Questions Asked on
September 12, 2019

  1. Science

    Scientists wondered how volcanoes could be located so far from tectonic plate boundaries until one proposed the idea of (Hotspots, Mid-ocean ridges, transform faults, plates), where the magma is much hotter than the surrounding magma. These are

    asked by Anon
  2. Physics

    While following the directions on a treasure map, a pirate walks 37.0 m north and then turns and walks 8.5 m east. What is the magnitude of his resultant displacement? A: 38 m B: 45.5 m C: 28.5 m

    asked by Your
  3. Economics

    What is the definition of a benefit? A. a government-provided reward B. a high rate of return on investment C. an advantage of making a specific choice D. an ability to produce better goods than the competition A city council has $100,000 to spend on city

    asked by Help me
  4. social studies

    How did Spain influence the people of the Western Hemisphere? Choose all that apply. A. They brought Christianity to North America through missions. B. Their ship-building skills were shared throughout the East Coast of North America. C. The Spanish

    asked by flash
  5. social studies

    Which of the following was a result of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680? Choose all that apply. A. The pueblo residents decided to keep the tribal names the Spanish had given them. B. Many pueblo people worked to rid their homes of all evidence of the Catholic

    asked by spider-boy
  6. Language arts

    This question asks about your independent reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your independent reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support

    asked by Sydney
  7. Math

    How does dividing mixed numbers compare with dividing fractions

    asked by pink fluffy unicorns
  8. World History

    Which feature of civilization helps people manage the use of resources? A. Arts and architecture B. Established religions C. Social classes D. Well-organized governments

    asked by Sonata
  9. Social Studies

    hi i need help i think i have the answer but im not sure How did the Japanese imperial court system of appointing government officials lead to the rise of the Fujiwara family? The power and authority of the Fujiwara family rested not on military prowess

    asked by hi
  10. World History

    Before farming began, how did people dress? A. They bred silkworms to make cloth for clothing B. They made clothing from plant materials like cotton and flax C. They used thread or yarn made from sheep or yak hair to make clothing D. They wore animal hides

    asked by Yuko
  11. math

    Segment XY bisects angle WXZ. If m

    asked by reaper
  12. World History

    which of the following was the significance of the emergence of a vernacular language in medieval Europe?.

    asked by Always-unique5
  13. Social Studies

    Which of the following groups gained more political participation when amendments were added to the Constitution? A) Native Americans B) African Americans C) Asian Americans D) Hispanic Americans I wanna say it’s either A or B but I’m not sure. If

    asked by Enzo
  14. algebra

    can someone put this in easier to understand English for me translate the phrase into an algerbraic expression . let x resprent the unknown number . an eleventh of a number please help I have to go sum where and it is due today

    asked by James
  15. math

    x+wz if x = 12, w = 8, and z = 15. a188 b224 c172 d132

    asked by nafnaefnaefn
  16. math

    Segment HK bisects

    asked by reaper
  17. Math

    Sue needs 2/1/3 cups of flour for a batch of cookies. How many complete batches can she make with 10 cups if flour?

    asked by Yello
  18. Social Studies

    Which of the following is an example of someone demonstrating a democratic value? A) Mike receives a promotion at his job for his hard work and dedication. B) Lisa places a sign of a current political candidate in her front yard. C) John receives a

    asked by Enzo
  19. world history

    When did Jewish Diaspora begin?

    asked by Bisha
  20. math

    Patterns are everywhere. Some of them are geometrical and some of them are numerical. What is one way in which patterns can be used? Give a real-world example of a pattern and identify the terms and the sequence.

