Questions Asked on
September 11, 2019

  1. algebra

    The box plots below show attendance at a local movie theater and high school basketball games: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Movies. Minimum at 130, Q1 at 162, median at 185, Q3 at 195, maximum at 290. The bottom box plot is labeled

    asked by Neta
  2. Math

    If John wants to retire with $10,000 per month, how much principal is necessary to generate this amount of monthly income if the interest rate is 15%?

    asked by Kb
  3. Math

    The graph below models the value of a $20,000 car t years after it was purchased. Which statement best describes why the value of the car is a function of the number of years since it was purchased? A: Each car value, y, is associated with exactly one

    asked by Sophie
  4. world history

    Which accurately describes the theology of the Catholic Church during the middle ages? select all that apply A. Catholics could rise to the kingdom of heaven by faithfully following the seven sacraments B. Kosher dietary laws determine that foods Catholics

    asked by michele
  5. social studies

    Which of the following is an artifact? A. an imprint of a plant from long ago B. the remains of a person from long ago C. a written record of an early society D. an object made or used by humans

    asked by Mohmmed
  6. Math

    1) A 3, 300.00 principal earns 4% interest compounded annually. After three years, what is the balance in the amount? 2) A 6,000.00 Annable earns 8% annual interest compounded semiannually (twice per year) after 35 years, what is the balance in the

    asked by Rose
  7. Social Studies

    Which is the most important function of banks in an economy? A. extending credit B. guarding savings C. providing mutual fund options D. managing employee pay systems __________ Customers cannot purchase every product. How does this fact affect companies

    asked by Ryan
  8. Math

    Which of these tables represents a linear function? A: 3,3 4,4 5,6 6,7 B: 3,6*** 4,5 5,4 6,3 C: 3,7 4,6 5,5 6,5 D: 3,2 4,4 5,5 6,6

    asked by Sophie
  9. Science

    why whenever I ask science questions I either never get an answer or I just get a link that doesn’t help I’m not trying to be rude or anything but is there no science teacher on here

    asked by Sydni
  10. Math

    The Department manager recorded the number of sick days taken laster year by each employee, What is the mean number of days employees were sick? Round to the nearest hundredth. 2.86 days**** 2.57 days 2.43 days 2.29 days

    asked by *Omq_Rosie*
  11. math

    In 2012, the total population of Florida was 3,158,697 people. What was the population in scientific notation, approximately?

    asked by lun
  12. science

    Which of the following means using specific observations to make generalizations?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    The sum of three numbers is 69. If the second number is equal to the first diminished by 8, and the third number is 5 times the first. What are the numbers?

    asked by natalee
  14. world history

    describe the geographic conditions of both Mesopotamia and Egypt (specifically address the roles of rivers for each civilization ) How did the location of Mesopotamia help them trade How did the location of Egypt protect them

    asked by arayeli
  15. Math

    A rectangular beam is to be cut from the log into a circular cross section. If the strength of the beam is proportional to the width and the square of the depth, find the dimensions that will give the strongest beam

    asked by Chidera
  16. Science

    What’s quantitative data was collected in order to determine the winner of the design challenge A:distance (cm) B:time (sec) and distance (cm) to calculate speed C: amount of water (ml) to be sure the reaction continues to come to completion D: water

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Social Studies

    Which of the following best describes the rights of men and women in ancient Jewish society? Select all that apply. A. Both men and women could buy and sell land. B. Both men and women could take cases to court. C. Men could marry anyone they chose, but

    asked by Help Please!
  18. Math

    Allan borrowed 6500 from his father to buy a car. He repaid him after 4 months with interest of 2% per year. Find the total amount he repaid.

