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September 4, 2019

  1. math

    Between which two consecutive integers does the radical square root of 15 lie?

  2. integrated science

    Which terms describe a mixture of oxygen gas dissolved in water? Select all that apply. homogeneous mixture solution heterogeneous mixture suspension liquid-gas gas-liquid

  3. physics

    A car of mass 500kg travelling at 36km/hr brought to rest over a distance of 20m calculate 1.The average retardation 2.The average braking force

  4. Science

    Which statement about a solid-liquid solution is true? The solution and the solvent are liquid; the solute is a solid. The solvent is a liquid, the solute is a solid, and the solution will vary. The solution and the solute are liquid; the solvent is a

  5. Integrated Science

    Which substance is the least likely to dissolve in water? methanol (polar) vegetable oil (nonpolar) table salt (ionic) methane (gas) I think its B or D but not positive

  6. Math

    Construct a triangle xyz in which xy=8cm, angle xyz=60° angle yxz=90°. A perpendicular bisector of xy and let it cut xy at p. Measure and state the length of pq

  7. personal finance

    A. The amount of an employee's income that an employer sends directly to the federal, state, or local tax authority B. Taxes, insurance, and saving plans deducted from a paycheck C. Provides a summary of the payroll information for each pay period D.

  8. US History

    1.Which is the best explanation for the treatment of Native Americans following the American Revolution? A. Inspired by the ideals of the Declaration of Independence, the United States granted Native Americans more rights. B. The new nation did not

  9. Computers

    Before Katie turns in the paper she typed, she wants a peer to review it and give her feedback. Katie uses her all-in-one printer to scan her edits, prints and send them to her friend. An all-in-one printer is a(an)________________. Choose all that apply.

  10. Integrated Science

    Matthias wants to dissolve a solid sample of calcium chloride (CaCl2), which is an ionic compound. Which solvent will dissolve the sample of calcium chloride? liquid mercury solid copper hexane, a nonpolar solvent water, a polar solvent

  11. Integrated Science

    Randy is building a house. He wants to put stucco on the outside walls of his house. To make stucco, he needs sand. He lives on the beach, so he decides to use the soil in his backyard. Before he can use the sand, he must remove the other substances from

  12. Physical Education

    Which of the following is considered proper gym etiquette? B. Is my answer correct? Or does anyone need my to type out the options?

  13. Career Prep

    Which of the following job titles would be categorized as a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics? (1 point) Elementary school teacher Hotel manager meteorologist************ Urban Planner

  14. Physics

    Figure 1 shows a red car and a green car that move toward each other. Figure 2 is a graph of their motion, showing the positions xg0 = 270 m and xr0 = -35.0 m at time t = 0 (time they intersect =12s). The green car has a constant speed of 20.0 m/s and the

  15. math

    In certain deep parts of oceans, the pressure of sea water, P , in pounds per square foot, at a depth of d feet below the surface, is given by the following equation: P=12+8d/9 If a scientific team uses special equipment to measures the pressure under

  16. Math

    i need my answers checked please :) Every which way quiz for connexus 8th grade 1. Samantha drew Δ JKL with the coordinates (2, 3), (4, 3), and (5, 2). She reflected this triangle over the x-axis to create an image. What are the coordinates of the image?

  17. Trig

    Which of the following polar coordinates describes the same point as the point (5, -pi/6) given in polar coordinates? a.) (5, pi/6) b.) (-5, -pi/6) c.) (5, 5pi/6) d.) (-5, 5pi/6) e.) none of these

  18. Career Prep

    1.what do workers in law public safety corrections and security field do? (1 point) They ensure that people are happy with their life experiences They help people realize their FULL potential They look for transportation patterns for delivering goods They

  19. Earth Science

    1. The oldest of Hawaii's volcanic islands are those that A.are on top of the hotspot. B.are a short distance past the hotspot. C.are the farthest distance from the hotspot. D. have not yet reached the hotspot. 2. 2. Which is caused by the difference in

