Questions Asked on
August 23, 2019

  1. probability

    Problem 1. Marie gives away children toys Marie distributes toys for toddlers. She makes visits to households and gives away one toy only on visits for which the door is answered and a toddler is in residence. On any visit, the probability of the door

    asked by Diane Lin
  2. History

    How have the Gullah people influenced the culture of South Carolina? A. The Gullah created the official stats dance, which is known as the shag. B. Words such as goober,gumbo,and yam come from the Gullah. C.A Gullah writer penned the book "Uncle Remus". D.

    asked by RobloxKingYT
  3. Math

    Which ratio is a unit rate? Select all that apply. A. 2 2/3 sandwiches / 2 1/3 apples B. 58 3/5 miles / 1 hour C. 16 2/3 ounces/ 2 1/2 bags D. $56.10/ 7 3/4 hours work E. 1 1/2 cups flour/ 1 egg F. 1 glass / 18 3/4 fluid ounces

    asked by Bonnie
  4. algabraic expression

    Simplify the expression 82+9(12÷3×2)−7. Explain each of your steps. can someone explain how to solve this...?

    asked by rosanna pansino
  5. Social Studies

    Why were Kushites so eager to trade their gold for Egypt's grain? A. They did not have enough land to farm and needed food more than gold.** B. They worshiped grain as a god and so preferred it more than gold. C. They were afraid Egypt would take force if

    asked by BadByeJoon
  6. Careers

    1. Suppose a school needs to hire 2 new teachers, but there are 20 recent college graduates hoping to get a teaching job at that school. What is this an example of? A. job surplus B.Job shortage**** C. economy D.expectation 3. Ed wants a career that allows

    asked by first
  7. Math

    A plant grows 3/4 of an inch every week. Write the ratio in the fractional form to determine how many inches the plant grows in a month. (Assume 4 weeks in 1 month.) A newborn kitten weighs about 1/4 pound. Write a proportion to convert the mass from

    asked by Help
  8. Social Studies

    Which of these were reasons for Columbus’s first voyage from Spain? Select all that apply. A. to find precious metals such as gold B. to see if the world was flat or round C. to find the fabled New World D. to find an easier route to Asia my answers are

    asked by Ace
  9. Maths

    a geometric progression has the second term as 9 and the fourth term as 81. find the sum of the first four terms.?

    asked by Black mamba
  10. probability

    Based on your understanding of the Poisson process, determine the numerical values of a and b in the following expression. ∫∞tλ6τ5e−λτ5!dτ=∑k=ab(λt)ke−λtk!. a= ? b= ?

    asked by Diane Lin
  11. Physics


    asked by HILAI
  12. math

    kim and her sister play a game at the end of the game kim has 65 points and her sister has -12 points what is the difference between kim's score and her sister's score?

    asked by papi
  13. physics

    A miniature spring-loaded, radio-controlled gun is mounted on an air puck. The gun's bullet has a mass of 5.00 g, and the gun and puck have a combined mass of 120 g. With the system initially at rest, the radio controlled trigger releases the bullet

    asked by nur
  14. science

    Al + O2 ---> Al2O3 Balance the chemical equation.

    asked by bob
  15. World History

    I needed to match the item name to what best describes it. I only have these five left but I'm not sure if I got them right. Can someone check my answers? Thanks. Home Rule: self-government Geopolitical region: area that shares similar political and

    asked by World History
  16. Math

    Find the digit that makes 3,71_ divisible by 9 Please Help

    asked by Ilovecats
  17. math

    One side of triangle is 4cm longer than the shortest side and 2cm shorter than the longest side. The perimeter is 38cm. Find the dimension of the triangle

    asked by Mark lester
  18. Algebra/Math

    What is -12 / 3 * (-8+(-4)^2 -6) +2 simplified?

    asked by Sebastian
  19. math

    write the product using exponets (-4)(-4)

    asked by cooldude
  20. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment and prepositional phrase 1. Authorized dealers must give purchasers permit tags as proof of legal sale. 2. What a thorny problem cactus rustling has become. 3. Many work at night and sometimes use permit tags over and

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Microeconomics

    Assume the market demand of 500mls of mineral water is given by: P=9–0.25Qd and the market supply being Qs=-12+12P. What is the quantity demand if the price of mineral water is $6

    asked by Daniel Maleek
  22. Physics

    A fixed mass of an ideal gas absorbs 1000J of heat and expands under a constant pressure of 20 kPa from a volume of 25x10(-3) m3 to a volume of 25x10(-3)m3. What is the change in internal energy of the gas? A) -1000J B) -900J C) Zero D) +500J E) +1000J?

