Questions Asked on
August 22, 2019

  1. algebra 2

    James is two years younger than twice his sister Kate’s Age. Together their ages add up to 19. What is each of their ages?

    asked by DeFaCeD_TEAR$
  2. English

    Why does the sound of the old mans groan in the middle of the night sound familiar to the narrator of “The Tell-Tale Heart”? a) the narrator himself has groaned in terror in the night b) the old man groans often c) the old mans groan sound like the

    asked by help please
  3. Social studies

    Which of the following was the primary purpose of the Olympic games? A. It was a religious event where Zeus was honored. B. It was a political event where Athens and Sparta fought. C. It was a social event where women built religious shrines. D. It was an

    asked by tori from outer space
  4. Physics

    a motor car is uniformly retarded and brought to rest from a velocity of 50km/h in 10sec. find its retardation and the distance covered during this period?

    asked by Black mamba
  5. English

    The following passage contains three sentence fragments. On the lines below, rewrite each fragment so that it is a complete sentence. Can video games be addictive? A recent study by Iowa State University concluded that 1 in 12 American children between the

    asked by dont smile at me
  6. math

    Triangle ABC is shown on the coordinate grid... Translate Δ ABC 6 units horizontally. How are the values in the ordered pairs affected by the translation? Translate Δ ABC −3 units vertically. How are the values in the ordered pairs affected by the

    asked by cheeseplatterplagg
  7. History

    Which most accurately describe the impact of the Crusades on the Jewish community? Select all that apply. During the First Crusade, a Christian group passed through the Rhineland and massacred Jews. During the Fourth Crusade, Saladin entered the Crusades

    asked by Lucas
  8. Science

    George's science class looked at living cells under a microscope. The students studied an organism that had many different kinds of cells, but each cell had a cell wall and nucleus. To which kingdom did this organism belong? A. Animals B. Protists C.

    asked by KirbyLove
  9. Biology

    Which organelle breaks down organelles that are no longer useful? A. Golgi Apparatus B. Lysosome*** C. Endoplasmic Reticulum D. Mitochondrion I think it's B. Thanks!

    asked by xXCarinaXx
  10. math

    a rectangular field 400 m long has an area of 6 hectares. calculate the perimeter

    asked by Laina
  11. Math

    Julia shops at two different stores. Felipe's foods, and Desean's Dell. She compares the prices in the two stores to determine which one has the better buy on the items she needs. Use the table to select the correct answers for Blank A, Blank B, and Blank

    asked by Bonnie
  12. Social studies

    Which feature of civilization helps people manage the use of resources? A.Social classes B.We organized governments**** Please check my answer

    asked by Idk
  13. History

    How does culture influence life in South Carolina? How have the Gullah people influenced the culture of South Carolina?

    asked by Kylierfievofs
  14. Chemistry

    A student failed to notice an air bubble trapped in the tip of the buret during their experiment. What effect does this have on the calculated molarity of the NaOH solution?

    asked by Roshni
  15. Math

    A farmer has the following animals on his farm: 20 goats, 18 cows, 10 sheep and 5 horses. How many horses are there less than cows? How many sheep are there more than goats?

    asked by Yvonne
  16. Math

    A small aeroplane has 14 seats for passengers. The seats are arranged in 4 rows of 3 seats and a back row of 2 seats . 12 passengers board the aeroplane. (i) How many possible seating arrangements are there for the 12 passengers? Give your answer correct

    asked by Raj
  17. Geography

    What is the role of the government in a mixed economy? I really need help on this one!

    asked by ☆Alexa☆
  18. Maths

    Pegs are to be placed in the four holes shown, one in each hole. The pegs come in different colours and pegs of the same colour are identical. Calculate how many different arrangements of coloured pegs in the four holes can be made using (i) 6 pegs, all of

    asked by Raj
  19. World History

    I just need a bit of help on this! --- 2. In what area of medicine did the Incas make the most notable advances? Antibiotic Medicine Splinting of broken bones Organ transplants 3. How did empire-building benefit farm production? by reducing population

    asked by Skel
  20. Algebra

    Solve these simultaneous equations by eliminating: 1) 7x - y = 9 2x + 3y = 19 2) x - 3y = 0 3x + y = 30 3) 7x - y = 19 2x + 3y = 12

    asked by student #1
  21. English

    Which story event from "Perseus" best shows that the ancient Greeks sometimes suffered tyrannical rulers? Viewing the Gorgon, King Polydectes and his men turn to stone. The Ethiopians force King Cepheus to sacrifice his daughter. Perseus makes his old

    asked by ANONYMOUS
  22. Math

    Eight less than the product of two and a number x

    asked by Ciara
  23. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment and prepositional phrase 1. Native cactuses in the Southwest are in trouble. 2. Some species are already vulnerable to eventual extinction. 3. Cactuses are being threatened by landscapers, collectors, and tourists. 4.

    asked by Hayden
  24. Earth Science

    Imagine you are walking in the woods and you come across a gray rock composed of a number of different fossilized organisms such as crinoids, trilobites, and brachiopods, you pour some hydrochloric acid on the rock and notice that it reacts to the acid.

    asked by Cotton
  25. English

    The white knight What is the name of forest where this story is set and why is it significant??

    asked by Tashi
  26. English

    Identify the subject, verb, compliment and prepositional phrase 1. Arizonia is, therefore, an active battelfield in the war against the removal of these endangered species. 2. Authorized dealers must give purchasers permit tags as proof of legal sale. 3.

    asked by Hayden
  27. math

    how do i prove the graph of a linear equation is a line? i know the slope between every point should be the same but idk how to prove it with letters. the equation is y=3/2x-9/2 but it should work with any equation i guess.