    asked by Bruh
  21. Math

    What is the value of 9 squared? A.9 B.18 C.81 D.36

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Art

    An artist described his drawing to you before you viewed it. The artist said that his drawing depicts an overall quality of tension a person feels when water skiing. He says the drawing shows the person, the water ski, and an accurate description of the

    asked by idek
  23. Home economies

    Define fullness

    asked by Chioma
  24. science

    A student is trying to find out if people prefer vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream. She buys several containers of regular chocolate ice cream and low fat vanilla ice cream. She hands out small sample of each flavor to the testing group she has

    asked by Latonya Kincade
  25. History

    How did humans adapt to the conditions of the last Ice Age? Select the three correct answers. A. They built permanent dwellings from wood and stone. B. They crossed newly exposed land bridges to warmer regions. C. They followed migrating animal herds to

    asked by Brooklyn
  26. math

    im so confuzzled..... Salim and Medha are comparing results from a 2-day lab experiment. On Monday, Salim’s results showed that 0.907 of the particles were charged while Medha’s results showed that 88% of the particles were charged. On Tuesday,

    asked by zack
  27. pre-algebra

    how can I rewrite 55+33 in distributive property?

    asked by summer
  28. Math

    Given that 6,x, -4,and y are consecutive terms in an arithmetic progression, find the value of (xy)

    asked by Blessing
  29. physics

    Two forces 4N and 5N are inclined to each other at 30°, find the resultant force by parallelogram method

    asked by s
  30. chemistry

    When HgO is heated, it decomposes into elemental mercury and molecular oxygen gas. a. What is the theoretical mass of Hg obtained from 80.0g of the oxide? b. If 60.0g of Hg is obtained from 80.0g of the oxide, what is the percent yield of the reaction?

    asked by beesbee
  31. math

    The midpoint of segment XY is (6, -3). The coordinates of one endpoint are X(-1, 8). Find the coordinates of endpoint Y.

    asked by reaper
  32. Math

    max has a box of 200 colored blocks. the box has an equal number of green and blue blocks and equal number of red and yellow blocks. if max arranged all of the green blocks in stacks of 12 and all of the blue blocks in stacks of 7, how many red blocks are

    asked by Kristin
  33. Social Studies

    Describe feudal Japanese society. What were the roles of shoguns, samurai, daimyo, and peasants? idk how to answer this can you help i know you wont give me the answer but i need something to help me plz

    asked by coco
  34. math, financial math

    Question says " Find the accumulated amount at the end of 9 months on an $800 deposit in a bank pating simple interest at a rate of 6% year". I know that the simple interest formula is A=P (1+rt) With p being $800 and r being 0.06. I know that t is the

    asked by lijm
  35. Physics

    In April 1974, Steve Prefontaine completed a 10 km race in a time of 27 min , 43.6 s . Suppose "Pre" was at the 7.15 km mark at a time of 25.0 min . If he accelerated for 60 s and then maintained his increased speed for the remainder of the race, calculate

    asked by Tony
  36. English

    How many conjunctions are used in the following sentence from the passage? It was warm and foggy, and the tide was way out, so I decided to explore.

    asked by annnnnnd
  37. art

    why is resilience the will to keep trying an important quality of digitl art

    asked by chinabell
  38. English Language

    Grammatical Name and Function of "What they were planning is very good." Grammatical Name and Function of "The news that Ngozi has recovered is true." Grammatical Name and Function of "He stopped shouting only when he got into the bus that brought his

    asked by Sannu Xeno
  39. math

    I don't understand this at all 30 less than b

    asked by James
  40. Math

    There are 92 students in the 3 rd and 4th grade at johnsonville elementary. Forty - seven of these students are in the 4th grade . Write equation to find how many third grades there are. Use a question mark to represent the unknown number and solve

    asked by Jiya
  41. Science

    1. Molecules based on __________ are the major components of living organisms. * 1 point a. carbon b. nitrogen c. sulfur d. calcium 2. Which of the following statements are true about carbon atoms? * 1 point Captionless Image a. I and II only b. I and III

    asked by Alsaif
  42. economics

    In the early 1980s, when the Polish people had to stand in long lines in order to purchase most consumer goods, the communist government ordered that every third place in line be reserved for pregnant women or disabled persons. This was presumably done to

    asked by sally
  43. Math

    a) Find the product. (−1.15) ⋅ 3.2 b) Explain in words how you determined the sign of your answer. I don't know what to do for A, but this is my answer for B: Since both factors are different signs, I know the product is going to be negative.

