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October 4, 2019

  1. Cheating

    i just got expelled from connexus for using this website but i was just checkin my answers cmon now thanks jiskha

    asked by whydis
  2. Chemistry

    The rotten smell of a decaying animal carcass is partially due to a nitrogen-containing compound called putrescine. Elemental analysis of putrescine indicates that it consists of: C, 54.50%, H, 13.73%, and N, 31.77%. Calculate the empirical formula of

    asked by Joe
  3. US History

    How did the Confederate government's increased control over the southern economy impact the people in the South? Select the two correct answers. A.They were forced to pay high taxes on slaves and cotton. B.They could not afford food or supplies due to high

    asked by BubbleGum276
  4. Social Studies

    Can someone plz help me with these questions. 1. Drag and drop the descriptions to match the country in which the civilizations developed. China Japan Korea The Silla defeated two other kingdoms to unite the country under their rule for centuries. The Sui

    asked by me
  5. World History

    How did the diffusion of Phoenician culture through trade affect the Mediterranean region? I think it's B A. It gave the region a common religious faith. B. It gave the region a common spoken language. C. It gave the region a common form of government. D.

    asked by annonymous 1984
  6. History

    How was Darius able to maintain control of such a large empire?Select the two correct answers. A.He forced provinces to pay tributes they we unable to afford. B.He gave local rulers some control over their government.———-I think this is a correct

    asked by I’ll always try to help!
  7. Math

    1.Express 5/8 as a decimal. A.0.375 B.0.40 C.0.625 D.0.875 2.Express 1 1/20 as a decimal A.1.1 B.1.05 C.1.5 D.1,2 3.Express 2.65 as a mixed number in lowest terms A.2 13/20 B.2 49/100 C.2 9/100 D.2 2/5 4.Order the set of numbers from least to greatest

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  8. Career prep

    Which of the following would be considered both a right and responsibility(1pt) doing chores freedom of worship paying taxes**** or voting in elections*** im not sure?

    asked by Honors Courses ONLY Mel❤nie
  9. Math

    The scale on a drawing is 3:1. Which statement is true? Select all that apply. A. The scale drawing is three times the size of the actual object. B. The scale drawing is 31 times the size of the actual object. C. The scale drawing is one-third the size of

    asked by HELP PLEASE
  10. algebra

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. the sum of a number times 3 snd 27 is at most -19. Use the variable c for the unknown number.

    asked by riyah
  11. Social Studies

    Which major political and economic problems does North Korea face because of its autocratic policies and nuclear weapons program? Select the three correct answers. A. food shortages and malnutrition***** B. high gross domestic product (GDP) C. industrial

    asked by 𝓒𝓻𝔂𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓵 𝓢𝓷𝓸𝔀
  12. Algebra

    What are all the subsets of the set {-3,6} 1- Zero with a line in it, {-3}, {6} 2- zero with a line through it, {-3}, {6}, {-3,6} *** 3- {-3}, {6} 4- {-3}, {6}, {-3,6}

    asked by Sally Hanson
  13. Math

    In the past few years, outsourcing overseas has become more frequently used than ever before by Canadian and U.S. companies. However, outsourcing is not without problems. A recent survey by Purchasing magazine indicates that 20% of the companies that

    asked by S.S
  14. Physics

    A body vibrates in SHM (simple harmonic motion) with the frequency of 50HZ and an amplitude of 4cm, find the (a) the period (b) the acceleration at the middle and the end of the path of oscillation.?

    asked by Sarah Banks
  15. physics

    a man uses a roqe to haul box of weight 600N up an inclined wooden plank of effective lenght 3.0m and onto a platforn 1.0m high if indoing so, he exerts a force of 400N on the rope calculate (1) the frictional force between the case and the plank (2) the

    asked by Pablo kesh
  16. Art

    Picture of Still Life with Blue Pot painting by Paul Cezanne 2. This painting could be considered aesthetically pleasing because of A. the use of the color blue throughout the entire painting. B. the use of individuals in the scene to give it a party

    asked by HomeworkStan
  17. History

    Which of the following did the Greeks did the adopt from Phoenicians? Select the two correct answers. A.Idea of Democracy B.writing system——— C.Weights and measures ———- D.iron weapons E.architecture

    asked by I’ll always try to help!
  18. Math

    Order the set if number from least to greatest. 3/5 , 0.49 , 17/20 , 0.5. Please help