  20. English

    In two kinds what change the daughter's attitude about becoming a prodigy? 1. She sees her mothers disappointment after she fails a test. 2. She realizes she will have to play the piano 3. She realizes that Waverly has a natural talent for chess. 4. She

  21. Trig

    Convert the following equation from an equation using polar coordinates to an equation using rectangular coordinates: 6sinθ=r-5cosθ a.) 6y=-5x b.) x^2-6x+y^2-5y=0 c.) x^2-5x+y^2-6y=0 d.) x^2+6x+y^2+5y=0 e.) x^2+5x+y^2+6y=0 f.) 5y=-6x

  22. Career prep

    which of the following job titles would be categorized as a career in health science?(2 points) audiator choreographer radiologist technologist*** veterinarian*** Am I rIgHt?

  23. Career prep

    Which of the following is true about careers? is it possible for a person to have the same job title but do completely different task? is it typical for a person to only be responsible for performing one or two task of work ? is it unusual for a person to

  24. Integrated Science

    According to the Arrhenius model of acids and bases, what happens when an acid is added to water? The acid increases the concentration of hydroxide ions. The acid increases the concentration of hydrogen ions. The acid increases the concentration of water

  25. Science

    How many gram of hydrogen chloride acid containing 10% by mass of hydrogen chloride acid would be required to dissolve 13g of zinc

  26. Physical Science

    5. Use the answer to the question above to write a hypothesis explaining why one can floated and the other sank. * Make sure your hypothesis is testable and properly worded - just like the examples given to you above.

  27. Social Studies

    What type of tree is dominant in South Carolina swamps? A. Beech B. Cottonwood C. Cypress **My answer** D. Sycamore Please, check my answers.

  28. Trig

    Which of the following is not a fifth root of -1? a.) cos 36°+ i sin 36° b.) cos 252°+ i sin 252° c.) cos 108°+ i sin 108° d.) cos 180°+ i sin 180° e.) cos 244°+ i sin 244° f.) cos 324°+ i sin 324°

  29. Geography

    How far is a geographic second?

  30. math

    Find the point of intersection: y=3x+y y=-2x+9 My work: 3x+4= -2x+9 3x+4-4=-2x+9-4

  31. English

    Why is the objective ethical ideal preferred?

  32. Algebra

    Suppose that the area of a square lawn is mc006-1.jpg. What is the length of one side of the lawn?

  33. Math

    42 students and 2 teachers are at a pizza party. 23 students want 2 pieces of pizza and the remaining students and teachers want 3 pieces. Each pizza has 8 pieces. How many pizzas should they order?

  34. Social studies

    What were some influences on self-government? Select all that apply. ~Commentaries on the laws of England ~ The Columbian bill of rights ~English bill of rights ~ Poor Richards almanac

  35. Physics

    What do you think a counterweight does for a mining system. ? Hint, imagine pulling it with Hands.

  36. History

    when looking at a map of texas how would you determan the distsnce between austin and Dallas? A. Use the legend to determine the amount of land space between the two cities. B. Measure the distance with a ruler and compare the measurement to the scale of

  37. Civics

    How did the Intolerable Acts—meant to punish Massachusetts for defying Great Britain—show that the British government did not respect the rights of the colonists to rule themselves?

  38. Algebra

    Y more than 4 is -36 Translate into math symbols

  39. English

    1. The birds and frogs rejoice and sing, "Ding-dong-tock! Nag is dead-dong! Nagaina is dead! Ding-dong-tock!" In what part of the plot does this event take place? a. during the rising action b. during the falling action c. during the exposition d. during

  40. science

    To chop wood, you apply 50.0 N of force to an ax. The ax applies 600.0 N of force to the wood. What is the mechanical advantage of the ax?

  41. Communication

    There is 10 questions I need to check 1.Stating an observation about behavior, offering to possible reasons for the behavior, and then requesting clarification about the behavior can help communicators avoid

  42. geography

    One way in which the European Union encourages trade among countries is through the use of A. tariffs. B. a common currency. ******* (I think) C. export limits. D. military alliances.