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Social Studies

    1.Which are reasons Spain wanted to explore the New World? Select all that apply.

    asked by Name1
  20. Math

    Consider the right rectangular prism shown. The figure shows a right rectangular prism whose dimensions are 8.5 centimeters, 2.25 centimeters, and 5.75 centimeters ​List the numbers of faces, edges, and vertices of the rectangular prism. faces = edges =

    asked by Help me
  21. literature

    so this question says what does the underlined word mean in the sentence below and the sentence is "the MAGINUTUIDE of the diaster is hard to imagine A size B pain C debris D ripple effect I think A am I right

    asked by James
  22. social studies

    Which of the following is an example of specializing in the service sector? A. a country growing mainly coffee beans B. a country exporting minerals C. a country investing in education D. a country focusing on call centers

    asked by christopher
  23. chemistry

    analyze the following equation for a double displacement reaction. using this reaction. using this reaction as a model, do you think that double displacement reactions are typically redox reaction or not? explain why. BaCl2(aq) + K2C03(aq) = BaCO3(S) +

    asked by anonymous
  24. Art

    Art can serve many purposes. here, an artist created bowls and plates that are used every day. what other artistic creations are used on a daily basis? clothing****** sculptures paintings drawings The ****** is what i think my answer is

    asked by Jazmin
  25. geometry

    If a conditional statement is true, which related conditional is always true? 1. converse 2. inverse 3. contrapositive 4. bioconditional Is it 1?

    asked by michelle
  26. Social Studies

    Animal herders in the Sahara adapted to their environment by... A. living a nomadic lifestyle ++ B. moving to cities to find work C. moving their herbs to the south of Sahel D. irrigating rivers to create more farmland

    asked by Moonlight_Shimmer
  27. Math

    Find the outlier of the set of data: 30,54,47,45,42,50,54,49 ok guys i really really need help plz help

    asked by Pizzaiscoolyeahboiiiii
  28. Social studies

    Please help me! I need to sort these into the correct box Aeneid Pantheon Plutarch realistic sculpture The boxes: architecture art literature Thank you so much if you help me!

    asked by Ello
  29. Math

    use trigonometric ratios and the Pythagorean theorem to solve the triangle. h ttps:// c = 13.6 ft a = 7.2 ft my answer: a^2 + b^2 =c^2 7.2^2 +13.6^2 = b^2 51.84 + 184.96 = b^2 √(236.8)= b 15.39 = b

    asked by anonymous
  30. Math

    Add 6 to 8 times y

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Applied Logic

    No beer drinker is a vegan. John is a beer drinker. Therefore, John is not a vegan. Is this valid or invalid. If valid, give a proof. If invalid, give a counterexample.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra

    What's 8-2(3×5+1) I need your help

    asked by James
  33. Physics

    Liquid helium is stored at its boiling-point temperature of 4.2 K in a spherical container (r = 0.30 m). The container is a perfect blackbody radiator. The container is surrounded by a spherical shield whose temperature is 74 K. A vacuum exists in the

    asked by Coco
  34. Health

    What does social health involve?

    asked by Maria
  35. physics

    Consider the vector 𝐴⃑ in the first quadrant, with magnitude given by 𝐴 = 10, that makes an angle of 𝜃 = 25° with the 𝑥- axis. (a) Find a vector, 𝐵⃑⃑, such that 𝐴⃑ + 𝐵⃑⃑ = 0. What is the magnitude of 𝐵⃑⃑? Carefully

    asked by N/A
  36. Accounting

    what is section of income statement and explanation for each section

    asked by sbairo
  37. Maths

    If A,B and C are three sets,each having a finite number of element,find the value of N(AuB)n (AuC) from the following information,N(AuBuC)=100,N(AnBnC)=10,N(AuBuC)=25,N(AnB)=N(BnC)=15,N(A)=N(C)=2(n(B)

    asked by Precious
  38. Physics

    A soccer ball is kicked with an initial horizontal velocity of 11 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 16 m/s.

    asked by Kurt
  39. math

    Lucy earns money babysitting. Her earnings and hours worked represent a direct variation. She worked for 4 hours and earned $25. Determine the constant of proportionality for hours worked per dollar earned. ;D

    asked by lucy
  40. Physics

    A cannonball is shot (from ground level) with an initial horizontal velocity of 33 m/s and an initial vertical velocity of 24 m/s.

    asked by Kurt
  41. math

    Determine if the equation y = 2/5 x − 4 represents a proportional relationship. If so, determine the constant of proportionality.

