Questions Asked on
September 28, 2019

  1. Chemistry

    Solution A in H2So4 containing 0.085mol /dm^3. solution B is KoH. Titrate using methyl orange as an indicator. calculate: A.concentration of A in g/dm^3 B.Concentration of B In mol/dm^3 C.Concentration of B in g/dm^3 take Va=27.30cm^3,Vb=25.0­­ 0cm^3?

    asked by El chapo
  2. English

    Three figures of speech in the poem the pulley by herbert George

    asked by Favour
  3. English

    3. The narrator in “All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” expresses (1 point) a) A desire to return to a natural way of living in nature b) A desire for man to live simply in nature with computers for his safeguard*** c) A vision of a

    asked by Honors Courses ONLY Mel❤nie
  4. Science

    A ball is thrown horizontally from the roof of building 50.m tall and lands 45m from the base. What was the balls initial speed

    asked by Sara
  5. Career prep

    What might happen if a newly hired person filled out a w-4 form incorrectly a.That person could be placed in a job thats not suitable b.That person may have a larger tax bill to pay on income taxes c.That person might be arrested and deported d.That person

    asked by Honors Courses ONLY Mel❤nie
  6. Art

    which of the following statements is not true A. the pears occupy the positive space in the image B. recognizing the negative and positive spaces could have made it easier for the artist to paint the pears. C. The negative space is difficult to recognize

    asked by sub2MRbreakurankle
  7. Civic Education

    List and explain in details 10 limitations of the human rights in Nigeria

    asked by Andrew
  8. Organic chemistry

    Write the equation for the reactions between malic acid and fumaric acid with magnesium and sodium carbonate.

    asked by Nur
  9. physics

    a metre rule is found to balance horizontally at 48cm mark .when a body of mass 60g is suspended at d 6cm mark ,the balance point is found to be the 30cm mark .calculate the mass of the metre rule and distance of the balance point from zero end if the body

    asked by anu
  10. math

    solve the simultaneous equation, giving your answer in base 2 11x+11y=1001 10x -y =10

    asked by Tunde
  11. science

    Na2So4+Hg(NO3)2 balance equation and find the spectator ion

    asked by Sahil
  12. Calculus

    A rectangular lot adjacent to a highway is to be enclosed by a fence. If the fencing costs $2.50 per foot along the highway and $1.50 per foot on the other sides, find the dimensions of the largest lot that can be fenced off for $720.

    asked by Algine Mae
  13. Algebra

    Find the area of a square with side a when a=2 in, a=12 in, and a=0.8 in. Are the area of a square and the length of its side directly proportional quantities? Why or why not?

    asked by Vernice
  14. English

    which proverbs most clearly reflects a major theme in a sound of thunder, A fish rots from its head down never put off tomorrow what you can do today better to light a candle then to curse in the darkness*** in our every deliberation we must consider the

    asked by Honors Courses ONLY Mel❤nie
  15. Math

    Jennifer is making bouquets of flowers. She has 25 roses, 45 tulips, and 15 snapdragons. She divides the flowers equally to make as many bouquets as possible. She uses up all the flowers. What number of snapdragons are in each bouquet? A. 3 B. 5 C. 9 D. 15

    asked by Hershey
  16. math

    Find a general form of an equation of the line through the point A that satisfies the given condition. A(8, −1); perpendicular to the line 5x − 5y = 4

    asked by why is math so hard
  17. trigonometry

    Given: ∆ABC, m∠A = 35° Circle k(O, r=3) O∈ AB Find: Perimeter of ∆ABC

    asked by x
  18. math

    An object is projected vertically upward from the top of a building with an initial velocity of 112 ft/sec. Its distance s(t) in feet above the ground after t seconds is given by the equation s(t) = −16t^22 + 112t + 110. a)Find its maximum distance above

    asked by June
  19. Math

    Place the decimal point in the quotient to make the division sentence true. 8 . 94 ÷ 0 . 016 = 5575 8.94÷0.016=5575 A. 0.55875 B. 5.5875 C. 55.875 D. 558.75

    asked by OMG is this WRONG??
  20. science

    Which one of the following molecules can MOST easily pass through the plasma membrane unassisted? A. Ca2+, a positive ion B. Cl−, a negative ion C. CO2, a nonpolar gas D. glucose, a large sugar

    asked by Lula
  21. English

    Identify the participle phrase and participles that are used as adjectives. Give the noun or pronoun each participle or participle phrase modifies. 1. The team of scientists, noting the unique shape of each whale’s dorsal fin, named each whale in order

    asked by Hayden
  22. biology

    Which of the following BEST explains whether cotransport is an active process or a passive process? A. It is active because ATP is needed to transport both chemicals across their concentration gradients. B. It is active because ATP is needed to establish a

    asked by mac
  23. physics

    A person standing at the top of a cliff whirls a stone at the end of a string in a horizontal circle. The stone is released at a point 20.0 m above the base of the cliff and lands a horizontal distance X from the base. X is thirty times the radius of the

    asked by @@@Mohammad$$$
  24. math


    asked by cindy
  25. Physics

    Two forces are applied to a car in an effort to move it, F1 is 400N and F2 is 450N, F1 is 30 degrees in the upper right and F2 is 10 degrees in the upper left) (a) What is the resultant vector of these two forces? (b) If the car has a mass of 3 000 kg,

    asked by Alice
  26. Language Arts

    Why do people sometimes chase after or admire people who do not pay them any attention?

