Questions Asked on
September 19, 2019

  1. History

    Which best explains how the economy affected politics in the United States in the 1930s? A. Economic depression led to a number of riots that nearly toppled the government and allowed radical groups to acquire political power. B. Growing inflation hurt

    asked by A Dude
  2. World history

    Which accurately describes the East India Company and its purpose? A.The East India Company was chartered by royal decree, and its purpose was to promote trade with India and China and force the natives to learn English. B . The East India Company was

    asked by Aubrea colbert
  3. history

    Which accurately describes the East India Company and its purpose? The East India Company was a nonprofit organization, and its purpose was to spread Christianity in Southern India. The East India Company was a private company, and its primary purpose was

    asked by michele
  4. Math

    Phoebe and Holden are on opposite sides of a tall tree, 125 m apart. the angles of elevation from each top of the tree are 47 degrees and 36 degrees. what is the height of the tree? My Answer: The top angle will be = 180 - (47 + 36) = 97° then we use the

    asked by anonymous
  5. English

    Can someone check my answers? 1. Choose the answer that best matches the word in italics. Samantha tried to look *impassive* when they announced her essay as a finalist in the competition. a. Surprised b. Unemotional*** c. Unsure d. Vibrant 2. Choose the

    asked by Anon
  6. social studies

    1. Drag each idea to the thinker that would agree with it the most. Ideas can be used once or not at all. The best way for a nation to increase wealth is to remove all barriers to trade. added to The power to rule a country is given by God alone, and the

    asked by Angel
  7. math

    Which statement describes how to determine if a relation given in a table is a function? If none of the output values are repeated, the relation is a function. If none of the input values are repeated, the relation is a function. If any of the input values

    asked by let me check tho if im wrong
  8. physics

    a stone is thrown vertically upwards with an initial velocity of 14m/s .neglecting air resistence , find time taken before it reaches the ground .

    asked by gabriella
  9. Physics

    Two forces 10N and 20N are inclined at an angle of 60° to each other find the resultant by mathematical method

    asked by Khadijah
  10. History

    Why are archaeologists interested in the cave paintings found near Lascaux in southern France? A. The paintings are the first evidence of early humans ever found in France. B. The caves did not exist during the last ice age. C. The paintings provide

    asked by Lyria
  11. Careers

    What occupations use DIMENSIONAL ANALYSIS?

    asked by Lula
  12. Math

    Phoebe and Holden are on opposite sides of a tall tree, 125 m apart. the angles of elevation from each top of the tree are 47 degrees and 36 degrees. what is the height of the tree? My Answer: The top angle will be = 180 - (47 + 36) = 97° then we use the

    asked by anonymous

    A box is pushed across a horizontal table by a boy applying a force of 32 N to the box. A force of friction of magnitude 19 N acts opposite the direction of motion. A stiff wind also opposes the box’s motion. What magnitude of force does the box exert on

    asked by K

    A man who weighs 600 N is sitting in a chair with his feet on the floor and arms resting on the armrests. The chair weighs 100 N. Each armrest exerts an upward force of 25.0 N on his arms, and the seat exerts an upward force of 500 N. What force does the

    asked by K
  15. chemistry

    limestone (CaCO3) is used to remove acidic pollutants from smokestack flue gases. It is heated to form lime (CaO) , which reacts with sulfur dioxide to form calcium sulfite , assuming a 70% yield in the overall reaction , what mass of limestone required to

    asked by jaja
  16. math

    Which of the following numbers is irrational? Select all that apply. 1.5

    asked by jacl
  17. science

    An electric train moving at 20kgh-1 accelerate to a speed of 30kgh-1 in 20s.find the distance travel in meters during the period of acceleration.