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  19. Language art

    Read this sentence from "The Tail" As we climb some more, I tried not to imagine a huge yellow dog with red eyes gnawing at my heels. What is the best explanation for why Tasha does not want to imagine a dog gnawing at her heels? A: It would be funny B: It

    asked by Anime_Fan0985
  20. Social Studies

    How did westward expansion and the civil rights movement affect political culture?

    asked by Person
  21. Math

    Which of the following is also a repeating decimal? A.7/14 B.3/12 C.10/16 D.5/15

    asked by GorillaGirl11
  22. math

    Which expression is equivalent to −6x + 9y?

    asked by alexia
  23. us history

    Did ethnic enclaves have a positive or negative impact on immigrants in the late 1800s? Provide evidence to support your response.

    asked by dio
  24. History

    In Connexus, on the Government in Texas Quiz, what are the answers? What was a focus of the Constitution in 1824- A.effective economic principles B.state-led governments C.strong, central federal government D.unification of all states Which important

    asked by Helpo
  25. Math

    Ben recently purchased a new home. In order to be able to afford the home, he came up with a budget that breaks down his monthly income as follows; 30% for housing, 20% for food, 22% for utilities, 10% for savings, 6% for entertainment, 12% for personal

    asked by Anvil
  26. Physics

    A bug is 12 cm from the center of a turntable that is rotating with a frequency of 45 rev/min. What minimum coefficient of friction is required so that the bug stays on the turntable?

    asked by Spencer
  27. MATH

    Test 69,902 for divisibility by 2, 3, 5, 9, or 10. A.t is not divisible by any of the numbers B.2, 3*** C.2, 3, 9 D.2

    asked by mrs. reeves
  28. social studies

    What does Theravada Buddhism emphasize? A. the Buddha's compassion B. the Buddha's path of reincarnation C. the Buddha's wisdom D. the Buddha's history i think it is C

    asked by dingo 12
  29. Algebra

    What is the solution of 7k+2=4k-10? Use one of the reasons from the box to justify each step. You may use a reason more than once. 7k+2=4k-10 7k+2-4k=4k-10-4k 3k+2=-10 3k+2-2=-10-2 3k=-12 3k/3=-12/3 k=-4

    asked by Enternal Gratitude
  30. english/ the great gatsby

    Assuming Fitzgerald modeled the character Jordan Baker after this car of the same name, what does this tell us about her? So that’s a cross between greased lightning and the place where it hits, can do with eleven hundred somewhere west of Laramie

    asked by jacob tron
  31. Speech

    Incomplete fusion of the lips and/or palate is a situation called clefting. True or false??

    asked by Anonymous
  32. science

    the number of protons in one atom an element is that elements ---

    asked by just a ninth grader in need
  33. Programming

    Write one C program to measure the average time to create a thread using pthread_create() and to create a process using fork(). 1. Use a for loop to create 300 threads using pthread_create(), and measure the total time to create these 300 threads. Then

    asked by Mei
  34. English

    Which is the possessive pronoun in this sentence? I told Jaden to give me his jacket before we left A: I B: Me C: His

    asked by Anime_Fan0985
  35. math

    A. 15-foot ladder is leaning against a house so that it is 7 feet from the ground. What angle does the ladder make with the ground? B. A plane must begin its descent when it is 80 feet above the ground and 250 feet from the airport. At what angle should

    asked by pen
  36. English

    Which of these sentences uses pronouns correctly? A-Both the girls had their own bicycle B- All of the girls had her own bicycle C- Each of the girls has their own bicycle D- Few of the girls had her own bicycle. Is it C?

    asked by Sebastian
  37. Math

    What is the equation of the line that passes through the points (15, 9) and (-2, 9)? It doesn't give me options.

    asked by Sophia
  38. Social Studies

    Hi! This is my first time using APA format and I am unsure of what I should use for my abstract. All I need are a few ideas, I don't particularly want anyone to write it for me, cause that's my favorite part. I just don't know what else to write about.

