Questions Asked on
August 1, 2019

  1. Driver education

    examine how competence of the drivers are responsible for road accident and propos pratical solutions by the community

    asked by mlondi
  2. History

    Which describes the terms of the agreement at the 38th parallel? A. This armistice defined the 38th parallel as the dividing line between the careers, and though it called for cease-fire, it did not cite in official end of that war. B. This nonaggression

    asked by Joey
  3. life orientation

    Describe six risky situation young people are frequently exposed to

    asked by peevenchypretty21
  4. Mortgage Payments

    Chris bought a home for $225,000, putting down 20%. The mortgage is at 6 1/2% for 30 years. Determine his monthly payment A. 1,139.40 B. 1,319.04 C. 1,216.80 D. 1,319.40. I keep getting 1137.72 however that is not one of my choices. Can someone please help

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Life orientation

    Why must teenager be knowledgeable about risky behaviour

    asked by Kopano
  6. Business Math

    The company opened a special checking account. The charge for each check written was either .55 or $6 a month whichever is greater. At the beginning of the month, the company checkbook balance was $695.18. The company wrote 14 checks totaling $312.88.

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Physics

    The radius of the planet Venus is nearly thesame as that of the earth but it's mass is only 80% that of the earth. If an object weighs 0.8 on the earth what does it weigh on Venus? Calculate the value of g on venus

    asked by Godwib
  8. Calculus

    1. Find the domain for the particular solution to the differential equation dy/dx=3y/x, with initial condition y(1) = 1. A. x > 0 B. x < 0 C. x ≠ 0 D. All real numbers 2. Use geometry to evaluate the integral from negative 2 to 6 of f of x, dx where f of

    asked by Justin
  9. Geometry

    What is the standard form of; y=√2x-x^2

    asked by Hannah
  10. Math

    A drug testing company advertises a test for steroids that is 93.5% effective at detecting steroid use. It has a true negative effectiveness of 93.5%. Suppose 8% of 10,000 professional cyclists are believed to be using steroids. Suppose the haplessly named

    asked by Zoe
  11. Computer

    How to write algorithm and draw flowchart for finding the sum of first ten even numbers?

    asked by Nishant
  12. Math

    Find a general term a Subscript n for the​ sequence, whose first four terms are given. 4,6,8,10

    asked by Minnie
  13. Math

    A symmetrical cross with equal arms has an area of 2016 cm^2 and all sides of integer length in centimetres. What is the smallest petimeter the cross can have?

    asked by Pls help
  14. Science

    Helium gas is added to a balloon already partially filled with helium gas . The balloon inflates because

    asked by Anonymous
  15. English

    Should Ontario have and enforce winter tire laws?

    asked by anonymous
  16. American History

    What space programs during the Ford administration fostered positive relations between the United States and the Soviet Union? A. Project Orion B. Apollo Zouyos Test C. Venera Project D. Vostok Program I know it's not the last two...

    asked by JoJo
  17. Maths

    (x squared +y squared +z squared) / 3 = (x/3+y/3+z/3) squared Prove that if LHS equals to RHS, then all x=y=z Thank you

    asked by Jason
  18. Geometry

    What is the center and radius of K(5,5) L(6,-2) M(2,-4) I try it but it's not equal to each other. Please help me

    asked by Hannah
  19. Calculus

    Find the antiderivative of f(x)= the 5th root of x^2. A. the 5th root of (x^3)/3 + C B. (2x^1/5)/ 5 + C C. (5x^7/5)/ 7 + C

    asked by Justin
  20. Home economics

    procedures for disposal of fullness

    asked by queen
  21. solid geometry math

    cordinate point of line

    asked by Anonymous
  22. drivers ed

    the most common penalty for a first time conviction of a dwi or dui is

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Science

    Balance the following equations by ion electron method or oxidation no. Method P+5HNO3--HPO3+NO+H2O in acidic medium Cuo+NH3--cu+N2+H2O in basic medium

    asked by Kritika
  24. Physics

    Calculate the mass of 3.7dm^3 of hydrogen at 21.5°c and a pressure of 102Pa?

    asked by Robotic
  25. Career guidance

    Hello I need help .I'm in Grade 10 and I do Life Science,Geo , Business and Pure Maths and I do not know my career path .Please may I have suggestions. -Thank you🌻

    asked by Pfunzo Zungu
  26. Math

    ann has 2 1/3 meters of cloth.she used 5/3 meter for a much cloth remained? asked on

    asked by Jane sabrisi
  27. Maths


    asked by Robotic
  28. Geometry

    Standard form of y=√25-x^2

    asked by Hannah
  29. Physics

    222 Ra successfully looses 3 alpha particles and further 2 beta particles Write out the formula of n 88?

    asked by Robotic
  30. Maths

    evaluates log 0.225base10 if log 3 base10=0.477and log5base10=0.699?

    asked by Robotic
  31. English grammar

    How to write this sentence in puntuation Did the carpenter buy nails wood hammer and a saw from the shop

    asked by Saria
  32. English

    Hello, I have translated a phrase, It is correct to said: Franciscans guided by faith and hand in hand with Jesus and Mary . Franciscanos guiados por la fe de la mano con Jesus y Maria Thanks for your help

    asked by edith
  33. math, ratio

    If a: b =1/4 : 3/8 and b: c=1/3 : 4/9 then a : c =

    asked by Anonymous