Questions Asked on
September 24, 2019

  1. Pre Algebra

    What do you call a duck that steals?

    asked by Aliyah
  2. Science

    1. Which term refers to the way light interacts with the surface of a rock or mineral? cleavage- luster density hardness 2.What will happen in an area where large deposits of a desired mineral are found? Select the two correct answers. Tourism in the area

    asked by 모르겠어
  3. Science

    The mining of which resource produces the most toxic waste? Tin Silica Copper** Quartz I think it’s C can someone please double check

    asked by Please help
  4. Algebra

    Two different businesses model their profits over 15 years, where x is the year, f(x) is the profits of a garden shop, and g(x) is the profits of a construction materials business. Use the data to determine which function is exponential, and use the table

    asked by Harmony
  5. Algebra

    Initially, there were only 86 weeds in the garden. The weeds grew at a rate of 8% each week. The following function represents the weekly weed growth: f(x) = 86(1.08)x. Rewrite the function to show how quickly the weeds grow each day. f(x) = 86(1.08)7x;

    asked by Harmony
  6. Algebra

    A group of students is arranging squares into layers to create a project. The first layer has 6 squares. The second layer has 12 squares. Which formula represents an arithmetic explicit formula to determine the number of squares in each layer? a1 = 6; an =

    asked by Harmony
  7. Algebra

    Two different businesses model their profits over 15 years, where x is the year, f(x) is the profits of a garden shop, and g(x) is the profits of a construction materials business. Use the data to determine which function is exponential, and use the table

    asked by Harmony
  8. math

    A group of students is arranging squares into layers to create a project. The first layer has 6 squares. The second layer has 12 squares. Which formula represents an arithmetic explicit formula to determine the number of squares in each layer? a1 = 6; an =

    asked by bethann
  9. Algebra

    Graph the function f(x) = 5(0.21)x.

    asked by Harmony
  10. math

    If two quantities vary directly, which must be true of a graph showing the relationship between them? Select all that apply. A. The graph is a curve. B. The points on the graph are connected. C. The graph increases from left to right. D. The points of the

    asked by flame
  11. English

    the king of mazy may by jack london describe walts character identify a character trait shown for walt in the passage use at least 2 details from the text to support your answer

    asked by help me skee yeee
  12. Social studies

    Which was a significant reason middle colonies were more favorable to farmers than New England? Select all that apply. A-the climate was cooler B-the growing season was longer C-the soil was more fertile. D- Crops grew better along the coasts. E- There

    asked by Anon
  13. math

    Calculate the amount of money​ you'll have at the end of the indicated time period. You invest ​$4000 in an account that pays simple interest of 7​% for 30 years.

    asked by Tonya
  14. Physics

    A circuit contains a resistor in series with a capacitor, the series combination being connected across the terminals of a battery. The time constant for charging the capacitor is 2.6 s when the resistor has a resistance of 1.9 x 104 Ω. What would the

    asked by Coco
  15. Math

    A building measuring 90m by 60m is to be built. A paved area of uniform width will surround the building. The paved area is to have an area of 9000m^2. How wide is the paved area

    asked by R
  16. History

    Which was a significant reason Middle Colonies were more favorable to farmers than New England? Select all that apply

    asked by Mommy
  17. Earth Science

    Help? Having studied the data for patterns and trends, you should now be able to draw some conclusions about how knowing the half-life of the element Lokium would help you determine the absolute age of rock in which this element is found. In a paragraph,

    asked by Kay
  18. Pre-Calculus

    A Ferris wheel is 25 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 2 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 8 minutes. How many minutes of

    asked by R_M
  19. Geography

    People in Australia and New Zealand feel a strong national identity, or a... A.sense of frustration with old, traditional ways in culture and politics. B.sense of feeling one's country is better than other countries. C.sense of being a part of a country,

    asked by marie
  20. world geography

    New Zealand has a humid subtropical climate. true or false? i think its false because it doesnt rain that much with mild temperatures.

