Questions Asked on
September 8, 2019

  1. Physics

    The steering of a car has a radius 16cm . Find the torque produce by a couple of 50N .

    asked by Xyz
  2. Math

    Mira and Marie sell computers. Last month Mira sold 16 more computers than Marie. Together they sold 56. How many computers did Marie sell? I should be able to figure out the rest, I just need help with the first steps to get it set up and I should be able

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Chemistry

    Compute enthalpy for 2P(s) + 3Cl2(g) --> 2PCl3(l) at -639.4 kJ/mol to 2P(s) + 6Cl2(g) --> 2PCl5(s) at -887 kJ/mol to PCl5(l) + Cl2(g) --> PCl5(s) no given heat

    asked by
  4. Math

    Boyd's car can travel 1891.5 miles on 48.5 gallons of fuel. How many miles can it travel on 64 gallons? I have a somewhat idea of how this problem should look like but I need some assistance on how to get the first steps going.

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Pre calculus

    Find cos theta and cot theta if sin =1/4 and tan theta

    asked by Shay
  6. Math

    Six square windows of side length 2 m are to be placed into 12 m wide by 8.5 m high wall as shown. The windows are to be positioned so that the vertical spacing between the windows and the wall edges are equal. Similarly, the horizontal spacings are also

    asked by student #1
  7. Math

    Quinzel and Joseph sell shoes. Last month Quinzel sold 18 less pairs of shoes than Joseph. Together they sold 52 pairs. How many pairs of shoes did Quinzel sell? I should be able to figure out the rest, I just need help with the first steps again to get it

    asked by Anonymous
  8. maths

    an article when sold at a profit 5% yeilds rs 50 more than sold at loss 5%.what is the cp of the article

    asked by aayushma
  9. Art

    Teachers need to supply a range of materials for young children because the materials a. enable teachers to demonstrate their use b. provide a systematic means of assessment c. are consumable and must be replace often d. support children;s growth my answer

    asked by Diana
  10. Business communication

    Revise the sentences using concrete words 1.She makes good grade

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics 2

    A small plastic ball of mass m = 3.00 g is suspended by a string of length L = 19.5 cm in a uniform electric field, as shown in the figure below. If the ball is in equilibrium when the string makes a θ = 17.0° angle with the vertical as indicated, what

    asked by James
  12. Algebra

    The first step to solve for y in y/3= 6 + x is A) to subtract x from both sides of the equation. B) to subtract y/3 from both sides of the equation. C) to divide each term on both sides of the equation by 3. ******* D) to multiply each term on both sides

    asked by katy
  13. Physics

    Three identical conducting spheres are placed in a line. From left to right, Qa = 2C, Qb = 3C and Qc = -4C. You touch the spheres all together at the same time and then separate them. What is the charge on sphere A?

    asked by Ian
  14. math

    A ball and a bat cost $110 total. The bat costs $100 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost? For this system of equation, I designated x for the ball and y for the bat. I know that both equal to 110. So I wrote the first equation as x+y=110 I

    asked by lijm
  15. physics

    (a) Find the polar coordinates corresponding to (x, y) = (3.43, 1.30) m = θ =

    asked by sarah g
  16. physics

    1)The traffic light turns green, and the driver of a high-performance car slams the accelerator to the floor. The accelerometer registers 29.0 m/s2. Convert this reading to km/min2. 2)Convert 4.45 103 kg/m3 to g/cm3. 3)While standing atop a building 53.6 m

    asked by sarah g
  17. chemistry

    High concentrations of ammonia (NH3), nitrite ion, and nitrate ion in water can kill fish. Lethal concentrations of these species for rainbow trout are approximately 1.002 mg/L, 0.436 mg/L, and 1362.4 mg/L, respectively. Express these concentrations in

    asked by Jay
  18. Chemistry

    10.0g of caco3 was dissolved in water and made up to 1.0dm3. if 25.00cm3 of this solution requires 24.90 of 0.100mol/dm3 HCL for neutralization, calculate the molar mass of the acid salt and the atomic mass of X

    asked by Rose
  19. Trig

    I don't know how or when should I use Alpha, Beta Theta and Gamma? Which one should be used first, second, third and forth?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics

    A body of mass four kg is dropped from a height of 20m. Calculate the initial momentum and the momentum just before it strikes the ground.

    asked by Riya
  21. Chemistry

    What is meant by centre of positive and negative charge do not coincide each other?

    asked by Raj
  22. statistics

    The bottom 30% students failed an end of semester exam. The mean for the the test was 120 and the standard deviation was 17. What was the passing score?

    asked by Aman Teklay
  23. science

    what can be used to reduce friction

    asked by stachy
  24. Physics

    A man can still swim in water at speed 3km/h. He want to cross a river that flows at 2km/h and reach directly opposite to the starting point 1) find in which direction should he try to swim and find the angle of his body makes river fkowst 2) how much time

    asked by Ehsan
  25. Physical science

    A car is traveling at a speed of 30.m^-1 when a traffic light,40 ahead turns red.the driver take 1 second to react ( reaction time) before he slams on the brakes.The car stopped within 2 seconds. Will the car stop at traffic light? Show by calculation

    asked by kwena
  26. chemistry/physics

    Convert 159 mi/h to m/s. Convert 4.45 103 kg/m3 to g/cm3. please explain in detail with full steps

    asked by sarah g
  27. art

    In the -------center, children actively explore materials that help develop conceptual understanding such as shapes, size, and volume. a. manipulative and math, b. discovery and science, c. library and literacy, d. dramatic play my answer is a.

