Questions Asked on
September 16, 2019

  1. calculus

    The volume of air contained in the lungs of a certain athlete is modeled by the equation v=447sin(76πt)+721, where t is time in minutes, and v is volume in cubic centimeters. What is the maximum possible volume of air in the athlete's lungs? What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  2. math

    (11.4) Two balls are to be selected with replacement from a bag that contains one red, one blue, one green, and one orange ball. Determine the probability that the orange ball is selected at least once.

    asked by kerry
  3. physics

    Calculate the pressure exerted halfway up a 30-ft tank. The liquid level in the tank is 22 ft. Specific gravity is 0.79. Vapor pressure at 100 degrees Fahrenheit equals 12.2 psi. The tank operates at 36 psi.

    asked by kay
  4. math

    The third-tallest Ferris Wheel in the world is the London Eye in England. The height (in metres) of a rider on the London Eye after t minutes can be described by the function h(t) = 67sin [12(t + 0.0223)] + 70. At what time(s) will the rider be at the

    asked by A
  5. chemistry

    balance the following chemical equation Fe2(So4)3 + KSCN = K3Fe(SCN)6 + K2So4 my answer: Fe2(So4)3 + 12 KSCN = 2 K3Fe(SCN)6 + 3 K2So4 is my answer correct?

    asked by anonymous
  6. math

    1. Find 93 * 87 using mental math. A- 8091 B- 8079 C- 8121 D- 7221

    asked by Laine
  7. Math

    Jan has a 18X18X12 inch gift box that needs to be placed carefully into a 2X2X2ft shipping carton, surrounded by packing peanuts. a. How many 1-cubic-foot bags of peanuts does Jan need to buy? b. Jan opens one bag of peanuts and spreads them evenly on the

    asked by Sarah
  8. Math

    In a competition 7 points were awarded for each game won and 2 points were deducted for each game lost . Onyango got 86 points .If there were 20 games. How many games did he lose?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. physics

    A small lead ball of mass 2kg is suspended at the end of a light string 1m in length. A small peg, 0.5m below the suspension point, catches the string in its swing. The ball is set swinging through small angles. A) What is the period of the pendulum? B)

    asked by Habib
  10. math

    A 16 2/5 ounce package of medicated cough drops costs $0.99. What is the unit cost? A. $0.08 per ounce B. $0.50 per ounce C. $0.76 per ounce D.$0.06 per ounce

    asked by Bob Tehe Builder
  11. Math

    what property is 0+9=9

    asked by Stillsingle
  12. math

    Note: Your teacher will grade your response to ensure that you receive proper credit for your answer. Write the rules for determining the sign of the product when multiplying integers. Then, write the rules for determining the sign of the quotient when

    asked by i dont know how o answer this
  13. science

    What is the best form of fire safety? A. fire prevention** B. an extinguisher C. the fire department D. a water hose I think a

    asked by Tokyo ghoul and Attack on titan
  14. Math

    the quotient of 8 and the sum of 3 and m, is it 8/3+m?

    asked by GG
  15. Physics

    A rubber band is stretched to twice it's original length .calculate the strain on the rubber band

    asked by Sandra
  16. Geography

    15.How do culture and geography affect each other? 16.Define archeology, anthropology, geology, and history. Essay Questions: 17.What is the role of the government in a mixed economy? 18.How does the tilt of Earth's axis and its movement around the sun

    asked by roryzane14
  17. Biology

    Five uses of science

    asked by Idowu
  18. english

    You could draw me to fire, you could draw me to water, you could draw me to the gallows, you could draw me to any death, you could draw me to anything I have most avoided, you could draw me to any exposure and disgrace. What syntax( structure ) is used?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Chemistry

    suppose a runner completes a 10k (10.0km) road.race in 43 minutes and 55 seconds what is the runners average speed in miles per hour

    asked by May
  20. Math

    write the polynomial in standard form. Then name the polynomial based on its degree and number of terms. 8x + 5x^3 -5