    asked by William
  18. Math

    Two rectangular adjacent rooms shower wall. 1 foot by 1 foot tiles cover the floor of each room. Describe how the greatest possible length of the adjoining wall is related to the total number of tiles in each room draw a diagram that represents one

    asked by Emily
  19. math

    What is the link for wolfram graphing?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. biology

    what structure is used for excretion, feeding, respiration and reproduction in the mollusca

    asked by Mary
  21. math

    Identify each as rational or irrational. Write rational or irrational for each letter on your quiz. (5 points) ℼ 8.824 27 1.4382768…. 9

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Economics

    I'm doing well so far and the all of the sudden..... a wild economic system question attacks me! Which economic system gives producers and consumers the most power to make economic decisions? A. Mixed economy B. Command economy C. Market economy D.

    asked by Carco
  23. Economics

    Why is trade necessary? A. Producers create too much demand for goods. B resources are not distributed evenly. C consumers do not supplying enough goods D resources are abundant everywhere. ● ●= wut I think

    asked by Carco
  24. English

    please check my answer 14. Which event shows how Eckel's character developed over the course of the story? A. the moments after he first sees the Tyrannosaurus rex B. his sensing of the changing upon his return to the present day** C. when he ends up

    asked by A.normal.tree
  25. Math

    Joseph is reading a 32 page book.he reads 6 pages in 15 minutes.if he continues to read at the same rate how long will it take him to read the entire book?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. algebra

    factor this expression x^2 + 11x + 28 I know the answer is (x+ 4) (X + 7) BUT can you walk me through each step thank you from the bottom of my heart

    asked by Ariana
  27. Math

    -square root of 23 rounded to the nearest integer does anyone know the answer

    asked by Saber
  28. Math

    - x^2 + 9x -18 please EXPLAIN step by step like you did the last one thank you kindly

    asked by Ariana
  29. grammar

    Today, I still love sailing, (although the boats I sail in are only slightly larger than a bathtub), and I have even participated in competitions. Is this sentence grammatically correct? The parenthesis are there because it is an non-essential inside.

    asked by Elizabeth
  30. Math

    Order -6 1/4, 6.35, 6 1/5, and 6.1 from greatest to least

    asked by Hoi potato
  31. algebra

    - x^2 + 9x -18 please EXPLAIN step by step thank you kindly

    asked by Ariana
  32. Math

    I am between 24 and 34 you say my name when you count by twos from zero you say my name when you count by fives from zero who am i

    asked by Kalise
  33. geometry

    Compute the measure of the complement of

    asked by michelle
  34. chemistry

    In distillation components of a mixture are separated into groups of molecules with simi- lar 1. densities. 2. melting points. 3. None of these 4. bond energies. 5. boiling points. Filtration is which method of separation? 1. physical 2. chemical

    asked by confused
  35. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 16 ÷ 4 ⋅ 2

    asked by Madison Dreyer
  36. biology

    Proteins have a 'backbone' of repeating elements, based on the similar composition of amino acids. The repeating elements of a polypeptide backbone are: A. S-C-C-S-C-C... B. N-C-C-N-C-C... C. N-C-O-N-C-O... D. C-O-O-C-O-O... E. C-P-C-C-P-C...

    asked by red
  37. physics

    The stoplights on a street are designed to keep traffic moving at 37 mi/h. The average length of a street block between traffic lights is about 80 m. What must be the time delay between green lights on successive blocks to keep the traffic moving

    asked by diego
  38. Math


    asked by MJ2KALLDAY
  39. algebra

    - x^2 + 9x -18 i didn't explain....i need to factor...but i don;t get when there is a negative in front of the x sorry thanks

    asked by Ariana
  40. chemistry

    In Europe, gasoline efficiency is measured in km/L. If your car's gas mileage is 21.0 mi/gal , how many liters of gasoline would you need to buy to complete a 142-km trip in Europe? Use the following conversions: 1km=0.6214mi and 1gal=3.78L.