    asked by marie
  21. Math

    I need help! I am confused! Algebra solve using substitution or elimination.10x-15y=10 4x+6y=0

    asked by Mark
  22. Chemistry

    If a gas is 9 times as heavy as hydrogen which diffuse faster and by what factor

    asked by Hawah
  23. Math

    What is the value of x in 16^2=x a) -256 b) 256 c) -4 d) 4 I am so confused, and I need someone to help me out.

    asked by Schoolgirl88
  24. history

    which of the following describes the role of an anthropologist? ( 1 point ) a) a person who studies the origin and development of humans b)a person who searches for artifacts from prehistory people c) a person who excavates remains from early communities

    asked by emma
  25. Social studies

    Why did the English build Fort King George in 1721? as a key trading center for its valuable furs.*** to prevent Spanish and French attacks. as a key entrance to the Northwest Passage. to stop the spread of disease from the west.

    asked by Sophia
  26. Social Studies

    Why is urbanization associated with the industrial revolution? A. The expansion of family farms refocused the nation on agriculture. B. The concentration of factories in cities brought job opportunities. C. Settlers expanded the frontier west of the

    asked by Hehe
  27. Algebra

    A store had 50 bottles of olive oil. Each week, 40% of the olive oil bottles were sold and 20 new bottles arrived in shipments. Which recursive function best represents the number of bottles in the store, given that f(0) = 50? f(n) = f(n − 1) ⋅ 0.6 +

    asked by Harmony
  28. Medical, Proofreading

    Using the case study scenario below Correctly spell The words in bold print. Also give their corresponding definitions . ( use the template) Larry, a 35 year old truck driver complained about inflammation and pain in the flexr and pronter muscles of the

    asked by Lu
  29. Communication

    What are some characteristics of respectful phone communication? Select all the apply. A) Return phone calls promptly B) Introduce yourself immediately in voice mail of phone call C) State your purpose and be specific D) Provide your contact information

    asked by Wonder Woman .-. .-. .-.
  30. Social studies

    Which of the following was a main cause of the Mexican-American war? A. The Americans belief in manifest destiny B. Mexicans living illegally on American land C.the Louisiana purchase of 1803 D.president polk’s attempts to buy New Mexico’s northern

    asked by Young justice fan
  31. Algebra 1

    A 10 meter rope is cut into two pieces so that one piece is equal to 5 meters longer than 4 times the shorter piece find the lengths to both sides

    asked by Joseph
  32. Spanish

    In Mexico, what is considered to be polite when you are greeting someone? A. Saying "Hola" stopping and chatting for a minute, and asking about the other persons family B. Saying "Hola" kissing the other person on one cheek, and continuing to walk C.

    asked by Amber
  33. science

    what is an example of asexual reproduction in fungi PLZ ANSWER FAST #conexus

    asked by dasia
  34. Math

    If the value of n nickels plus d dimes is c cents, what is n in terms of d and c?

    asked by Lyli
  35. Math

    A computer store buys some merchandise with a list price of $3,000. If the wholesaler offers trade discount rates of 40/25/10, find the trade discount.

    asked by Joshua
  36. history

    In Ancient Egypt, which female pharaoh was known for building Egypt's wealth and power through trade?

    asked by bob
  37. science

    what steps are important in the process of creating a scientific theory (hypothesizing observing and testing) creating a prototype and trouble-shooting analyzing offering an opinion and evaluation trouble shooting hypothesizing and evaluating

    asked by vampire diarys
  38. Math

    How many different isosceles triangles can be made, if two of the sides must be 15 cm long and all sides must be an integer?

    asked by Jiksha Lover
  39. Algebra

    The graph of f(x) = 2x + 4 shifts five units to the right when it is replaced with the graph of f(x) = 2x − k. What is the value of k? 5 −1 1 4

    asked by Harmony
  40. Geography.

