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August 19, 2019

  1. United States History A

    In the Unit Companion, which activity would be the most helpful for learning the main ideas in each slide of the lesson? A. Preview the key topics you will learn about. B. Answer a question about each part of the lesson to help your comprehension of the

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  2. World History

    Why was Thomas Paine’s Common Sense considered radical? a) Its arguments about taxation were new and groundbreaking. b) Its rejection of the monarchy was controversial for the time. c) Its ideas about religion were controversial for the era. d) Its

    asked by T
  3. Inverse Functions - Precalc

    Which of the following functions are one-to-one? Select all that apply (theres three right answers) a) f(x)= x-1/3x+3 b) f(x) = srt5x+9 c) f(x) = 7/4x^2 d) f(x) = 1/2x^3 e) f(x) = 3x^4+7x^3 I don't really understand what one-to-one means. So i need help

    asked by T
  4. Spanish 1

    Which is one of the main tourist attractions in La Habana? A. El Paseo del Prado B. Cuba C. Sierra Maestra D. Matanzas

    asked by alexis
  5. History

    Arrange the events that led to the end of the American Revolution in order. Place the first event at the top. 1. Patriot and French forces blockaded and besieged Yorktown. 2. The British captured Savannah and Charleston. 3. Officials from Britain and the

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  6. Spanish 1

    Si a Juan le gusta estudiar, ¿cómo es? A. paciente B. ordenado C. estudioso D. atrevido

    asked by alexis
  7. Georgia history...

    How did the malcontents differ from other colonists living in Georgia? A: They were pacifists that refused to bear arms. B: They were friendlier to the local natives. C: They moved to Georgia in search of religious freedom. D: They settled in Georgia

    asked by Mrs. LovejoyT_T
  8. algebra

    Triangle ABC is transformed to create triangle DEF. What sequence of transformations maps one to the other? Select all that apply. A.Rotate 180° about the origin, then translate left 2 units B.Reflect over the x-axis, then translate down 2 units

    asked by jaden
  9. algebra

    What is the algebraic expression for the word phrase, "31 less than k and 15" A) 31k + 15 B) k - 31 + 15 C) 31 - k + 15 D) 31 < k + 15****

    asked by katie
  10. science

    Disadvantages and advantages of social science

    asked by ovayo
  11. math

    Order the numbers in each list from least to greatest. 1. −4, 1, −6, 2 (1 point) −4, −6, 1, 2 −6, −4, 1, 2 −6, 2, 1, −4 1, 2, −6, −4

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  12. language arts

    On which character traits does the narrator of “the tell-tale heart” pride himself? a. his abilities to lie and steal b. his sneakiness and his fear c. his wit and his confidence d. his intelligence and his patience i think it’s d! help!?

    asked by help please
  13. SS

    Which factors led to the downfall of Ghana? Select all that apply. A. Ghana was engaged in conflict with people to the north. B. Ghana lacked nearby water resources. C. Ghana was unwilling to participate in trade. answer D. Ghana's large population began

    asked by Lil Baby
  14. Literature

    why is literature the criticism of life?

    asked by Nina
  15. Pre-algebra

    If ΔCAT≅ΔDOG, which statement must be true? A. m∠A=m∠O B. m∠C=m∠G C.CA = OG --- ---- D.CT≅DO

    asked by Olivia
  16. Math

    Brian ate 5 pieces of pie. The pie was cut into 6 equal slices What is the fraction of the pie did brian eat?

    asked by Clark
  17. Math

    How could you determine the coordinates of the vertices of a translated image without using a graph?

    asked by Kitty
  18. math

    The sum of first four terms is a G.P. is 30 and that of the last four terms is 960. Is its term is 2, find the common ratio.

    asked by Niranjan
  19. Spanish 1

    What is the cultural significance of dominoes to people in the Spanish-speaking world?

    asked by alexis
  20. Math

    Which number(s) below represents a repeating decimal? 2/3, 3/5, 3/10,11/20 The answer is 3/5 is this right

    asked by Ashley
  21. math

    1. 21.3 + 104.4 (1 point) 12.57 124.1 125.7 317.4 2. 81.5 – 14.763 (1 point) 6.6737 13.948 66.242 66.737

    asked by splinty
  22. English

    Write a multi-paragraph informational essay about a current event in the news. You can develop your topic using definition, cause/effect, compare/contrast, classification, or a combination of those strategies to compose your essay. Make sure that you cite

    asked by neni
  23. Trig

    Simplify the expression (tanθ+cotθ)^2 - (tanθ-cotθ)^2 using algebra and trigonometric identities.

    asked by Bob
  24. Trig

    Solve the equation 3sin(2x)+3sinx=0 on the interval 0 ≤ pi

    asked by Ted
  25. english

    What is one question that an adverb answers?

    asked by Tonya
  26. Chemistry

    a volume of 42.5ml 0.125M KOH is needed to neutalize completely 37.2ml of H3PO4 solution. Find the molar concentation of H3PO4?

    asked by Zobo
  27. Algebra

    To which subset of real numbers does -4.6 belong? A) Integers B) Irrational Numbers C) Rational Numbers**** D) Integers and Rational Numbers

    asked by katie
  28. Algebra

    John is thinking about buying a house for $179,000. The table below shows the projected value of two different houses for three years. Number of years 1 2 3 House 1 (value in dollars) 186,160 193,606.40 201,350.66 House 2 (value in dollars) 190,000 201,000

    asked by Please help
  29. Math

    Why might you want to round to the nearest hundred rather than the nearest ten?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Trig

