Questions Asked on
September 9, 2019

  1. Maths

    Functions f and g are defined by f(x)=4x-2k g(x)=9/(2-x) i.Find the values of k for which the equation fg(x)=x has two equal roots.

    asked by Raj
  2. Science

    Which items are TRUE about minerals? Select three correct answers. A. rocks are the components that make up minerals. B. minerals are made of one element or one compound of elements. C. observing one property is often the best way to identify minerals. D.

    asked by Redacted.
  3. Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

    Check my answers please 1. The terms "aerobic fitness" and "cardio-respiratory fitness" mean the same thing. True* False 2. Duration refers to the amount of time of your aerobic session. True* False 3. Frequency refers to how hard you exercise. True False*

    asked by I'm right
  4. Chemistry

    How much heat (energy) is required to convert 18.0 g (1.00 mole) of ice at -5.00oC to steam at a temperature 111oC? (6)

    asked by X
  5. Math

    You are baking chocolate chip cookies. One batch makes 4 dozen big cookies. The recipe calls for 3/4 cup brown sugar. How many cups of brown sugar would you need if you wanted to make 11 dozen cookies.

    asked by Melinda
  6. math

    For the substitution method, is there a right equation to pick from the set and rewrite it? My problem is 3x-2y=1 2x+4y=1 I chose 2x+4y=2 and came up with x=1-2y which I will later plug into 3x-2y=1. Or do I have to choose 3x-2y=1? My tactic is picking the

    asked by lijm
  7. Math

    Scientific notation for .0026

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Algebra 1

    Victoria weighs 5/7 as much as Mario. Victoria weighs 125lb. How much does Mario weigh

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    A train traveling between two stations. The train starts from rest and accelerates uniformly for 150 seconds. It then travels at a constant speed for 300 seconds and finally decelerates uniformly for 200 seconds. Given that the distance between the two

    asked by kd
  10. Math

    What proportion of observations from the standard normal distribution are greater that 2.88?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Science

    A truck hits a brick wall with force of 100000 kg•m/s2. The truck comes to a stop in 0.5 s. Calculate the impulse the truck experienced

    asked by Vickie
  12. physics

    A hollow metal sphere of mass 5kg is tied to the bottom of the sea-bed by a rope. The tension or force in the rope is 60 N. Calculate the volume of the sphere.?

    asked by Don Morris
  13. Language

    Which sentence is written correctly? A ,Sometimes when the weather, is especially cold we get snow as early as October 31. B, Sometimes when the weather is especially cold we get snow, as early as, October 31 C, Sometimes, when the weather is especially

    asked by Mary
  14. Psychology

    Which of the following is/are possible to quantify using this data: red, red, green, blue, blue, blue, yellow, orange? A) Mean B) Median C) Mode D) Mean and Median E) None of the above

    asked by Sarah
  15. Psychology

    Which of the following is/are most likely to have statistical significance? Check all that apply. A) A teacher discovers that 6 out of her 7 classes performed better on a test while listening to softly-played classical music. B) 99 out of 100 people

    asked by Sarah
  16. Psychology

    Scientists believe their results to be statistically significant if no more than __________ of the results are due to chance. A) 1 in 1000 B) 1 in 100 C) 5 in 25 D) 1 in 20 E) 1 in 3

    asked by Sarah
  17. Psychology

    Are the results of the following study statistically significant? If so, why? A psychologist performs an experiment to see if she could condition a group of third graders to associate doing math with the positive feeling of eating sugar. For a one

    asked by Sarah
  18. Math

    Triangle ABC has vertices A(–4,–2), B(–1,3), and C(5,0). Triangle ABC is rotated 180° counterclockwise about the origin to form triangle A′B′C′. What are the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle A′B′C′? How could you determine the

    asked by Elder
  19. Math

    Jason has just finished icing the cake when he walks away his sister steals a piece the stolen piece is one sixth of the whole cake the stolen piece is two thirds covered in icing what fraction of the original cake was not iced

    asked by Jazzy
  20. Math


    asked by jOHNNIE
  21. Math

    One brand of orange juice is sold in four different sizes. Size A The 8 1/2-ounce bottle costs $0.99. Size B The 18 2/3-ounce bottle costs $1.49. Size C The 48 1/4-ounce carton costs $2.49. Size D The 64 3/4-ounce carton costs $3.75. What is the unit rate

    asked by I'll keep my name a secret
  22. Statistics

    There are 14 qualified applicants for 3 trainee positions in a fast-food management program. How many different groups of trainees can be selected?