    asked by Tyi
  21. Chemistry

    The price of a popular soft drink is $0.97 for 24.0 oz or $0.77 for 0.500L What is the price per liter of the 24.0oz bottle What is the price per liter of the 0.500 L bottle

    asked by May
  22. chemistry

    calculate the mass of lead || trioxonitrate(v) that will react with 7.8g of sodium chloride to form 10.5g of sodium trioxonitrate (v). if the law of conservation of mass is obeyed

    asked by Mary
  23. Math

    Both 2 and 5 are common factors of every number

    asked by Keyshia
  24. Physics

    A car is traveling 26 m/s when the driver sees a child standing on the road. He takes 0.8 s to react, then steps on the brakes and slows at 7.0 m/s2. How far does the car go before it stops?

    asked by Nick
  25. physics

    How far does a plane fly in 17 s while its velocity is changing from 144 m/s to 75 m/s at a uniform rate of acceleration?

    asked by Nick
  26. English

    They have told us a lie . Change it to passive voice

    asked by Aviskar
  27. Math

    a) (root 3 + i )to the 8th power b) (1-i) to the seventh power

    asked by Kelly
  28. Math

    Which angle between 90° and 270° has the same sine value as 10°? Which angle between −180° and 0° has the same cosine value as 200°

    asked by Lyfe
  29. Chemistry

    The answer given is -96kj mol-1. I am stuck on how to reach it though. Any help would be appreciated. Use average bond energy’s to estimate the enthalpy change for this reaction 2 N2O(g) ——> 2 N2 (g) + O2 (g)

    asked by Miki
  30. Math

    Two wooden boxes, both with dimensions 8080 cm, 11 m and 25 cm, are placed on the ground, one on top of the other as shown. The entire outside surface is then painted. Find the area of the painted surface.

    asked by student #1
  31. social studies

    What is allocation by need? A. pricing goods based on want rather than need B. giving or selling goods only to people who most need them C. giving or selling goods to whoever will stand in line the longest D. pricing goods so that even the most vulnerable

    asked by Ayham
  32. social studies

    Which of the following are the basic economic questions? Select all that apply. A. Where should goods be produced? B. How should goods be produced? C. What goods are produced? D. Which resources can be used for goods? E. Who receives the produced goods? F.

    asked by Ayham
  33. Math

    Prime factorization method for 31.36

    asked by Nisha
  34. Algebra

    If y varies directly with x and y is 14 when x is 6 What is the constant of variation What is the direct variation equation

    asked by Jillian
  35. Social studies

    What points does a legislature have to consider while formulating laws

    asked by Sandeep
  36. math

    round of to the nearest metre 2 1\4m

    asked by juliano
  37. Physics

    4. The figure above shows an 80-kg astronaut pushing on a spacecraft with force 𝐹𝐹, in outer space. The spacecraft has a mass of 1×104 kg. During the push, the astronaut accelerates to the right with an acceleration of 0.4 m/s2. Determine the

    asked by Afiq
  38. Math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided.Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 16 ÷4⋅2 I know the answer to

    asked by *Omq_Rosie*
  39. Calculus

    Evaluate the derivatives by implicit differentiation. Assume all letters represent constants, except for the independent and dependent variables occurring in the derivative. 𝑃𝑉^𝑐=𝑛𝑅𝑇 Find dP/dV

    asked by Person
  40. English

    First off nobody has been able to answer this when I looked... Please help out, maybye give me a basic answer to work off of. The title "Two Kinds" refers to the statement by the mother that there are only two kinds of daughters: "Those who are obedient

    asked by IDK
  41. Maths

    There is a function y=f(x) for -4

    asked by Raj
  42. Social Studies

    What metropolitan statistical area falls within two regions of georgia? A. Valdosta B. Rome C. Macon D. Gainesville i choose macon

    asked by anonymous
  43. Music

    Lesson 10: Feel the Pulse Unit Test A _____________ is a mechanical or electronic device used to keep a steady tempo. A metronome - my awnsor b cresendo c ritardando d bar line i need help.