    asked by shana
  41. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 90 ÷ [10 + (3^2 -4)] (I don't

    asked by Madison Dreyer
  42. Math

    Corey earned 3200 working over the summer if he made $400 week how many weeks did he work how many weeks would he need to work to earn 6400 8800

    asked by Keithlridge
  43. Science

    Consider a piece of gold jewelry that weighs 9.50 g and has a volume of 0.685 cm^3 . The jewelry contains only gold and silver, which have densities of 19.3 g/cm^3 and 10.5 g/cm^3, respectively. If the total volume of the jewelry is the sum of the volumes

    asked by Peter
  44. Science

    A 10.0 cm long cylindrical glass tube, sealed at one end, is filled with ethanol. The mass of ethanol needed to fill the tube is found to be 11.82 g . The density of ethanol is 0.789 g/mL. Calculate the inner diameter of the tube in centimeters.

    asked by Peter
  45. Physics

    A man travels 7.0km 40°west of north,then 10.0km east, find his resultant displacement

    asked by Amarachi
  46. Calculus

    Reduce the equation to standard form, classify the surface x^2-y^2+z^2-4x-2z=0 I need step by step to the answer ((x-2)^2)/5 -(y^2)/5 +((z-1)^2)/5 =1

    asked by #1
  47. Math

    -12/3x(8+(4)^2-6)+2= ?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Social Studies

    The end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade resulted in A. a decrease in money going to African kingdoms.*** B. payment from the Americas to Africa. C. Africa owing money to American slaveholders. D. an increase of European goods in Africa.

    asked by Sophie
  49. math

    which property is shown by -6+0=-6 -commutative property of addition*** -identity property of addition -distributive property -associative property of addition can someone please tell me if im right

    asked by Marta
  50. History

    1. Which of the following resulted from the threat of Spain in Florida? A Forts were built and fortified in southern Georgia B A regiment of soldiers was sent to Georgia from England C Forts were built in northern Georgia D All of the above *** 2. Which

    asked by levi ackerman
  51. Rational Numbers

    -11 1/8 + 15 5/12 I forgot how to solve this question ;-; please help

    asked by A Person
  52. English

    I need help on a thesis statement about child abuse.

    asked by Melissa
  53. chemistry

    According to the phase diagram for water, how is the state of water determined? proceed up a vertical line at any given temperature read the phase at the intersection of any given temperature and pressure at a given pressure proceed horizontally to the S-L

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Science

    Metal atoms tend to give away valence electrons when they bond with nonmetal atoms. What type of bond will form between the metal and nonmetal atoms and why does this bond form? 1. A covalent bond will form because electrons are transferred. 1. An ionic

    asked by Free Melly
  55. Math

    How much would it cost in total gas dollars to drive a 2018 (or 19) ford transit 350 3.7 v6 from moline,IL to Disney World area Orlando, FL?

    asked by Vanna
  56. Physics

    During a baseball game, a batter hits a high pop-up. If the ball remains in the air for 6.36 s, how high does it rise? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . Answer in units of m.

    asked by sam
  57. algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  58. Physics

    A tennis ball with a speed of 28.3 m/s is moving perpendicular to a wall. After striking the wall, the ball rebounds in the opposite direction with a speed of 14.6311 m/s. If the ball is in contact with the wall for0.013 s, what is the average acceleration

    asked by sam
  59. Physics

    A tennis ball is dropped from 1.93 m above the ground. It rebounds to a height of 0.921 m. With what velocity does it hit the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . (Let down be negative.) Answer in units of m/s

    asked by sam
  60. physics

    ronaldinho kicks a soccer ball with an initial velocity of 22.0 m/s at an angle of 13.0°. How far away does the ball land?

    asked by amna
  61. math

    Mike and Beth both write the decimal 0.8 (0.88888...)as a fraction. Mike: 45 Beth: 89 Which student wrote the correct fraction? How do you know that student is correct? Describe a mistake that could have been made by the student who wrote the incorrect

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math

    can someone help me with an 8th grade math question?