    asked by Bobby
  23. Earth Science

    1. Where are the newest parts of Earth’s crust located? a. on the top of mountains b. at mid-ocean ridges c. at the edges of continents d. on plateaus my answer is c

    asked by Nijah
  24. algebra 1

    A theater group is having a carwash fundraiser.The group can only spend $34 on soap, which is enough to wash 40 cars. Each car is charged $5. If c represents the total number of cars washed and p represents the profit, which equation shows the relationship

    asked by adam
  25. American History

    I need help for a project and I only have this question left. Please help! How does R.J. Reynolds accomplishments affect the state today?

    asked by me :)
  26. physics

    Which of the following determine the terminal speed of an object? Choose all that apply. Weight Color Object's density Air density Relative speed between the object and the air Shape/Aerodynamics Surface area encountered by air

    asked by maria
  27. English

    On which character traits does the narrator of "The Tell-Tale Heart" pride himself? A. his abilities to lie and steal B. his sneakiness and his fear C. his wit and his confidence D. his intelligence and his patience I think it's either C or D

    asked by sun_and_moon_taeil
  28. Math

    What general statement can you use to determine the ordered pairs of the vertices of a figure if it is reflected across the y-axis? A. If a figure is reflected across the y-axis, the x-coordinates of the vertices in the reflection will be the same as those

    asked by Boop
  29. Algebra

    Using x as the variable, write the equation or inequality that would correctly solve this problem. Question: Carmen needs at least 86 points to pass Karissa's score. Karissa has 631 points. How many points does Carmen have? (there was also some text under

    asked by Skyler
  30. Mathematics

    Hcf of two numbers is number is between 20 and other number is between 40 and 60.find two numbers.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Standard deviation

    What percentage of the data, distributed normally and with the standard deviation, will fall within 2 standard deviations of the mean? A) 13.5% B) 34% C) 68% D) 95% E) 99%

    asked by Sarah
  32. Psychology

    Which of the following confidence levels are psychologists usually satisfied with to support that their results are not simply due to chance? A) 0.65 or 65% B) 0.75 or 75% C) 0.85 or 85% D) 0.95 or 95% E) 1.00 or 100%

    asked by Sarah
  33. pre algebra

    Jon drew a triangle with coordinates (5, 1), (7, −2) and (3, −1). He drew an image of the triangle with coordinates (5, −1), (7,2), and (3, 1). How did he make the image? A. He translated the original figure 2 units down. B. He translated the

    asked by javier
  34. algebra

    molly traveled to the lake and back.It took two hours less time to get there then it did to get back.The average speed on the trip there was 50 mph.The average speed on the way back was 30 mph.How many hours didthe trip there take?

    asked by heli
  35. Math

    for this triangle, determine tan A. then determine the measure of angle A. h ttps:// side a is 1.3 side b is 2.5

    asked by Anonymous
  36. history/culture

    1. when referring to the auto logical condition of not being able to hear, deaf is written with a little “d” true *** false 2. “Big D” Deaf refers to deaf people who share a language (ASL) and a culture. true false*** 3. You become a member of the

    asked by help please
  37. Social Studies

    Would the ease of escape be least important to a terrorist?

    asked by Joe
  38. physics

    a cat is thrown up in the air at 12 m/s then free falls down a 70 m high cliff. what is its speed before it hits the ground? what is the cat's time falling before it hits the ground? vi= 12 m/s change in y = 70 m a= -9.81 m/s^2 vf= ? t=?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math

    Laura earns 134,350 per year. Use Laura's income tax rate to determine what her monthly deduction should be.

    asked by Kayleigh
  40. Physics

    What is the perfect world of Physics known for? I know no air resistance, earthbound, but what else? Also who created it?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. math

    How does (5√26)/2 equal 5√(13/2). Need explaining

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Science


    asked by Bibhusha
  43. math

    my mom's class is taking a field trip to the science museum there are 23 students in class and a students admission tickets is 8 how much will the students tickets costs

    asked by anya
  44. Math

    -6 +12 over 3-6= 6/9=-3 is this right

    asked by jOHNNIE
  45. Math

    A fuel storage tank is in the shape of an equilateral triangular prism. The prism is 8 feet high and 10 feet long. When the tank is half-full, the depth of the fuel is what? note: I know the only way to find the depth is to cut the triangle in half

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Physics

    A flywheel turns at 600 rpm. Compute the angular speed at any point on the wheel and the tangential speed 0.5 m from the centre.

    asked by Darshan
  47. Chemistry

    Metaphorically, how can life on earth be compared to a spaceship???

    asked by URGENT HELP!!!
  48. Calculus

    Suppose that a doesn't equal 0. a) If a.b = a.c, does it follow that b = c? b) If axb = axc does it follow that b = c? c) If a.b = a.c and axb = axc, does it follow that b = c?