    Australia and new Zealand both work in? energy? service industries? agriculture? mining? please.

    asked by jessica
  41. science

    i need help on reasons for the seasons on the portfoilio item

    asked by ross comoco
  42. social studies

    Identify three characteristics of colonial governments in America and the factor or source that influenced each of the characteristics. could some one PLEASE simpleise this question i have no idea what this question means you can answer it if you want but

    asked by bamboo
  43. History

    The Northwest Ordinance _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. ended slavery B. limited the spread of slavery C. revived the slave trade D. created a new domestic slave trade

    asked by Olegario
  44. Pre-Algebra

    1. What is the product of (5.1x10^3)x(3.2x10^3) A. 16.32 x 10^6 B. 1.632 x 10^7 C. 16.32 x 10^9 D. 1.632 x 10^10 2. What is the product of (7.28x10^-2)(9.1x10^-2) A. 6.6248 x 10^-3 B. 66.248 x 10^-4 C. 6.6248 x 10^4 D. 66.248 x 10^-3 3. What is the

    asked by DJ
  45. math

    In an arithmetic sequence , the 9th term is twice the 3rd term and 15th term is 80. Find the common difference and the sum of the terms from from 9th to 15th is inclusive

    asked by ying
  46. Math

    One of Kepler's three laws of planetary motion states that the square of the period, P, of a body orbiting the sun is proportional to the cube of its average distance, d, from the sun. The Earth has a period of 365 days and its distance from the sun is

    asked by Clarence
  47. Math

    Jennifer is making bouquets of flowers. She has 25 roses, 45 tulips, and 15 snapdragons. She divides the flowers equally to make as many bouquets as possible. She uses up all the flowers. What number of snapdragons are in each bouquet? A. 3 B. 5 C. 9 D. 15

    asked by Brooklyn
  48. spanish

    Durante la fiesta yo _________ (hablar) con __________ (my) familia y _________ (my) amigos. Ellos _________ (comer) arroz y frijoles, pero el cerdo asado es _________ (their) favorito. Nosotros _____________ (bailar) mucho y _______ ____________

    asked by bob
  49. algebra

    i need to solve for y but i am confused with the fraction, so i need help 2-(y)/(6)=8x [[[[ the (y)/(6)is a fraction]]]] thank you!

    asked by teea
  50. MATH

    Matthew is constructing a rectangular prism with a volume of 729 cubic inches. The prism will have the least possible surface area. a) describe the prism and what will be its dimensions b) what will be its surface area

    asked by anonymous
  51. Math graphing

    Does anybody know how I can graph these on wolfram? x=cos(8cos(t))sin(t),y=sin(8cos(t))sin(t),z=cos(t).I type as it on wolframalpha site but no graph shows.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Business Math

    A patient takes vitamin pills. Each day he must have at least 630 IU of vitamin​ A, 5 mg of vitamin Upper B 1​, and 80 mg of vitamin C. He can choose between pill​ 1, which contains 150 IU of vitamin​ A, 1 mg of vitamin Upper B 1​, and 10 mg of

    asked by Chad
  53. MATH

    an electrical transformer box is a rectangular prism constructed from sheet metal. it must have a volume of at least 274 625 cm^3 to hold all the necessary equipment. a) what dimensions for the box require the least area of sheet metal? b) what area of

    asked by anonymous
  54. History

    Why were Middle Colones more favorable to farmers than New England? I need help. History not good with me. I no take notes. Too hard to understand. Any help?

    asked by Awesome
  55. Math

    Find the trade discount for an order of merchandise with a list price of $8,000 less trade discount rates of 30/20/15. (Find the single equivalent discount first.)

    asked by Joshua
  56. Geography

    What is the main reason other members of the EU are concerned about the British decision to leave the EU? A. They are concerned that other nations will want to leave the EU after Britain * B. They are concerned that English will not be spoken in the EU any

    asked by Fake love
  57. Music

    How many beats does a dotted whole note get?