    asked by NoteBook
  44. math

    hey guys I really need help like kinda ASAP so if you can help me plz do but how do I tranlsatle this into an algebraic expression 23 more than b like if some can explain it or even another problem that would be really helpful thxs

    asked by James
  45. Math

    A triangle's coordinates are (-2,1), (-6,1), and (-4, 5). After the triangle is rotated clockwise 270°about the origin, what are the new coordinates?

    asked by Chill
  46. Science

    A student is shown images of different reactions. Which question would help the student determine which reaction is a peptide synthesis reaction? A. Question A: Which image shows the disruption of the hydrogen bonds between the atoms in the molecules? B.

    asked by mac
  47. Physics

    A car is traveling around a horizontal circular track with radius r = 200 m at a constant speed v = 15 m/s as shown. The angle θA = 31° above the x axis, and the angle θB = 66° below the x axis.

    asked by Kurt
  48. Math

    Production at a factory last quarter was 132,400 units. If the factory expects to produce 32.5% less units this quarter, how many units do they expect to produce this quarter?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. algebra

    A photograph is 4.5 in. wide and 6 in. long. A yearbook editor has the photo reduced to fit a space of 1.9 in wide. How long is the reduced photo?

    asked by Greg
  50. english

    Which passages from Chapters 1–3 of Don Quixote most clearly reflect parodies of chivalric stories? Select all that apply. Don Quixote, Chapters 1–3 He persuaded a good, honest country labourer, Sancho Panza by name, to enter his service as squire,

    asked by help
  51. Algebra 1

    On Tuesday Shanice bought five hats. On Wednesday half of all the hats that she had were destroyed. On Thursday there were only 17 left. How many did she have on Monday.

    asked by Viv
  52. math,financial math

    A bank deposit paying simple interest grew from an initial amount of $1000 to $1075 in 9 months, Find the interest rate. I know the formula is I=Prt. I also know I am looking for r, the interest rate. So here is how I set up my equation. 1075=1000(3/4r)

    asked by lijm
  53. math

    I know this is probably really easy and I just don't get is but... which set of stems would be used for this set of data A.1,2,3,4,5,6 B.1,2,3 C.0,2,3,4,6 D. 0,1,2,4,6 this is the set of data 19,18,23,24,32,32,16 and in which stem does most of the data

    asked by tori from outer space
  54. Science

    Luсу dесіdеѕ tо mаkе а саkе fоr hеr mоthеr’ѕ bіrthdау. Ѕhе turnѕ оn thе оvеn аnd ѕеtѕ thе tеmреrаturе tо 350 dеgrееѕ. Тhе оvеn ѕtаrtѕ thе рrеhеаtіng рrосеѕѕ аnd ѕlоwlу wіll

    asked by That'sASecret!^^
  55. chemistry

    this is a repost. Balance the following ionic equation for acidic conditions. Identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent. Show the steps. Hg(ℓ) + NO3^ (–1) (aq) + Cl^(–1) (aq) → HgCl4^(–2) (s) + NO2(g)

    asked by anonymous
  56. Algebra

    24. Liam bought a comic book and had $5 left. If he had a total of $8 walking into the store, how much did he spend on the comic book? Liam used the equation 5x=8 to model the problem. He said that x represents the amount of money he spent. Liam said that

    asked by hey sskskskkss
  57. math

    A B C D E -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 Which point is the midpoint of segment AD? b. What is the length of segment AB? c. Name another segment with the same length at segment

    asked by reaper
  58. biology

    Studies peg the number of proteins in the human body to be around 10,000 to several billions. This diversity is a result of the differences in the structure of proteins. Which property of proteins affects its structure? A. shape of amino groups B. sequence

    asked by mac
  59. Geography

    What countries are the furthest apart time-wise. For example Japan is ahead of EST by 13 hours. Is there time zones that differ by 24 hours? And what are they? If not then what are the furthest apart?

