Questions Asked on
August 28, 2019

  1. Physics

    A baseball hits a car, breaking its window and triggering its alarm which sounds at a frequency of 1250 Hz. What frequency (in Hz) is heard by a boy on a bicycle riding away from the car at 6.50 m/s? Take the speed of sound to be 343 m/s.

    asked by Tony
  2. Physics

    A train is moving past a crossing where cars are waiting for it to pass. While waiting, the driver of the lead car becomes sleepy and rests his head on the steering wheel, unintentionally activating the car's horn. A passenger in the back of the train

    asked by Tony
  3. math

    choose the ratio that forms a proportion with 9/10

    asked by chosen
  4. American Government

    How did the English Bill of Rights influence the American Bill of Rights? I need help ASAP! Thanks

    asked by Hi😱
  5. math

    Which ratio can you get by scaling up the ratio 5/6 chapters in 1/3 hours A. 5 chapters / 18 hours

    asked by lil
  6. Chemistry

    Green plants use light from the sun to drive photo synthesis. Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction in which water (H2O) and carbon Dioxide (CO2) chemically react to form the simple sugar glucose (C6H12O6) and oxygen gas (O2). What Mass of oxygen gas is

    asked by bob
  7. English

    I am supposed to mark the meter using the unaccented (u) and accented (/) marks for the first quatrain of Sonnet 116. Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when alteration finds, Or bends with the remover

    asked by Abigail
  8. Geometry

    Tell whether the lines through the given points are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Line 1: (-6,10), (4,-2) Line 2: (-8,-6), (0,4)

    asked by Lamont
  9. Math

    Please convert 149600000000 metres in standard form

    asked by Mohd
  10. math

    Solve simultaneously log (x-1)+2logy=2log3 and logx+logy=log6

    asked by FAITH
  11. Maths

    Find the area of quadrilateral ABCD having vertices A(-1,5) , B(-2,6) , C(4,10) and D(3,5)

    asked by Raj
  12. Texas history

    How does sequencing events on a timeline help historians? A~ It allows them to consider events with specific dates B~ It helps them consider events outside of their time periods. C~ It helps them understand relationship between events.***My answer D~ It

    asked by sunflowerr
  13. Science 8th grade

    A scientist bends wires made of different metals to check their flexibility. Which of the following best justifies the type of change taking place? Physical change because shape is a physical property. Chemical change because shape is a physical property.

    asked by May
  14. Physics

    Calculate the reflected percentage of an ultrasound wave passing from human muscle into bone. Muscle has a typical density of 1.06 * 10³ kg/m³ and bone has a typical density of 1.89 * 10³ kg/m³.

    asked by Tony
  15. math

    Note: Enter your answer and show all the steps that you use to solve this problem in the space provided. Suzanne needs material for her school project. She buys 5.50 yards of material at $3.87 a yard. What is the total cost of the material? Round to the

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Science

    What is the independent or manipulated variable in this experiment

    asked by Alexis
  17. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue, Please check my answers! Thanks.

    asked by Felicity
  18. Biology

    The guppy is a species of small freshwater fish. Scientists observed that the average size of guppies in a pond decreased over a few years after a guppy predator was introduced in the pond. Which of the following best explains the change in guppy size? A)

    asked by Nappa
  19. geography

    Why is a federal system of government more complex than a unitary system? A. Power is divided into many levels. B. The people get to make laws for the country. C. Decisions are made by a group of people rather than one person. D. Laws are made for the

    asked by adam
  20. english

    what is the name of the forest where the story white knight is set? why is it significant?

    asked by chencho
  21. Math - Precalc

    Find (f*g)(x) and its domain when f(x)=x^2+9 and g(x)= sqrt x+3 A. (f·g)(x)=x+12; (-∞,∞) B. (f·g)(x)=√x^2+12; (-∞,∞) C. (f·g)(x)=√x^2+12; [-3,∞) D. (f·g)(x)=x+12; [-3,∞) I need help please. I don't know how to get the correct answer

    asked by Tay
  22. Math

    What are the answers for the Divisibility tests quiz part 1

    asked by Volt comet
  23. physics

    a man rides a motorcycle 12km due east and later 5km due north. calculate the: distance covered 2.displacement covered

    asked by lala
  24. Geography

    Which of the following is a way humans have an impact on earth? A. Weather B. Deforestation C. Democratization D. Cultural diffusion

    asked by Icy
  25. English

    Identify the participial phrases and participles that are used as adjectives in the following sentences. Give the noun or pronoun each participle or participial phrase modifies. 1. Known as Johnny Appleseed, John Chapman distributed apple seeds and

    asked by Hayden
  26. Math

    A group of nine people, some adults and some children, went to the movie theater. Adult admission was $8 and child admission was $5. The amount charge was $55. Could this amount be correct?