    asked by Mr ruben
  44. Chemistry

    A chemist produces 460 ml of nitrogen gas at -43 degrees celsius and constant pressure. To what celsius temperature must the nitrogen be warmed in order for it to have a volume of 600 ml?

    asked by Clarissa
  45. Math

    A pond is 36 m long a duck swims 4 lengths of the pond each day how far does the duck swim in four weeks

    asked by Mo
  46. History

    Brighton was developed in early civilizations as a way to keep what important record

    asked by Answer This question
  47. math

    For questions 2-11 perform the indicted operation. Don't forget to determine the sign of your answer first. 36.95-36.95+59.72 A.59.27 B.59.72 C.133.62 D.22.77

    asked by truly
  48. Math

    How do you simplify this expression -12÷3*(-8+(-4)^2-6)+2

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  49. Civics

    Which statement best describes the constitutional amendment process? It is a secretive process in which an amendment is proposed by secret ballot before being approved or vetoed by the president, who then lobbies Congress to ratify it. It is a simple

    asked by kat
  50. Math

    How do you simplify this expression -12÷3*(-8+(-4)^2-6)+2

    asked by Constince
  51. Math


    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  52. Math

    Please continue this -12÷3⋅(−8+(−4)2−6)+2 4^2 = 16 16 - 8 - 6 = 2 3*2 = 6

    asked by Stillsingle
  53. Science.

    What is the procedure for coducting a food that test postive to sodium hydroxide and copper sulphate soultion.

    asked by Christan.
  54. Math

    y more than 4 is -36

    asked by Stillsingle
  55. English

    Summarize these few paragraphs into three sentences. Shorty soon decided that my hair was finally long enough to be conked. He had promised to school me in how to beat the barbershops’ three- and four-dollar price by making up congolene and then conking

    asked by Kaitlyn Crossland
  56. Math

    what property is 9+8=8+9

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  57. chemistry

    Sodium chloride salt (NaCl) has a solubility coefficient equal to 55g/100g of water at 25 ° C. If we add 15g of salt to 100g of water what kind of solution are we forming? Formation of any precipitate?

    asked by damon
  58. Math

    what property is -8*(4+3)=-8*4+-8*3

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  59. Math

    what property is -8*(4+3)=-8*4+-8*3 Distributive 9+8=8+9 Communitve

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  60. Math

    Which symbol is used to make –5 ? –8 a true statement? A. > B. < C. = My answer was C

    asked by Liya
  61. Science

    There are many variables in an experiment. Which variable should you only have one of in each experiment A) controlled variable B) independent variable C) dependent variable

    asked by That'sASecret!^^
  62. Algebra

    hElp, I don't understand at all. 3. Complete the table and state the rule. 0 | 0 | 3 2 | 3 | 9 | 5 | 15 6 | Please help. :'v

    asked by Madi
  63. History

    Explain the most significant geographic condition that challenged the development of ancient Egyptian civilization . Please help can’t figure this out

    asked by Seven
  64. Electrical engineering

    A circuit of 4 resistors with a voltage supply of 60 volts,with 3 connected in parallel with 12,18 and 36 ohms are respectively connected in series with the fourth resistor.the power dissipated on the 12 ohm resistor is 36 watts.calculate the resistance of

    asked by Tumelo
  65. History

    Why was the Neolithic revolution a revolution

    asked by Seven
  66. History

    Apply your knowledge of Texas' economic development and geographic regions to explain where in Texas you would convince a tech company to locate. Explain why you would steer them away from other regions of the state.

    asked by Taylor
  67. Science

    Which statement describes a volcano that is classified as dormant? a. It has never erupted. b. It is not expected to ever erupt again. c. It is expected to erupt soon. d. It has not erupted recently. As for what I got from the definition of a dormant

    asked by Anon
  68. Science

    What does a mortician do?

    asked by help me im single😢😢
  69. Math

    A Ship is Sailing due East.It changes course to SE.Throuhg how many degrees does it turn?

    asked by Camila
  70. Math

    3.7 × 9 =33.3 Write the value of 3.7 × 90.

