Questions Asked on
September 30, 2019

  1. Math

    Suppose that y varies directly with x and y=3 when x=9. what is y when x=18?

    asked by Marie
  2. math

    the formula for the area of a trapezoid is a=1/2h(b1+b2). which equations area of a trapezoid is a=1/2h(b1+b2). which equations are equivalent to the formula? h=2a/b1+b2, B1=2a/h-b2, b2=2a/b1-h, b2=2a/h-b1, or b1-2a/b2-h?

    asked by john
  3. Algebra

    Acme movers charges $50 plus $20 per hour to move household goods across town. Hank’s Movers charge $45 per hour. For what lengths of time does it cost less to hire Hank’s Movers?

    asked by Shyanne
  4. Science

    Which of the following can be expected to occur as climate change continues on Earth?

    asked by Juice Wrld
  5. stats

    Which of the following can be reasonably modeled by a normal distribution? The favorite colors of students in a kindergarten class A The heights of tomato plants that were all planted on the same day B The percent of employees from a company who attended a

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    Given the following information, calculate the amount credited and the outstanding balance. Invoice: $1,000 Terms: 3/10, n/30 Invoice date: May 5 Payment amount: $800 Date paid: May 9 A. $724.74, $275.26 B. $824.74, $175.26 C. $265.26, $624.74 D. $176.00,

    asked by Diana
  7. Math

    The binary operation *on the set R of all real numbers is defined as a*b=2a+3b-5. a)find the inverse element of* b)show whether or not *is commutative c)find -3 *1/4

    asked by Verseh
  8. Algebra

    What is another equivalent way of writing 5(x-2)? i know that it is Associative Property of Multiplication but i don't understand how to write it out as an equation. Can you please help me?

    asked by carla
  9. Math

    How do you divide 33 into 2 groups so the ratio is 4 to 7

    asked by Norma
  10. Math

    I’m exercises 1-4, find each sum or difference. 1. 5/10-3/10

    asked by Keisha
  11. Algebra

    A projectile is launched upward with a velocity of 128 feet per second from the top of a 50- foot platform. What is the maximum height attained by the projectile?

    asked by Madelyn
  12. Geometry

    One leg of a right triangle is 6 ft long. The hypotenuse is 12 ft long. What is the length of the second leg of the triangle? Round to the nearest tenth. a)10.4 ft b)9.6 ft c)6.9 ft d)13.5 ft*** I believe the answer is d, but can someone check it for me?

    asked by K Y L I E
  13. History

    The followers of which region we’re not allowed to settle in Georgia until after the American revolution A. Anglican B.jewish C. Catholics D.babtist Which of the following was discussed as a reason the education was limited in royal Georgia A. The school

    asked by Bob the builder;)
  14. Social studies

    Why are bank's important to producers

    asked by James
  15. Chemistry

    Which of the following are key parts of Dalton's Atomic Theory (Click the 4 that apply)? (1 point) All elements are composed of tiny indivisible particles called atoms*** Atoms of the same element are identical. The atoms of any one element are different

    asked by Spring Allergies
  16. English

    The title "Two Kinds" refers to the statement by the mother that there are only two kinds of daughters: "Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!" At the end of "Two Kinds," Jing - mei puts the title in a different light when she

    asked by Janaya
  17. social studies

    How were people of Chinese and Hispanic backgrounds treated differently from each other in America in the late 1800s? A. The Chinese people could easily get high-paying jobs while Hispanics had some of the lowest paying jobs. B. Hispanics were allowed to

    asked by sarah dawn
  18. Algebra 2

    Can someone help me with my Algebra question? Find y if the left hand arc is 5y+5 degrees the image gives me a picture of a circle with two intersecting lines... one angle on the left says 5y+5 degrees and the other says 2y+12 degrees. my choices are :

    asked by HeartlandRoseMarieS
  19. English

    Which information from this passage about Enkai is most important to include in a summary of the overall story?

    asked by Jack Rigger
  20. MATH

    The sum of two and the quotient of a number xxx and five.

    asked by hatim
  21. geometry

    christopher sees a bird in a tree at an angle of elevation of 50 degree. After walking 30 feet further from the tree, he views the bird at an angle of elevation of 35 degree. how high in the tree, to the nearest tenth of a foot, is the bird sitting?

