Questions Asked on
August 13, 2019

  1. Social Studies

    Which of the following are included in the five themes of geography? Select the three correct answers. A. anthropology B. location C. history D. region E. climate F. movement I think is B, E, and F.

  2. Chemistry

    Problem Description: You are a workstudy for the chemistry department. Your supervisor has just asked you to prepare 500mL of 3M HCl for tomorrow's undergraduate experiment. In the stockroom explorer, you will find a cabinet called "Stock Solutions". Open

  3. US History

    In a paragraph, argue whether the Continental forces could have won the American Revolution without foreign aid. Cite evidence to support your response. I need some help.

  4. US History

    What was one cause of shays rebellion? A. Massachusetts refused to help farmers in debt. ** B. New territories were not yet open to settlers. C. Shop owners were unable to pay their taxes. D. Virginia demanded a bicameral legislation. What was the impact

  5. world history

    Where did a massacre of thousands of Armenians occur during the Countercoup of 1909? a. Yerevan b. Istanbul c. Adana d. Gallipoli I know it's not b, i cant seem to figure it out

  6. US History

    After the revolutionary war, how did the national government get its money? A. Britain was forced to pay damages to its former colonies B. France and Spain extended credit to new country. C. The continental conferees requested money from states ** D.

  7. calculus

    What is the equation of the line L that passes through the point (1, −1) and has an angle of inclination of 60°? - im inclined towards y=√3 x −1−√3 as the answer, am i correct

  8. math

    Let $A$ and $B$ be real numbers such that $\frac{A}{x-5}+B(x+1)=\frac{-3x^2+12x+22}{x-5}$. What is $A+B$?

  9. Algebra

    Corrine has a job selling magazines. She earns $7.50 per hour plus 20% of the total amount of her sales. She also gets an allowance of $40 per week for gas. She knows her weekly earnings can be shown using the following expression. 7.50h + 0.20s + 40 Part

  10. Math

    How could you determine the coordinates of the vertices of a translated image without using a graph?

  11. math

    Navin from Mauritius, Luka from Croatia, and Ian from Botswana are chatting in the lobby of a youth hostel discussing their part-time jobs. They learn that Navin makes 160 rupee per hour, Luka makes 25 kuna per hour, and Ian makes 34 pula per hour. If one

  12. Math

    Factorise X'2+9X +14

  13. math

    What is the minimum value of $y$ if $y=3x^2+6x+9?$

  14. earth science

    can someone please help me? Having studied the data for patterns and trends, you should now be able to draw some conclusions about how knowing the half-life of the element Lokium would help you determine the absolute age of rock in which this element is

  15. Math

    Rewrite the problem below as an equivalent addition expression and evaluate. -6 3/4- 2 1/2

  16. Career prep

    what job could you attend a trade school to pursue? dentist college professor**** police officer economist

  17. L O

    five advises that you can caution your peers about the consequences of teenage pregnancy

  18. Science

    A machine has a velocity of 6 and is 80% efficient.what effort will be needed to lift a load of 300N with the aid of this machine?

  19. English

    How does the poet show that the wind is swift even though it is invisible

  20. social studies

    In Ancient Egypt, the pharaoh governed by relying on ____ . Just below the pharaoh were_____ , who helped the pharaoh govern Egypt. _____ kept records for Egypt's government.

  21. fluid mechanics

    Sphere at rest in a uniform stream ---------------------------------------------- Consider a solid sphere of radius a at rest with its center being the origin of the system (r, theta, curly-phi). The sphere is immersed in an infinite stream of an ideal

  22. math, probability

    Problem 4. Ships All ships travel at the same speed through a wide canal. Each ship takes t days to traverse the length of the canal. Eastbound ships (i.e., ships travelling east) arrive as a Poisson process with an arrival rate of lambda_E ships per day.

  23. Geography

    What is porvety alleviation

  24. math

    round 222, 823 to the nearest ten thousand

  25. College Chemistry

    A 1.00g of sample of an iron ore containing Fe2O3 was dissolved in an acid and all the iron converted to Fe^2+. The solution was to rated with 90.40 cm^3 of 0.2M to give Me ^3+ and MnO4^- among the products. a) Balance equation using the iron -electron

  26. Algebra

    Use substitution to solve each of the following pairs of simultaneous equations for x and y in terms of a and b: a) ax + y = b y = bx b) ax + by = b x = by

  27. Physics

    A stone projected vertically upward with a speed of 30ms from the top of a tower of height 50m neglecting the air resistance.determine the maximum height it reach from the ground

  28. math

    A circle with diameter r is internally tangent to a circle with radius r at the point T. For some other point S on the larger circle, chord ST intersects the smaller circle at point X, and the tangents to a larger circle at S and T meet at point Y. Show

