Questions Asked on
October 2, 2019

  1. Physics

    Paintball guns were originally developed to mark trees for logging. A forester aims his gun directly at a knothole in a tree that is 4.0 m above the gun. The base of the tree is 20 m away. The speed of the paintball as it leaves the gun is 50 m/s. How far

    asked by CodyJinks
  2. Statistics

    50 employees in an office wear eyeglasses. 43 have single-vision correction, and 7 wear bifocals. If two employees are selected at random from this group, what is the probability that both of them wear bifocals? What is the probability that both have

    asked by Bob
  3. Math

    1. I am thinking of a number. It is increased by 7. The sum is 21. What is my number? A. n=28*** B. n=14 C. n=7 D. n= 147 2. I am thinking of a number. It is increased by 9. The product is 27. What is my number? A. n = 36 B. n = 18 C. n = 3 D. n = 4

    asked by HomeworkStan
  4. english

    Based on previous knowledge of Greek values, what prediction can best be made about Antinous’s future? Antinous’s friends will rally around him, and he will be victorious in battle. Antinous will gain great power and win the heart of Penelope at last.

    asked by anon
  5. Math

    A photograph is 5 1/3 inches wide. It is being enlarged to 3 times its original size. What is the width of the enlarged photograph?

    asked by LaMia
  6. Science

    A small amount of acid is added to a buffer solution. The pH of the solution will A. increase. B. decrease. C. stay about the same.**** D. become neutral.

    asked by hipniblet
  7. english

    A problem shared in “Balancing Calories to Manage Weight” is that environmental factors promote overconsumption of calories and discourage calorie expenditure. How well does the article present a solution to the problem? a. The article provides a

    asked by anon
  8. english

    A question that is asked based on the information in Teach Every Child About Food is “Why do we need to teach our children about food?” How does Jamie Oliver effectively answer this question using persuasion? Teach Every Child About Food a. by stating

    asked by anon
  9. Algebra

    Consider the graph shown. Which of the following does not represent the rate of change found when using similar triangles? Select all that apply.

    asked by Quiz
  10. Pre Algebra

    In the figure shown, l1∥l2. If m∠8=49°, determine the measures of the other seven angles in the figure.

    asked by Trig
  11. Statistics

    A ski patrol unit has six members available for duty, and two of them are to be sent to rescue an injured skier. In how many ways can two of these six members be selected? Now suppose the order of selection is important. How many arrangements are possible

    asked by billy
  12. Math

    Find the area and perimeter of the rectangle with vertices (5 , -7) (5 ,1) (-2 ,1) and (-2, -7).

    asked by Skullorax
  13. History

    What did Siddartha Gautama do after seeing old age, sickness, death, and finally a holy man in the city streets? A. vowed to rule his people so that fewer would be sick and face old age and death in poverty B. shut himself up in the palace and refused to

    asked by um
  14. maths

    sum of 13th and 56th term

    asked by APochi
  15. Spanish

    Which is not a difference between schools in Puerto Rico and schools in Los Estados Unidos? A. Classes are conducted in Spanish. B. Students wear uniforms. C. There are homeschooling options. D. Students study both Spanish and English.***

    asked by hipniblet
  16. Maths

    The curve y = (x^2-4) is translated by(2 0). Write down an equation for the translated graph.Explain

    asked by Raj
  17. Economics

    Two grocery stores are located in the downtown area of a small city. The first offers excellent prices for buying large bulk quantities. The second does not have bulk offers, but offers lower prices on single items. Use the passage to answer the question.

    asked by Lol
  18. MicroEconomics

    “The power to constrain an adversary depends upon the power to bind oneself.” ." Explain this statement using the concept of strategic commitment.

    asked by Nikki
  19. math

    Tournament scores for 92 golfers are distributed normally. Two statistics from this tournament are given below. Mean: 74 Standard deviation: 2.5 What is the approximate percentage of golfers that scored higher than 79?

    asked by James Help plz
  20. physics

    Particle 1 and 2 of charge q1 = q2 = +3.3*10-19 C are on the y-axis at distance d = 17cm from the origin. Particle 3 of charge q3 = 6.4*10-19 C is moved gradually along the x-axis from x = 0 to x = 5.0cm. At what values of x will the magnitude of the

    asked by dan
  21. science


    asked by brianne
  22. Science

    greenhouse gasses are a. Gasses that release heat ***** b. gasses that hold in heat c. gases that create carbon dioxide d. gases that consume carbon dioxide.

    asked by Nunya
  23. history

    In a paragraph, describe why the election of 1896 could be considered a turning point in American politics. Be sure to consider the successes and failures of populism. Also consider what happened to the Populist Party, as well as the Democrats and the

    asked by :)
  24. Math

    517.3 km = __ m.