  43. science

    which of the following characteristics of the arctic rabbits is specifically an adaptation to living in the tundra?

  44. Algebra

    Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3

  45. Math

    1. Determine the amount of money you will have if deposit $15,000 compounded quarterly for 5 years at 6% annual interest. help?

  46. Chemistry

    Which of the following can be considered evidence of a chemical change? (Click the 4 that apply) A) Production of Bubbles*** B) Color Change*** C) Heat is Released D) Freezing E) Melting F) Evaporation G) Dissolving*** H) Production of a new Substance***

  47. Social Studies

    The most famous bird in danger of extinction in South Carolina is the.. A. Wild Turkey B. Bald eagle **My Answer** C. Mallard Duck D. Quail

  48. self study calculus

    How do I test these two vectors to see are they parallel? a=(8,5,-6), b=(7,-1,5)

  49. statistics

    Construct a frequency distribution with five classes for the following data: 82, 76, 88, 77, 90, 71, 66, 120, 111, 108, 93, 116, 74. There are 13 data points, so how do I divide them into five classes of equal size?

  50. math

    How much interest will I owe if I put $10000 on my credit card, with 12% interest, and not pay anything for 4 months?

  51. math

    what is the integers ? find the answer

  52. Economics

    In order to increase economic development and productivity, which of the following might a country do? A. increase capital goods B. lower tariffs C. restrict literacy and education D. encourage trade barriers

  53. Life Orientation

    What can we draw action plan of how to combat the social issues

  54. US History

    After some dude named Columbus bumps into the American continents, thousands and thousands of people decide, "Hey, why not get on a rickety boat and risk drowning in a storm or dying of scurvy, just so long as there is a new frontier waiting at the end of

  55. English

    How dose squeak fell about taking care of raymond? 1) She complains about it. 2) It makes her fell important. 3) She ignores him. 4) She feels protective of him I think it's number 2 places help

  56. English

    What does the aunt in “The Story-Teller” find improper about the bachelor’s story? a. It makes fun of Bertha’s is goodness b. It has too many fantasy elements. c. It unrealistically suggests that virtue is always rewarded. d. The bachelor tells it

  57. Physics

    An object carries a charge of -6.4 µC, while another carries a charge of -2.0 µC. How many electrons must be transferred from the first to the second object so that both objects have the same charge?

  58. Math

    the 6:00 a.m. temperatures for four consecutive days in the town of lincoln were -12.1 C, -7.8 C, -14.3 C, -7.2 C. what was the avergage 6:00 am temperature for the four days

  59. Math

    what is overall trend of data?

  60. Math

    A rectangle 10 inches long 6 wide. A stick every 2 inches how many sticks?

  61. Math

    How do you figure out what comes next 2 22 12 132 122 1342

  62. math

    find the next 2 numbers in the pattern -96,48,-24,12...

  63. Chemisty

    Why does the bottom of the inner blue cone of a bunsen burner have such a low temperature compared to the rest of the flames? Is this due to the outside flames being in contact with oxygen, while the inner flame receives a low amount of oxygen?

  64. Math

    Y = 2 over 3x - 1

  65. physics

    for an S.H.M,a graph of acceleration against displacement gives a slope of 16units.The period is

  66. math

    Only need my answer to be check. Problem: 2x-3y=6 3x+6y=16 I rewrote both as 1) y=2/3x-2 2)1/2x+8/3 set them both equal to each other and got -4 for x. I plugged it in for one of the original equations and got 2/3 as y for the point (-4,2/3).