    asked by Diana
  28. algebra

    a tank is the porm of an iverded regular pyramid with a square base 3 meters in on a side and a heigth of 5 meters how many liters of water are in it if the depeth of the water is 3 meters

    asked by julie ann
  29. art

    outdoor storage should be . a. temporary, b. located on the playground, c. accessible by the children,. d.generated to and sized for adults my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  30. Math

    There are 300 passengers on board an airplane. 2/3 of them are men, ¼ are women and the rest are children. How many children are there?

    asked by Rumi
  31. math

    z is partly constant and partly varies as D when d=1,z=11and when d=2,z=5 find Z when d=4

    asked by motunrayo
  32. Science

    Before 1896, many scientist concluded that like he’s not pass through black paper. In 1896, Henri becquerel observed that uranium salts could cause a plate covered by black paper to react as if light had reached it. How did this observation affect

    asked by Diego Rodriguez
  33. math

    Val measures the perimeter of her rectangular garden as 52 ft. The width is 2x - 1 and the length is x + 3. What is the length and width in feet?

    asked by Lei
  34. Algebra

    The cost of CAKES BY KATE to make a cake is a setup fee of $30 plus $9 per cake tier. The cost of MAGICAL BAKERY is $45 for a setup fee and $6 per cake tier. When would the costs be the same? (How many cakes would you need to purchase) Which company would

    asked by Alani
  35. Math

    Juan is buying a home priced at $257,500. If he needs a 12% down payment, how much is the down payment?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    Use the pie chart "What is Your Favorite Cookie?" to find the reduced fraction equivalent for sugar/shortbread cookies. PNGChocolate chip 53% Peanut butter 20% Oatmeal 17% Sugar/Shortbread 7% Other 3% Reduced Fraction: Really confusing problem.

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    Solve the following for the rate. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent when necessary. _____% of 50 is 25 Do not enter the percent symbol in your answer. I have tried this over and over but it says my answer is wrong. any help would be great.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    80% of the students at a college are from in-state. If 4,800 students are from in-state, how many students attend the college?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. chemistry

    The solubility of a compound in water is 6.8g/100ml at 25°c calculate the amount of water required to crystallize 10grams of the compound if the pure compound is collected at 25°c what is the maximum possible yield percent?

    asked by Bunmi
  40. Calculus

    Find the vector, not with determinants, but by using properties of cross products. k × (i − 5j)

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    ranslate into an equation: 6 times the difference of V and 14 gives 204.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Algebra

    i need someone to check my Answers

    asked by ariana
  43. Math

    An architect uses a scale of inch to represent 1 foot on a blueprint. If the north wall of a building is 36 feet long, how long will the line be on the blueprint? Do not enter units.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to help my brother out but having a hard time with this problem. anyone with steps to solve would be appreciated! Thank you! Translate into an equation: The cost of T lbs at $2 per lb is $62.

    asked by Chris
  45. American Literature

    In my american literature class I had to choose a quote about Hernan Cortés's Second Letter to the Spanish Crown and this is the one I chose, “Amongst these temples there is one, the principal one, whose great size and magnificence no human tongue could

    asked by Beatriz
  46. Language arts

    I have problems with written questions and I'm not so sure what this one means; "This question asks about your independent reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your Independent reading

    asked by Stacia
  47. Math

    If Chong earns $69.00 for 12 hours of work, how many hours must she work to earn $362.25? Do not enter units. If im correct would it be 30 hours?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    Runner 1 is standing still on a straight running track. Runner 2 passes him, running with a constant speed of 1.5 m/s. Just as runner 2 passes, runner 1 accelerates with a constant acceleration of 0.73 m/s^2. How far down the track does runner 1 catch up

    asked by Adam
  49. Algebra

    The height of a triangle is 6 inches less than the base. The area of the triangle is 67.5 square inches. Find the length of the base and the height of the triangle.

    asked by Gloria
  50. Language arts

    "This question asks about your independent reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. Compare and contrast your Independent reading selection with one or two other selections you have read in this unit. Support

    asked by Stacia
  51. Algebra

    The product of Donnie’s savings and 4 is 48

    asked by Queesha
  52. algebra

    Two more than four times a number minus 3 is the same as 12 times the number plus 3. Find the number

    asked by Cade
  53. English

    Is the phrase below correct? “Ten milliliter of water residue”

    asked by Lauren
  54. physics

    A cart starts from rest at the top 5.0 degree incline track. If the track is 85 cm long how much time ( in seconds) do you predict that it will taje to reach the end? use 9.8m/s^2 and round to two sig fig

    asked by Sara
  55. Riddle

    welcome to my house play that music toooo loud we don't have to gooo ouuut okay aside from the musical number heres your hint SoundCloud rapper. Internet. Hidden in plain sight. I'm trying to figure out the answer to this riddle. Somebody help????

    asked by Weckman
  56. algebra

    Show the steps how to solve" I = Prt solve for P

    asked by Kayla
  57. Math

    Reha scored 30 goals in anetball match. She scored 10 in the first half. What fraction of goals was scored in the second half?

    asked by Raleque
  58. math

    Two less than the product of 16 and Greg's height

    asked by greg
  59. Physics

    A rocket is launched straight up with constant acceleration. Four seconds after liftoff, a bolt falls off the side of the rocket. The bolt hits the ground 6.0 s later.

    asked by Wen
  60. Chemistry

    Silver metal react with nitric acid according to the equation 3Ag+4HNO3----->3AgNO3+NO+H2O The volume 1.5 M of HNO3 required react with 0.784gm silver is

    asked by Prasad