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September 5, 2019

  1. history

    How did the agricultural revolution affect American Indian cultures in Texas A. it helped american indians establish more permanent settlements***** B. it forced some american indians to become more nomadic C. it increased contact between american indians

    asked by someone check over this please
  2. math

    Kayla needs to have $560.00 to buy a new laptop. She already has $200.00 in the bank. Each month she will add $45.00 to her bank account. How many more months until she has enough money to buy her laptop?

    asked by zack
  3. algebra

    Are these correct?! 1. Samantha drew Δ JKL with the coordinates (2, 3), (4, 3), and (5, 2). She reflected this triangle over the x-axis to create an image. What are the coordinates of the image? A. (0, 3), (2, 3), and (3, 2) B. (2, 0), (4, 0), and

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Science

    1.Why is it important to be prepared when defending your position on an environmental issue? A. Knowing the facts about an issue gives your ideas credibility * B.Doing research about a topic helps you write a better research papers C. Being prepared allows

    asked by Hamburgerandsprite
  5. Chemistry

    A fertilizer is advertised as containing 15.8 percent nitrogen by mass. How much nitrogen is there in 45.15 kg of fertilizer?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    20. (4 points) Write an equation for a rational function whose graph has all of the indicated features. vertical asymptote with equation x 3 horizontal asymptote with equation y =2 hole at x= 1 no x-intercepts

    asked by Julice
  7. Social Studies

    Which statements best describe prehistoric hunter-gatherers? Select the three correct answers. A. They discovered how to use fire. B. They formed groups for protection. C. They made stone tools and weapons. D. They farmed and raised livestock. E. They

    asked by rawr
  8. Economics

    Which economic system gives producers and consumers the most power to make economic decisions?

    asked by Help me
  9. Social studies

    Why is trade necessary? A. Producers create too much demand for goods. B. Resources are not distributed evenly. C. Consumers do not supply enough goods. D. Resources are abundant everywhere.

    asked by Help me
  10. Social Studies

    hi i need help checking my answer How did early contact with China affect Japan? A. The Japanese government became a model for China. B. Japan became a Chinese territory. C. The Japanese adopted the Chinese writing system. D. The original inhabitants of

    asked by hi
  11. math

    200 days from March 3 is a. September 20 b. September 18 c. September 17 d. September 19 my answer is September 19

    asked by Diana
  12. Math

    Setting a price on perishable items does not include calculating a. A selling price per dozen, the total cost, c. the total selling price, d. a selling price per day my answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  13. Geometry

    I need someone to check my answers, please. 1. What is the hypothesis of the given statement? If money grows in trees then you could be rich. A. Money grows in trees B. You cannot be rich C. Money does not grow in trees D. You can be rich*** 2. Which

    asked by Plz help mee
  14. Math

    A painter mixes cans of green and white paint to make the shade needed for painting a bedroom. The table shows the ratios he can use for the color he wants. green cans(g) 6 10 16 18 White cans (w) 9 15 24 27 which is a direct variation equation for this

    asked by Moonlight_Shimmer
  15. Texas history Repost

    This was originally posted on another student's thread. 5. How can you demonstrate the differences in the perspectives about Texas and its independence with historically accurate facts? my answer: Texas Declaration of Independence was drafted 1836. It was

    asked by Ms. Sue
  16. math

    A new computer sells for $ 699.00 on a eBay.The markup is 30% on cost. What's the total cost of the computer sale.a. $ 490.00, B. 908.70, c. $ 489.30,. D. $ 537.69 my answer is B.

    asked by Diana
  17. geometry

    ray bd bisects angle abc. what are the measures of angles; abd, cbd, and abc? the equations are 3x+6 and 7x-18.

    asked by Olivia
  18. Trig

    Use fundamental identities and or the complementary angle theorem to find the value of the expression: tan 55°-cos 35°/sin 35° a.) sqrt2/2 b.) sqrt3 c.) sqrt3/2 d.) sqrt2 e.) 0 f.) 1

    asked by Ted
  19. geography

    describe the diference between the drainage system of indus river and balochistan plateu

    asked by Talha
  20. math

    A movie store sells DVDs for $11 each. What is the cost C of n DVDs? Identify the situation as discrete or continuous. a. C=11n;continuous*** b. C=11+n;discrete c. C=11+n;continuous d. C=11n;discrete

    asked by adam
  21. Math

    If 244^n= 1022^4 , find n

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Social studies

    how do humans impact earth

    asked by Help me
  23. Social Studies

    Why did settlers in North Carolina begin to move inland over time?

