Questions Asked on
October 6, 2019

  1. Maths

    1.Issam has 11 different CDs of which 6 are pop music , 3 are jazz and 2 are classical. Issam makes a selection of 2 pop music CDs, 2 jazz CDs and 1 classical CD. How many different selections can be made.Here the answer is 90 finalized by multiplying all.

    asked by Raj
  2. Physics

    a wheelbarrow inclined at 30° to the horizontal is pushed with a force of 150N . in what direction will the wheelbarrow move and why?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. English

    Complete the sentence with the appropriate word from the spelling list. I a0 that you are an intelligent girl. Not inviting old Aunt Mumby was a serious a0. You might say that Job was a a0 man. I a0 eat dinner by six o'clock. Owning fifty-seven pairs of

    asked by kyle
  4. English

    Which statement best captures the authors point of view and purpose in this article? A.Third person point of vies allows the author to explore the ethical mistakes of a psychologist B.Third person point of view allows the author to describe an influential

    asked by Derpy Pug
  5. Math

    Carmen works at Chipotle for $11.25 per hour plus a commission of 2% of her sales. Assuming Carmen worked 26 hours last week and had sales of $2,610, what's her gross pay? A. $ 342.00 B. $ 290.50 C. $ 344.70 D. $ 351.20 my answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  6. algebra

    the sum of two numbers is 46. The smaller number is 6 less than the larger number. What are the two numbers?

    asked by nicholas
  7. Physics

    two point charges +30 and +11 are separated by a distance of 20cm. compute the electric intensity and the force on a +5*10^-6c charge placed midway between the charges.?

    asked by Sarah Banks
  8. science

    A certain spring stretches 4.4 cm when it supports a mass of 0.89 kg . If the elastic limit is not reached, how far will it stretch when it supports a mass of 10 kg ? Answer in units of cm.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Maths

    There are twenty numbered balls in a bag.Two of the balls are numbered 0,six are numbered 1, five are numbered 2 and seven are numbered 3. Four of these balls are chosen at random,without replacement.Calculate the different number of ways this can be done

    asked by Raj
  10. Maths

    An examination consists of a section A, containing 10 short questions, and a section B, containing 5 long questions. Candidates are required to answer 6 questions from section A and 3 questions from section B.Find the number of different selections of

    asked by Raj
  11. Maths

    There are twenty numbered balls in a bag.Two of the balls are numbered 0,six are numbered 1, five are numbered 2 and seven are numbered 3. Four of these balls are chosen at random,without replacement.Calculate the different number of ways this can be done

    asked by Raj
  12. Art

    The image shows a playground. 2. Looking at the image, what do you think was the primary purpose of this artistic creation? A. to record aspects of an individual's culture B. to provide a provide a product for public use C. to record what someone looks

    asked by Ari-Chan♡
  13. Social Studies

    What is the main focus of Mahayana Buddhists? A. Buddha's good deeds B. Buddha's commitment to a life of poverty C. Buddha's compassion D. Buddha's writings

    asked by Yessy
  14. Physics

    Two airplanes leave an airport at the same time. The velocity of the first airplane is 690 m/h at a heading of 67.5 The velocity of the second is 620 m/h at a heading of 182◦ How far apart are they after 3.5 h? Answer in units of m.

    asked by Alan Quintanar
  15. Maths

    Give three different ways of partitioning 775 answer

    asked by Lena
  16. Maths

    Point A having coordinates (3,-7) lies on the curve y=f(X). State the coordinates of A when y=f(X) is transformed to y=f(2x-7)+1. The answer is (5,-6).But I didn't get 5.

    asked by Raj
  17. maths

    the nth term of a sequence is log(n +3) to base 2. what is the difference between the 13th term and the first term?

    asked by Sarah Banks
  18. Ethics

    Tony works for a small company that tests electronics products before they are released to the market. The company performs independent quality assurance tests to certify that the products meet all government regulation standards. Tony’s company signs a

    asked by Sagar
  19. Maths

    1.A group of five people consists of two women.Alice,Betty, and three men, Carl,David and Ed. Find the number of ways in which this can be done if the chairperson and treasurer are both men. I used here permutation.How can I find in such question I can use

    asked by Raj
  20. Calculus

    We are going to compute the cube root of 9 to 6 significant digits using Newton's method. Choose a function of the form 𝑓(𝑥)=(𝑥^𝑚)−𝐶 Give the formula for 𝑥_(𝑛+1) in terms of the previous value 𝑥_(𝑛) .