    asked by Kaiden
  58. math

    greig gave james 1/4 of his orange and sold 1/3 of the remainder. greig remained with 80. calculate how many greig had at the beginning

    asked by james
  59. Math

    why could the mean of the data be misleading age of teachers: 29,38,39,26,29,29,39,77,38,29 Ms. Sue, can you please help me?

    asked by annonymous 1984
  60. Algebra

    What is the difference between 3/7 and 7/14?

    asked by vjgfgikf
  61. MATH

    the dimensions of two rectangular prisms with volume 240 cm^3 are given. sketch each prism and predict which will have less surface area. check your prediction. a) 10cm by 6cm by 4cm b) 12cm by 10 cm by 2cm

    asked by anonymous
  62. algebra

    which expression is equivalent to (-2)(a+6) -2a+6 -2a+12 2a+12 -2a-12

    asked by lollian
  63. History

    Which of the following statements is true? A. Some colonists wanted independence from Britain and an end to slavery. B. Some colonists wanted to stay loyal to Britain and to maintain slavery. C. Some colonists wanted independence from Britain and to

    asked by Olegario
  64. MATH

    Kirkor has to design and build a box with the greatest volume possible. the box is a rectangular prism. for each surface area, what will be the dimensions of the box? a) 600 square inches b) 1350 cm^2 c) 2400 square inches

    asked by anonymous
  65. History

    Whats the answer for this? The Declaration of Independence claimed that “all men are created equal.” How did African Americans use the court system to fight for freedom and equality? Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. In

    asked by Olegario
  66. Algebra

    Given the function f(x)=x2+2x+1, find: f(−7)

    asked by Helen
  67. Math

    Problem: Ms. Ashol has 20 boys and 16 girls in her mathematics class. If she chooses two students at random to work on the blackboard, what is the probability that both students chosen are girls? What I did : I added the boys and girls 36 (16c2)/(36c16)

    asked by Ed
  68. Science

    After using your balance how should it always be left?

    asked by Kishanè
  69. Chemistry

    If you used exactly 10.0 grams of aluminum, calculate the theoretical yield of alum you should get in your experiment.

    asked by Connor
  70. Music

    How do tempo markings aid the performer? Plz help👀

    asked by juju
  71. Pre-Algebra

    Since the triangle was a square, what is special about the legs and hypotenuse used in Pythagorean Theorem?

    asked by Dumb Litty
  72. Math, probability sets

    I'm beginning a new unit in class on probability sets but I don't know what the U and upside down U symbols mean.

    asked by Lijim
  73. Math

    In an arithmetic progression the 5th term is six times the 1st term and the sum of the first six terms is 99. Find the 1st term and the common difference.

    asked by Mark
  74. Chemistry

    The number of C atom in 0.00102 mol CH 3(CH2)4CH2OH

    asked by Xinner
  75. Accounting

    On March 1, 2018, Master wear industries issued 5 years, sh 1000000 of 12% bonds, dated 1 Jan 2018, effective interest was 16% and interest is payable semiannually on June 30 and december 31.The entire bond issue was purchased by United group. Show the

    asked by Sian
  76. Physics

    Two charges are placed on the x axis. One of the charges (q1 = +8.59C) is at x1 = +3.00 cm and the other (q2 = -25.6C) is at x2 = +9.00 cm. Find the net electric field (magnitude and direction given as a plus or minus sign) at (a) x = 0 cm and (b) x =

    asked by Coco
  77. History

    Which of the following groups would the British place in the Ethiopian Regiment? Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. captured rebel soldiers B. captured enslaved African Americans belonging to rebel enslavers C. new enslaved African

    asked by Olegario
  78. Math

    Stewart Software purchases some merchandise with an invoice price of $26,900, and terms of sale of 2/20, n/45. What is the net amount due on the order if a partial payment of $8,700 is made on the 20th day?

    asked by Joshua
  79. Physics

    A tailor cut two pieces of clothes for two shirts. One price measures exactly 1.2m while the other measure 1m. What is the ratio of the length of cloth used for the larger shirt to that used for the smaller shirt.?

