Questions Asked on
July 30, 2019

  1. Chemistry

    Identify the products formed in this Brønsted-Lowry reaction. HPO2−4+HBrO↽−−⇀acid+base Acid: Base:

    asked by Sarah
  2. algebra

    Robert is 15 years older than his sister, Helen. The sum of their ages is 63. Find their ages.

    asked by jesus
  3. math

    An electronic toy car only travels along the line 10x-40y=200. A wireless charging station is located at (50,50) and a toy car can be recharged at a distance of 40 units. 1. at what point is the car closest to the station? 2. at this point, how far is it

    asked by Jasmine
  4. Science

    What is the reaction type and driving force of NaBr(aq)+AgNO3(aq)=AgBr(s)+NaNO3(aq)

    asked by Jeanette
  5. math

    1. In the middle of the page, draw two vertical lines an inch long, an inch apart, and that are parallel to each other. 2. About a half inch below the lines,draw a half inch horizontal line that is centered between the lines 3. Draw a line from the bottom

    asked by tommy
  6. Calculus

    1. The function is continuous on the interval [10, 20] with some of its values given in the table above. Estimate the average value of the function with a Left Hand Sum Approximation, using the intervals between those given points. x 10 12 15 19 20 f(x)

    asked by Justin
  7. Calculus

    For Questions 1–3, use the differential equation given by dx equals xy/3, y > 0. Complete the table of values x −1 −1 −1 0 0 0 1 1 1 y 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 dy/dx ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Find the particular solution y = f(x) to the given differential

    asked by Justin
  8. Calculus

    Let F of x equals the integral from 1 to 3 times x of the natural logarithm of t squared. Use your calculator to find F″(1). A. 12 B. 6 C. 4 D. 1/9 Find the range of the function f of x equals the integral from 0 to x of the square root of the quantity

    asked by Justin
  9. Math

    Transplant operations have become routine. One common transplant operation is for kidneys. The most dangerous aspect of the procedure is the possibility that the body may reject the new organ. There are several new drugs available for such circumstances

    asked by Zoe
  10. Science

    Calculate the mass of displaced water when a piece of 30 cm thick iceberg with surface area 1000cm^2 floats on water Given(density of ice=0.9g/cm^3 &density of water=1gm/cm^3

    asked by Kriti pandey
  11. History

    Describe how humanist thought led to scientific and artistic innovations during the Renaissance. What were the lasting effects on later societies?

    asked by Lydia
  12. Math

    $100 is deposited at the beginning of every week for five years in an account that pays 14%/a, compounded weekly. a. What type of annuity is this? b. Find the future value of the annuity using the formula.

    asked by A
  13. Geometry

    L1 is parallel L2 and L3 is perpendicular to L2. If m3=-2/3, find m1 How am I supposed to answer this and what formula should I use? I'm really studying hard right now yet my teacher is quiet off and I cant find the right words to search it on internet.

    asked by Hannah
  14. Math

    DeniseDenise​'s Home Income Tax business operates only during tax season. This year DeniseDenise grossed ​$27 comma 68027,680 including GST. She also spent ​$74437443 before GST on her paper and supply purchases. If DeniseDenise is voluntarily

    asked by Lisa
  15. Geometry

    1. A line through (-5,-4) and (2,4) is perpendicular to a line through (-6,y) and (2,3). Find y. 2. The points (x,-3), (-4,1) and (2,3) lie on the same line. Find the value of x. 3. Given two points A(3,1) and B(-12,-1), determine a third point P(x,y) such

    asked by Hannah
  16. chemistry

    calculate the volume of Nitrogen gas generated at 21 degree celcius and 823 mmHg by the decomposition of 60.0 grams of sodium nitrate?

    asked by jackie
  17. Math


    asked by hi
  18. math

    Tell whether the sequence is arithmetic. If it is, what is the common difference?

    asked by charly
  19. Math

    A triangle has an angle that measures 26°. The other two angles are in a ratio of 5:6. What are the measures of those two angles?

    asked by Jeff
  20. Maths

    A trader realizes 25x-x^2 naira from the sale of X bags of rice.find the sum of bags that will give him the maximum profit?

    asked by Robotic
  21. Geometry

    A(1,-1) B(3,4) C(-3,3) Measure the angle of A, B and C

    asked by Hannah
  22. math

    Expand cos(50°) using a double angle identity

    asked by math
  23. Math

    The volume of a rectangular solid is (×^3+3×^2+2×-5) cubic cm, and its height is (×+1) cm. What is the area of its base?

    asked by Apple joy ilumin
  24. Math

    Sally is four times lindas age. How old are sally and linda now if, in ten years time the sum of their ages will be 75?

    asked by yeet
  25. math

    Find the EXACT value of cos(2A) if angle A is arctan(12/5). cos(2A)=

    asked by math
  26. math

    Find the EXACT value of sin(2A) if cscA=5/4 Assume A is a Quadrant I angle in standard position. sin(2A)=

    asked by math
  27. Physics

    A 3.00kg object undergoes an acceleration given by acceleration is equal to (2.00i hat + 5.00j hat). Find (a) the resultant force acting on the object and (b) the magnitude of the resultant force.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. math

    Find the EXACT value of sin(2A) if cscA=5/4 Assume A is a Quadrant I angle in standard position. sin(2A+=

    asked by math
  29. Maths

    One googol is the number 10^100 and one googolplex is a number 10^10^100. Let n be the largest whole number for which n^n < 10^10^100. how many digits does n have?

    asked by Tj
  30. math

    Expand 3cos(12a) using a double angle identity in terms of sines.

    asked by math
  31. Biology

    Whatsubstances appeared in the body when having chickenpox?

    asked by Anonymous