Questions Asked on
September 3, 2019

  1. math

    How would you write the name of a segment differently than the name of a line? What symbols would you use?

    asked by me need help me
  2. Art

    Which of the following is an appropriate way to develop children's vocabulary about art? a. Insisting that children use the correct terms when discussing art b. Rewarding a memorization of word list c. Avoiding the use of accurate vocabulary that may be to

    asked by Diana
  3. Math

    A photo 12 cm wide and 20 cm long is surrounded with a picture frame 3 cm wide. Find the outside perimeter of the framed picture.

    asked by student #1
  4. Math

    A thin silver disc of diameter 10cm cost #3300.what is the cost per Sq m

    asked by Ade
  5. Math

    A binary operation * is defined on the set R of real numbers by: a+b+ab where a, b€R .Calculate 5*(-2)*5.Find the identity element of R under the operation*. Determine the inverse under * of a general element a €R

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Algebra

    If sin ⁡x= 7/25, and 0

    asked by Stevie
  7. math, breakeven point

    AutoTime, a manufacturer of electronic digital timers, has a monthly fixed cost of $48,000 and a production cost of $8 for each timer manufactured. The timers sell for $14 each. My cost function is 8x+48,000 My revenue function is 14x My profit function is

    asked by lijm
  8. Math

    Hugh bought some magazines that cost $3.95 each and some books that cost $8.95 each. He spent a total of $47.65. If Hugh bought 3 magazines, how many books did he buy? The equation that models the problem is 3.95m + 8.95b = 47.65, where m is the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Algebra

    Choose which group of sets the following number belongs to. Be sure to account for ALL sets. 2/5 A. Real numbers, rational numbers. B. Real numbers, irrational numbers. C. Rational numbers, natural numbers, integers. D. Irrational numbers, natural numbers.

    asked by Elysian
  10. math, depreciation

    A workcenter system purchased at a cost of $60,000 in 2015 has a scrap value of $12,000 at the end of 4 years. If the straight-line method of depreciation is used. a) find the rate of depreciation. b) Find the linear equation expressing the system's book

    asked by lijm
  11. Math

    As cell phones proliferate, the number of pay phones continues to drop. The number of pay phones from 2004 through 2009 (in millions) are shown below (x=0 corresponds to 2004) : year,x : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Number of pay phones: 1.30, 1.15, 1, 0.84, 0.69,

    asked by lijm
  12. math

    Which shows a perfect square trinomial? 50 y squared minus 4 x squared 100 minus 36 x squared y squared 16 x squared + 24 x y + 9 y squared 49 x squared minus 70 x y + 10 y squared

    asked by marco
  13. math

    To which subset of real numbers does the following number belong? square root of 30

    asked by no
  14. math

    Which property justifies each step? Problem A: 6a + (8b + 2a) = 6a + (2a + 8b)

    asked by Kylie
  15. physics

    A rock falls off of a bridge and hits the water 7 seconds later. How fast will the rock be traveling when it hits the water?

    asked by gdfgfdgdsg
  16. Biology

    What is the biological importance of what you observed? I observed different solutions pH levels (like water, skim milk, phosphate buffer, etc) before and after adding acid. I also observed different antacid solutions (alka-seltzer, tums, etc) to see how

    asked by Natalie
  17. Math

    Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 90÷[10+(3^2−4)]90÷10+32-4

    asked by ☆Alexa☆
  18. Algebra

    How you would convert the repeating, nonterminating decimal to a fraction? Explain the process as you solve the problem. 0. 1515..