    asked by karin
  22. Math

    Dan has 4 shelves.He has exactly 10 books on each shelf.Judy has 10 shelves. She has exactly 4 books on each shelf. Who has more books?

    asked by Claire
  23. Math

    Write the value that makes the statement true. 619.5 km = ___m A. 0.6195 B. 61.95 C. 61.950 D. 619,500 I think its D

    asked by Anonymous
  24. statistics

    Researchers studying catfish estimated the number of fingerling catfish and large catfish living in different rivers throughout the country. The following histograms summarize the relative frequency for each type of catfish. The figure presents two

    asked by Anonymous
  25. stats

    The time, in minutes, it took each of 11 students to complete a puzzle was recorded and is shown in the following list. 9, 17, 20, 21, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 35, 58 One of the students who completed the puzzle claimed that there were two outliers in the data

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Geometry

    What is the scale factor of a dilation centered at the origin that maps the point (12, -8) to the point (-7.2, 4.8)? Please show work as it will help me better understand, thanks so much!

    asked by Grace
  27. Geometry

    What is the scale factor of a dilation centered at the origin that maps the point (12, -8) to the point (-7.2, 4.8)?

    asked by Grace
  28. Chemistry

    a water sample is suspected to be contaminated by Hg(II) ions. How could you determine if the sample is really contaminated?

    asked by Aiko
  29. History

    Retelling stories of Br’er Rabbit outwitting Br’er Fox reflects _____. What's the answer for this? A. how enslaved African Americans would often learn to read despite literacy restrictions B. the importance of oral traditions among enslaved communities

    asked by Donovan
  30. art

    Lighthouse by Alfred Jacob Miller The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore 2. Through the use of line, this artist was able to create (1 point) a vanishing road to show perspective. assymetrical balance with the fence. negative space in the trees. value in the

    asked by Raven
  31. Social Studies

    Why did cattle owners have to buy private property on which to keep their cattle

    asked by Jonah
  32. physics

    A ball is thrown directly upward. the ball is 1.35 m above the ground when thrown. The ball reaches a max height of 7.68 m above the ground. Assuming air resistance can be ignored, at what speed was the ball thrown?

    asked by Dave
  33. algebra

    Which expression is equivalent to 56? A) 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 B) 6 × 6 × 6 × 6 × 6 × 6 × 6 C) 6 × 5 D) 5 6

    asked by Latonya Kincade
  34. math

    Evaluate the expression when x=10, y=−2, and z=−5. |zz|/-y

    asked by gye
  35. History

    The followers of which region we’re not allowed to settle in Georgia until after the American revolution A. Anglican B.Jewish C.Catholics****** D.Baptist Which of the following was discussed as a reason the education was limited in royal Georgia A. The

    asked by :)))
  36. Geography

    Because of its geography, Egypt / (Kush) needed grain, which (Egypt)/ Kush supplied in exchange for gold and ivory.

    asked by KARD
  37. math

    -9w -6 + 7w= 16 what the value of w

    asked by kaylee
  38. Physics

    A drone travels 17.0 km north, then 20.0 km west, then 21.0 km south, and finally 14.0 km east. The time for the entire trip is 1.50 h. (a) Determine the drone's total distance travelled. (b) Determine the drone's resultant displacement. magnitude_______km

    asked by Gagan
  39. History

    1. The followers of which religion were not allowed to settle in georgia until the american revolution? A) Anglican B) Jewish C) Catholics D) Baptist 2. Which of the following was discussed as a reason that education was limited in royal Georgia? A) The

    asked by L
  40. Math

    19, 18, 23, 24, 31, 32, 16 1. Which stems would you use to plot the data? A. 1,2,3,4,5,6 B. 1,2,3 C. 0,2,3,4,6 D. 0,1,2,4,6 I’m not sure which one either C. or D. ??

    asked by No idea...
  41. Chemistry

    Ethanol has a density of 0.789 g/ml what volume of ethanol in litres would have a mass of 500g

    asked by Ruth
  42. algebra

    if you use a table how can you find 19.9=4n-3

    asked by Sarah
  43. US History

    ". . . it is proper you should understand what I deem the essential principles of our Government . . . Equal and exact justice to all men . . . peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none; the support of the

    asked by Anonymous
  44. PE and Health Ed

    Mention four branches of Physical Education and discuss them .