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  25. Math

    There are 140 people in a singing competition. The graph shows the results for the first five rounds.

    asked by Nick
  26. History

    Which colonists and Native Americans MOST LIKELY suffered the worst effects of ongoing wars between Britain and France and their colonies? A. those who had migrated west to start new settlements B. those living in developed lands and cities along the

    asked by A Struggling 9th grader
  27. Math

    HELP ME PLEASE THIS IS JUST PART 2 PLEASE ANSWER THE PRACTICE QUESTIONS. Anyway, please help me with this 1. Write the expression using exponents. 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 A. 33***(small three) B. 34 C.43 D. 35 I already found the second question's answers so moving

    asked by HomeworkStan
  28. Statistics

    Of the 53 students in a class, 33 are taking the class because it is a major requirement, and the other 20 are taking it as an elective. If two students are selected at random from this class, what is the probability that the first student is taking the

    asked by Bob
  29. History

    Why do I have to take History in 6th Grade

    asked by Sophie
  30. Math

    A hyperbola has a vertical transverse axis of length 6 and asymptotes of y = (2x/5)+2 and y = (-2x/5)-4. I am having trouble finding the focal length. I mean I think I've found it, but apparently it's incorrect. c = sqrt(a^2+b^2) = sqrt(5^2+2^2) = sqrt(29)

    asked by Bro
  31. Math

    In the following example, tell whether the answer is the solution to the equation. If the answer is no, identify the solution to the equation 1. 45x=180;x=4 A. Yes B. no, x=6 C. no, x=2 In the following example, tell whether the answer is the solution to

    asked by HomeworkStan
  32. Algebra

    Write an equation of the line passing through each of the following pairs of points. (5, 0), (−3, 0)

    asked by Helen
  33. Algebra

    Write an equation of the line passing through each of the following pairs of points. (−10, 4), (2, −5)

    asked by Helen
  34. Chemistry

    How do we know when x is negligible when calculating equilibrium concentrations?

    asked by Jess
  35. Math

    Write the steps for how to use a number line to multiply a 2 digit number by 20 . Give an example

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Maths

    Use log to solve 2.647*0.00921/0.05738

    asked by Anita
  37. Calculus

    ∫xcos(2x)dx What I did wrong u=x du=dx dv=cos(2x)dx v=-sin(2x)/2 -xsin(2x)/2 +∫sin(2x)/2dx--> -xsin(2x)/2 -cos(2x)/4+C

    asked by Anonymous
  38. algebra

    The graph of a quadratic function with vertex (3,-1). Find the range and the domain. write the range and domain using interval notation.

    asked by Kevin
  39. Chemistry

    What is the balanced equation between mannitol and boric acid

    asked by Jonathan
  40. English

    Can some someone tell me the moral of the white knight by eric nicol

    asked by dawa
  41. Algebra

    What is the name of the point from which a dialation is drawn A) The vertex*** B) The center of dialation C) The origin of dialation D) The corner

    asked by snipergoddess
  42. Maths

    The point P(5,4) is on the curve y=f(x). State the coordination of the image of P when the graph of y=f(x) is transformed to the graph of i) y= f(x-5) ii) y= f(x) +7

    asked by Raj
  43. Algebra


    asked by dank doodle memes
  44. Science

    1.) Identify the terms or phrases that are paired together correctly. desert and dwarf trees temperate and deciduous forests and evergreen trees subarctic taiga and moss tundra and permafrost

    asked by caitlyn
  45. History

    Please pick the answer for me. Which of the following did the Seminole Wars reflect? A. the continued expansion of United States territory B. the displacement of American Indians C. the attempted expansion of slavery into Florida D. All answers are

    asked by Gabriel
  46. History

    How did the Amistad case affect public opinion? A. It stirred the support of enslavers. B. It gave a great victory to abolitionists and encouraged them. C. It provoked an increase of British activity in the Atlantic. D. It created an interest in African