    asked by El chapo
  80. Physics

    Calculate the displacement of an air craft that travels due north for 78minutes at 720km per hour

    asked by Nonzamo
  81. physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a 61.8kg object going 11.5m/s?

    asked by star
  82. spanish

    Which would be true for conjugating a reflexive verb? It reflects to something else in the sentence. It is formed like an irregular verb. It has a special reflexive pronoun that must be used along with the verb. It is necessary to always use the subject

    asked by spanish
  83. math

    A square array of dimes contains 196 dimes.

    asked by jaiden Rutledge
  84. arithmetic

    4 3/4 - 1 5/8

    asked by carlos
  85. Physics

    Calculate the displacement of an air craft that travels dew north for 78 minutes at 720km/hr

    asked by Nonzamo
  86. Math

    An electron accelerates from rest to the right, in a horizontally directed electric field. The electron then leaves the electric field at a speed of 4.0 × 106, entering a magnetic field of magnitude 0.20 T (Tesla) directed into the screen. Calculate the

    asked by Nourjan
  87. Career

    You need a college degree to enter the military. True False Is it false?

    asked by AJ
  88. Chemistry

    Find the concentration of H+ if pOH of a solution is 11.7.

    asked by El chapo
  89. math

    what is the difference between |-3| and -3?

    asked by dirty dan
  90. Chemistry

    The compound B5H9 was once proposed as a rocket fuel because it has a high heat of combustion. In a combustion experiment, a scientist observes that 1.00 g of B5H9 burned in excess oxygen in a calorimeter raises the temperature of 800 g of water from 24.0

    asked by Alena
  91. History

    Find the correct answer from the choices Enslaved African Americans found hope in the Declaration of Independence’s ideal _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. that men had a right to pursue their happiness B. of a sovereign nation

    asked by Olegario
  92. math, element sets

    Is the element the number of numbers in a set?

    asked by lijm
  93. English

    I already have an answer, but I need an example from literature to help support my statement, and I just can't think of one. The question is Discussion: Does Every Conflict Have a Winner? My answer is We can compete in positive ways by having an attitude

    asked by CellLover727
  94. math

    PART 2: This room has an oil stain on the floor. Tyler wants to rotate the rug so that it covers the stain. What kind of rotation should be performed on the kite-shaped rug? Be sure to specify the center of rotation and the direction (clockwise or

    asked by kendall
  95. Math

    Maggie bought freight trains for her model train set. She spent $99 on them. Gage bought some model trains too. He spent $66 on them. Each train costs the same amount. At most, how much could each model freight train cost? At most, a model freight train

    asked by Brooklyn
  96. maths

    Calculate the total surface area of dimension6cm by 5m by7.5

    asked by tawakalitu
  97. maths

    convert 3.872 into mixed fraction?

    asked by Pablo kesh
  98. Physics

    The current in a 62-Ω resistor is 0.15 A. This resistor is in series with a 25-Ω resistor, and the series combination is connected across a battery. What is the battery voltage?

    asked by Coco
  99. Math

    A shopkeeper marked the price of an article a certain percent above the cost price and he allowed 16% discount to make 5% profit.If a customer paid Rs 9,492 with 13% VAT to buy the article, by what percent is the marked price above the cost price of the

    asked by Aarmita
  100. History

    Please answer this The spread of slavery was slowed by _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. the Northwest Ordinance B. the Declaration of Independence C. the Constitution D. the Northwest Treaty

    asked by Olegario
  101. Math

    how to find y intercept of line y= 4x+12

    asked by Rose
  102. math

    what s two diget number that is greater than 200 but less than 600

    asked by lya
  103. Geography

    What geographical feature was crucial to the settlement of the colonies and provided transportation to trade good

    asked by Anna
  104. Organic chemistry

    What is the best oil sample in making Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

    asked by Carla
  105. Physics

    Three resistors, 1.17, 2.66, and 4.73Ω, are connected in series across a 13.4-V battery. Find the power delivered to each resistor.