    asked by CellLover727
  39. math

    if sin θ = -7/13 and cos θ= 12/13, find tan θ and cot θ using Quotient Identities.

    asked by matt
  40. Math

    Which scale would produce the largest scale drawing of an object when compared to the actual object? A..1 inch : 5 feet B..1 inch : 30 inches C..1 foot : 12 yards D..1 centimeter : 1 meter

    asked by Derpy Pug
  41. Science

    What is the cell function of the cell vacuole.

    asked by Me
  42. math

    solve the proportion of 7.5/26 = 75/p

    asked by that one dude
  43. Social Studies

    Could anyone help me understand what the role of government is in a mixed economey, im confused your friend-DD

    asked by DIGGLE DOGE
  44. Algebra

    The length of a rectangular floor is 2 feet more than its width. The area of the floor is 168 square feet. Kim wants to use a rug in the middle of the room and leave a 2 foot border of the floor visible on all sides. What should the length (the shorter

    asked by May
  45. algebra

    A stereo system is being installed in a room with a rectangular floor measuring 17 feet by 12 feet and an 11​-foot ceiling. The stereo amplifier is on the floor in one corner of the room. A speaker is at the ceiling in the opposite corner of the room.

    asked by wyatt
  46. social studies

    The Colonization of New France and New Netherlands . 1534: Jacques Cartier makes the first of three voyages to Canada. . 1603: Samuel de Champlain found a settlement at Quebec. . 1609: The Netherlands sends Henry Hudson to explore North America. . 1626:

    asked by help
  47. Maths

    the graph of curve y=f(x) has point P(2,1) lies on the curve. On the graph y=2f(x+3) label the image of the point P, giving its coordinates.

    asked by Raj
  48. Math

    How could you model 5 students sharing 4 bags of popcorn equally? How much will each student get?

    asked by Sofia
  49. Finite Math

    In the lab you submerge 150 g of 50 ∘C nails in 120 g of 20 ∘C water. (The specific heat capacity of iron is 0.12 cal/g⋅∘C.) Equate the heat gained by the water to the heat lost by the nails and find the final temperature of the water.

    asked by Ashley
  50. Math

    certain clouds form when temperatures fall below -72° C. What is this temperature is degrees Fahrenheit

    asked by Memed
  51. English

    I must write an allegory, and I know what that means. I’m having trouble figuring/brainstorming ideas on what to write about. Maybe love? I’m stuck. I was wondering if anybody has ideas on what I could write about.

    asked by John
  52. home economics

    Enumerates four career opportunities in home economics?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. math

    Consider the rectangle prism shown.:8.5,2.25,5.75 I think it is Faces:6 Edeges:7 Vertices:10

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    I need someone to check my answer for this question please! Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3. My answer is The difference between |-3| and -3 is simple: the difference is absolute value. |-3| is read as 'the absolute value of negative

    asked by CellLover727
  55. Math

    Which scale would produce the largest scale drawing of an object when compared to the actual object? A.1 inch : 5 feet B.1 inch : 30 inches C.1 foot : 12 yards D.1 centimeter : 1 meter

    asked by Derpy Pug
  56. Algebra

    Graph the following lines and write the equation in slope-intercept form. Through the point (−8,1) with a slope of 3.

    asked by Helen
  57. Social studies

    contrast the upcountry and the lowcountry identify three differences between the two regions plz help

    asked by someone
  58. Math

    An arithmetic progression has 11 as its first term and fourth term is 32.find the sum of the first nine terms.