    asked by Gabriel
  47. science

    organisims that can reproduce with each other are in what classification I didn't want to come here but I tried google and other websites this is URGENT PLZ HELPPP

    asked by connexus
  48. History

    The voyage of the Creole was interrupted by _____. A. the British navy B. the Haitian Rebellion C. mutiny by the enslaved people aboard D. the German Coast Uprising

    asked by Gabriel
  49. History

    To rule his empire successfully Hammurabi instructed his own governors A: To teach Local Rulers B: To rule distant cities C: To train his sons to rule D: To cut off communication with the outside

    asked by Man, School is so tricky
  50. History

    What ideas were written into the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut that influenced later representative governments in America? A. that the powers of government should be written down***MY ANSWER B. that all men who owned property should be allowed to vote

    asked by Rosie_Chan
  51. History

    Sargon created the world's first empire by A: Defeating Hammurabi in battle. B: Destroying the city-state of Ur. C: Uniting Akkadian and Babylonian lands. D: Conquering Mesopotamian city-state

    asked by Man, School is so tricky
  52. Language Arts

    A cat cornered a mouse in a barn and was about to eat it. "Save me!" the mouse cried. "And someday I may save you!" The cat was haughty. "How can a tiny mouse ever save a cat?" she asked. "I may be tiny," the mouse answered, "but I have 34 brothers and

    asked by Damon Salvatore
  53. math


    asked by mrs. reeves
  54. Social studies

    Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. East Asian nations have imposed tariffs and other trade barriers to protect their industries, but these barriers have ____ economic growth. A. Benefited B. Encouraged C. Slowed (My answer) D. Sped up Please

    asked by IDK
  55. science

    A scientific theory is something that has been tested and there is a general idea of. A scientific law is something that has proven itself, and is agreed, to be a thing that is part of natural order, it can never change. On the other hand, a scientific

    asked by brianne
  56. social studies

    Which is a source of political conflict between China, Japan, and South Korea today? A. trade barriers B. nuclear weapons development /my answer/ C. land claims in the South China Sea D. economic sanctions

    asked by AJ
  57. English

    Which line from the red badge of courage most clearly supports the theme of courage as henry would define it in his youth(at the beginning of the novel)? a."And there were iron jaws of tradition and laws on four sides. He was in a moving box." b."His busy

    asked by Honors Courses ONLY Mel❤nie
  58. Math

    how many different four person committees can be formed from a group of five boys and four girls

    asked by Ed
  59. math

    you are given the information that P(A) = 30 and P(B) = 40, do you have enough information to compute P(A and B)? Explain.

    asked by McKenzie
  60. social studies

    East Asian nations have imposed tariffs and other trade barriers to protect their industries, but these barriers have economic growth. benefitted encouraged slowed sped up Which major threat does North Korea pose for the region? A. North Korea's nuclear

    asked by AJ
  61. Spanish

    ______ papeleras están al lado de la puerta. A. El B. La C. Los D. Las ***

    asked by hipniblet
  62. social studies

    1. The followers of which religion were not allowed to settle in Georgia until after the American Revolution? (1 point) A.Anglican B.Jewish C.Catholics D.Baptist 2. Which of the following was discussed as a reason that education was limited in royal

    asked by your mom
  63. biology 1a

    Which would happen if only nitrogen fixing bacteria were present in the soil? A. Ammonia would build up in the soil B. Oxygen would build up in the soil C. Excessive plant growth would occur D. Denitrification would occur

    asked by 7
  64. History

    How was the invention of the wheel important to the Sumerians? a. It allowed them to conquer neighboring states. B. It made traveling with traded items easier and increased trade. C. It improved their communication and recordkeeping. D. It helped them to

    asked by bruh
  65. History

    History @connections academy portfolio unit 2 can any one help me. 1First impressions of the Spanish people. What differences do you think a Taino person would notice about the Spanish? 2How did the Taino react to the Spanish? Were they kind at first? How

    asked by :(
  66. History

    Which major threat does North Korea pose for the region? A. North Korea's nuclear weapons program undermines peace and security. (My answer) B. North Korea's establishment of military bases on contested islands in the Pacific has created conflict. C. North

    asked by IDK
  67. History

    What enabled people of Northern Italy to sponsor learning?

