Questions Asked on
August 26, 2019

  1. Math

    If the mine winch drum diameter is 6m,calculate how far the cage will drop for each single rotation of the drum,use the formula 2πr

  2. Personal Fitness

    The three basic principals of training that are the foundation for developing a successful personal fitness program are__________________________. A.overload, progression,and specificity B. endurance, strength and agility C.overload, frequency and

  3. Math

    Triangle ABC has vertices A (-4,-2), B (-1,3), and C (5,0). Triangle ABC is rotated 180 degrees counterclockwise about the origin to form triangle A'B'C'. a. what are the coordinates of the vertices of triangle A'B'C'? b. How could you determine the

  4. Science

    An idea that may be formed from evidence but has not been confirmed by evidence is called a(n)?

  5. Algebra

    Triangle ABC is shown on the coordinate grid. Explanation: The figure shows a triangle Upper Word ABC on the coordinate grid. The values on the x-axis range from negative 8 to 8 in increments of 2 and the values on the y-axis range from negative 8 to 8 in

  6. Physics

    Define non-zero intercept?

  7. Math 8

    Explain the difference in meaning between |-3| and -3

  8. History

    How did rivers affect the locations of early settlements in Georgia? A. People often settled near shoals where it was easier to cross the river. B. People typically settled away from rivers and other bodies of water. C. People typically settled near rivers

  9. math

    Simplify using order of operations. Show all of your work and do ONE operation at a time to receive all possible points. 16 ÷ 4 ⋅ 2 16 ÷ 4 · 2

  10. Math

    Consider the congruence statement Δ SUN ≅ Δ FOG a. Identify the congruent sides. b. Identify the congruent angles.

  11. history

    Why was the middle class the largest among white colonists? A. There were few people besides slaves in the lower classes. B. Most white colonists were farmers who prospered due to affordable land. C. All indentured servants entered the middle class after

  12. Science

    Having scientific literacy involves being able to .....

  13. math

    What 7th term of the harmonic sequence whos 3rd term is 4/3 and 5th term is 2/3

  14. Math

    At 7:00am the temperature was 8C What was the temperature at midnight if the temperature was 10C lower

  15. Business

    when identifying the factors of production the term ____ may also be used to refer to labor a. human resources** b. contract resources c. production resources d. management resources ______ includes the physical and intellectual contributions people make

  16. history

    Now, you will conduct Internet research to collect information about the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Find one primary source and one secondary source on the topic. Then, you will complete a graphic organizer that includes the following items: a

  17. history

    Which colony was established primarily for financial gain? A. New Haven B. Connecticut C. Maryland D. Rhode Island i think its B

  18. Math

    If he divides his land into square fields that are 1/3 mile long and 1/3 mile wide how many fields will he have

  19. history

    Which settlement was part of New Spain? A. Massachusetts Bay B. St. Augustine C. Brazil D. Cíbola I THINK ITS C

  20. Math

    John draws a square on a coordinate plane. Then, he draws an image of the square 3 units to the right of the original square. What is true about the corresponding sides of the original figure and the image? A. The corresponding sides are skew. B. The

  21. Math

    1 cup of lemon-lime : 1 1/2 cups of punch Find the unit rate. Ok, I know the unit rate but I need to show how I got it. Could anyone tell me how to find this.

  22. Algebra

    Two congruent figures are shown. Explanation: The figure on the left has vertices Upper A, Upper B, Upper C, Upper D, and Upper E. Line segment Upper Word AB is diagonally upward towards right, line segment Upper Word BC is vertically downward such that

  23. Science

    Quartzite and marble can look very similar. Why do you think artists carve sculptures out of marble more often than quartzite? Hint: Think composition and parent rock.

  24. math

    The pet store sells hamsters, parrots, and rabbits. There are 2 more parrots than hamsters. There are 3 more rabbits than parrots. There are 25 pets in all. How many hamsters, parrots, and rabbits does the pet store have?

  25. Math

    if log2(x 2) =2log2y express x in term of y?

  26. Math

    If the mine wunch drum diameter is 6m,calculate how far the cage will drop each single rotation of the drum,use the formula C=2pii radius

  27. Science

    What describes a relationship between science and society?

  28. Maths

    (1.28×10raise to power 4) ÷(6.4×10 raise to power 2) equals?

  29. Indiana History

    why was clark's victory at fort sackville important to westward expansion? -It gave Americans access to the land east of the Appalachian Mountains. -It resulted in a victory that forced Great Britain to allow the colonies to become a new country. -It

  30. math

    . The bank statement of July 31 for Walgreens showed a balance of $6,008.10, and the checkbook showed a balance of $1,900.40. The bookkeeper of Walgreens noticed from the bank statement that the bank had collected a note for $666.66. There was a deposit in

  31. science

    One hundred (100.) joules of work is required to compress a gas. At the same time, the gas releases 65 J of heat. Internal energy change

  32. Math

    Calculate the area of a rectangular carpet if the width is 8m and the diagonal measures 10m

  33. Math

    Marsha purchased a chair that was originally $699. The chair was on sale for 13 off. Marsha signed up for the store’s credit card and received an additional 10% off the sale price. What was the cost of the chair after the discounts?