    asked by lucy
  42. science

    Jamie is explaining to her classmates that she conducted an experiment over the weekend to see if adding more eggs to a cupcake recipe would affect the taste and texture of her cupcakes. She told her classmates that she noticed her cupcakes are moist and

    asked by Vegito
  43. math

    the length of the shadow of a tower is 20 under root matrix and h=20m find the angle of elevation o sun at that time

    asked by rudra
  44. social studies

    Which reason best explains why many American Indian chiefdoms came to an end within a few years of Hernando de Soto's arrival in Georgia?

    asked by alaina2006
  45. Math

    Which box-and-whisker plot matches the data? 20, 32, 19, 12, 28, 34, 29, 36, 20, 15, 30, 17

    asked by *Omq_Rosie*
  46. Circles and Ratios

    How much fencing is needed to enclose a circular pond with diameter 12.5 feet? A. 37.5 feet B. 19.625feet C. 98.5feet D. 39.25feet

    asked by Help asap!!!
  47. Math

    Joanna is selling cheese at the farmers market one wheel and cheese has a diameter of 9 in what is the area of the wheel of cheese use 3.14 for π ____Square inches If the nine inch wheel of cheese cost $18.60what is the cost per square inch if the cost is

    asked by Help asap!!!
  48. Math

    Given a long algebraic expression, what are some strategies that you can use to make simplifying and evaluating the expression more efficient and accurate? How do inverse operations help solve algebraic equations? Give a real-world scenario where this

    asked by My *BFF* is the WORST
  49. Circles and Ratios

    Johanna is selling cheese at the Farmers marketone wheel of cheese has a diameter of 9 in what is the area of the will of thieves use 3.14 for π ____ square inches if the 9 inch wheel of cheese cause $18.16 what is the cost per square inch is the cost is

    asked by Someone help me I am confused
  50. Math

    Paula knits hats. The number of hats h she can knit varies directly with the amount of yarn (y) in yards she has. The constant of proportionality is 42. Write an equation to represent the relationship between the number of yards of yarn Paula has and the

    asked by Tyler
  51. Science

    How do drugs affect the brain?

    asked by My *BFF* is the WORST
  52. Social Studies

    Can someone please help me on these? I am really confused! 1. Prior to the destruction of the Second Temple, which of the following areas of the world contained Diaspora communities? A. Central Asia B. Great Britain C. Japan D. Southern Africa 2. What

    asked by Help Please!
  53. Math

    I want to check my answer someone help!! A piece of rope 94.2 inches long will enclose a circular childs wading pool what is the diameter of the pool? A. 15in B. 47.1 in ** C. 30 in D. 31.4 in

    asked by Brook
  54. math

    Ray BD bisects ∠ABC so that m∠DBC = (x + 7)° and m∠ABD = (2x − 11)°. What is x?

    asked by idk
  55. Math

    Interpret the meaning of the point (378,9).

    asked by Dora
  56. Math

    how to find y for x and k?

    asked by lucy
  57. English

    I need help on writing a hook about dress code

    asked by Lily
  58. Economics

    What are the three types of productive resources? Select all that apply. A. the raw materials provided by the planet B. the planning and work that go into production C. the markets that sell the results of production D. the social systems that ensure

    asked by Help me
  59. social studies

    Which sentence BEST describes the role of mercantilism in the growth of transatlantic trade during the 1600s? European countries cooperated in the shipment and exchange of goods. English settlements hoped to encourage commerce among the colonies. Colonies

    asked by Marcus
  60. Maths

    Differentiate (x2-1/x)raise to power 2 with respect to x.?

    asked by FBI
  61. Social Studies

    Pan-Africanism is the idea that A. All African ethnic groups should have their own country B. All black Africans should be united to achieve common goals**** C. Africans should ban European influences D. All of Africa should be united under a single

    asked by BadByeJoonie
  62. PE

    List all the branches of health education

    asked by Amara
  63. math

    i nedd help on decimal operations review practice 1 20.58-13.3=7.28

    asked by bobb
  64. math


    asked by im from connexus
  65. Math


    asked by LOLO
  66. social studies

    Which of the following is an example of the impact trade had on the people of Southern and Eastern Africa? A. Eastern Africans practised the same religions there ancestors did b. those living in southern Africa are isolated from the rest of the world c.