    asked by Sophie
  24. Math

    When this 3-digit number is rounded to the nearest hundred it rounds down to 600. The digit in the ones place is the third odd number that you count beginning with 1. The sum of the digits is 13 what is the number?

    asked by Rihanna
  25. History

    Identify the three major religions practiced in Africa as well as the location that these specific religions are practiced.

    asked by April 14, 2019
  26. Physics

    A motorcycle is following a car that is traveling at constant speed on a straight highway. Initially, the car and the motorcycle are both traveling at the same speed of 21.5 m/s , and the distance between them is 52.0 m . After t1 = 4.00 s , the motorcycle

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    david works 7 1/3 hours today and planted 11 takes him about the same amount of time to plant each long did it take him to plant each tree

    asked by Bob
  28. Physics

    A car is cruising at a steady speed of 35 mph. Suddenly, a cuddly puppy runs out into the road. The driver takes 1.7 seconds to react, and then slams on the brakes. The brakes slow the car down at constant acceleration for 4.0 seconds until the car stops.

    asked by Nick
  29. Math

    A farmer has 1 mile*1mile of field he divided into 1/3 how many fields in total he will have

    asked by Rajai
  30. Physics

    Calculate how many turns of cable you will need on drum for your cage and skip to move up and down by 500m

    asked by Tatum Jacobs
  31. algebra

    Given the data set for the length of time a person has been jogging and the person's speed, hypothesize a relationship between the variables.

    asked by Anthany
  32. algebra

    does anyone have the answers for yesterdays "from here to there" quiz in connexus 8th grade??? please I really need my grade up!!!!!!

    asked by Kelpy G
  33. Physics

    A block attached to a spring is displaced from equilibrium to the position x=+2.8m and released. The period is 1.6s . At what positions and times during the first complete cycle do the following conditions occur. a) |v|=0.5vmax, Where vmax is the maximum

    asked by Steph
  34. English

    Which of the following sentences is written in the active voice? (1 point) a) The wedding dress was sewn by Katie. b) The red barn was painted by the farmer. c) The boy jumped on the trampoline. d) The chocolate cake will be served to the queen.

    asked by Diego Rodriguez
  35. Science

    This lab shows a small-scale demonstration of the power of water and wind to erode and transport sediment. Think about the research paper you are writing about Noah’s Flood. In Genesis 7:11-12, 19 the Bible says, “…on that day all the fountains of

    asked by cotten
  36. math

    in a relationship between variable called that changes in response to another variable? function input function independent variable dependent variable (my choice)

    asked by adam
  37. Science

    Were Researchers Justified in Using Henrietta Lacks’ cells ?

    asked by A Child From My Mother :)
  38. Science

    Ten plants are grown in equal amounts of sunlight with equal amounts of water and varying amounts of fertilizer. Sunlight, water, and fertilizer are a) experiments b) systems c) variables d) controls D

    asked by Hayden
  39. Science

    What is citizen science? A.Scientific research conducted by professional scientists that live in a particular area B.scientific research conducted by collecting data in a specific area C. scientific research conducted by people who are not professional

    asked by #BTS
  40. home economics

    Six subjects related to home economics are?!

    asked by Lois
  41. Earth Science

    At which type of plate boundary would a string of small volcanic islands most likely form? A. convergent ocean-ocean boundary B. divergent ocean-ocean boundary C. convergent ocean-land boundary D. transverse boundary

    asked by Madi
  42. science

    what prompted the egyptians to build the pyramids

    asked by Lucy
  43. Math

    The number of pages cameron reads varies directly with time in minutes. He can read 15 pages in 60 minutes.what is the constant of proportionality for the number of minutes to read 1 page A 1/4 B 1/2 C 2 D 4

    asked by Tyra
  44. Algebra

    When writing a equation, do you simplify it? For example, each pencil cost $2 and a eraser cost $4, but each order has a 3 dollar fee. (if you buy p pencils, e erasers) Do you do 2p+4e+3(a+e), or can you simply do 3p+7e? if you substitute the variables for

    asked by Georgia Misque
  45. Social Studies

    What points does a legislature have to considerd while formulating laws ?????