  29. math, probability

    13. Exercise: Convergence in probability: a) Suppose that Xn is an exponential random variable with parameter lambda = n. Does the sequence {Xn} converge in probability? b) Suppose that Xn is an exponential random variable with parameter lambda = 1/n. Does

  30. math, probability

    Exercise: CLT applicability Consider the class average in an exam in a few different settings. In all cases, assume that we have a large class consisting of equally well prepared students. Think about the assumptions behind the central limit theorem, and

  31. Maths


  32. Maths

    Solve the equation 2x÷-3y=22

  33. math, probability

    Suppose that we have three engines which we turn on at time 0. Each engine will eventually fail, and we model each engine's lifetime as exponentially distributed with parameter lambda. One of the engines will fail first, followed by the second, and

  34. Maths

    Between 1200 and 1300 there are three double digits. A number is repeated?

  35. math, probability

    Problem 5. Arrivals during overlapping time intervals Consider a Poisson process with rate lambda. Let N be the number of arrivals in the interval from 0 to t. Let M be the number of arrivals in the interval from 0 to (t+s). t is greater than 0, s is

  36. fluid mechanics

    Submarine Explosion ----------------------------- A large mass of incompressible, inviscid fluid contains a spherical bubble obeying Boyle's Law: p V = constant At great distances from the bubble, the pressure is zero. Neglecting body forces, show that the

  37. fluid mechanics

    Annihilation of a sphere -------------------------------- A sphere of radius a is surrounded by an infinite mass of liquid modeled as an ideal fluid of mass density rho. The pressure at infinity is Pi. The sphere is suddenly annihilated at t==0. Show that

  38. Math

    If ΔCAT≅ΔDOG, which statement must be true? A. m∠A=m∠O** B. m∠C=m∠G C. CA = OG D. ¯¯¯¯¯¯CT≅¯¯¯¯¯¯DO

  39. Science

    A student finds after applying a certain lotion to a scar, the scar is gone in two days without any side effects. He asks several of his friends who also have scars to use the same lotion. What step of the scientific method is he using? A) gathering data

  40. Maths

    find the total area of the surface of a solid hemisphere of diameter 6.6?

  41. math

    a polygon with n number of sides will have how many digonals a)n b)n(n-3) c)n/2 d) n-3/2 e)n(n-3)/2

  42. Math

    I don't stand how this cross product work. Need explaining. i j k i j k 2 2 -2 = 2 -2 - 2 -2 - 2 2 2 -2 2 -2 2 2 2 2 -2

  43. Science

    Show that two aelles carried by mother

  44. Algebra

    Solve 4w − 7k = 28 for k. Show your work

  45. fluid mechanics

    Uniform Flow ------------------------ phi(r, theta) = (A r + B r^(-2) ) Cos(theta) Consider the flow corresponding to n=1, A=U, B=0: phi(r, theta) = U r Cos[theta] = U z

  46. Math

    If one foot is 12 inches then 3 and a half feet is how many inches? 12 x 3 1/2 feet =36 1/2 inches is this right

  47. earth science

    Please help ASAP I'm stuck!!! create an imaginary example of finding a given amount of Lokium and DOL in a rock, and then determining the absolute age of that rock. Assume that each trial represents 1,000 years.

  48. Math

    How long will it take you to ski a distance of 36 miles a a speed of 3 miles per 30 minutes. I do not know how to do this could someone help me

  49. Math

    How long will it take you to ski a distance of 36 miles a a speed of 3 miles per 30 minutes. 3 miles(1/2 hours) = 6 miles 36 miles x 1=36 36/6= 6 hours Is this right

  50. Math

    Bob is training for a race. Bob ran 14.6 miles away from his home. Then, Bob ran 9.8 miles towards his home. Finally, Bob ran 5.3 miles away from his home. How far is Bob from his home? 14.6-9.8=4.8 miles 9.8-5.3=4.5 miles from his home Is this right

  51. science

    What event is thought to have occurred about 3.5 billion years ago?

  52. Math

    By 11:00 pm, the temperature had dropped8°F. Was the temperature at 11:00 pm positive or negative? Explain

  53. Math

    There are three Bag of popcorn to divide equally among two students how much popcorn will each student get ? how many whole bags plus how many 1/2 bag of popcorn would each student get

  54. Math ratios

    The ratio is 7:8:10How many apples should there be when the total number of pieces of fruit is 500? Thanks

  55. how to teach history

    I would be directing this towards those who have taught history before. What do you all think of states where history curricula must now include LGBTQ elements? I think that both New Jersey and Illinois have such mandates now.