    asked by Joseph
  59. Calculus Limits

    Suppose that lim t→1 (f(t) − e^π)/ (t − 1) = 16. What is limit→1 f(t)? I don't understand, is f(1) = e^x? but how do I show it? am I allowed to rearrange that equation to f(t) = 16(t-1) +e^π inside of a limit? ughhhh I dont understand, any help

    asked by Jared
  60. Math

    Solve for x 4(x-b)=x

    asked by waffles
  61. Science

    A turtle ambles leisurely, as turtles tend to do, when it moves from a location with position vector 𝑟1,𝑥=1.43 m and 𝑟1,𝑦=−2.45 m in a lettuce garden to another location, with position vector 𝑟2,𝑥=3.03 m and 𝑟2,𝑦=−4.15 m, where

    asked by Husan
  62. math

    -4/5 is greater than or equal to r-4/5 solve the inequality

    asked by just a ninth grader in need
  63. physics

    A speedboat moving at 30.0 m s-1 approaches stationary buoy marker 100 m ahead. The pilot slows the boat with a constant acceleration of -3.50 m s-2 by reducing the throttle. a. How long does it take the boat to reach the buoy? b. What is the velocity of

    asked by abeed
  64. Programming

    Write a module list.c that implements the interface with an associated Makefile. Your module should hide the list of cars internally with the global declaration: static car_t *front=NULL; header file: #pragma once /* * list.h -- public interface to a list

    asked by cin
  65. science

    A scientist working on developing a new drug for a company that makes medicine. The research is taking longer than the scientist had thought it would and the company is putting pressure on the scientist to finish quickly. The drug is finally ready to begin

    asked by help
  66. Math

    Tom and David get their hair cut at the Broadway Barber Shop on Saturdays. Tom gets his hair cut every 4 weeks. David gets his hair cut every 6 weeks. One Saturday, Tom and David got their hair cut at the same time. When will Tom and David get their hair

    asked by Buzzy
  67. math

    p(2,) and Q(1,2) are points in the plane. find the bearing of p and Q.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Java Programming

    Hi, Could any please have look at the question and my work below? Thanks! www.jiskha(dot)com/questions/1803696/Hi-Im-new-to-Java-Ive-been-working-on-this-question-wrote-the-code-and-checked

    asked by Ashley
  69. English

    Name some pros and cons about Autism.

    asked by Samantha
  70. math

    solve the proportion. 7.5 75 ____ = ____ 26 P

    asked by that one dude
  71. Math

    Suppose Fred borrowed $5,616 for 25 months and Joanna borrowed $4,095. Fred's loan used the simple discount model with an annual rate of 8.1% while Joanne's loan used the simple interest model with an annual rate of 3.4%. If their maturity values were the

    asked by Jimin
  72. math

    if 12 less than 4 times a number is 8, the number is five. Write a different sentence where the unknown number is also 5

    asked by Anonymous
  73. English

    Anyone willing to help me with my essay I am stuck

    asked by Ram
  74. physics

    A golf ball is thrown straight up with an initial speed of 24.0m/s. It is caught at the same distance above the ground. How high does the golf ball rise? How long does the golf ball stay in the air? d= vi= vf= t= a=

    asked by Andrea
  75. Maths

    the graph of curve y=f(x) has point P(2,1) lies on the curve. On the graph y=2f(x+3) label the image of the point P, giving its coordinates. The answer is (-1,2)

    asked by Raj
  76. APA format

    I am having trouble I need help revising the following using the APA guidelines Running Head: WORKPLACE COMMUNICATION Title: Improving Workplace Communication Today Name: Lu Bo College: BSC Course: Workplace Communications Instructor: Ms. Baker Date:

    asked by Lu
  77. math

    1. Use special right triangles to state the value of the 6 trig functions for 30 degrees, 45 degrees and 60 degrees. 2. Use the calculator to evaluate the value of the following trig functions. sec 54^o 23’ cot 35^o 21’ 45’’

    asked by sal
  78. Accounting

    How would you appropriately put this in a journal entry? Purchased a used computer (three years old) at Bestbuy. When new, computer cost was 7600 with the expected life of 10 years. The used cash register is estimated to have 7 year life. Debit computer

    asked by sarah
  79. Geometry

    What is the area of a circle with a diameter of pi/3. (Preferably in terms of pi).

    asked by Sand
  80. Math - Algebra

    A banker invested money in two investments. The first investment returned 4% simple interest. The second investment returned 12% simple interest. If the second investment had $260.00 more money than the first, and the total interest for both investments

    asked by lizzy
  81. algebra

    211 = 1 - 5(6 - 8r)

    asked by kelsey