    asked by QUIZZIT
  71. Math

    Can one of you guys go step by step how to solve this problem (1.15) * 3.2? Please and thank you.

    asked by Wonder Woman
  72. Career planning

    I Think I got it right but im not surE?!? 3. What is the term for something that is not necessary but makes your life easier or more enjoyable? (3point) (a)business (b)economics (c)need (d) want *****************

    asked by sAd_tEA
  73. Algebra/Geometry

    A family is having a pool built in their backyard. If their yard in rectangular and measures 10x by 5x and the pool is circular with a radius of 2x how much of the yard will be left over after the pool is built? Write your answer in factored form.

    asked by Emily
  74. Business

    Discuss how these environments affect the success or failure of any organization external environment

    asked by Josiah
  75. Algebra

    Can someone explain how to do this? Suppose c and d vary inversely, and d=2 when c=17. a. Write an equation that models the variation. b. Find d when c=68

    asked by Ember Lovet
  76. History

    Which conflict between white settlers and tribal groups do you think was the most damaging to the American Indian race as a whole? Use details to support your answer. Im pretty sure it is trail of tears.

    asked by Kaitlyn23456
  77. Science

    How can erosion and deposits form a plain?

    asked by Aria
  78. physics

    An Artillery cannon is pointed upwards at an angle 35 degree with the horizontal and fires the projectile with an initial velocity of 200 m/s.If the air resistance is negligible: Find (a)The maximum height of the projectile (b)Range of projectile

    asked by Mohammad Talha
  79. Math

    -33+m=10 What is the answer plz help A. m=-43 B.m=-23 C.m=23 D m= 43

    asked by S.A.D
  80. Career planning

    Which of the following statements is accurate? (1 point) (a)People with the same job title always perform the same duties. (b)People with the same job title may perform different duties. ***********< this one??!?! (c)There are only a few job titles per

    asked by sAd_tEA
  81. Algebra

    5(- 3x - 2) - (x - 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

    asked by Nathaniyl
  82. Math

    what is the additive inverse Of 38 A. -38 B. 38 C. -(-!-38!) D.-(-(-(-38))) (the exclamation marks are lines)

    asked by S.A.D
  83. science

    why is atom electrically neutral

    asked by peter
  84. Math

    what is the difference between |-3| and -3? please help and explain it step by step

    asked by S.A.D
  85. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment, adj and prepositional phrase and adverb 1. Nearly everybody has heard a strauss waltz. 2. The waltz is a form of ballroom dance that originated in Germany and Austria in the eighteenth century. 3. John Strauss was

    asked by Hayden
  86. Physics

    A meteoroid passes between the moon and earth a gravitational force of 600N pulls the meteoroid toward the moon. At the same time, a gravitational force of 480N pulls the meteoroid toward the earth. The angle between the two forces is 130. The moons force

    asked by Adrienne
  87. English

    identify the subject, verb, compliment, adj and prepositional phrase and adverb 1. Johann toured with an orchestra for many years, but in 1810, when his first wife said she would like him to write operettas, he turned his attentions to writing music. 2.

    asked by Hayden
  88. English

    It was because I was not putting the effort to do so and because of my time management. Is this correct? because it says that I have an incorrect verb form.

    asked by Laly
  89. statistics

    1. C 2. E 3. A 4. A?? Which of the following variables for data about a track team is a discrete variable? C would be the discrete variable?? The height of a team member A The weight of a team member B The number of times that a team member finished first

    asked by Anonymous
  90. math

    This has been asked before But I didn't understand it. Carl wants to plant a garden that is 1 1/2 yards long and has an area of 3 1/2 square yards. How wide should he make the garden? a. 3/7 yard b. 2 yards c. 2 1/2 yards d. 5 1/4 yards Help please.

    asked by pink fluffy unicorns
  91. language arts

    Emily and Sarah are high-school students competing in a contest to design a playground. Emily knows that Sarah is receiving help from her uncle, a landscape architect, but she cannot prove it. Emily is torn between cheating herself or losing to someone who

    asked by Xavier
  92. science

    Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune: what is one reason why life probably does not exist on these four planets?

