoxomanganate VII.

    asked by FE
  97. Math

    Consider the circles shown. Circle A has a radius of 6 inches. Circle B has a radius 20% greater than Circle A. The figure shows two circles labeled as Upper A and Upper B of different radii. The diameter of the circle Upper A is labeled as 6 centimeters.

    asked by that one dude
  98. math help

    A number game is played with a number cube and a number line. The figure shows a number line. The numbers on the number line range from negative 10 to 10 in increments of 1. When it is your turn, you roll the number cube twice. The first roll tells you how

    asked by BB
  99. math

    write12 numbers in pattern first term 4 rule:add15,subtract10 if you think its hard well it is

    asked by Avie
  100. Health

    Please check my answer thank you. Reading the following sentence. Which is the correct word instead of lymphoites? lymphocytes or lymph nodes Use these examples With the lymphatic tissue that produces lymphocytes Or "With the lymphatic tissue that produces

    asked by Lu
  101. math

    Write -1.64 as a mixed number in simplest form?

    asked by Cailee
  102. Algebra

    What is the domain of the functions below: y= 2x−3/|x-1|+2

    asked by Helen
  103. Algebra

    Find all whole values for y for which the double inequality is true: 28

    asked by Helen
  104. Science

    Plz help How might the mass of the same object differ when measured on a triple beam balance versus an electronic scale? EXPLAIN your answer

    asked by Jazmin
  105. math

    find slope 3x + 2y = 12

    asked by Kam
  106. Algebra

    Given the function y={ 3x+1 if x ≥0 Find its values for x=−1; 0; 1; 2. {x-2 if x

    asked by Helen
  107. math


    asked by robin
  108. Algebra

    −​2(2x−​___)+1=17−4x my teacher doesn't teach us any of this.... please help me

    asked by Mallorie help
  109. Math

    Sharie makes a canvas frame for a painting using stretcher bars. The rectangular painting will be 12 inches long 9 inches wide. How can she use a ruler to make sure that the corners of the frame will be right angles?

    asked by Mr.Bob
  110. History

    who was the first person to have a phone number

    asked by anonymous
  111. Math

    A $8,634 par-value bond is purchased at a coupon rate of 4.6%. If interest payments are to be made semiannually (every six months), how much will each interest payment be?

    asked by Jinnie
  112. Algebra

    7x-2y=19 how would you subtract it from both sides if the left is variable terms and the right is numerical? Ty again Reiny for the other solution

    asked by Mallorie help
  113. Algebra 2

    Elisha thought that (2x+1) was a factor of p(x). She evaluated p(-1) and didn’t get 0. Based on her work, what can Elisha conclude?

    asked by Nathin
  114. Math

    How do you find the surface area

    asked by Anonymous
  115. World History

    Why were Central American civilizations more developed than North or South America?

    asked by Grant
  116. Math

    Janet makes 67% of free throws in her basketball games. Her coach wants to know the probability that she will make 7 out of the next 8 free throws. Which simulation design has an appropriate device and a correct trial?

    asked by Nonia
  117. Math

    When I do the base times height stratigy (I’m sorry I didn’t spell that right😕) and not all the sides are equal do I still have to divide even if it’s a 3D shape?

    asked by Emily
  118. Statistics

    A perfume company claims that the best selling perfume contains at most 25% alcohol. Twenty (20) bottles were selected and found to have a mean of 29.7% and standard deviation of 4.8%. Test the claim of the perfume company at the 0.05 level of

    asked by mike