    asked by ADR
  68. History

    What problem has China tried to solve by building hydropower dams, such as the Three Gorges Dam? A. scarcity of water B. lack of arable land C. production of greenhouse gases D. damage from earthquakes and tsunamis

    asked by that one dude
  69. math

    Two cones are similar in shape and the ratio of corresponding lengths is 3:5. (a) if the radius of the smaller cone is 12cm, find the radius of the larger cone. (b) if there is sufficient paint to paint 216 larger cones, find how many of the smaller cones

    asked by Ruben
  70. Maths

    A water tank is 5m tall and has a diameter of 3,5m .calculate the capacity (volume) of the tank

    asked by Lee
  71. Social studies

    Hey I need help on the test this is what I got 1. Which region was home to the Sioux? The eastern woodlands of North America Southern Mexico and Central America The Pacific Northwest of both America The central plains of northern america********

    asked by YourMomsDadWhosAlsoYourSon
  72. Social studies

    Which represents an Aztec adaptation to their environment? A surplus of farmed crops An accurate 365 day calendar A system of causeways****** Farming in terraces

    asked by YourMomsDadWhosAlsoYourSon
  73. math

    Blocks of stone are cut to a nominal size of 60cm x 30cm x 15cm, where measurements are correct to the nearest centimeter. Find the range of values of the volumes of a block giving your answer in the form V± pV, where V is the nominal volume and p is the

    asked by Ruben
  74. Social studies

    Which of the following best describes the difference between direct democracy and representative democracy? A. In a direct democracy, the people make laws. In a representative democracy, they do not. B. In a representative democracy, the people make the

    asked by Likewhat?!
  75. Math

    Bernadette bought two pieces of ribbon. One piece is 6 1/4 feet long, and the other is 11 1/2 feet long. Find the total length of the ribbion

    asked by Help me!!
  76. algebra

    Solve for x. 4(x-b)=x

    asked by Julia
  77. Math

    What would be a good way to solve this problem, d - 21 = 87? Thanks

    asked by Kitty
  78. Social studies

    I need help with this quick check. 1Which is a source of political conflict between China, Japan, and South Korea today? barriers B.nuclear weapons development claims in the South China Sea D.economic sanctions 2Use the drop-down menu to

    asked by Selah
  79. Maths

    The paint needed for one coat of paint for the building costs of R110 per liter. If liter covers 5m(squared) calculate the cost of the paint

    asked by Lee
  80. math

    Blocks of stone are cut to a nominal size of 60cm x 30cm x 15cm, where measurements are correct to the nearest centimeter. Find the range of values of the volumes of a block giving your answer in the form V± pV, where V is the nominal volume and p is the

    asked by Euler
  81. Math

    A study investigated whether injecting mice with a certain hormone would affect the time it takes them to learn a task. Learning times of 12 mice with the hormone injected were compared with those of 12 mice without the hormone injected. The mean of the

    asked by James Help plz
  82. Accounting

    List the sections of the income statement and give a briefly explanation for each

    asked by Snegugu
  83. maths

    12(m+3x)=18(x-3m);m hint this is algebra solve for the letter

    asked by i have 10 min help
  84. Science

    The atomic mass of an element is A. the sum of the protons and electrons in one atom of the element. B. twice the number of protons in one atom of the element. C. a ratio based on the mass of a carbon-12 atom. D. a weighted average of the masses of an

    asked by hipniblet
  85. Math

    -1/2 + -3/4 plz help me

    asked by Big boi
  86. Physics

    The changed pitch of the doppler effect is due to changes in what?

    asked by Manish
  87. Science

    How do you calculate number of atoms in 3 mol helium

    asked by Lerato
  88. SS

    When are equilibrium prices achieved?

    asked by Lol
  89. Math

    The basic recipe for split pea soup serves 8 people. Find the amount of each ingredient needed to serve 32 people.