    asked by Prisma
  46. English

    What does the phrase: “become victims of extra marital relationships” mean? Does it mean that that person is cheated by his or her spouse or does it mean that that person cheats on his or her spouse? I think it is the former meaning.

    asked by Natasha
  47. Math

    A triangle is dilated with the center of dilation at point U. Point E is a vertex of the triangle and point E' is the corresponding vertex of the image. If UE=2 centimeters and U'E'=10 centimeters, what is the scale factor? A. -5.0 B. -0.2 C. 0.2 D. 5.0***

    asked by Chill
  48. Science

    What is citizen science A. Scientific research conducted by professional scientists that live in a particular area B. scientific research conducted by collecting data in a specific area C. scientific research conducted by people who are not professional

    asked by #BTS
  49. Arithmetic

    3.4 divided by -0.5

    asked by unkown
  50. math


    asked by ava
  51. math

    An investor has up to $450,000 to invest in three types of investments. Type A pays 6% annually and has a risk factor of 0. Type B pays 10% annually and has a risk factor of 0.06. Type C pays 12% annually and has a risk factor of 0.08. To have a

    asked by Billy
  52. entreprenuership

    What is corporate image or corporate identity?

    asked by jerrica
  53. math

    The value of a stock drops 4 points each day for five straight days. What is the net change in the value of the stock? Write your expression and represent the daily change in value as an integer. (3 points)

    asked by b****
  54. physics grade 10

    Leila walks South for 20m and then west for 20m. Determine her resultant displacement graphically and by calculation

    asked by Amanda
  55. Social Studies

    What were the reasons the Spanish wanted to colonize the new world (choose two) A to seek wealth B to enter the fur trade C to spread Christianity D to find new medicines (I think its C and A)

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  56. US History

    In a paragraph, analyze how the American Revolution worsened the economic condition for many citizens. Consider the people who raised concerns about economic problems. Include the steps citizens took to address their economic problems. Can i get a resource

    asked by me
  57. Math

    The number of pages Cameron reads varies directly with time in minutes. He can read 15 pages in 60 minutes. What is the constant of proportionality for the number of minutes to read 1 page.

    asked by Jaxon
  58. Social Studies

    Which choice best describes the relationship Spanish Colonists had with Native Americans? A Native Americans had little interaction with colonists and were free to live as they choose. B Colonists treated Native Americans poorly and many Native Americans

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  59. Chemistry

    Na2CO3 powder, explain how 0.150mol of Na2CO3 can be practically be obtained in the lab

    asked by Joyce Tembo
  60. Phonetics

    Broad phonemic transcription distinguishes among allophones. Tru or false

    asked by Alda
  61. Math

    Mariah took 4 quizzes in her class this past month. Her scores were 92, 94, 100 and 83 what was her mean score A.92.95 B.93.5 C.93.75 D.94.25

    asked by e3
  62. technology

    If the mine winch drum diameter is 6m calculate how far the counterweight will fit for each single rotation of the drum

    asked by dimpho
  63. science

    The specific heat of granite is 0.80 kJ/kg·°C. If 2.0 MJ of heat are added to a 100−kg granite statue of James Prescott Joule that is originally at 18°C, what is the final temperature of the statue?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Physics

    Which of the following are effected by air drag? 1. Automobiles 2 Skyscrapers 3 Parachutes 4. The moon 5 Airplanes 6. Bicycles 7. Trees

    asked by Emily
  65. Science

    What scientific claim did the young scientists make regarding mosquitoes?

    asked by SoAestheticallyPleasing
  66. algebra

    how many liters of pure alcohol must ne added to 100 liters of 40 percent isopropyl alcohol in order to make 70 percent isopropyl alcohol?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Chemistry

    What is the difference between a measured value and an accepted value? and how are these values used to determine the precision of your answer?

    asked by Daniel
  68. Language

    Hello, I have 4 courses in a masters in education 2nd language program, I need them completed, can you do that for me

    asked by anderson
  69. Technology

    What does a counterweight does for a mine winding system

    asked by Orefile
  70. Language Arts

    what are relative adverbs and subordinating conjunctions yes ik I can look it up but I don't understand

    asked by Nonya
  71. social studies

    The framers of the United States Constitution used Montesquieu's idea of _ when they gave _ the ability to create laws and _ the ability to carry out the laws For the first blank the answer choices are natural rights, the social contract, free markets,

    asked by heyimonvaction
  72. Math

    What is the difference?! I'm confused. Apparently -|16| is different from -16. Could somebody please help me? 🤔

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Math

    I'm confused. Apparently -|x| is different from -x. Could somebody explain??? (I used x for a substitute for numbers.)

