Questions Asked on
August 29, 2019

  1. English

    which type of text is a reader most likely to encounter technical vocabulary? a computer instruction manual a short story a news website a vacation brochure A?

  2. maths

    a rectangle has sides of length 6.1 cm and 8.1 cm correct to 1 decimal place. Calculate the upper bound for the area of the rectangle as accurately

  3. Maths

    The point P is reflection of (-2,10) on the line 4x-3y=12. Find the coordinates of P.

  4. Latin

    I need someone to check my translations. 1.) Graeci accipiuntur ab incolis, quorum cibus est bonus. They are taken from the inhabitants of the Greeks, of which the meat is a good man. 2.) Illi (Those men), quibus lotophagi cibum donant, semper in terra

  5. precalculus

    Find the inverse of g(x)=1/3x - 7 and then find its domain and range. Please help. Thank you.

  6. math

    A line whose equation is 7y-3x+30=0 passes through the points A and B . Points A is on -axis while point B is equidistant from X and Y -axis

  7. AP Human Geography

    Without a scale on a map, A. many details must be omitted. B. only global trends can be captured. C. regional details can be captured, but larger details must be omitted. D. viewers cannot tell how much area on Earth is represented on the map. E. viewers

  8. Math

    The inverse of 3y+5x=18

  9. Biology

    Which of the following statements is true? Since all cells carry out cellular repiration, they contain mitochondria. A cell cannot be subdivided into smaller units that maintain the living state. Plant cells contain chloroplasts and no mitochondria while

  10. physical education

    Which side of the triangle corresponds with developing friendship through communication?

  11. social studies

    Which of the following are characteristics of Homo sapiens? Select the three correct answers. A. first to bury their dead B. had larger brains than their predecessors C. used complex language D. was the first to use stone tools E. had strong jaws and teeth

  12. math

    Determine which pizza is the better buy: A 10-inch diameter pizza for $8.99 or a 6-inch diameter pizza for $5 10-inch diameter pizza for $8.99 6-inch diameter pizza for $5 p.s. There are only two options

  13. math

    A lottery offers two options for the prize. Option A: $1000 a week for life. Option B: $600 000 in one lump sum The current expected rate of return for large investment is 3%/a, compounded monthly. a.Which option would the winner choose if s/he expects to

  14. Earth Science

    1.At which type of plate boundary do tectonic plates slide past each other? A. at conservative plate boundaries** B. at oceanic-oceanic boundaries C. at convergent boundaries D. at divergent boundaries 2. Geologist discovered fossils of identical spider

  15. Math

    If 4 apples cost 3.04 how much does one Apple cost

  16. Pre Algebra

    A scuba diver uses negative numbers to represent her depths below sea level. She was at a depth of -1.5 meters. Then she dove down to a depth of -4.2 meters. What is the difference between those depths? Write your expression, show your work, and label your

  17. math

    What word phrases represent the expressions -2+3x and 3x+(-2)? Are the two expressions equivalent? Explain.

  18. math

    the area of a circle is 78.5 square feet. what is the circumference select all that apply. A. 5 (pi symbol) feet B. 10 (pi symbol) feet C. 20 (pi symbol) feet D. 15.7 feet (my answer) E. 31.4 feet F. 62.8 feet

  19. Math

    1. x - 6 = 8 A. X = - 2 B. X = 2 C. X = -14 D. X = 14 2. y + 5 = -12 A. -19 B. -17 C. -7 D. 7 3. 1/4a = 3 A. a = 0.75 B. a = 3 C. a = 12 D. a = 16

  20. Biology

    How were domesticated plants and animals different from their ancestors? Select the two correct answers. A. Domesticated animals were smaller. *** B. Domesticated plants were smaller.*** C. Domesticated plants produced more food. D. Domesticated animals

  21. math

    Name the subset(s) of real numbers to which each number belongs. Then order the numbers from least to greatest. Square root of 105, -4, 4/3.

  22. math , probability

    Jack has a collection of 10 pairs of gloves in his wardrobe. Before a business trip, he has to pack his luggage, and he selects 8 gloves, without looking at them. We assume that any set of 8 gloves is equally likely to be chosen. Find the probability that

  23. math , probability

    Let X and Y be two independent and identically distributed random variables that take only positive integer values. Their PMF is px (n) = py (n) = 2^-n for every n e N, where N is the set of positive integers. 1. Fix at E N. Find the probability P

  24. Math

    Prove that. (1+sec2A) (1+sec4A) (1+sec8A)=Tan8AΓ—CotA

  25. MATH please help

    A circle with radius 16 centimeters is inscribed in a square and it showes a circle inside a square and a dot inside the circle that shows 16 ft inbetween Which is the area of the shaded region A 804.25 square feet B 1024 square feet C 822.94 square feet D

  26. History

    What was marriage like for Mohicans back in the day? (vows? celebration? gift exchanges? divorce?)