    asked by Max
  60. math

    the present age of jack's is three times that of jack. after 5 years, sum of their ages would be 70 years. find their present ages

    asked by daryl
  61. Calculus

    Find symmetric equations for the line. (Use the parameter t.) The line through (−8, 4, 7) and parallel to the line x/2= y/3= z+1

    asked by #1
  62. calculus

    Pretend the US inflation rate had been 3.8% per year and the Argentinian inflation rate had been 37% per month. (a) What is the yearly equivalent of Argentina's 37% monthly inflation rate? (b) What is the monthly equivalent of the US 3.8% yearly inflation

    asked by Eric
  63. math

    At what interest rate (compounded daily) should you invest if you would like to grow $3,135.66 to $4,237.00 in 39 days?

    asked by Eric
  64. math

    a water tank is 5m tall and has a diameter of 3.5m.Calculate the volume of the tank.Use 3.14

    asked by amanda
  65. math

    P= $12,000, r=5, t=10 1/2 (which I then converted into 21/2), compounded monthly According to my textbook the formula is A= P(1+r/m) t*m Since it is monthly, m=12 I set up my equation as 12,000 (1+0.05/4)^42 (I got 42 by multiplying 21/2 by 4) and got

    asked by helpidkwhatimdoingwrong
  66. Physics

    A car is traveling around a horizontal circular track with radius r = 210 m as shown. It takes the car t = 50 s to go around the track once. The angle θA = 29° above the x axis, and the angle θB = 65° below the x axis.

    asked by Kurt
  67. Physics

    You attach a meter stick to an oak tree, such that the top of the meter stick is 2.67 meters above the ground. Later, an acorn falls from somewhere higher up in the tree. If the acorn takes 0.196 seconds to pass the length of the meter stick, how high

    asked by Nikki
  68. Arithmetic

    orders the numbers in each list from least to greatest -4 1 6- 2

    asked by shan
  69. Math

    Pretend the US inflation rate had been 4.7% per year and the Argentinian inflation rate had been 30% per month. (a) What is the yearly equivalent of Argentina's 30% monthly inflation rate? (b) What is the monthly equivalent of the US 4.7% yearly inflation

    asked by Clarence
  70. Chemistry

    A solution of sodium carbonate contains 1.06g of Na2CO3 dissolved in 100ml of water. Calculate its concentration in normality. (d=2.54g/ml)

    asked by Thu
  71. Chemistry

    Consider the following chemical equation : 2NO2(g)=N2O4(g). If 25.0mL of NO2 gas is completely converted to N2O4 gas under the same conditions, what volume will the N2O4 occupy?

    asked by Jaden
  72. history

    Jefferson responded to the Alien and Sedition Acts with which of the following? A. Kentucky Resolution B. Jefferson Resolution C. Virginia Resolution D. Anti-Sedition Resolution

    asked by EVILcat
  73. Physics

    A child is in danger of drowning in the Merimac river. The Merimac river has a current of 3.1 km/hr to the east. The child is 0.6 km from the shore and 2.5 km upstream from the dock. A rescue boat with speed 24.8 km/hr (with respect to the water) sets off

    asked by Kurt
  74. Maths

    Choose your own pattern . Draw a number line to show your pattern.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. algebra

    -(12x-8y) i am a little confused by this. would the negative make 12x into -12x, and then -8y becomes +8y instead? would it be -12x+8y

    asked by matty
  76. math, financial math

    Simple interest grew from the initial amount $1000 to $1075 in 9 months. Find the interest rate. Like always, I will explain my thinking: I know I have the find r (the interest rate). A=1075 P=1000 t=3/4 (9/12 becomes 3/4) The formula is A= P(1+rt) which

    asked by lijm
  77. physics

    A given wire of resistance 10ohm has a length of 5m and a cross sectional area of 4.0*10^-3m^2,calculate the conductivity of the wire . please help me out I don't understand it

    asked by emily
  78. Math

    what is pi + 7.82882 - .52771?