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Chemistry

    A sample of an organic compound with mass of 0.816g was completely burn in oxygen and found to produce 1.556g of co2 and 0.955g of H2O only .calculate the empirical formula if the vapour density is 23?

    asked by FBI
  75. science

    what distinguishes a living thing from a non living

    asked by Tara
  76. Math

    The community raised twice the amount of money needed to buy a piece of land for the playground, with a given area. Jon and his dad decided to multiply the length and the width of the planned playground by 2. If the cost of the land is proportional to the

    asked by Sophia
  77. Math

    Joe is six years older than Mary ,while Mary is 4 years older than Jane .the sum of their ages is old is Jane?

    asked by Nhlamulo
  78. Physics

    The x-axis of a trajectory represents it _______. (1 point) A- Height in the vertical direction B- Displacement in the horizontal direction C- Longitude D- Latitude I believe its B.

    asked by Geno Suicidal Kiddo.
  79. Math

    How do you subtract 2000 - 61.05? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    asked by Moiraine
  80. science

    4 students were studying acceleration in science class. Each student wrote down a statement about acceleration. The students statements are below. Which students statements are correct?

    asked by kiuhbj
  81. algerbra

    -4 what subset dose it blong in

    asked by erin
  82. History


    asked by CAT
  83. History


    asked by DOG
  84. math

    an estate valued at $62,000 is left by a will as follow:to each of two grandchildren a certain sum,to the son twice as much as to the two grandchildren together,and to the widow $2,000 more than to the son and granchildren together. How much goes to each?

    asked by blythe
  85. US History

    Is a sales journal used for public or private use?

    asked by Chantelle
  86. Georgia studies

    Which of the following can be used by archaeologists to learn about early cultures. A. remains of structures B. tools C. pottery D. all of the above****

    asked by gabriella bongo cat
  87. Algebra

    The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 48.

    asked by Amari Elazier
  88. Algebra

    (SIDE NOTE: This is the question, I understand how to do equations and etc but I don't understand this question) Josie is confused, sometimes her answer is a number and sometimes her answer is another equation. Explain to her how you know your answer will

    asked by Kam
  89. Algebra

    You bought a magazine for $5 and four erasers. You spent a total of $25. How much did each eraser cost?

    asked by Amari Elazier
  90. Math

    Ten plus eight times a number a equals eleven times another number d minus six solve for a My solution 8a+10=11d-6 a=11d/8-2 Please check if I am correct.

    asked by Sara
  91. Algebra

    Josie is confused, sometimes her answer is a number and sometimes her answer is another equation. Explain to her how you know your answer will be an equation and when your answer will be a number.

    asked by Kam
  92. Algebra


    asked by JATORIA
  93. Math

    A horse drinks 120 gallons of water every 4 days. How many would it drink in 38 days?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    At noon the temperature was -3 Celsius. Over the next 4 hours the temperature dropped another 15 degrees. Then every hour until 7 the temperature Rose 2 degrees. What was the temperature at 7

    asked by Xaviyonc'e
  95. social studies

    According to the Bering Land Bridge Theory, how do scientists think people first arrived in North America? * After the Ice Age, glaciers melted and people crossed land. During the Ice Age, the sea level dropped and people crossed land. During the Ice Age,

    asked by Anonymous
  96. math

    Translate verbal statement into numbers and symbols. The product of five and some value x is 15 Please help ASAP also with the other 2 questions I'm going to make after!

    asked by Andrea
  97. math

    Translate the second verbal statement into numbers and symbols. Six times the quantity of x minus five is the same as thirteen Please help immediately with the correct answer! :(

    asked by Andrea
  98. math!

    what's 2 + 2? I think it's 564738 but I'm not sure...?

    asked by HIIIII