    asked by Lalalay
  19. History

    1.Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. The main purpose of Hammurabi’s Code was to 2.Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. Sargon created the world’s first empire by 3.Use the drop-down menu to complete the sentence. To rule his

    asked by Miles
  20. English

    Judy Blume's career as an American writer spans four decades and includes many literary awards. She is most famous for her novels geared toward pre-teens. One notable example is Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing. However, Blume also has had success writing

    asked by Chantelle
  21. probability

    A red light bulb has been flashing forever, according to a Poisson process with rate r . Similarly, a blue bulb has been flashing forever, , according to an independent Poisson process with rate b . Let us fix t to be 12 o'clock. What is the expected

    asked by x
  22. math, probability

    We observe a Poisson process with unknown rate. The rate λ of the Poisson process is either 2 or 4, with equal probability, and the actual value is not known. We observe the process over the time interval [0,3] and observe exactly 9 arrivals. Given this

    asked by x
  23. math

    We are given a biased coin, where the (random) bias Θ is uniformly distributed on [0,1] . We toss this coin, until we see Heads for the first time. Our goal is to estimate Θ using our observation. Find the LMS estimator ΘˆLMS for Θ . Your answer

    asked by x
  24. Maths

    √x^2+5 and (20+x) are complimentary angles. Find the feasible value of x?

    asked by FBI
  25. Math

    A lion enclosure is made up of five straight fence sections. Three sections are 20 m in length and the other two sections are 15.5 and 32.5 m. Find the perimeter of the enclosure.

    asked by student #1
  26. Math

    Cameron is 14 years old. She and her aunt are playing math games. Her aunt says, “If you multiply the difference between our ages by 4, you get 100.” How old is Cameron’s aunt?

    asked by Sophia
  27. Math

    How many yards of fencing do you need to enclose a rectangular yard that is 42 feet long and 84 feet wide.

    asked by Destiny
  28. Spanish

    1. Which city in Mexico do tourists often visit on vacation? A. Mexico *** B. Acapulco C. Monterrey 2. Which statement about hacienda homes is not true? A. They are always found in the center of major cities. B. They are the largest type of home in

    asked by Mystic
  29. Math

    In a class of 45 students 28 offer chemistry and 25 offer biology. If each student offer at least one of the two subjects how many students offer. 1 both chemistry and biology 2 chemistry only. 3 biology only.

    asked by Ayoubah Dukuly
  30. accounting

    On January 1, 2013, an investor purchases 28,000 common shares of an investee at $12 (cash) per share. The shares represent 20% ownership in the investee. The investee's common stock does not have a readily determinable fair value. On January 1, 2013, the

    asked by sherianna
  31. math

    Navin from Mauritius, Luka from Croatia, and Ian from Botswana are chatting in the lobby of a youth hostel discussing their part-time jobs. They learn that Navin makes 160 rupee per hour, Luka makes 25 kuna per hour, and Ian makes 34 pula per hour. If one

    asked by James
  32. Biology

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the metric system of measurements in biology?

    asked by Elizabeth
  33. Math

    PLS HELP: 9-3 divided by 1/3 + 1=?

    asked by Billy Jon Carlos Rodriguez Juan
  34. world history

    Which most accurately reflects the development of agriculture in early African civilizations? The Hottentots of South Africa were known for cultivating yams and bananas. The walls of the Jabrin Castle were erected in Oman to protect valuable crops. The

    asked by michele
  35. technology

    what is a Boolean operator? a link would be great please and thank you:)))

    asked by help please
  36. Math

    A pool is surrounded by paving blocks which are 1 metre square. There are 16 blocks are used to surround the pool. a) What is the perimeter of the pool? b) What are the area of the various pools which could be surrounded by these 16 blocks?

    asked by student #1
  37. math


    asked by daba
  38. Math

    Is PD fast principal restaurant keeps a number of skiers and snowboarders who bought season passes the ratio thing numbers years who by and season passes in the numbers cloarek's who were season passes this wonder to if 1250 more snow worth was in dresses

    asked by Jeff
  39. Math

    Samantha's Recipe 3 1/2 parts cranapple juice 2 1/2 parts lemonade Caden's Recipe 4 1/4 parts cranapple juice 3 3/4 parts lemonade For each recipe, write a ratio that compares the number of parts of lemonade to the total number of parts. Please help and

    asked by URGENT
  40. Biology

    In biology, would effectiveness and neutralizing mean the same thing for anti-acids? Like if alka-seltzer was more effective than tums, would it make it a better neutralizer?