    asked by Alex
  21. history

    Mark each item as a primary or secondary source. Please help! The diary of a pioneer woman A letter from James Oglethorpe to other trustees An article by a professor on life in early Georgia A magazine interview with celebrity A newspaper article reporting

    asked by welp_oh_dear
  22. math

    Daily demand for a product is 120 units, with a standard deviation of 30 units. The review period is 14 days and the lead time is 7 days. At the time of review 130 units are in stock. If only a 1% risk of stocking out is acceptable, how many units should

    asked by shelma
  23. Geometry

    Translation ( x,y) ( x-4,y+3)

    asked by Ashley
  24. Maths

    The graph of y=x^2-2x+1 is translated by the vector (2 3).The graph so obtained is reflected in the x-axis and finally it is stretched by a factor 2 parallel to y-axis.Find the equation of the final graph is the form y=ax^2+bx+c, where a,b and c are

    asked by Raj
  25. physics

    A staging that weighs 410 N supports two painters, one 450 N and the other 510 N. The reading in the left scale is Fℓ = 470 N . What is the reading Fr in the right hand scale? Answer in units of N.

    asked by Ramon A.
  26. Math

    In the diagram, p, q, and r are three points on level ground such that the bearing of Q and R from P are 041 degree and 126degress respectively. It is given that QR =124m and the bearing of R from Q is 153. Find the length of PR

    asked by Xin jie
  27. math

    A farmer wants to build a new pen for his chickens. He wants the chickens to have as much freedom and room as possible. The fencing panels come in 1-meter panels. The farmer can vary the lengths of the sides of the pen, which will affect the area. Planning

    asked by mohammed
  28. English

    As a senior prefect of your school ,write a speech you would give to fresh students telling them,at least, three things that can make their stay in the school successful

    asked by Berlinda
  29. Careers

    I wanna know which career can i follow doing this subjects and which university offers this subjects for studying

    asked by Poppy
  30. Science

    Has anyone done the effect of cell size on material transport portfolio in Connections academy?

    asked by James
  31. science

    what is the relationship between the volume of water and the dripping time

    asked by Anonymous
  32. maths

    The circle has radius 5cm are chord PQ of the circle is of length 8cm.find the angle of the chord PQ subtends at the centre of the circle and the perimeter of the minor segment?

    asked by Sarah Banks
  33. Political science

    With relevant example explain the relationship between constitution and constitutionalism

    asked by Sadiya
  34. math

    0.015*0.567/0.05*9.189 evaluate it in a standard form

    asked by fatima
  35. Maths

    How to know a given question is of permutation or combination or both combined?

    asked by Raj
  36. Maths

    How many 5 digits numbers less than 60000 and even can be formed using the digits 1,2,4,5,7 and 9

    asked by Raj
  37. London Travel

    How do you use a bus and tram pass to travel? Can I use it on local buses unlimited like the 220 bus to wilisden the 295 to ladbroke grove sainsburys? I dont hear many people getting it even though its cheaper than an unlimited travelcard. Please explain

    asked by Bus and Tram Card
  38. math

    Find the c.d if the 28th term of an arithmetic progression is -5 and the first term is 31

    asked by precious
  39. Math

    Can anyone please explain why the one is not the correct answer? Let P(n,m) be a property about two integers n and m. If we want to disprove the claim that "For every integer n, there exists an integer m such that P(n,m) is true", then we need to prove

    asked by Ashley
  40. Math

    I can't find the two distinct and equal roots,I ended up with answer than can't be solved... Can someone use questions below as examples.. This is the formula:b^2-4ac=0 1.Find the values of k for which (k+1)x^2+kx-2k=0 has two equal roots.

    asked by Idkhowtodomath
  41. Home economics

    Subjects related to home economics

    asked by Eurel
  42. History

    Which of these events was the main reason that New Mexico was finally made a state?

    asked by lop
  43. government

    discuss the contributing factors that lead to xenophobia.