    asked by Sebastian
  27. Math

    The crate has 22 red apples 15 green apples and 8 yellow apples what is the ratio that compares the number or green apples to the total number of apples.

    asked by Will
  28. Biology

    A nurse is caring for a client who has multiple myeloma and has a WBC count of 2,200/mm. Which of the following food items brought by the family should the nurse prohibit from being given to the client?

    asked by Maggie L Vázquez
  29. Physics

    The portion of a nerve cell that conducts signals is called an axon. Many of the electrical properties of axons are governed by ion channels, which are protein molecules that span the axon's cell membrane. When open, each ion channel has a pore that is

    asked by Lorraine
  30. Science

    Describe an experiment to find the specific heat capacity of a material I really don't understand, thanks :)

    asked by Joe
  31. math

    A college student receives an interest-free loan of $10,200 from a relative. The student will repay $200 per month until the loan is paid off. a) Express the amount P (in dollars) remaining to be paid in terms of time t (in months). (Give your answer in

    asked by math
  32. algebra

    Find the standard equation of a parabola that has a vertical axis and satisfies the given conditions. x-intercepts −1 and 7 highest point has y-coordinate 4

    asked by math
  33. Math

    What is the sum of all the numbers less than 496 that devise equally into 496

    asked by Julia
  34. Math

    Let y = f(x) be a function with domain D = [−6, −2] and range R = [−10, −4]. Find the domain D and range R for each function. Enter your answers using interval notation. a) y = 1/2f(x) b) y = f(x-2)+5

    asked by domain&range
  35. Physics

    Why is a material with a high specific heat capacity better suited for use in a heating system than a material with low heat capacity

    asked by Lauren
  36. REPOST: Left-handers for Mano

    This was originally posted on another student's thread. plz help me find the right answeres please Did you know that just 10% of the population is left-handed? A scientist doesn’t know why some people are lefties. Genetic seems to be responsible about

    asked by Ms. Sue
  37. biology

    The answer to which of these scientific questions would MOST likely explain why all life on Earth is based on carbon? A. How many carbon isotopes are stable? B. How much carbon is found in Earth’s crust? C. What are the naturally occurring states of

    asked by mac
  38. Biology

    The density of ice is 916.7 kilograms per cubic meter at 0 degrees Celsius under atmospheric pressure. Columbia Glacier, in Alaska, loses about 4 billion metric tons of ice each year. About what volume of water melts from the glacier each year? Im confused

    asked by Richard
  39. Algebra

    Given the function f(x)=x2+2x+1, find: f(2b)

    asked by Helen
  40. Algebra

    A woman is 43 years old, and her daughter is 15 years old. How many years will it be before the woman’s age is just twice her daughter’s?

    asked by Matthew
  41. Math

    Hi,I don't know how to use the formulas,can someone use the questions below as example 1.formula:m-(x-n)^2 Quest:10x-x^2 2.Formula:a-(x+b)^2 Quest:5-2x-x^2

    asked by Idkhowtodomath
  42. Science /chemstry

    An ice cube (25g) is at -8.0c how much is required to melt it completly

    asked by Jacob
  43. Organic Chemistry

    What can be shown about the structure of each isomer from: A) Its reaction with magnesium and sodium carbonate? __________________________________ B) The effect of its solution on pH indicator? __________________________________ C) Its melting point?

    asked by Nur
  44. literature

    I need help understanding Roger williams A Plea For Religious Liberty

    asked by Daryl
  45. Math

    f(x) = 6x^2 + 7x − 20 Find the maximum or minimum value of f(x)

    asked by Algebra function
  46. Body Systems

    Match the word with its meaning. Please check my answers thank you. myocardi/o B. heart muscle myo/o F. muscle plant/o I. sole of the foot abduction L. movement away from the body adduction N. movement toward the midline of the body dorsiflexion D.

    asked by Lu
  47. Physics

    A high potential is applied between the electrodes of a hydrogen discharge tube so that the gas is ionised. Electrons move towards the anode and protons towards the cathode. In each second, 5x10^18 electrons and 2x10^18 protons traverse a cross section of

    asked by El chapo
  48. Algebra

    The length of one of the equal legs of an isosceles triangle is 3inches less than twice the length of the base. If the perimeter is 29 inches , what is the length of each of the sides?

    asked by Reyna
  49. physics

    What does the variable ‘e’ stand for in the equation for energy in an elastic potential energy store?

    asked by John
  50. Science - Physics

    How could you reduce unwanted energy transfers in a machine with moving components? Thank you

    asked by George
  51. Algebra

    Write a formula showing the dependence of the mass of a piece of cork on its volume, if the density of cork is 0.18g/cm3. Using the formula, find the mass of a piece of cork with a volume of 240 cm3 If the mass of a piece of cork is m, and its volume is v,

    asked by Helen
  52. physics

    How much energy is transferred each second to a 50W device?

    asked by John
  53. science - physics

    Describe how you can reduce the acid rain caused by burning coal and oil. Thank you

    asked by George
  54. Math

    f(x) = 6x^2 + 7x − 20 Find the maximum or minimum value of f(x). (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by math
  55. physics

    A person standing at the top of a cliff whirls a stone at the end of a string in a horizontal circle. The stone is released at a point 20.0 m above the base of the cliff and lands a horizontal distance X from the base. X is thirty times the radius of the

    asked by $$$Gleady ###
  56. math

    what is the formula for alpha square multiplied by beta?

    asked by goodluck