    asked by christopher
  67. math

    Write this equation in vertex and standard form. y=-11x^2+176x-429

    asked by Chase
  68. math

    A store orders boxes of a new brand of cereal from their supplier. The suppier gives the store an additional 3% of the number of boxes ordered as free samples for customers. The store receives 1648 boxes in all. How many boxes of cereal did the store

    asked by Andy
  69. english

    technically not a school question, but what are some qualities of a good leader?

    asked by
  70. math

    what is 2 6/7 divided by 2/14 please help me asap

    asked by James
  71. Math

    Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 90÷[10+(32−4)]90÷10+32-4 I Don't get it and I'm behind please give me the equation and answer PLEASE!

    asked by ☆Alexa☆
  72. math

    The mean cost of of books is 3, the total cost of 4 was 11. What is the cost of 5th book?

    asked by Samuel
  73. math

    The mean cost of of 5books is 3, the total cost of 4 was 11. What is the cost of 5th book?

    asked by Samuel
  74. Maths

    Show that X = 2 in the expression below 4^* + 3^* = 5^* Pls note that * is X?

    asked by FBI
  75. Social Studies

    Read the quote. “Most people in rural areas are farmers, and when you have a disease like Guinea worm [a parasite], you are incapacitated, unable to continue with your work. By preventing the hundreds of thousands of cases that we do each year, we are

    asked by BadByeJoonie
  76. math

    Estimate using mental math and then calculate the exact sum or difference. Enter the exact sum or difference in the answer field. 4 . 817 + 9 . 099 + 17 . 008 = 484 . 603 − 48 . 198 =

  77. Math

    What is the value of 14 – a² given a = -3?

    asked by Justin Rod
  78. marine biology

    Marine Science A Unit 1: About the Earth

    asked by not saying
  79. Math

    If Frans recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups of sugar she increases it by 2/5 of a cup, how much sugar does she use I Need some help on this one im not very good with fractions please:)

    asked by Bisha
  80. Literature

    Hello, This is my question and I am not understanding what to write. What are some ways equality can exist in a non-equal society, where people have different talents and abilities? Please help Ms. Sue! Thank you.

    asked by Alexia
  81. Technology

    If the mine winch drum diameter is 6m, calculate how far the cage will drop for each single rotation of the drum , use the formula C =pii r🙀

    asked by Simphiwe
  82. science

    what is Glucose most likely found in fish, chicken, apples,and olive oil?

    asked by lara
  83. Earth Science

    1. Along which features does seafloor spreading occur? A. fault lines B. mid-ocean ridges C. ocean basins D. ocean trenches 2. Which statement identifies a major reason for the subduction that helps to form volcanoes? A. the release of hot ash and steam in

    asked by Nijah
  84. science

    what is a measurement best defined as ?

    asked by ciara
  85. biology

    the glucose produced during photosynthesis is an example of a. lipid b. monosaccharide c. protein d. nucleic acid B is my answer, could someone check it for me? ty

    asked by matty
  86. economics

    1. According to Idov, the dream of running a small cafe has nothing to do with an interest in entrepreneurship or being one's own boss. "To a couple in the throes of the cafe dream,money is almost an afterthought."explain. 2. After Idov discusses two

    asked by michelle
  87. english

    What is a literary merit?

    asked by sadie
  88. Algebra

    What general statement can you use to determine the ordered pairs of the vertices of a figure if it is reflected across the y-axis? A. If a figure is reflected across the y-axis, the x-coordinates of the vertices in the reflection will be the same as those

    asked by Ace
  89. English

    What is the literary merit in "The Outside" by Susan glaspell?Should is be part of the canon? I am not really sure and I really need help...

    asked by sadie
  90. Math

    What is another way to write -72 - (-25)?

    asked by Kelina
  91. History

    Why is Mesopotamia so crucial to world history?

    asked by Bisha
  92. Math

    The cost (c) to hire a dog trainer is varies directly with the amount of time (h) in hours spent training the dog. Part A Write an equation to represent the proportional relationship between c and h using the information given. c = Part B Sue spent $660 on

    asked by Bonnie
  93. Math

    Order the numbers in each list from least to greatest. -4,1,-6,2 Is it -4,-6,1,2?

    asked by Mary
  94. Algebra

    How are reflections and translations similar? please help i don't know how they are similar.