    asked by Pikachu
  79. math

    Twice the sum of a number and its reciprocal is same as 33/16? please help po thanks :>

    asked by jane
  80. Science

    list five usefulness of science

    asked by Usama
  81. math

    what are the partial products of 898 x 59

    asked by caydence
  82. Physics

    You are on a cruise ship traveling north at a speed of 8 m/s with respect to land. Your friend is sitting on another cruise ship traveling south at 15 m/s. As you walk toward the back of your ship at 2.9 m/s, what is your velocity with respect to your

    asked by Kurt
  83. Math

    From a standard deck of cards, what is the probability you will select: You select one card and it is an ace and black? All I know is a an ace is 4 and there is 26 blacks

    asked by Ed
  84. Physics

    the length and breadth of a rectangular sheet is 16.2 plus minus0.1 cm and 10.1 plus minus 0.1 CM respectively determine the percentage error in the area of the rectangular sheet

    asked by Shivam Kumar
  85. Math

    When do skydivers use decimals

    asked by Tanner
  86. Math

    Bob's uncle is four times as old as Bob is now. In twelve years Bob's age will be one half of his uncles age . How old are they now?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. English

    vape men cartoon on chicago tribune (can't post link) what is the author's purpose and what literary devices are used in this cartoon? Allusion to mad men, but not sure why? understatement - "it can't hurt if I don't know what in it" gets across the point

    asked by Anonymous
  88. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment, adj and prep phrase 1. A panda may devour as much as forty pounds of bamboo a day. 2. However, each tender green shoot of bamboo contains only a very small amount of nutrients., may devour-verb, of

    asked by Ryan
  89. Algebra

    6x+5y-6z=-9 -x-y+3z=10 -6x-y+z=23

    asked by Josh
  90. English

    Why did ali excitedly get ready for school?

    asked by Fatima
  91. Calculus

    The derivative of an inverse: Suppose that 𝑔=𝑓^−1 (f inverse) . If 𝑔(3)=2 , what is 𝑔′(3) ? Express your answer solely in terms of 𝑓 , not 𝑔 .

    asked by Brett
  92. Math

    I am having difficulty with calculating the same answer given. g(x)=sqrt(|x|).

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Physics

    Your friend is sitting on another cruise ship traveling south at 15 m/s. As you walk toward the back of your ship at 2.9 m/s, what is your velocity with respect to your friend?

    asked by Kurt
  94. Math

    What is half of the answer in the sequence:1,1,2,8,3,27,4

    asked by Ivy
  95. Science

    Where did the carbon that is locked up in fossil fuels come from?

    asked by Ryan Smith
  96. math

    what is the wdth of and area of 256

    asked by myasia
  97. Algebra

    -x+8 for x=5

    asked by De´ayja
  98. Algebra

    What is the quotient of a number c and 1/2

    asked by Joy
  99. algebra

    The quantity demanded x each month of Russo Espresso Makers is 250 when the unit price p is $144. The quantity demanded each month is 1000 when the unit price is $114. The suppliers will market 700 espresso makers when the unit price is $66. At a unit

    asked by Anonymous
  100. Physics

    A bird is diving vertically with 2m/s observes a fish coming up with 5m/s. What is the actual speed of the fish?

    asked by Raunak Khawas
  101. Math

    A plane flew an estimated distance of 800 kilometers. The greatest distance the plane could have flown is——- kilómeters

    asked by Anonymous
  102. physics

    What is the centripetal force of a mass, 0.000025kg revolving around the earth with radial acceleration of 4000m/s2?

    asked by Don Morris
  103. Physics

    You are on a train traveling east at speed of 10 m/s with respect to the ground.

    asked by Kurt