    asked by Carmen
  27. Calculus

    Find an equation of the sphere with center (2,-6,4) and radius 5. Describe it intersection with each of the coordinate planes.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    Alex wants to decorate her bedroom wall with colored square paper. She wants all the squares to be the same size to make a checkerboard design. The area to tile is a rectangle measuring 80 inches by 96 inches. The paper squares come in widths of 10in,

    asked by Ismail
  29. Calculus

    Show that the equation represent a sphere, and find it center and radius 3x^2 +3y^2 + 3z^2=10+6y+12z

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Physics

    What is resistive force?

    asked by Raj
  31. Math

    The charge for telephone calls T, is partly constant and partly varies with the number n of unit of call. The bill for 580 units of call is 900 .while the bill for 310 units is 500.

    asked by Alex favour
  32. Maths

    the mark obtained by pupils of a class are grouped as shown below 0-4,5-9,10-14,15-19 the class width is?

    asked by FBI
  33. Math

    Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 16/4x2=? I haven't done Order of OPs in awhile so I might be wrong ;-; My answer was 8.

    asked by dat space boi
  34. Music

    How many beats are in an eighth rest? 2*** 1/2 4 1 Could some one please check if this is right?

    asked by Name
  35. History

    How did river transportation improve in South Carolina during the early 1800's? 1)A dam on the Chattooga river removed the rapids near the border. 2)Canals made it possible for ships to travel past the fall line. 3)Rivers were deepened so large ships could

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Maths

    Find the area of triangle having vertices A(-1,5) , B(-2,6) and C(3,5)

    asked by Raj
  37. Math

    (7 + 2)^2 − 2^3 equals? I got 73.

    asked by dat space boi
  38. Maths

    C(4,10) and D(3,5) which is CD is intersected by BE

    asked by Raj
  39. Math

    tell me letters of pie all the way to thousands but you dont have to go that far hundreds will do

    asked by brody
  40. Math

    When constructing an angle nose toe why must the arc intersect

    asked by Brenna
  41. Math

    A pound of apples cost 1.20. Rachel bought two and a half pound s o apples if she gives the clerk 5.00 bill how much change will she get back

    asked by Adrianna
  42. Algebra

    The number of pizzas Jason makes on an average Saturday night at Rocky Coast Pizza Company is 17 less than twice the number of pizzas Alia makes. Jason makes 147 pizzas. Choose the equation you would use to find the number of pizzas, n, that Alia makes.

    asked by Madi
  43. Science

    What is a negative effect of a light bulb that candles fix? I can't think of any.

    asked by user 1
  44. Algebra

    The opposite of -4 is 4. -4 -(-(-4)). -|4|. Please help!!! And fast!!!

    asked by Yeet
  45. MATH

    Last Saturday, 215 people saw movie x, 25 people saw movie w, and 15 people saw both movie x and w. Neither of the 200 people saw z movie. How many people saw one movie on Saturday. Please show the problem step by step to get the answer. I added 215 + 25 +

    asked by emily
  46. math


    asked by lebron
  47. Social Studies

    Which type of economies do all African countries have? A. **? traditional B. mixed C. market D. command Am I right?

    asked by KirbyLove
  48. Social studies

    Which group of ancient Greek women had greater freedom? A. slave women B. Athenian women C. metic women D. Spartan women

    asked by n0
  49. World Geography - Africa

    These countries were considered to be the only independent areas from European control in the 1800s. A. Nigeria & Rwanda B. Ethiopia & Nigeria C. Ethiopia &Liberia D. Nigeria & Mozambique Thank you!

    asked by Madi
  50. PreCalc

    Find (g•f)(x) when f(x)=√x+1 and g(x)= x^2+3/x A. (g*f)(x)=x+4/sqrt x+1 B. (g*f)(x)=x^2+2x+4/sqrt x+1 C. (g*f)(x)= (x^2+3)(sqrt x+1)/x D. (g*f)(x)=sqrt x^2+3/x +1 I think its A or B...I'm not sure.

    asked by Tay
  51. Technology

    If the mine winch drum diameter is 6m calculate how far the Cage Will drop for each single rotation of the drum

    asked by Thando
  52. Anatomy

    Jenny is comfortable learning visually. What is the best way for her to study bone markings for her lab quiz? All the above learning modalities can be implemented Listening actively to lectures on the bone markings Feeling the markings on bone models

    asked by Kaylie
  53. Algebra

    Let f(x)= (x-2)^3+8 a. Show that this function is one-to-one algebraically. b. Find the inverse of f(x)

    asked by Sam
  54. Algebra 8th grade

    What is the value of b if -7 + b = -8

    asked by nothing
  55. Algebra 2

    Find three consecutive even integers so that the twice the sum of the second and third is twelve less than six times the first.

    asked by RoseMarie
  56. PreCalc

    Determine whether f(x)=5x+1/x and g(x)= x/5x+1 are inverse functions. Explain how you know. Help please?

    asked by T.
  57. Math

    Determine whether f(x)=5x+1/x and g(x)= x/5x+1 are inverse functions. Explain how you know.