    asked by Ace
  95. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment, prepositional phrases and adjectives. 1. The last scene of the play is very intense. 2. Those two small birds are finches. 3. My goldfish Alanzo grows larger everyday. 4. Andrea's report on digitial recording is a

    asked by Ryan
  96. geography

    Drag and drop the elements of Roman culture and their creators to categorize them. Aeneid Pantheon Plutarch realistic sculpture architecture art literature

    asked by lil tecca
  97. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment, prepositional phrases and adjectives. 1. Your solution to this algebra problem is clever. 2. We felt full after we had eaten Thanksgiving dinner. 3. The setting of the story is a Spanish castle that looks old and

    asked by Ryan
  98. Science

    Identify the type of plate boundary that created the volcanoes of Iceland. a convergent boundary on land a divergent boundary on land a transverse boundary on land a divergent boundary in the ocean

    asked by Sydni
  99. Chemistry

    Suppose you are asked to find the area of a rectangle that is 2.1-cm wide by 5.6-cm long. Your calculator answer would be 11.76 cm2. Now suppose you are asked to enter the answer to two significant figures. (Note that if you do not round your answer to two

    asked by David
  100. Science

    Drag and drop the words into the correct locations. Types of minerals change in heated______rock. A record of biological time can be found in______rock. Matter changes state from liquid to solid to form _____rock. Sedimentary Igneous Medimorphic

    asked by #PleaseHelp
  101. Social Studies

    Which statement BEST describes the trade relationship between the United States and Japan in the last decade of the 20th century?

    asked by katelynn
  102. Math

    -1/2^2 - x + 3/2 how do i complete the square for this

    asked by R
  103. Science

    Two forces acting on an object are parallel and act in the same direction (westerly). The mangnitude of one of the forces is 60N and the resultant is 80N. What is the magnitude of the other force ???

    asked by Naeer
  104. social studies

    Which of the following is an effect of the desertification taking place in parts of Africa? A. Some Africans struggle to get clean drinking water. B. Africa's infrastructure is highly developed. C. The majority of Africa is experiencing political

    asked by Mohmmed
  105. social studies

    Which of the following were important achievements of the Kushites? Select all that apply. A. the defeat of the Assyrian army B. the invention of one of the world's first alphabets C. construction of the largest pyramids in the area D. the development of

    asked by Mohmmed
  106. Math

    Pierrr owns a bike shop he needs to order 12 replacement parts that you took on $9.75 the factory offers free shipping for 100 Will Perry needs to pay shipping cost use estimation to explain your answer

    asked by Carmari
  107. Math

    Josh thinks of an odd number between 268 an 282 the sum of the Hundreds digit and ones digit is equel to the tens digit .what is josh's number ??

    asked by Lisbeth
  108. Math

    -x = -45 what is X?

    asked by anonymous
  109. Social Studies

    Which of the following was the main unit of society in the early Stone Age culture? A.a village B.a single family C.a large, complex tribe D.a small band of people ++

    asked by Moonlight_Shimmer
  110. math

    A large rectangular movie screen in an Imax Theater has an area of 9975 square feet. Find the dimensions of the screen if it is 10 feet longer than it is wide.

    asked by Pam
  111. History

    Read the quote. “Most people in rural areas are farmers, and when you have a disease like Guinea worm [a parasite], you are incapacitated, unable to continue with your work. By preventing the hundreds of thousands of cases that we do each year, we are

    asked by Moonlight_Shimmer
  112. Math

    Jolene can read 10 pages ib 20 minutes. How fast can she read?

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Math

    Find the future value, using the future value formula and a calculator. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $864 at 5.5% compounded quarterly for 5 years

    asked by Kb
  114. Math

    use trigonometric ratios and the Pythagorean theorem to solve the triangle. h ttps:// c = 31.0 cm a = 13.6 cm

    asked by anonymous
  115. Math

    Find the cost of the monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in 30 years, assuming an inflation rate of 5% (compounded continuously), if the current rent is $610. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

    asked by Kb
  116. Algebra

    Find the present value, using the present value formula and a calculator. (Round to the nearest cent.) Achieve $5,000 in three years at 3.5% simple interest.

    asked by Gerald