    asked by Alexis
  93. Math

    Help me 3+ 28/(-7) +5(-6) 3 +(-4)+-30 =-31 Tell me if this is right

    asked by jOHNNIE
  94. Math

    During the period 1990-2004 the average commute to work in the greater washington, d.c area increased from 20 minutes in 1990 (t=0) by an average of 3 minutes per year. Use these data to express y, the average number of minutes commuting to work, as a

    asked by javieeeen
  95. math

    Suppose you have an isosceles triangle, and each of the equal sides has a length of r feet. Suppose the angle formed by those two sides is t. Then the area of the triangle is?

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    I keep mixing up the horizontal line and the vertical line for the x-axis and y-axis. What is a trick to help me remember them correctly?

    asked by afjlkin
  97. Texas State History

    Really need as much help How did the Treaty of Paris affect life in Spanish Texas? A) Missions were moved and a large effort was made to increase the population of Spanish Texas. B) The United States took over a large part of eastern Texas. *****C) Most

    asked by brook
  98. Math

    (90x^22y^17−108x^17y^11+90x^16y^4)/−9x^5y^2 my answer is : -(2x^11y^2)(5x^6y^13-6xy^7+5) but it says it can be simplified more? how much more can you simplify?!

    asked by mathhelper
  99. Math

    xy(x^2+y^2+25)^1.5 integration limit 0

    asked by Hetvi
  100. Math

    Vance is practicing his free throw shots. He shoots 100 free throws. He make three-fourths of them. How many did he makes? 100/3/4 25 x 3= 75 Is this correct

    asked by Ashley
  101. Math

    Write 14^6 in expanded form. How many factors are there? 14^6= 2^6+7^6 is expanded form. (6+1)x(6+1)=49 Is this correct?

    asked by Chris
  102. Math

    16 2/5 -12 7/8 16 16/40 -12 35/40 4-19/40=3 21/40 check this for me please I do not really understand it

    asked by Joe
  103. Government

    Explain how a document ratified in 1689 serves as protection for you and I today, from Presidents and other American government officials?

    asked by Go
  104. math

    The line through (5,-7) and decreasing at a rate of 3 units of y per 5 units of x. Is this supposed to mean 5x-3y (the latter)?

    asked by kristen
  105. Math

    3 1/4 +(-1 1/2) +2 1/4 13/4 + (-3/2 )+9/4 Help me

    asked by ashley
  106. algebra

    find the 8th term of the sequence defined by the given rule: f(1)=5 f(n)=f(n-1)+2

    asked by r
  107. English

    Im clean carlito, I'm not using. My voice dropped to a whisper. "I'm not suing" And oh, God, I found my mind thinking. wonder what it would be like again ? wonder what it would be like again? wonder what it would be like again? Wonder... What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  108. math

    Tom's treats can sell 100 candy hearts per week if they are priced at $6 each, and 20 hearts per week if they are priced at $10 each. What is the linear demand equation (let x=quantity and y=price)? This means set points (100,6) (20,10) and find m? Then

    asked by kristen
  109. United States history

    Who served as commander in chief of the continental army

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Math

    Two-fifths of the instruments in the marching band are brass. One-eight of the brass instruments are tubas. What fraction of the band is tubas?

    asked by jo
  111. Math

    Do you write 0.05 as fraction 0.05/100 and simplify as 1/20

    asked by ashley
  112. Math

    Find the distance between two numbers on a number line 2 1/2, 5 3/4

    asked by Eunji
  113. physics

    A truck travels up a hill with a 12◦ incline. The truck has a constant speed of 25 m/s. What is the horizontal component of the truck’s velocity? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Billy Johnson
  114. Chemistry

    When separated from a water solution, CuSO4 forms a hydrate with 5 water molecules per formula unit. If 37 g of anhydrous CuSO4 are dissolved in water, what mass of the hydrate could be recovered from the solution?

    asked by Seth
  115. math

    Perform the indicated operations on the complex numbers: (9-2i)(-1+3i)

    asked by Nikko