    asked by carly pratchett
  63. science

    stores and releases salts of calcium and

    asked by bob
  64. math

    Integers and Algebraic Expressions Unit Test, What is the solution to -55 + q =7? I really need help on this question

    asked by Alex Naomi
  65. math

    what is the value of (1/4) R3 the r stands for remainder if anyone didn't know

    asked by carly pratchett
  66. chemistry

    31.7 mL of 1.95 M hydroiodic acid is added to 42.3 mL of calcium hydroxide, and the resulting solution is found to be acidic. 17.3 mL of 1.00 M barium hydroxide is required to reach neutrality. What is the molarity of the original calcium hydroxide

    asked by Peter
  67. social studies

    Read the quotation. “There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.” ―Susan B. Anthony, 1897 Which of the following Enlightenment thinkers would have been most likely to agree with this statement?

    asked by BagleLover22
  68. Social studies

    Which of the following factors contributed the most to the increase of Spanish power in Europe in the late 1500s? A. the steady supply of wealth flowing into Spain from its colonies in the Americas B. the near-constant warfare it waged in Europe defending

    asked by BagleLover22
  69. art

    Digital artists do all of the following for movies expect except 1. create scenery 2. write the script 3. add color to sense 4. developed character

    asked by chinabell
  70. math

    Which theorem states that the measure of the exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of the two remote interior angles of the triangle?

    asked by y do u care?
  71. physics

    1) A toy car is connected by a spring of spring constant k to a block of mass m. The car is parked on a slope with angle θ. (Both car and mass are at rest. (i) Draw the free body diagrams of the block (ii) What is the magnitude of the normal force of the

    asked by joe
  72. Social Studies

    (Check my answer please) 1.According to Laozi, what is the Dao? A. the home of the heavenly spirits B. respect for authority C. the natural way of the universe** D. reverence for ancestors 2. Which spirits were most important to the ancient Chinese? A.

    asked by BadByeJoonie
  73. English

    What is the rhythm scheme?

    asked by BOT
  74. math

    Which theorem states that the measure of the exterior angle of a triangle is equal to the sum of the measures of the two remote interior angles of the triangle? (Line and Angle Relationships Unit Test) conexxese

    asked by Dr.WHO
  75. geography

    Place the languages in the order in which they arrived in Europe. Latin Germanic Proto-Indo-European Indo-European Slavic

    asked by adam
  76. History

    Why did business leaders begin the practice of vertical integration? A. Big companies could grow by merging with other companies or acquiring them B. Factory workers could start in low positions and work their way up to management C. Large corporations

    asked by Summer
  77. Math

    Tan's Bakery buys some goods with a list price of $5,900. The supplier extends a 45% trade discount rate. What is the trade discount?

    asked by Joshua
  78. Home Economics

    What Are The Areas Of Home Economics

    asked by Joke
  79. Math

    What was the trade discount rate if merchandise with a list price of $8,700 was sold at a net price of $6,351?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Math

    In the figure shown, a ∥ b a ∥ b . The figure shows two diagonal parallel lines. A horizontal line cuts the two diagonal lines at different points. On the intersection point on the left, the angle formed on the top left portion is labeled as 1, the

    asked by Quiz
  81. Algebra

    Given the algebra tiles model shown below what is the best step to take next the question is from connexus academy

    asked by It's your boy
  82. Math

    (1)220/240/260/_/_ (2)750/700/650/_/_/_ (3)1000/_/_/_/100/1125/1150 (4)2001/2011/2021/_/_

    asked by Mark
  83. Math

    Find the missing numbers.(1)220/240/260/_/_ (2) 750/700/650/_/_/_ (3) 1000/_/_/_/100/1125/1150 (4)2001/2011/2021/_/_/_

    asked by Mark
  84. Math

    The bearing of A from B is 219.If B is equidistant from A and C and the perimeter of triangle ABC is 15m, find 1) The bearing of C from A 2) The distance between A and C

    asked by Agnes
  85. Math

    3. What is 0.72 written as a simplified fraction? (1 point) 72/100 100/72 36/50 18/25 4. Ms. Johnson’s class is having a pizza party. If there are 14 students and 7 pizzas cut into 8 slices, what answer choice represents the fraction of one pizza that

    asked by kim
  86. math

    A plant grows 3/4 [

    asked by playtime
  87. Geography

    What factors led to the rapid growth of Islam following Muhammad’s death, despite early internal conflicts between Sunni and Shia? I need help finding the answer, can someone give me a link to read something?