    asked by Jesupemi .
  45. Social studies

    How do labor unions affect the economy

    asked by James
  46. Social studies

    Why did social activities increase in royal Georgia?

    asked by H7K
  47. Math

    Name a value for x that will complete the inequality that is shown then explain why the value make the inequality true 0.125

    asked by hellllp
  48. science

    A meteor moving 468 km per minute traveling in a south-to-north direction passed near Earth in 2013. Because the meteor was only 45 m wide and was 27,700 km above Earth’s surface, it was not visible without the aid of a telescope.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. History

    1. The followers of which religion were not allowed to settle in Georgia until after the American Revolution? A. Anglican B. Jewish C. Catholics*** D. Baptist 2. Which of the following was discussed as a reason that education was limited in royal Georgia?

    asked by Levi Ackerman
  50. Math

    Round 2,989,463 to the nearest million

    asked by Prince
  51. history

    Why did the Exodusters leave the South? A. to get jobs working on the railroad B. to start ranches for raising cattle C. to escape racism and violence D. to leave rural areas for eastern cities I think it's c but not sure.

    asked by elizabeth bell
  52. English

    What is the topic sentence of this paragraph " life without gravity"

    asked by Gigi
  53. Social Studies

    Match the country with its type of economy North koreaX, ChinaO, South koreaO, JapanO, O = mixed economy X = command economy Select the boxes in the table to show whether each country has an autocratic or a democratic form of government today. Autocratic

    asked by freeze
  54. Math

    The lowest point in the pacific ocean is about 11,000 meters. The lowest point in the atkantic ocean is about 8,600 meters. Which has the lower point? How much lower

    asked by Megeon
  55. Social Studies

    How were the lives of white people in the North and South alike and different? I already answered the question but can you give me more ideas for what the did similarly and differently plz. The differences between the economies of the North and the South

    asked by nanaye
  56. Geometry

    Problem: $AB$ and $AC$ are equal legs in $\triangle ABC$. Point $D$ lies on $AB$ such that $CD = CB$. If $\angle ADC = 114^\circ$, what is $\angle ACD$ in degrees?

    asked by Jim bo
  57. algebra

    ok so i am doing inequalities and i don't quite understand how to do this problem so i just need some help Five more than three times a number is less than twelve. Write an inequality that BEST represents this situation? thank you for the help!

    asked by teea
  58. English

    After a few moments he flops on his side, rises, stretches, and moves a few feet to Inspect—MINUTELY, Delicately—a Crevice In The Rock Outcropping And Finds Or Doesn't Find What Draws Him There. (from Of Wolves And Men) A. Carefully B. Quickly C.

    asked by joyner lucas
  59. science

    Im having trouble understanding Half life and what not... 1.If each roll of the dice represents 10,000 years, what is the approximate half-life (in years) of the element Lokium? 2. If each roll of the dice is 10,000 years, what is the approximate half-life

    asked by sAd_tEA
  60. Calculus

    Use the given information to find f '(4). f(x) = 5g(x) + h(x) g(4) = -4 and g'(4) = 6 h(4) = 1 and h'(4) = -5 f '(4) = ____

    asked by N/A
  61. Science

    The ? ? is a process used by scientists to find answers to questions or solve a problem.

    asked by Jacob
  62. science

    I have no idea how to do this Half life stuff please help! If you sampled/tested a rock and found it to be 24% Lokium (and 76% DOL), how old would you estimate that rock to be?

    asked by sAd_tEA
  63. physics

    One day while moving boxes you get tired and decide to use a rocket instead. You attach a small rocket of negligible mass to a 74.2 kg box. When you turn the rocket on, it provides a constant thrust of 271 N, and the sbox begins sliding across the

    asked by podolski
  64. Algebra

    For their homecoming​ parade, the students of​ U-Math have created a colorful​ banner, 44 meters in​ length, that is made of two pieces of parachute material. The short piece is 20 meters shorter than the long piece. Find the length of each piece.