    asked by Riley
  41. MATHS

    Log10y+2log10x=2 Express y in terms of x

    asked by Sayan
  42. civics

    How did the Intolerable Acts—meant to punish Massachusetts for defying Great Britain—show that the British government did not respect the rights of the colonists to rule themselves?

    asked by jelly
  43. science

    According to the trend shown by the graph, what volume of water would you expect after 35 seconds of dripping?

    asked by allisa
  44. English

    I have to use the word fretish as a noun, adjective and a verb. How am I suppose to do that?

    asked by Katrina
  45. Social studies

    If the “out of Africa” theory of human migration is correct, Homo sapien fossil remains found nearest to Africa should be Younger than those found in africa. Im so confused Plz help me.

    asked by Miyah
  46. English

    What type of figurative language is this? “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there...”

    asked by Karly
  47. Biology

    Decide and then explain why you concluded the following statements are true or false. a) If glucose concentrations in solution A and B separated by a semi permeable membrane are the same, the net movement of water will be zero. b) If glucose concentration

    asked by Tegan
  48. Social Studies

    Which statements describe industry in the Piedmont region? Check all that apply. Its beaches are a major tourist draw throughout the year. Its once-strong services sector is in steady decline. It is the leading cigarette manufacturer in the United States.

    asked by Cakebear
  49. English

    What does this quote mean? “Some of us have chosen America as the land of our adoption; the rest have come from those who did the same”

    asked by Emily
  50. Life

    What one way you use self-regulation in your life?

    asked by Betty
  51. social studies

    Which sector of the economy MOST LIKELY benefited from Adam Smith's ideas? A) agriculture B) finance C) manufacturing D) service this is the real question

    asked by lolismymiddlename
  52. History

    Why is knowing the scale of a of a map so helpful? A.The scale helps you determine how far places are from one another. B.The scale tells you the amount of precipitation place receives. C.The scale shows the types of land forms a place has. D.The scale

    asked by Try so hard I might fail
  53. history

    hich of the following is a reason why historians may want to consider opinions as well as facts reported by a source? A. A source that historians trust is likely to have true opinions. B. The opinions may provide clues to the source's feelings and possible

    asked by I hate peaple
  54. Maths

    I have the below maths problem - may someone give me a hint? I have an equation modelling the dog's weight with respect to its age. The model is from the age of 20 weeks to the age of 48 weeks. My question is the following: "Explain why the model cannot be

    asked by Joann
  55. Biology

    Which antacid neutralizes the most acid? Alka-seltzer= 60 drops of acid. Rolaids= 14 drops of acid. Tums= 9 drops of acid.

    asked by Katie
  56. English

    This is an essay prompt. Who in your life is depending on you? What are they depending on you for?

    asked by Maxwell
  57. math

    A line L has a slope of -2 and passes through the point (r,-3). a second line, K is perpendicular to L at (a,b) and passes through the point (6, r). find a in terms of r. I find the slope of K is 1/2 and i know (a, b) is the shared solution to both lines

    asked by jubayr
  58. Earth Science

    1. The oldest of Hawaii's volcanic islands are those that A. are the farthest distance from the hotspot. B. are a short distance past the hotspot. C. are on top of the hotspot. D. have not yet reached the hotspot. 2. Which is caused by the difference in

    asked by Osborne
  59. Physics

    A car skids to a stop. The length of the skid marks is 50m. What information do you need in order to decide whether the car was speeding before the driver hit the brakes

    asked by Jaden
  60. South Carolina State History

    Why were so many of South Carolina’s trees cut down in the nineteenth century? A. To build houses B. To grow cotton C. To make roads D. To build ships

    asked by help
  61. algebra

    what i the value of 14-a2 given a=-3

    asked by Dubss
  62. History

    How did Florida change after the end of the French and Indian war

    asked by Twilight
  63. Biology

    Suppose that a biologist states that the average height of undergraduate students at your university is 205 cm plus or minus a standard deviation of 17cm. What does this mean?