    asked by suqarlicks
  88. math

    An 18 1/2 -fluid ounces bottle of water costs $3.79. What is the unit rate? Round to the nearest cent.

    asked by playtime
  89. Math

    Clay has $60.00. He wants to leave a 20% tip on his restaurant bill. On which bill total could Clay leave a 20% tip? Select 3 answers. A.$48.53 B.$49.75 C.$54.99 D.$61.60 E.$58.80 F.$50.00 Pls help

    asked by Ana
  90. Math

    8 less than y is 2? Please help this is the only one Im stuck on!!😪😪😪

    asked by AnnaLisa
  91. Algebra

    Need some help 9. Identify each as rational or irrational. Write rational or irrational for each letter on your quiz. (5 points) ℼ 8.824 1.4382768…. Part 2: Mike and Beth both write the decimal a fraction. Mike: Beth: Which student wrote the

    asked by Ajani.huff
  92. Algebra

    Doris invested some money at 7% and some money at 8%.She invested $6000 more than she did at 7%. Her total yearly interest from the two investments was $780. How much did Doris invest at each rate?

    asked by Brandon
  93. English

    Christmass is around the corner wrelite the sentas begin with corner

    asked by Moffat
  94. science

    Suppose you found a clamshell. What can you conclude about the once-living organism, and how it became a fossil?

    asked by meme
  95. Algebra

    What is the solution to (4 * 10^3) * (3 * 10^4) written in scientific notation? A. 12 * 10^8 B. 1.2 * 10^7 **** C. 1.2 * 10^8 D. 12 * 10^7 Could someone please check my answer? That would be great, thank you.

    asked by ~* Mira Z *~
  96. Math

    The local reader’s club has a set of 36 hardback books and a set of 30 paperbacks. Each set can be divided equally among the club members. What is the greatest possible number of club members? A.5* B.6 C.30 D.180

    asked by In Need Of Help
  97. Algebra

    What is 31/5 written as a decimal? I am unsure of how to do this, if you could please provide an answer and explanation that would be great! Thank you.

    asked by ~* Mira Z *~
  98. Algebra

    A moving van leaves a house traveling at an average rate of 40mi/h. The family leaves 1/2 hour later following the same route in a car. They travel at an average of 60 mi/h.

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Geometry

    Complete the two column proof Given:angle 2 is about equal to angle 4, angle 2 = 110 Prove: angle 3 = 70 statement - proof angle 2 is about equal to angle 4, angle 2 =110 - given angle 2 = angle 4 - definition of congruent angles angle 4 = 110 - A. (blank)

    asked by Anonymous
  100. math

    3. 5/8 - (2/8) A. -3/8 B. -7/8 C. 3/8 D. 7/8 my answer 4. -9/10 - 2/5 A. -1 3/10 my answer B. -1 1/10 C. -7/10 D. -5/10 are these right?

    asked by natural spring water
  101. math

    In 2001, Windsor, Ontario will receive its maximum amount of sunlight, 15.28 hrs, on June 21, and its least amount of sunlight, 9.08 hrs, on December 21. Due to the earth's revolution about the sun, the hours of daylight function is periodic. Determine an

    asked by A
  102. biology

    There is a large amount of catalase found in liver. Do you think that your liver breaks down more Hydrogen Peroxide in the summer or winter? Explain. -My teacher said this is a trick question and I think it neither summer or winter but I'm not sure

    asked by Ally