  34. English

    1. maggie and milly and molly and may went down to the beach(to play one day) and maggie discovered a shell that sang so sweetly she couldn't remember her troubles,and milly befriended a stranded star 5 whose rays five languid fingers were; and molly was

  35. Math

    The distance on a bike path between Westfield and Southborough is 46 mi. Tracey leaves Westfield heading to Southborough cycling at a constant rate of 15 mph. Emma leaves her house at the same time and cycles along the same path from Southborough to meet

  36. Math

    What is 80-40+4 x 3^2

  37. Math

    Tally Lake is 11.25 miles long. Mary starts at one end and kayaks toward the other end, paddling at a constant rate of 2.5 miles per hour. At the same time, Ann starts out from the opposite end and paddles toward Mary at a constant rate of 2 miles per

  38. Algebra

    Unit 1: ready, set, succeed- lesson 2 3. C or D ?? 4. A ? Please help

  39. Social studies

    Since the 1800s which human activity has changed land use and led to the growth of large cities in many countries

  40. Criminology

    (True or False) Both restitution and compensation come from the offender. I think its true.

  41. Math

    a hiker travels 3 km due east then 2km on a bearing of 110° how far south is the hiker from the starting point

  42. Maths

    a rectangle picture 7cm by 9cm is enclosed by a frame 1\2cm wide. calculate the perimeter of the picture?

  43. Science

    what are some advantages and disadvantages of using renewable resources in place of non-renewable resources?

  44. Literature

    What are some ways that equality can exist in a society where people do not have equal talents and abilities?

  45. Social Studies

    How did rivers affect the location of early civilizations? People often settled near shoals where it was easier to cross the river. *** People typically settled away from rivers and other bodies of water. People usually settled near rivers where rapids

  46. mathematics

    three angles of a nonagon are equal and the sum of six other angles are 960°.calculate the size of the equal angles.

  47. Calculus

    A population of rabbits starts off at time = 0 with 225 rabbits and increases at a rate of r(t) rabbits per month, where t is in months. A. What does the expression (24 integral 36)r(t)dt represent? B. What does the expression 225 + (0 integral 18) r(t)dt

  48. Physics

    How is speed time graph related to resultant force acting on a body?

  49. Physics

    a ship leaves a port p and sail 30km due south. it then sail due west until it reaches a location H which is 60km from the port.what is the bearing of H and P?

  50. maths

    A number consist of 3 digits.The middle digit is 0 and the sum of the first and last digits is 13.If the digits are reversed the number is increased by 297.Find the original number.

  51. physics

    300 grams of led at 200 degrees celcius is dropped into 150 grams of water at 10 degrees celcius. if the final temperature is 20 degrees celcius, calculate the specific heat capacity of the led. (specific heat capacity of water is 4200 joules per kilogram

  52. Science

    Two resistors are connected in parallel.the battery branch of the circuit is very far from the two horizontal segments containing the two resistors connected.these horizontal segments are both separated by a distance of 3.33cm, and are much longer than the

  53. Maths

    A circle has an area of 78.5m square what is its radius use pi as 3.14

  54. Science

    List as many renewable resources you can find in your classroom?

  55. science

    wich of the following would be affected if a soaring eagle changed direction but remained at a constant speed? A.acceleration only B. Velocity only C. acceleration and velocity D. nether

  56. Life sciences

    Two controlled (fixed )variables

  57. Maths

    convert 1234 base 4 to a number in base six?

  58. Maths

    231(n) - 143(n) = 44(n). Find the number base n.?

  59. Math

    Darla and Dave leave school each day at 2:00 P.M. on their bikes and travel in opposite directions. If Darla rides at a constant rate of 12 kilometers per hour and Dave rides at a constant rate of 14 kilometers per hour, after how many hours are they 65

  60. Math

    In a diagram,an equilateral triangle of side lenght 8 is inscribed in a circle.What is the area of the circle?

  61. Mathematics

    City A is 300km due east of city C is 200km on an bearing of 123degree from city B how far is it from C.

  62. Math

    Do this questions on ANNEXURE C 1.1)∆ABC with A(2;4)and C(0;2) is enlarge is A¹ B¹C¹ Draw ∆ABC and its image on the given grid

  63. Grammar

    What is the noun aunt Jane has a understanding of the habits of whales

  64. math

    sum of angles in a nonagon

  65. math

    what is the amount to be paid if compound interest is calculated on 500.00 for 2 years at 10%

  66. Math - Repost for Fareeha

    This was originally posted at the end of another student's post. The pet store sells hamsters, parrots, and rabbits. There are 3 more rabbits than parrots. There are 25 pets in all. How many hamsters, parrots, and rabbits does the pet store have? i'm very

  67. Chemistry

    18% HCI what is it's molarity?

  68. Literature

    what are some ways that equality can exist in a society where people do not have equal talents and abilities? examples

  69. Algebra

    Please help. A motorcycle is traveling at 70 mph over takes a car that is traveling at 30 mph, that had a 3 hour head start. How long will it take for the motorcycle to meet the car?

  70. History

    Would the State Department or the FBI be more responsible for responding if a terrorist attack happened in the US before 1982? I think the State Department. What is the Department of the Treasury?

  71. Math

    What is four hundred eighty one thousand three hundred seventy eight and five hundredths in standard form