    asked by Karly
  64. Math

    Joan has a cafe . Each day she bakes 24 muffins. She gives away 3 and sells the rest. Each day, she also bakes 36 bagels . She gives away four and sells the rest. Write an expression to represent the total number of muffins and bagels Joan sells in 5 days

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Math

    The quantity demanded for a certain brand of MP3 players is 200 units when the price is set at $90. The quantity demanded is 1,200 units when the unit is $40. Find the demand equation. For this problem, I set the points as (demand quantity, price). So my

    asked by lijm
  66. math, supply equation

    The supply equation for the Wilkinson washable computer keyboard is p=0.03x+80. Where x is the quantity supplied per month and p is the unit price in dollars. a) find the points that would be used to sketch a graph of the supply curve b) what is the lowest

    asked by lijm
  67. English

    In Crash by Jerry Spinelli What do Crash and Mike have in common?

    asked by Lala
  68. Art

    By asking questions such as, "Look at the lines on your paper and on the ceiling. Can you find other lines? Thin lines? Thick lines? " a teacher is building children's conception of a. depth perception b. creativity c. perspective d. an artistic element my

    asked by Diana
  69. math

    A section of a boardwalk is made using 15 boards. Each board is 9.25 inches wide. The total width of the section is 144 inches. The spacing between each board is equal. What is the width of the spacing between each board?

    asked by robin
  70. Art

    A classroom music laboratory should emphasize a. memorizing facts about famous musicians and their work b. following the classroom rules c. active involvement, a chance to explore and experiment d. rhythm activities that require children to imitate a

    asked by Diana
  71. Science

    What does the outer ear not do? does it transform sound or does it deal with high frequencies

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Civics

    According to the Declaration of Independence how do humans get their rights A from the bill of rights B from constitutions C from Kings D from the creator

    asked by Thank you
  73. Science

    How does the tilt of Earth’s axis and its movement around the sun play a part in the changing of the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere? my hypothesis is where the sun is the sun is the most its summer

    asked by I hate peaple
  74. Math

    7,261,087,766 When this number is written in expanded form using exponents, one power of 10 would not be represented. Which power of 10 ? Why ?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. math

    my homework says what is 3.4 divided by 2134324234. I got an answer but google says i am wrong. Any suggestions????????

    asked by Jimmie
  76. history

    How did the agricultural revolution affect American Indian cultures in Texas? 1. It helped some American Indians establish more permanent settlements. 2. It forced some American Indians to become more nomadic. 3. It increased contact between different

    asked by chu
  77. math

    is -7+9=-9+7 true, false, or open.

    asked by no
  78. Math

    What is 7270.4 round to the nearest gram?

    asked by Giada is the yeet person
  79. Math

    Find the sum. -7+(-5) A. −12 B. −2 C. 2 D. 12***

    asked by chu
  80. Math

    Colton stands on the middle rung of a ladder attached to a jungle gym. He climbs up 3 rungs then down 4. After looking for a moment he climbs up 5 more rungs and stops. After climbing up the final 3 rungs he reaches the top of the ladder. How many rungs

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Math

    what is 575 times 1/28.4?

    asked by Giada is the yeet person
  82. Math

    Good evening. I have a math problem I need some help with please. 1/2 (3/5 X - 8) + 7/4 (2/5 X + 4) X is a variable. My answer that I have so far is: 3/10 X - 4 + 7/10 X and then I get stuck.

    asked by Patrick
  83. Math

    The mighty Unicorn band from New Braunfels High school require 6 buses to travel out of town. Each bus holds 70 passengers not including the driver and there are at least 5 chaperones on each bus what is the max possible size of the band

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Physics 12

    A ball horizontally hits a wall at 5m/s and bounces back at -5m/s. The total momentum before is 1 kgm/s and after is -1 kgm/s. Is momentum conservation broken down in this example??? Reason??? PLEASE HELP

    asked by Alex
  85. Math

    Rename 740,000 in ten thousands

    asked by Britney
  86. geography

    why is the difference in solar receipt between 60 grades N and 30 greater in the winter than in the summer?

    asked by Anonymous