  27. math , probability

    We observe a Poisson process with unknown rate. The rate lambda of the Poisson process is either 2 or 4, with equal probability, and the actual value is not known. We observe the process over the time interval 0, 3 and observe exactly 9 arrivals. Given

  28. math , probability

    Let 𝑋 and π‘Œ be independent random variables, uniformly distributed on [0,1]. Let π‘ˆ=min{𝑋,π‘Œ} and 𝑉=max{𝑋,π‘Œ}. Let π‘Ž=𝐄[π‘ˆπ‘‰] and 𝑏=𝐄[𝑉]. 1. Find π‘Ž. 2. Find 𝑏. 3. Find Cov(π‘ˆ,𝑉). You can give either a

  29. Math

    "Write an algebraic expression that uses x, y, and z and simplifies to 16 when x=-3, y=-2, and z=-1.Use only multiplication and division." And please explain!!!

  30. Math

    Insert +-X divide by to solve 14 2 7 3 9=10

  31. Math

    What do they mean by draw an equation of the line L?

  32. Algebra

    You have a $100 bill. You want to make change into an equal number of $20 bills, $10 bills, and $5 bills. Is it possible? If so, tell how many of each bill you will have. Can you write this into an equation?

  33. Math

    Farmer Giles has 36 sections of portable fence which are used to make pens for the sheep. Each of these sections is 1 metre long. Each night he arranges the sections into a rectangle. Sometimes he makes it long and narrow and sometimes he makes it more

  34. Civic

    Mention some major local or world civil problem

  35. Math

    What conclusion are you able to draw about the relationship between perimeter of rectangles and the area, which they enclose?

  36. Chemistry

    Nitrogen Gas Occupy A Volume Of 413 At Pressure Of 217 Mmhg Caluclate Its New Volume When The Volume Increases To 612 Mmhg

  37. business

    ou have been asked by management to investigate the opportunities of expanding their stores into new areas across the country. The managers are in a state of disagreement as to whether the company needs to expand or not. It is causing a lot of arguments

  38. Maths

    Find the value of x for which 32 base =22 base five?

  39. Language arts

    In "Ribbons," lan shouts excitedly when he first sees his grandmother, but Stacy thinks about the ballet lessons she has had to give up. What inference can you draw from their behavior? A.lan knows their grandmother better than Stacy does. B.Stacy is

  40. Science

    A bacterial cell is viewed under a microscope. It doubles every 20 seconds. What is most likely being viewed? A. binary fission**** B. conjugation C. Diffusion D. Thermoregulation

  41. math

    Samantha drew Ξ” J K L βˆ† JKL with the coordinates ( 2 , 3 ) 2, 3 , ( 4 , 3 ) 4, 3 , and ( 5 , 2 ) 5, 2 . She reflected this triangle over the x-axis to create an image. What are the coordinates of the image?

  42. math

    circle S and circle U are congruent circles. A. name the three radii of circle S. B. name the three radii of circle C. C. How are the radii of the two circles related? Explain your reasoning.

  43. Maths

    If 7 and 189 are the first and fourth terms of a geometric respectively, find the sum of the first three terms of the progression?

  44. Pre- algebra

    64+9(12 Γ· 3 x 2)-7

  45. Science

    Propose 6 practical actions that you can take to address human rights violations of xenophobia in your community

  46. precalculus

    Can someone help me with this problem please? Let f(x)= 1/x and g(x)= x^2+5x. a. Find (f*g)(x) b. Find the domain and range of (f*g)(x). Thank you.

  47. Language arts

    In "Ribbons," Stacy's grandmother stiffens and scolds her when Stacy tries to hug her. What does this show about the cultural differences between the two characters? A.They do not have any significant cultural differences B.They will probably not be able

  48. Language arts

    Which of the following situations could be described as laborious ? A.carrying a heavy suitcase down a flight of stairs * B.answering advanced math questions on a test C.telling an elaborate lie to get out of work D.dancing at a party for several hours

  49. Geography

    Examine how each of the following are responsible for road accidents and propose practical solutions by the community : Competence of the drivers Substance abuse Pedestrians Cyclists Livestock

  50. Algebra

    f(x)= (x^2-1)/(x+4) find f(x+h)

  51. Math

    Candace leaves her house and starts jogging at a pace of 480 feet per minute. Five minutes later, her brother runs after her at a pace of 660 feet per minute. If both of them continue at these speeds, how long will it take her brother to catch up? Here is

  52. Geography

    Which type of climate is described as having hot temperatures and heavy rainfall all year round? A.arid B. dry tropical * C. Mediterranean D. wet tropical

  53. Math

    What is the value of (10-6)^2+6 x 2-(3+2)^2? A. 10****** B. 3 C. -1 D. -5

  54. Precalc

    find difference quotient f(x) = 1/x+3

  55. Algebra

    what is the simplified form of 12[(6^(2)-:5^(2)-4^(2))+7]