    asked by jubayr
  28. pre algebra

    which property is shown by -5 x (6 + 7) = -5 x 6 + (-5) x 7 i think its distributive but im so confused please help

    asked by spearitt
  29. Physics

    Let G be the center of gravity of a uniform solid rectangular parallelepiped with sides 2a, a, a.Find the moments of inertia of the parallelepiped about a system of rectangular axes through G and parallel to the sides of the parallelepiped. Can anyone

    asked by Ashley
  30. math

    Monico invests $7,000 at 7% simple interest for 9 year. How much is in the account at the end of the 9 years period?

    asked by Amanur
  31. Math

    The sum of seven and the quotient of a number xxx and eight

    asked by Shaina Petit-Homme
  32. Math

    The sum of seven and the quotient of a number x and eight

    asked by Shaina Petit-Homme
  33. Chemistry

    A is a 4.5g of HNO3 per 1dm^3 of solution. B is a 7.0g of [XHCO3]SOH per 1dm^3 of solution. 25cm^3 of B was pipetted and titrated with A using methyl orange as an indicator. Given the titre volumes of A used to be 29.20, 29.10 and 29.30, calculate a. The

    asked by Dennis
  34. art,music and movement

    Which of the following reasons best explains why a wiki would be better to use in a preschool classroom than a blog? A. Blog support personal means of communication. B. Wikis enable users to create posts made of only images. C. Wikis allow multiple users

    asked by Diana
  35. art, music and movement

    11. When you discuss creative behavior, you’re talking about which of the following parts of the creative process? A. The number of ideas a child can generate B. The opportunities available for creative process. C. The selection of creative materials. D.

    asked by Diana
  36. Life sciences

    Explain the scientific interpretation of the fossils found in the cradle of humankind. [10]

    asked by Noxolo
  37. Physics

    an electrical appliance take 5A when operated on a 220V supply. If the appliance is operated from 6am - 6am at 10kobo per KWh how much will d nepa officer collect?

    asked by Black mamba
  38. Math

    A number decreased by 6 is the same as twice the number increased by 8. What is the number?

    asked by Hayley
  39. Math

    What is the next number in the pattern? 80, 74, 63, 53....

    asked by Elizabeth
  40. Algebra

    Solve this simultaneous equations by substitution: 1) a = 4b + 1 a = 3b - 1

    asked by student #1
  41. math

    whta is the beast day of the beast is it 12 08.379 or 54.0897

    asked by destiny3
  42. Math

    How each of the following are responsible for road accident and propose practical solution by the community : copetence of drivers,substance abuse,pedestrian, cyclists, livestock

    asked by Malusi
  43. math

    Terry is leaving home to attend college. The drive covers a total distance of 1,000 miles. Terry's car can travel 400 miles on a full tank of gas. How many tanks of gas will Terry's car need for the entire trip?

    asked by Jaquavian
  44. science

    I need an answer to this question scientists can study in the field or in the...

    asked by shanajadavis
  45. Algebra

    please help A triangle which meaures 100 feet on each side find the height

    asked by Sara
  46. Art , music and movement

    In what way does fantasy differ from imagination? A. Fantasy is a specific mental image. B. Fantasy only refers to magical and supernatural mental images. C. Fantasy has no impact on creativity. D. Fantasy is the same thing as imagination. My answer is A.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Maths

    If x=y=x+y, find the value of (2=3)=5?

    asked by Black mamba
  48. Art ,music and movement

    Which of the following is an example of how a teacher can manipulate the classroom environment to promote creativity? A. Acting as a model for how students might behave or think creatively B. Allowing students to work on their own as well as in group C.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. art, usic and movement

    For a behavior to be considered creative, it needs to be original, relevant and purposeful, fluent, and A. Culturally diverse. B. Flexible. C. Artistic D. Colorful my answer is A.

    asked by Diana
  50. math

    what is 1+2

    asked by Rob
  51. Math

    joe cuts disc from a rectangular sheet of silver to make jewellery. the sheet is 130cm long and 70cm wide. each disk has a diameter of 6cm. what is the maximum number of disc he can cut from the sheet. use 3.14

    asked by Asiphe
  52. Art music and movement

    Why might too little instruction or structure for a creative activity cause problems for students? A. Students won’t have enough guidance to find the general path they should follow. B. Students won’t become absorbed in the creative process. C.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    Four less than the product of one and a number xxx.

    asked by Maddie
  54. physics

    an arrow is shot into the air with an initial velocity 100meter per second at an elevation of 60degree

    asked by Samuel
  55. Math

    Tysons spend 3/5 of his money on buying food, and 50 % of what was left on rent. After that, he finds that he has sh. 8000 /=left on his pocket. Determine the amount of money spent on buying food

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    Six friends went to the fair. Admission for each person was $8.50. Ride passes were additional and only of the friends bought these. If the total amount spent was $102, how much did the ride pass cost? answer

    asked by Arwyn
  57. math

    calculate the width of triangular prism with volume 5000 cm cubed

    asked by Laina
  58. Physics

    A current of 21A is passed through a 20m length of two conducting wire placed 125 cm apart.Determine the force of attraction between the wires assuming the current is flowing in the direction

    asked by Black mamba
  59. Physics

    A coil of 50turns is pulled in 0.02secs from between the poles of a magnet where it's area includes 31× 10^-5 Weber to a place where it's area includes 1 x 10^-5 Weber.Determine the average emf induced in the coil A.0.75V B.0.075 C.75V D.7.5V?

    asked by Black mamba
  60. Geometry


    asked by Nene