    asked by Coco
  106. History

    What was The Declaration of Independence was inspired by? A. the ideals of the Enlightenment B. Elizabeth Freeman's writings C. Phyllis Wheatley's writings D. Benjamin Banneker's writings

    asked by Olegario
  107. Physics

    what are the S.I unit of K so that the equation Velocity = K x density is dimensionally correct solution?

    asked by El chapo
  108. Chem

    When it says "mass conversions" does it mean converting from kilograms to grams?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. History

    The Constitution specifically skirted the issue of slavery by referring to African Americans as _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. “the downtrodden” B. “the enslaved” C. “three-fifth-men” D. “other persons”

    asked by Olegario
  110. Math

    The constant of proportionality between the height of the water in a sink (h) in centimeters and the number of minutes it has been filling (m) is 0.95. The sink has been filling for 40 minutes. What is the

    asked by flame
  111. social studies

    the french were motivated to colonize north america due to a.for economic gain and trade routes b.for economic gain and religious freedom c.for trade routes and plantation owners d.for trade routes and religious freedom****

    asked by symone
  112. Careers

    Corrections Worker do what? Manage prisoners Manage courtrooms Works in police stations Guard buildings Is it the first one?

    asked by AJAY
  113. History

    Which of the following professions is most similar to that of Benjamin Banneker? Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. a scientist working in an observatory B. a diplomat working at the United Nations C. a naval officer in command of a ship

    asked by Olegario
  114. Chemistry

    An unknown substance decays from 14 g to 3 g over a period of 21 days.

    asked by CJ
  115. financial math

    Determine an interest rate less than 15%, a period of investment greater than two years, and a regular payment that will result in the total amount of interest you earn being equal to the total amount of money you put in? (for example, under what

    asked by A
  116. History

    The Declaration of Independence was inspired by _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. the ideals of the Enlightenment B. Elizabeth Freeman's writings C. Phyllis Wheatley's writings D. Benjamin Banneker's writings

    asked by Olegario
  117. Physics

    A nail on a vertical wall is pulled by means of a chord attached to its head if the chord makes an angle of 60deg to the horizontal and it exact a force of 80N on the nail 1.find the effective force which tends to pull the nail out of the wall and the

    asked by El chapo
  118. Math, Precalc

    If h(x)= 9x^9-4x^4+3x-2, find h(t) What do I substitute when I am only given t?

    asked by L
  119. Math

    How many different four-person committed can be formed from a group of six boys and four girls? I don’t understand how to do this problem or set it up at all

    asked by Ed
  120. Social Studies

    english colonies were established by joint-stock companies controlled by a. clergymen b. monarchs*** c. businessmen d. american indian leaders

    asked by lili
  121. History

    Whats the answer to this question? What was the practice of impressment designed to do? Select the best answer from the choices provided. A. It kept African Americans enslaved. B. It promised freedom to enslaved African Americans. C. It increased the

    asked by Olegario
  122. algebra

    3square root 98-2square root 50+8square root 32

    asked by REne
  123. math

    3 log in base 5 0.20

    asked by Florence
  124. Algebra 1

    Can someone please help me and explain how to do it .i greatly appreciate it. I have a lot problems but need This For for example . Thank you 1)Is this a function or not? 2)What is the domain and range? (2,3),(-1,-3),(4,7),(0,-1),(-3,-7),(1,0)

    asked by Jay
  125. history

    why did the english build for king george in 1721 a. as a key trading center for its valuable furs b. to prevent Spanish and French attacks c. as a key entrance to the northwest passage d. to stop the spread of disease from the west My answer is c or d

    asked by annie
  126. Social Studies

    the english created a system of ___ when they first colonized north america a. democracy b. mercantilism c. taxation d. industrialization I believe the answer is b

    asked by annie
  127. math

    what is x*y/5*67

    asked by bob