    asked by precious
  44. math

    Given a hexagon $ABCDEF$ inscribed in a circle with $AB = BC, CD = DE, EF = FA$, show that $\overline{AD}, \overline{BE}$, and $\overline{CF}$ are concurrent. [asy] unitsize(2 cm); pair A, B, C, D, E, F, G; A = dir(85); B = dir(45); C = dir(5); D =

    asked by Dillion
  45. math

    Ripley told his mom that multiplying whole numbers by multiples of 10 was easy because you just count zeros in the factors and put them in the product. He used these two examples to explain this strategy 7,000 times 600 equals 4,200,000 and 800 times 700

  46. Physics

    calculate the magnitude of electric field at a field point 3.0cm from a point Q=5.N/C?

    asked by Sarah Banks
  47. Maths

    Sarah invested £12000 into a unit trust 5 years ago. The value of the unit trust has increased by 7% per annum for each of the last three years. Before this the, the price decreased by 3% each annum. Calculate the current price of the unit trust.

    asked by Poppy
  48. science

    why do viruses attack people and depend on other cells? who created all these names?

    asked by emily
  49. ADHD

    An article about a child having ADHD?

    asked by Betty
  50. Math

    Simplify the expression x+3+5x

    asked by Jake
  51. Math

    Simplify the expression n+3(n−1)

    asked by Nick
  52. math,factorials

    6!/2!3! For this problem, I did 6*5*4*3*2*1/2*1*3*1 for the answer 729/6=120

    asked by lijm
  53. Science

    Read the following: The movement of tectonic plates buries a rock deep inside Earth. Intense heat and pressure change the mineral composition of the rock and transform it into Rock A. Rock A melts and comes out to the surface of Earth during a volcanic

    asked by Michele
  54. Social Studies

    What was Tenochtitlan? A. a silver mining region in Central America B. a Spanish colony in the Caribbean C. the capital city of the Aztec empire D. the capital city of the Inca empire I think its C am I right?

    asked by Frankie Gains
  55. chemistry

    How much heat is required to take 4 kg of water from 20◦C to near boiling at 99◦C? Answer in units of J. I got 1320.88?

    asked by chemistry
  56. math

    When is it appropriate to use the combination formula in a word problem? When is it appropriate to use the permutation formula in a word problem?

    asked by lijm
  57. Math

    The area of the parallelogram is (4x+16) square feet. Write an expression for the base.

    asked by Nick
  58. math

    You get to go to the horse races and see that nine horses are running in the fifth race. How many ways can the race end with first, second and third place winners?

    asked by Sam
  59. math

    Luke and Slim have only one horse between them. Luke rides a certain time and then ties up the horse for Slim, who has been walking. Meanwhile Luke walks on ahead. They proceed in this way, alternately walking and riding. If they walk 4 miles per hour and

    asked by Sam
  60. Math

    Luang enlarged a photograph to 1 3/4 times its original size. The original photograph was 3 1/2wide. What was the width of the enlarged photograph? A.2 5/8 B.3 3/8 C.5 1/4 D.6 1/8

    asked by Daisy
  61. Science

    Determine the mass of the combustion of 50.0 g of C4H8. Please help ASAP!

    asked by Andrea
  62. MATH

    Sunny works as an assistant to a real estate agent. she prepares a price comparison for a client thinking of selling a house. sunny investigates the list prices and sale prices of comparable houses that have recently sold in nearby neighbourhoods. house 1:

    asked by anonymous
  63. Math

    Find f. (Use C for the constant of the first antiderivative and D for the constant of the second antiderivative.) f ''(x) = 5/6x^5/6

    asked by greg
  64. math

    Describe three 6”x 6”x 6”cubes as clearly as possible using one of the following forms for each cube: linear forms, planar forms, solid forms. You will, for example, have a cube described using only linear form, a cube described using only planar

    asked by umi
  65. chemistry

    Can someone help me start on a calorimeter lab report for magnesium and vinegar Vinegar = 60ml Magnesium =0.7g

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. Science

    How can the classification and properties of elements be found

    asked by Cici
  67. science

    One afternoon your family goes out to pick strawberries for jam. At 1:00 pm, you have picked 3 quarts. You finish picking at 3:00 pm and have 29 quarts of strawberries. At what average rate was your family picking? Answer in units of quarts/hour

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Science

    Which statement best defines a universal law

    asked by Which statement best defines a universal law