    asked by RoseMarie
  58. Math

    46.2 yards to meters

    asked by destiny
  59. Physics

    Workers attach a 25.0 kg mass to one end of a 20.0 m long crane, suspending the mass in midair. If the cable has a mass of 12.0 kg, determine the speed of transverse wave at the middle and bottom end of the cable.

    asked by Tony
  60. World history

    Someone help plz im rlly bad at history 1.How have the Ten Commandments influenced life today? A.They established the democatic form of government. B.They created a separation between church and state. C.They influenced aspects of today's legal and

    asked by A random person
  61. Physics

    A tug tows a small boat with a rope inclined upward at 30 degrees to the horizontal. The tension in the string is 2000N.What is the forces tending to raise the boat out of water.

    asked by Hassan
  62. Math

    How to make 75 cents with out using a half dollar or pennies

    asked by Jiana
  63. arithmetic

    how do i convert 1043km to miles

    asked by me
  64. math

    In a fraction with the denominator of 15, which value could the numerator be to produce a repeating decimal? a) 15 b) 9 c) 11 d) 12

    asked by help please
  65. math

    how do i convert 292 cm to inches

    asked by me
  66. English

    Identify the participial phrases and participles that are used as adjectives in the following sentences. Give the noun or pronoun each participle or participial phrase modifies. 1. She heard me sighing loudly. 2. Aided by good weather and clear skies, the

    asked by Hayden
  67. algebra

    Simplify the following expression: 4(20+12÷(5-3) I need help with just this question plz.

    asked by Ty
  68. math

    the product of johns height and 5 is 95 use the variable j to represents john

    asked by lynn
  69. English

    Identify the phrase as an adjective phrase or an adverb phrase 1. about a football player-adjective phrase 2. by his achievements- adjective 3. in the front yard-adverb

    asked by Hayden
  70. Math

    Determine the coefficient of x^15 in the expansion (2x-3x^2)^10 ii)Find the coefficient of x^-8 in the expansion (x^2 +1/x^3)^16

    asked by Bolton
  71. History

    what do we gain from being able to "step back" from our own way of life as Miner has done here?

    asked by .
  72. Social Studies

    Would the executive branch be responsible for whether or not a import of a drug should be illegal?

    asked by Joe
  73. Math

    3x+12y=-66;2x-5y=21 by substitution, elimination, cross multiplication,and garapically methods

    asked by Manju
  74. Physics

    A man walks east before proceeding north. If the displacement of the man is 13 meters; 67.38 degrees north of east. What was the distance covered by the man?

    asked by Ellery
  75. social studies

    which of the following is closest to the Athenian form of democracy? england town meeting 2.the house of representatives 3.Virginia house of burgesses 4. the electoral college pls help ms.sue

    asked by fgvsdfz
  76. Math

    Tell whether the lines through the given points are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. Line 1: (-6,10), (4,-2) Line 2: (-8,-6), (0,4)

    asked by LmaoImRock
  77. Social Studies

    Was the State Department responsible if any terrorist attack happened in the US before 1982?

    asked by Joe
  78. Math

    A box that is 2 inches x2 inches x2inches x2 much material do I need to cover box

    asked by Kathy
  79. math algebra

    please help me simplify this expression!! -12 divided by 3 x (-8 + (-4)^2 - 6) + 2

    asked by kate
  80. Math

    I have two cities how do i find the average elevation to see if below sea level what formula.

    asked by Jay
  81. Math

    Roberto has 150 roses, 120 lilies, and 60 hydrangeas to make bouquets. Each bouquet should have the same number of each type of flower.b) How many roses, lilies, and hydrangeas will be in each bouquet?

    asked by Ismail
  82. Research

    What do you mean by "fair subject selection" in research ethics?

    asked by Lorelei
  83. Math

    Karin spent Ksh (shillings). 380 to buy 10 books and 3 pencils. Her sister Margaret used Ksh 195 to buy 5 books and two pencils. a. What is the cost of one book and one pencil ? b. If their sister, Jane, needs to buy six books and two pencils, how much

    asked by Lexi
  84. chemistry

    balance the equation KCIO

    asked by Anonymous
  85. History

    1. Midwifery was a job outside of the home typically performed by women that provided what service to the community? A. teaching young children how to read B. helping women during birthing process C. aiding in the care and nourishment of slaves D. raising

    asked by Anonymous
  86. physics

    You are given three displacement vectors: with magnitude 5.0 m in the direction of 60o below the negative x-axis, vector, has an x-component of +2.5 m and a y-component of +6.0 m and vector has magnitude of 2.5 m in the negative y-axis.

    asked by vector
  87. Math

    The charge for telephone calls T,is partly constant and partly varies with the number n of units of call.The bill for 580 units of call is #900, while the bill for 310 units is #500.a.obtain the charge per unit of call.b find a formula for T.

    asked by Precious
  88. Math

    Y is more than 4 is -36 Can I have help solving this?

    asked by Clark