    asked by krazylestrange
  65. Science

    Which of the following would best explain why a species of wildflower native to Switzerland is observed growing in the wild Montana? A.Water dispersed seeds of the wildflower. B.Water dispersed seeds of the wild flower. C.An animal ate seeds and later

    asked by noodles
  66. Algebra II

    baseball is hit at a height of 3 feet above the ground. At a horizontal distance of 210 feet from home plate, the ball reaches its maximum height of 60 feet. a)write a quadratic function to represent the height of the baseball as a function of it's

    asked by Levi
  67. Math

    A hairstylist schedules 1 4 hour to trim a customer's hair and 1 6 hour to style the customer's hair. The hairstylist plans to work 3 1 3 hours each day for 5 days each week. How many appointments can the hairstylist schedule each week if each customer

    asked by bla
  68. Math

    Jessica would like to make a small notebook from A4 paper. She cut it into 4 and then sew the pieces together. If she has 40 sheets of A4 paper, how thick is the notebook? Pls tell the answer and show working out

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math - Repost for Lexie

    This was originally posted on another student's thread. darnell earned $10 each week for 10 weeks walking a neighbors dog . how much did he earn. whats darnells amount using exponential notation. 0 0 posted by lexie today at 6:36pm

    asked by Ms. Sue
  70. Math

    Ms. Gooden feeds stray cats in the park every evening. She never knows how many cats will come to be fed. The food is always shared equally among the cats that are at the park. One evening, when 6 cups of cat food were shared, each cat received 2/3 cup of

    asked by Brooklyn
  71. math

    An airplane touches down on the runway with a speed of 70 m/s. It decelerates at a rate of -5 m/s2.

    asked by jay
  72. algebra

    . The bottom of a 24-ft ladder is 6 ft from the side of a house. Find the distance from the top of the ladder to the ground. Round to the nearest tenth. 19.2 ft 24.7 ft 22.2 ft 23.2 ft

    asked by BOT BOIIII
  73. Math

    A farm can produce 100 tons of fruit in year 1. However after applying some new farming technology itcould deliver 120 tons and 144 tons in year 2 & 3 respectively. At this trend, in year 4 it can produce how many tons of fruit?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. music

    What kind of harmony uses only notes from the key signature? A. diminished B. borrowed*** C. diatonic D. dominant In the key of D major, what chord is represented by the Roman numeral IV? A. C minor B. G major C. F sharp minor D. A major I have no clue for

    asked by help in music please
  75. geography

    if i'm traveling from Portugal to France through which country would i travel through

    asked by Anonymous
  76. English

    I need help writing my introduction paragraph

    asked by Feruz
  77. Math

    A hiker is standing at a location with an elevation of 77 feet. If he climbs up 37 feet, find his new position relative to sea level. 77ft +37ft = 114ft Do I need to convert 114ft into Meters ?? I don’t really understand the question..please help me.

    asked by NS
  78. Math help

    hiker is standing at a location with an elevation of 77 feet. If he climbs up 37 feet, find his new position relative to sea level. 77ft +37ft = 114ft Do I need to convert 114ft into Meters ?? I don’t really understand the question..please help me. Thank

    asked by NS
  79. Math

    A person invest $4000, part at 8.5 per annum and part at 9.5. At the end of the the year the 8.5 made $16 more. How much was invested at 9.5?

    asked by Matthew
  80. World History

    how did the Inca influence other civilizations

    asked by A bts Fan
  81. Math

    A bus travels 18 miles in 15 minutes. At the same rate, what distance will the bus travel in 50 minutes?

    asked by I'll keep my name a secret
  82. biology

    The sodium-potassium ion pump simultaneously transports two different solutes. Is the sodium-potassium ion pump an example of a cotransporter? Justify your answer by explaining the mechanism of the pump.

    asked by anonymous
  83. Algebra 1

    Thomas bought a vase for $10 and x flowers that cost $2 each.

    asked by Sam
  84. chemistry

    Calorimeter lab. What is the change in enthalpy for magnesium after the reaction with vinegar?

    asked by anonymous
  85. Physics

    You are standing in a valley with parallel vertical walls when a rockslide occurs on side. You see the slide and its sound 2.2 seconds later, then the echo from the other wall heard 3.5 sec later. What is the width of the valley?

    asked by Kelly Corona
  86. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral.[0,pi/4]∫( sec(t)tan(t)+ tcos(2t)j+ ((sin(2t))^2) *(cos(2t))k) dt

    asked by #1
  87. Math

    if you wanted to find the difference of 6/25 - 4/5 what common denominator should you choose?Why?