    asked by #1
  49. Math

    for this triangle, determine tan A. then determine the measure of angle A. h ttps:// side a is 1.3 side b is 2.5 my answer is tan (A)=1.3/2.5 A=27.4744

    asked by anonymous
  50. math

    Three points P, Q and R are on level ground. Q is 240 m from P on bearing of 230°. R is 120 m to the east of P. A) Using a scale of 1 cm to represent 40 m, draw a diagram to show the positions of P,Q and R in the space provided below. B) Determine (i) The

    asked by kd
  51. Statistics

    A company's records indicate that 90% are error free,if 8-records are randomly selected, what is the probability that at least 2 records have no errors.

    asked by Mary
  52. Statistics

    In an intelligence test administered to 1000 children, the average score was 42 and fasting the standard deviation 24.Assuming normal distribution, find the number of children with scores between 30 and 60

    asked by Mary
  53. maths

    LET THE PROBABILITY FUNCTION ON SET"S"=[a,b,c,d],find probability p(a) if p(b)=1/3,,p(c)=1/6 and p(d)=1/5..?

    asked by Don Morris
  54. math

    A ball always bounces three fifth of the height from which it falls. What fraction of its initial height does it rise after the second and third bounce?

    asked by Calculus Joe
  55. science

    if a strong odour is smelt continuously for some time , the sensation of than substance weakens

    asked by ahsit
  56. Math

    In a book store 60 identical books occupied a length of 1.5 meter on a shelf , find the length occupied by 50 such books on a shelf the no of such books needed to completely occupied a shelf that is 80 cm long?

    asked by ABDUL ARHUM
  57. Science

    What is the balance equation of decane

    asked by Chemistry
  58. P H E

    Seven Branchs of P H E

    asked by Gbenu blessing
  59. algebra

    How can you determine the coordinates of any image that is dilated with the center of dilation at the origin without graphing? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by user 1
  60. Maths

    The function g is defined by g(x)=2x^2-12x+13 for x>=4. Expalin why g has an inverse.

    asked by Raj
  61. Maths

    How to sketch the graph of y=f^-1(x)

    asked by Raj
  62. Maths

    f(x)=2x+1 Sketch in a single diagram the graphs of y=f(x) and y=f^-1(x), making clear relationship between the graphs.

    asked by Raj
  63. Math

    Logan drew Δ ABC on the coordinate plane, and then reflected the triangle over the y-axis to form Δ A'B'C'. Which statement is not true about these two triangles? A.Δ ABC≅Δ A'B'C' B. The two triangles have the same angle measures. C. The vertices of

    asked by James
  64. Maths

    f(x)=x^2-4x+k for x>=p State the range of f in term of k.

    asked by Raj
  65. Maths

    f(x)-x^2-4x+k for domain x>=p State the smallest value of p for which f is one-one.

    asked by Raj
  66. math

    What is the distance between points F(2, 9) and G(4, 14)? Round to the nearest whole number.

    asked by idkk
  67. Earth Science

    How have phosphate minerals most affected human activity? A. Many people left their homes to seek wealth from phosphate mining in the 1800s. B. Phosphate mining operations have ceased due to environmental impacts.*** C. Using phosphate minerals in

    asked by Madi
  68. Georgia history

    Which weapon was invented during the woodlands period. a. atlatl b.midden c. clovis point d. bow and arrow... am i right

    asked by gabriella bongo cat
  69. English

    The climax of “Rikki-tiki-tavi” occurs when

    asked by Aria
  70. Language

    Beeethoven, Ludwig van. 1770-1827. German composer of Flemish descent, born in Boon, Germany. Taught music by his father and Christian Neefe. Held several positions with royal musicians in Bonn (1783-1792). Studied in Vienna with Mozart, Haydn, and other

    asked by Mary
  71. geometry


    asked by Anayelis
  72. language arts

    compare and contrast Ribbons by Laurence yep and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling

  73. Chemistry

    John Roger's Stephens left a 3.5 kg iron shovel outside through the winter. The shovel now orange with rust, is rediscovered in the spring. It's mass is 3.7kg. How much oxygen combined with the iron?

    asked by damon
  74. Math

    John draws a square on a coordinate plane. Then, he draws an image of the square 3 units to the right of the original square. What is true about the corresponding sides of the original figure and the image?

    asked by Grace
  75. chemistry

    Consider a mixture of 50% water and 50% of mass ethanol, whose relative density is equal to 0.9138. Get the mass of ethanol contained in 100m3 of mixture.

    asked by damon
  76. Physics

    A student stands on a scale in an elevator that is accelerating at -2 m/s2. If the student has a mass of 97 kg, to the nearest newton what is the scale reading?

    asked by Jason
  77. global history

    What lines measure distance in degrees north and south of the equator?

    asked by bella
  78. Technology

    What does a head frame do?

    asked by Nelly
  79. AP US History

    Which did the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies have in common? A. Both depended largely on forestry and fishing. B. Both built economies on a strong agricultural base. C. Both had few natural resources and relied on trade. D. Both had many mineral

    asked by Natalie
  80. algebra

    Exponent Basics Quiz Part 2: Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. "Solve 2s3 − 4r2 if r = 1 and s = 5." Is it -35?