  56. Social studies

    Imagine a family of farmers in the Neolithic Age. They are a multi-generational family living together on a large farm. They have bees, chickens, and other animals and crops that keep them fed. They have several shelters that are sturdy. Last year,

  57. Math

    A math problem asks when two brothers will have saved the same amount of money. When Marta writes and solves the equation, her final step is 3 = 7. Assuming Marta has done everything correctly, how should she interpret this solution? A. The brothers

  58. History

    Why did business leaders begin the practice of vertical integration? A. Big companies could grow by merging w/ other companies or acquiring them. B. Factory workers could start in low positions and work their way up management. C. Large corporations could

  59. math

    10 less than x is -45

  60. Social Studies

    Prehistory is the time before A. modern human being existed B. people left written records C. people created calendars D. people began to study history My answer is D. Please check my answer.

  61. Civics

    Which of the following statements best summaries how baron de Montesquieu felt about power

  62. science

    what is the relationship in which the ratio of the manipulated variable and the responding variable is constant

  63. Geography

    How does erosion shape mountains? A. It creates pressures in Earth's crust that causeto bend B. I removes material from mountains, changing their shapes. C. By breaking down material on Earth's surface, it changes mountains' shapes. D. The friction between

  64. science

    which of the following is a valid reason why a scientist might reject a scientific theory

  65. chemistry

    calculate the numbers of mole of Cacl2 that can be obtained from 25g of limestone Caco3 in the presence (Ca:40 C:12 O:16 Cl35.5)

  66. World History

    Can someone explain to me how Zheng He's trips made a difference to Chinese trade?

  67. precalc

    how to find difference quotient for: f(x) = 1/x+3

  68. math

    19. Which set of numbers are ordered from least to greatest? a. 5, -5, |-2|, 3, -|2| b. -5, -|2|, |-2|, 3, 5 c. 5, 3, |-2|, -|2|, -5 d. -|2|, |-2|, 3, -5, 5 18. What is the solution to 9/-7 = 6? a. q = -42 b. q = -13 c. q = 13 d. q = 42 17. What is the

  69. Math

    On Friday, Dale and Lindsay each spent $5.00 on trading cards, and they each bought one package of chewing gum. On Saturday, Lindsay and her three sisters each spent $2.00 on trading cards, and each girl bought one package of gum. Lindsay noticed that the

  70. math , probability

    Let X1, X2, ... be a sequence of independent random variables, uniformly distributed on [0,1]. Define Nn to be the smallest k such that X1 + X2 + ... + Xx exceeds cn = 5 + 12/n, namely, Nn = min{k >1: X1 + X2 +...+Xk > cn} Does the limit lim P (NK>n) 100

  71. Math

    What types of problems can be solved using the least common multiple? What types of problems can be solved using the greatest common factor?

  72. Algebra

    2pp(-n)/m, p=-8, n=3/2, m=-5

  73. Science

    What is the mass of a car that has a kinetic energy if 4,320,000J moving at 23 m/s

  74. math

    the letters in the word mathematics are placed in a bag what is the probability of drawing an m replacing it then drawing another m

  75. Math

    A simple of radium weight 1000g. How long will it take to decay to 125g if its half life is 1620 years??

  76. math

    Val measures the perimeter of her rectangular garden as 80 ft. The width is 3x + 1 and the length is x – 5. What is the length and width in feet?

  77. Algebra

    The cost of T-SHIRTS R US to make shirts is a set up fee of $25 plus $5 per shirt. The cost of SHIRTS 4 LESS is $50 for a set up fee and $4 per shirt. When would the costs be the same? (How many t-shirts would you need to purchase) Which company would you

  78. Social studies

    according to aristotle who is the best suited to rule? I said that those in the middle class are best suited to rule because they are less likely to shrink from rule or be over ambitious

  79. social studies

    Which of the following is one way in which an embargo differs from a tariff? A. It allows for free trade of goods. B. It limits the taxes placed on foreign goods. C. It bans all importation of foreign goods. (MY ANSWER) D. It increases the price of foreign

  80. Calculus

    Suppose f (x) = x^3 . What is the equation of the line tangent to the curve at the point (βˆ’1, βˆ’1)? Is this y = 3x βˆ’ 2 the answer

  81. math

    Suppose that Mr johnson has rectangular tiles that are twice as long as they are wide For the purposes of this class we can assume that the tiles are 5" by 10" Im confused by this bc it says the tiles are twice as long as they are wide but doesnt it say

  82. Math

    An astronaut on the moon drops a rock straight downward from a height of 0.95m. If the acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1.62m/s, what is the speed of the rock just before it lands?

  83. Math

    At the beginning of 2000 (t=0), women's wages were 68% of men's wages and by the beginning of 2013 (t=0), women's wages were 68% of men's wages. If this gap between women's and men's wages continues to narrow linearly, then what percentage of men's wages

  84. Math

    the ratio of defective components to non defective components was 2 to 19. if 38 components were none defective, how many were defective?