    asked by Black mamba
  23. Algebra

    2x-5/5 -x+4/7 +4-x/6 = 10-x/3

    asked by Sneha
  24. Algebra

    Need help with triangles to find out if it is right, acute or obtuse. 14,√61,√257 2√2,√5,√13

    asked by Beth
  25. English

    Read the two fictional conflicts below. Using complete sentences, explain how the differences in setting might affect the protagonist. Story A: A boy gets caught stealing an apple in a crowded high school lunchroom. Story B: A boy gets caught stealing an

    asked by HEP MEH
  26. chemistry

    Consider a piece of gold jewelry that weighs 9.30 g and has a volume of 0.650 cm^3 . The jewelry contains only gold and silver, which have densities of 19.3 g/cm3 and 10.5 g/cm3, respectively. If the total volume of the jewelry is the sum of the volumes of

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Mathmatics

    36.95 - 36.95 + 59.72 + - 29 + [ - 43 ] = Can someone please explain to me how to do this kind of math problem ,and the definition of absolute value? Thx

    asked by Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
  28. Calculus

    What is the value of ddx[f−1(x)] when x=2π, given that f(x)=2x−sinx and f−1(2π)=π ? I got 1/3 is that right?

    asked by Hannah
  29. algebra

    Simplify the expression 8^2 + 9 (12 / 3 x 2) - 7 Explain each of your steps.

    asked by The Cheese master
  30. geography

    What was the purpose of the Indian removal act? A. To remove unfair federal laws from Native American Land B. To move the Five Civilized Tribes from the Southeast to the West C. To open Texas to additional American settlement D. To undermine the Worcester

    asked by heaven
  31. Maths

    A binary operation x defined on the set of integers is such that m x n =m+n+mn for all the integers m and n. Find the inverse of -5 under the operation, if the Identity element is o?

    asked by Black mamba
  32. Calculus

    Find the volume of the parallelepiped determined by the vectors a, b, and c. a =(1,5,4) b =(-1,1,5) c =(4,1,4)

    asked by #1
  33. Physics

    if the body describes vertical circle then the minimum at an angle theta from the lowest position is

    asked by Noor
  34. Calculus

    does anyone know which of these are differential equations 1) x dx/dy -y = 2x^2 2) dy/dx + x^3y = sin y 3) 1/y dy/dx + y cosx = 3x thanks

    asked by Hannah
  35. Sociology

    What class does Nigeria belong to, class or classless society

    asked by Oluwole Patience
  36. math

    What are the solutions to the equation (5x−15) 2 =−100?

    asked by tffed
  37. Physics

    If the body describes a vertical circle then the minimum velocity at an angle 'O' from lowest position is

    asked by Noor
  38. biology math

    If I have a 50% glycerol solution and 300uL of protein in a tube, how many uL of 50% glycerol do I need to add to form a final concentration of 10% glycerol in the tube?

    asked by hi
  39. Maths

    (2x 5)2 (x-3)?

    asked by Black mamba
  40. Algebra

    Need help 5√7 x 2√8

    asked by Kim
  41. Math

    Select the expression with the greatest absolute value -20 |-25| |-5| 21

    asked by Nothing
  42. Physics

    Lina (50 kg) is moving east at 5 m/s. She collides with Emily (70 kg) moving at 2 m/s due west. They hold on to each other and keep sliding. a. Draw a before and after diagram. b. How fast do they slide together and in which direction?

    asked by Roop
  43. Chemistry

    If some oxygen gas at 1.01x10fifth NM-3 without changing the temperature, what pressure will the oxygen gas exert.?

    asked by Black mamba
  44. Algebra

    I think of two numbers. If I double the first and add three times the second, the result is zero. If I subtract three times the second from twice the first, the result is -12. Find the two numbers.

    asked by student #1
  45. Physics

    What is the density of the liquids if water weighs 23.2 grams while the liquid weighs 25 grams and the bottle weighs 43.2 grams when empty

    asked by Debbie
  46. Algebra

    Five times a certain number exceeds 19 by 6. How do I solve this in algebraic form?

    asked by student #1
  47. Algebra

    I think of two numbers, which I represent by x and y. If I add three times to y to three times x, the result is 7 1/2, while if I subtract three times y from three times x the result is 22 1/2. What numbers do x and y represent? 3x + 3y = 7 1/2 - Equation

    asked by student #1
  48. Algebra

    yy + 12 = 28

    asked by student #1