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  90. Math

    There are 140 people in a singing competition. The graph shows the results for the first five rounds. Write an expression for the number of people after x rounds.

    asked by Nick
  91. Geography

    Where would the following probably place the umpire yelled you’re out

    asked by Luna
  92. World History

    What made the Fertile Crescent so fertile? A. imported crops brought by foreign traders B. moderate temperatures in the summer C. *** heavy snowfalls in winter D. silt deposited by annual flooding I think it may be C.

    asked by Mouse User
  93. Mathematics

    Express 2056000 in standard form

    asked by Chidimma Ihenacho
  94. Math

    Can you guys help me for these questions 1. What is the value of 44? (1 point) A. 16 B. 64 C.256 2. What is the value of 92? A.18 B. 81 C.729 3.What is the value of 83? A. 24 B. 64 C. 512 Please help me I have to hurry this ASAP.

    asked by HomeworkStan
  95. Math

    There are 36 girls with red shirts. There are 19 boys with red shirts. There are 16 girls with blue shirts. How many girls are there?

    asked by Ty
  96. science

    I need some one to check my work. plz:) What is the force required to accelerate 1 kilogram of mass at 1 meter per second per second. 1 pound 1 kilometer 1 gram 1 newton*** Mass and _____ affect the gravitational attraction between objects. air resistance

    asked by MMSanta
  97. Math

    There are 36 girls with red shirts. There are 19 boys with red shirts. There are 16 girls with blue shirts. How many children have red shirts?

    asked by Ty
  98. Math

    How do you make the sentence 8 × 16 +12 - 4 ÷ 2 equal to 160 with parentheses and brackets

    asked by Karma
  99. English

    how would you describe a person that has an identity centered around valuing family?

    asked by Jaylee
  100. English

    Hello, I am doing a project on JFK’s Inaugural speech. I have to find the components of SOAPSTone, and also exigence. I am having a hard time finding the exigence of this speech. Any help with this would be appreciated!

    asked by E
  101. Math

    Help please... Lyndi has started a home business making and selling all natural goat milk soaps. 1. If the cost of the materials for a basic bar of soap is $2.50 and Lyndi sells each bar of soap for $4.50, what is the markup percent? 2. Lyndi sells

    asked by 𝓒𝓻𝔂𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓵 𝓢𝓷𝓸𝔀
  102. science

    Form hypothesis= You are visiting a mountain in the northwest part of the United States. The mountain has steep sides and is not part of a mountain range. A crater can be seen at the top. Hypothesize about what type of mountain you are visiting.

    asked by hElp
  103. Math

    5. How many more books do you need to read over the summer if you already read 4 books and you need to read a total of 16 books? Write a equation to represent this situation and solve the equation using mental math. A. 16 ÷ b= 4;b=4 more books B. 4 x b =

    asked by HomeworkStan
  104. Algebra

    Write an equation of the line passing through each of the following pairs of points. (4, 0), (−2, 8)

    asked by Helen
  105. Math

    Make a bar graph of the data: 5,7,7,7,10,12,12,13,14,15,16,18

    asked by Shannan
  106. Math

    What rule is 86 blank 52

    asked by Ariana
  107. geometry

    a segment with a length 7 cm is dilated with center 0 and scale factor 1/4. The image of the segment is then dilated with center p and scale factor 2. find the length of the image after each dilation.

    asked by Anonymous
  108. help

    Park Scene by Jean-Baptiste Oudry Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program 3. What term is shown with the artist's use of similar colors throughout this drawing? (1 poi balance harmony emphasis variety

    asked by Raven
  109. History

    What may have caused religious disagreements amongst the Caroline u what may have caused religious disagreements amongst the colonists in colonial South Carolina? (A.) The capital only had an Anglican Church (B.) Settlers weren’t religious (C.) People

    asked by Kennedi
  110. math

    the family room in your house is 6 1/2 yards long and 5 3/4 yard wide. carpet cost $16 per square yards. how much will it cost to buy carpet for the family room?

    asked by rey
  111. science

    A total of 104 kg of water per second flows over a waterfall 50 m high. If half of the power this flow represents could be converted into electricity, how many 50-W lightbulbs could be supplied?

    asked by dymond
  112. Math

    A photo is 4 inches wide. It is placed inside a frame with a border that is x inches wide. The total width of the photo and the frame is 7 inches. Write an equation to model the situation, then solve the equation to find the width of the border.

    asked by Pancakes
  113. english

    Based on Teach Every Child About Food, which two passages best identify the speaker’s perspective on the importance of educating people about healthier eating? Select all that apply. a There’s sugar in everything. I knows the ins and outs of those

    asked by anon
  114. Math

    James and Jack are driving at 80 km/h and 60 km/h respectively. Every hour, James increases his speed by 3 km/h. Find their speed difference after 5 hours. Please explain method clearly. What I am confused with is, for the first hour do you start with 80

    asked by Anonymous