Questions Asked on
August 2, 2019

  1. history

    Why is it difficult for an oppressive government to enforce a policy of digital censorship? (Select all that apply.) a. The Internet's design reads blockage as damage and self corrects b. All people have to sleep, but the internet is a 24 hour operation c.

    asked by claire
  2. history

    Which are true of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? (Select all that apply.) a. It's made up of tiny bits of plastic b. It's spread out over different regions of the Pacific Ocean c. It's possibly twice the size of the continental United States d. It's made

    asked by claire
  3. social studies

    Built by an emperor as a tomb for his wife, I am one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. I am found about 105 miles southeast of New Delhi, India.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    if sinA+sinB=x and cosA-cosB=y then find tan[(A-B)/2]

    asked by Aditya
  5. life orientation

    evaluate and discuss the negative impact of youth risk behaviour on yourself and others(your community or society at large).refer to the 4 spheres of well-being i.e social,economic,physical and emotional

    asked by sqi
  6. english 3

    huck mentions that he wishes the widow douglas could know about his efforts to save the men on the wreck of the walter scott. pretend that you are huck and write a letter to the widow, explaining the situation and what you did about it. try to copy the

    asked by Sara
  7. algebra

    2a+3b-4c=7, a-b+2c=6 a) find an ordered triple of numbers (a,b,c) that satisfies both equations b) can you find a second ordered triple that satisfies both equations c) solve for b in terms of a, and solve for c in terms of a. how many solutions does this

    asked by Anonymous
  8. history

    Which explain elements that contribute to the success of virtual markets over brick-and-mortar stores? (Select all that apply.) a. Customers can engage in online shopping 24 hours a day b. The procedure for returns and exchanges is done by mail c. Shoppers

    asked by claire
  9. math

    Let k be a positive integer and let X be a continuous random variable that is uniformly distributed on [0,k]. For any number x, denote by ⌊x⌋ the largest integer not exceeding x. Similarly, denote frac(x)=x−⌊x⌋ to be the fractional part of x. The

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Math

    (i) In a class with 8 boys and 11 girls, how many 5-member committees can be chosen that have 4 girls?

    asked by Sharry Aujla
  11. World History

    Which two nations battled for control over Silesia as part of the Third Silesian War, one of the conflicts of the Seven Years’ War? A. France and Britain B. Russia and Britain C. Austria and Prussia D. Portugal and Austria Out of my sources, I believe

    asked by Zennox
  12. Math

    For t∈R, define the following two functions: f1(t)=12π−−√exp(−max(1,t2)2) and f2(t)=12π−−√exp(−min(1,t2)2). In this problem, we explore whether these functions are valid probability density functions. Determine whether the function f1

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Maths

    The base of a prism is a right angled triangle with it's two shorter sides equal to 4cm and 8cm .the prism is 10cm long. Calculate the volume of the prism

    asked by Neo
  14. Math

    In a box of coloured pencils 1/6 are blue, 5/12 are green, 1/3 are red and the remainder of 108 are yellow. How many pencil are in the box?

    asked by Show
  15. History

    Upton Sinclair was a well-known muckraker who spent several months investigating the working conditions of the Chicago, Illinois, meatpacking industry. His findings became the basis of his 1906 serialized novel The Jungle. This book gave a fictionalized

    asked by jeff
  16. Math

    Let X be a standard normal random variable. Let Y be a continuous random variable such that fY|X(y|x)=1/√2π−−exp(−(y+2x)^2/2). Find E[Y|X=x] (as a function of x, in standard notation) and E[Y]. E[Y|X=x]= unanswered E[Y]= unanswered Compute

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    In this problem, we study a simple noisy communication channel. Suppose that X is a binary signal that takes value −1 and 1 with equal probability. This signal X is sent through a noisy communication channel, and the medium of transmission adds an

    asked by Anonymous
  18. science

    How can we prove that hydrochloric acid is an acid without using litmus paper?

    asked by Manvendra singh
  19. science

    The acceleration of a bus is given by ax (t) = at, where a = 1.2 m/s3.If the bus's velocity at time t = 1.0s is 5.0 m/s, what is its velocity at time t = 2.0 s?

    asked by francis
  20. Math

    256 x^2 - 1 328 x - 188

    asked by Lomythanzi
  21. Maths

    A field is 98m long and 37m wide. Vijay goes four times along its sides. How much distance does he cover

    asked by Hina
  22. Math

    Problem 3. Probability Density Functions 2 points possible (graded, results hidden) For t∈R, define the following two functions: f1(t)=1/√2πexp(−max(1,t^2)^2) and f2(t)=1/√2πexp(−min(1,t^2)^2). In this problem, we explore whether these

    asked by vvg
  23. English

    “Must be paid the day of” means “must be paid on that day,” correct?

    asked by Vivian
  24. math

    A box contains 5 yellow balls, 3 blue, and 1 red ball. Two balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that: The two balls have the same color

    asked by blob
  25. math

    a) 2 hours per day means? less than 2 hours If you were to choose more than 1 hour which of the three would you choose? can you please check the meanings and the question above^

    asked by Math
  26. biology

    Determine if the following statement is true or false. If true, choose TRUE. If false, choose the rewording that is true. Atoms of different elements come together to form a compound.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Statistics

    A researcher evaluating the significance of a regression equation obtains an F-ratio with df = 1, 23. How many pairs of scores, X and Y values, are in the sample? Explain what you can as it applies.

    asked by Jessica
  28. LO

    How each of the following are responsible for road accidents. Competence of the drivers Substance abuse Pedestrians Cyclists Livestock

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    (-6)+(-3) - (-1) - (4)

    asked by DJ