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  88. social studies

    What caused the Indus Valley civilization to disappear?

    asked by HELP
  89. Math

    what is the formula to calculate two cylinders, one of them inside the big cylinder?

    asked by student #1
  90. art

    creativity helps with innovation in many felds wich of the following statment is not true about creativity helping in the fields of computer technology

    asked by taylor
  91. Physics

    A jet airliner moving initially at 521 mph (with respect to the ground) to the east moves into a region where the wind is blowing at 434 mph in a direction 22◦ north of east. What is the new speed of the aircraft with respect to the ground?

    asked by Dat Le
  92. Algebra

    Below, the standard addition algorithm is being used to add three two-digit numbers. 4z 27 +x5 y14 If x, y and z each represent a different digit from 0 to 9, what is the value of (x)(y)(z)?

    asked by Anonymous
  93. math

    Let y = f(x) be a function with domain D = [−6, −2] and range R = [−10, −4]. Find the range R for each function. Enter your answers using interval notation. y = -f(x)

    asked by AmIDumbBecauseICantMath
  94. Math

    In 1870 the average ground temperature in Paris was 11.8°C. Since then it has risen at a nearly constant rate, reaching 13.5°C in 1969. (a) Express the temperature T (in °C) in terms of time t (in years), where t = 0 corresponds to the year 1870 and 0

    asked by Help plis
  95. Geometry

    The coordinates of the vertices of △ABC are A(1,4), B(-2,-1), and C(-3,-2). The height h to side BC is √2, and b is the length of BC. What is the area of △ABC? I don't really know how to approach or start this problem, so if you can help, please do!

    asked by Grace
  96. Math

    Please help me with this question. What is 1/2 divided by 1/2?

    asked by Weather
  97. politics

    why is there so much conflict around trade deals, which became a focal point during the 2016 US Presidential election?

    asked by eric
  98. Physics

    4. a metal cylinder of height 4.5 cm and base area 24 cm2. metal cylinder 4.5 cm The density of the metal is 7900 kg m–3. (a) Show that the mass of the cylinder is 0.85 kg. (b) The cylinder is placed on a plank The plank is at an angle of 40° to the

    asked by Raj
  99. Math

    Jessica would like to make a small notebook from A4 paper. She cut it into 4 and then sew the pieces together. If she has 40 sheets of A4 paper, how thick is the notebook?

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Physics

    A particle of mass 5kg initially at rest is acted upon by two mutually perpendicular forces 12N And 15N.if the particle move in the direction OA,calculate the magnitude of the acceleration?

    asked by Hazzey owolabi
  101. Maths

    How many different cuboids can you make using 17 cubes

    asked by Refilwe
  102. Chemistry

    You are given a solution that is supposed to contain calcium phosphate. What test can you perform to confirm the presence of this calcium phosphate? Provide a brief procedure including any observation you are likely to make.

    asked by Aiko
  103. History

    Which of the following was a direct consequence of the Seminole Wars? A. Restrictions were placed on free African Americans in northern cities. B. The international slave trade was restricted. C. Tensions between Britain and the United States increased. D.

    asked by Donovan
  104. Social Studies

    1. The followers of which religion were not allowed to settle in Georgia until after the American Revolution? Anglican Jewish Catholics Baptist

    asked by Name1
  105. English

    What is the 3rd step In the multi step draft reading

    asked by ethan
  106. English

    1. Mr. Peters changes Leita back into a swan because (1 point) she does not respect him. she has begged him to do so. she is unhappy as a human. she has lost hope. 2. In "The Third Wish," as Mr. Peters is attempting to free the swan from the thorns, it

    asked by Raven
  107. History

    3.How do the laws established by the puritans affect south carolina today? A. South Carolina has a form of blue laws B. South Carolina does not permit people to work on Sunday*** C. South Carolina has laws that are favorable to only one church D. South

    asked by Taylor