    asked by MathPerformer
  81. Math

    John draws a square on a coordinate plane. Then, he draws an image of the square 3 units to the right of the original square. What is true about the corresponding sides of the original figure and the image? A. The corresponding sides are skew. B. The

    asked by Grace
  82. English

    Compare and contrast your independent reading selection with one or two other selections you read in this unit. Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your independent reading selection. Be sure to get the title and the author of

    asked by help please
  83. Math

    The radii and angle substended at the center of circle are given as follow 12cm,40

    asked by Benjamin
  84. geometry

    What do you call a duck that steals?

    asked by Alex
  85. math

    Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Solve 2 s 3 − 4 r 2 if r = 1 and s = 5 . plz some one help mrs.sue?

    asked by jar
  86. chemistry

    what is hydrogen?

    asked by gift
  87. english

    Write your analysis then reactions or response to some sentence or thought in the essay, "Where I Lived, and What I Lived For" in this module. You might decide to argue for or against Thoreau's stance, or you might want to apply one of Thoreau's insights

    asked by mason
  88. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  89. Education Technology

    In three sentences, identify one Cloud-based application you use regularly and explain how it demonstrates the benefits of Cloud computing. When you have completed the activity, upload the document to the class Drop Box for evaluation.

    asked by Mr. Sue
  90. Social Studies

    What are examples of Alexander the Great’s love of learning that he spread? Could someone point in the direction of some examples? The text I was given does not supply much information.

    asked by Carmen33
  91. math

    1. Bella's recipe for a batch of cookies calls for 4 1/2 cups of flour. if she wants to make 2/5 of a batch of cookies how much flour should she use? 2/5 * (4 1/2) = 2/5 * 9/2 = 9/5 = 1 1/5 cups flour 2. A submarine is at an elevation of - 9 4/7 meters. It

    asked by Jared
  92. Math

    Solve the following word problem for the portion, rate, or base. A medical insurance policy requires Ana to pay the first $100 of her hospital expense. The insurance company will then pay 60% of the remaining expense. Ana is expecting a short surgical stay

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    80% of the students at a college are from in-state. If 4,800 students are from in-state, how many students attend the college? I got 3,840. but I don't think that's right

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    Lcm of two numbers is number is 5 find the other number

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Graphs math

    If the mean score on a test is 60, the data are distributed normally, and the standard deviation is 5, what percentage of the test scores will be found between 55 and 60?

    asked by Sarah
  96. Math

    8.47 3 over five I have tried this one and I get 508.2 and its not taking my answer. any help would be appreciated!

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Psychology/math

    Which of the following are correct statements about statistical significance? Check all that apply. Statistical significance A) always equates to importance B) requires large data samples C) requires positive research data results D) has consistent results

    asked by Sarah
  98. Math

    ms sue i have a question what is the square root of 5006 help pls im trying to finish my home work while im on the bus thanks.

    asked by yz450f rider
  99. chemistry

    a gas tank holds 2685 L of propane, C3H8 at 830 mm Hg. What is the volume of the propane at standard pressure

    asked by angela
  100. geography

    Which was an effect of the establishment of the European Union? Select the two correct answers. A. Member countries trade freely without trade barriers. B. Citizens can move among nation states to work and study. C. National borders have been erased. D.

    asked by adam
  101. Math

    Jared said "7.48 rounds to 7.5 and 7.5 rounds to 8" so 7.48 rounds to a right and explain if Jared's reasoning is correct.

    asked by Lindaway
  102. Calculus

    Consider the curve C parametrized by (x, y) = (cos (5t), sin(−4t)), for −π ≤ t ≤ 2pi How would I go about finding how many times the curve is traversed? Also, how would I find out the radius and center of the circle is? I don't need answers I just

    asked by Phil
  103. Math

    How to determine if the graph shows two quantities that vary directly and how to determine the constant of proportionality?

    asked by URGENT
  104. Math

    P Maria and her family went to a movie they bought two adult tickets for $8 each and three students tickets for $5 each day paid with two $20 bills how much change did they get back?

    asked by Lindaway
  105. Math

    Check for reasonableness Jim paid 9.82 for a book he told Nora the car was about 10.00 was 10.00 a reasonable rounded amount EXPLAIN!!

    asked by Lindaway
  106. History

    What was the main purpose of the Homestead Act? bring an end to cattle drives encourage settlement on the Great Plains C. to defeat the Native Americans provide a market for steel plows

    asked by :P
  107. Math

    Last question in a list of numbers the pattern increases by 0.001 as if the third number in the list is 0.046 what is the first number in the list EXPLAIN!!how you know

    asked by Lindaway