    Evaluate the expression cos75°sin15°+sin75°cos15°

    asked by Chad
  31. Math

    What are the questions significant to? hundredths, tenths ,ones, thousands, or thousandths 1. 325.25 2. 24.4 3. 9.721 4. 8009.721 5. 111.90 6. 317

    asked by Anna
  32. Trignometry

    Determine the total number of solutions for the given equation: tan(2θ-pi/2)=1 on the interval [0, 2pi]

    asked by Ted
  33. physics

    The pressure on the windows was generated by air pushing on the windows, which is the average _____ the air molecules are applying over the surface area of the glass.

    asked by Deainera
  34. Trig

    Rewrite the expression secvcscv+cotv/secvcscv in terms of sine and cosine, then simplify using trigonometric identities.

    asked by Bob
  35. science / rocks

    can someone check my answers, please and thank you?:) I know they are pretty obvious but I just want to make sure! 1. How is a rock different from a mineral? A. It is not different, they are the same things and the words "rock" and "mineral" can be used

    asked by delilah:)
  36. Calculus

    Which of these physical settings makes sense for an object moving along the x-axis? Its position at any time is given by x(t) = 3cos(π t) + 2 a. A skydiver falling from a plane, before she opens her parachute. b. The shadow cast by a rock that's stuck on

    asked by James
  37. Spanish 1

    Juan es estudioso. Le gusta i have to find the correct word. a.cantar b.leer. c.esquiar. d.bailar.

    asked by alexis
  38. Calculus

    2. find the area of the region bounded by the graphs of y= x y=4 -3x and x=0

    asked by Lisa
  39. Math

    -3 +(-6) + 5+ 6 = -3 +-6+-6+ 5=14 Did I work this right

    asked by Ashley
  40. algebra

    Christine drove 303 miles using 15 gallons of gas. at the same rate, how many miles would she drive using 16 gallons of gas?

    asked by diane
  41. history

    Following the French and Indian War, the British believed that _____. the colonies should pay part of the war debt and expenses of protecting the property gained the crown had the sole benefit from the war and the sole financial responsibility for its

    asked by lol
  42. Maths

    Nine cards, each of a different colour, are to be arranged in a line. The 9 cards include a pink card and a green card. Consider all possible choices of 3 cards from the 9 cards with the 3 cards being arranged in a line. Q.How many of the arrangements of 3

    asked by Raj
  43. PreCalc

    1. Find f^-1 for the function f(x)=3srtx-2 +8 2. Find the domain and range of f^-1 where f(x) = 1/3x+2

    asked by T
  44. English

    “You are running the risk of affairs.” Does this mean that I will be the one who has an affair or is it my partner? I think it is the former one.

    asked by Vivian
  45. Science

    A density bottle of mass 14.5g.Weighs54.5g.When filled with liquid of density 1.3gram per cubic centimetre.Find the volume of bottle.If the density of paraffin is 0.8gram per cubic centimetre.What mass would fill the bottle?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Vanna has just financed the purchase of a home for $200 000. She agreed to repay the loan by making equal monthly blended payments of $3000 each at 4%/a, compounded monthly. a. How long will it take to repay the loan? b. How much will be the final payment?

    asked by A
  47. algebra

    c + ab^2 for c = 15, a = -4, and b = 10. Please explain this question i'm so confused, i already know 15 is c. But i'm not sure about the other part.

    asked by katie
  48. art music and movement

    Which of the following is an example of direct play? A. The teacher explains that the children are going to build towers with blocks and guides each student with block placement. B. Students find a problem within the classroom and work cooperatively to

    asked by Diana
  49. Art, music and movement

    6. Which of the following is an example of how a teacher can manipulate the classroom environment to promote creativity? A. Acting as a model for how students how might behave or think creatively B. Allowing students to work on their own as well as in

    asked by Diana
  50. art music and movement

    Jason figures out that if he pulls a chair to the counter, he can reach the cookies that his mother placed on the counter. His is an example of which element of cognitive development? A. Planning B. Self- monitoring C. Problem solving D. Evaluating my

    asked by Diana
  51. Business

    4 resons why intrest is a rewad of capital

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Maths

    Permutation and combination A diagonal of a polygon is defined to be a line joining any two non-adjacent vertices. 1.Show that the number of diagonals in a 5 sided polygon is(5 2) -5. many diagonals are their in 6 sided polygon? 3.Show that the

    asked by Raj
  53. Math

    The Diaz family and the Nguyen family each used their sprinklers last summer. The water output rate for the Diaz family's sprinkler was 30L per hour. The water output rate for the Nguyen family's sprinkler was 25L per hour. The families used their

    asked by Taylor
  54. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass concentrated in gdm3 of the ion Cl- in 0.2M dm3 sodium chloride solution.?

    asked by Zobo
  55. Maths

    9 cards each of different colors include a pink card and a green card. 1.How many different arrangements do not have the pink card next to the green card?

    asked by Raj
  56. Chemistry

    The production of fruit juice at a free energy change of -345 KJ/mok and equilibrium constant of 3.66×10^12 occurred at a temperature of ......(gas constant=8.314J/K/mol A.273K. B.288K C.200K D.373K?

    asked by Zobo