  67. physics

    A motor of mass30kg moving with a velocity of 10m/s by application of brakes is brought to rest in a distance of 25m .find the average force

  68. Math

    Wat is the next 2 patterns for 9,-27,81,-243 plz help

  69. science

    Explain each step in the SQ3R system (Survey, question, read, recite, review)

  70. Physics

    A 6 by 100ml used drills is to plant 10kg of maize per hectare.if the diameter of the drive wheel is 2m. calculate (1) the width of the seed drill.(2) the length of travel necessary for the drill to cover 1 hectare (3) the number of wheel revolution to

  71. Marh

    How many tens in a hundred

  72. History

    What is the role of the government in the mixed economy

  73. Geography

    Which statement best describes the role of government in a mixed economy? 1) it controls all decisions about business activities, including profit levels. 2) it forms companies and then allows individual managers to run them. 3) it follows a strict policy

  74. science

    an electric heater draws 5A of current from the 120-V power line. How much will it cost to run this heater for one day if the cost of energy is 10 cents

  75. physics

    An iron weight is 200lb in air how much force is required when it is emerged in water to support an anchor Iron= 480 lb/ft cube Sea water=64lb/ft cube?

  76. math

    factor out the coefficient of the variable 1/5k+15

  77. math

    solve the equation for y 8=3x+6y

  78. Math

    Suppose the price of a $185 item increases by 11.7%. By what percent does the resulting price have to decrease in order for the final price (after the two changes) to be back to the original price of $185?

  79. marketing research

    Marketing Research Chapter 2 In Class Case #2 Your boss tells you that they have a problem. He says that the sales in region 6 are down. a. What steps should you take from here? b. What is the decision makers problem? c. What is the marketers research

  80. Physics

    A kangaroo jumps to a vertical height of 251 cm. How long (in seconds) was the kangaroo in the air?

  81. Physics

    A motorcycle traveling 92.0 km/hr approaches a car traveling in the same direction at 82.0 km/hr. When the motorcycle is 51.0 m behind the car, the rider accelerates and passes the car 15.0 s later. What is the acceleration of the motorcycle (in

  82. Physics

    A helicopter pilot is on a heading of [180 degrees] with an airspeed of 125 km/h. If there is a 50 km/h wind blowing from the east, what is the velocity of the plane relative to the ground?

  83. Physics

    After turning the light on, you see a cockroach quickly scurry along the floor and under the refrigerator within a 5 second period of time. How far did the cockroach travel if its speed was 1.25 m/s?

  84. physics

    speed increases, when acceleration and velocity decrease. true or false statement? speed is a scalar quantity, so true?

  85. Math

    Over the last 50 years, the average cost of a car has increased by a total of 1,054%. If the average cost of a car today is $31,970, how much was the average cost 50 years ago?

  86. pre algebra

    What is the solution to -30+k=9 and that whole test help

  87. Math

    amy worked for 4 hours and made $50. after 6 hours she made $75, and $125 after 10 hours

  88. Healthcare Administration

    As a project manager for this company, you are to analyze the risks associated with the project. Risks should be identified and defined as cost, probability, impact, and mitigation plans for each risk. Below, you are to provide a risk assessment for the

  89. healthcare

    Identify and name at least three risks and name them (risk name). Determine the expected costs for each named risk. Determine the risk probability for each named risk. Include factored risk value (should automatically calculate using the Risk Assessment

  90. maths

    john sells magazine to raise money for poor peoples. the probability of making a sales is independently, 0.09 for each person he approaches.given that he approaches 10 people what is the probability that he will make exactly 5 sales?

  91. Physics

    You are at a height of 100 m. You throw a ball downwards with a velocity of 5 m/s. What is the acceleration of the ball given that gravity is 10 m/s^2 and we ignore air friction

  92. Algebra

    m^9p^16/ m^3p^12

  93. Government

    Educational management in Nigeria prison service

  94. Math

    A tether ball is attached to the top of a 15-foot pole. Maddy holds the ball 3 feet off the ground and 4 feet from the pole. How long is the rope that the tether ball is attached to?

  95. Chemistry

    Mole of O atoms in 9.00g (NO3)2

  96. Chemistry

    Question successfully posted!

  97. Algebra

    Y more than 4 is -36