Questions Asked on
July 27, 2019

  1. math, probability

    Problem 1. Determining the type of a lightbulb. The lifetime of a type-A bulb is exponentially distributed with parameter 𝜆 . The lifetime of a type-B bulb is exponentially distributed with parameter 𝜇 , where 𝜇>𝜆>0 . You have a box full of

    asked by diogenes
  2. English

    Write an essay on Nigeria my country

    asked by Hannatu
  3. ASVAB Arithmetic

    In Tim's last 5 games here's the number of three-point field goals scored per game. 9 6 0 9 3 How many three-point field goals would Tim have to kick in the next game to bring his average (arithmetic mean) to six points per game? I just need to be walked

    asked by Nea
  4. Math

    Thrice my number minus 6 is equal 66.What is my number ?

    asked by Aliyah
  5. Trigonometry

    A boat sails due north from the port 70 km, then 30 km east and then 60 km north. How far is the boat from port?

    asked by Hannah
  6. science

    an aluminium cube has a volume of 800cm 3^. If it is total immersed in water, calculate the upthrust acting on it

    asked by wardah
  7. mathematics

    prove that sin x/10 + sin 13x/10 =-1/2

    asked by begha terkula
  8. Math

    Differentiate x^2+y^3=27xy

    asked by Wise
  9. math

    an urn contains 40 red chips and sixty white chips. six chips are drawn out and discarded, and a seventh is drawn. what is the probability that the seventh chip is red?

    asked by aLP
  10. physics

    A heat transfer of 9.0*105J is required convert a block of ice at 20C to water at 15C. What was the mass of the block of ice?

    asked by Temi
  11. Trigonometry

    cos2β if sinβ = 4/5 and β is in the first quadrant Im having a hard time undersatanding this.

    asked by Hannah
  12. Math

    A children park 350 m long and 200 m wide its is surrounded by a path way of uniform width.supposed the total area of the park and the pathway is 74,464m wide is the pathway?

    asked by Bernadette
  13. Maths

    factorise the following (1). 5ax - 5bx - a+b (2). m2 - n2 - mq - nq?

    asked by Robotic
  14. Maths

    r=.10,m=1.6*10^-27,f=2.5*10^-12, use formula f=mrww,calculate w?

    asked by Abhishek Sharma
  15. chemistry

    A voltaic cell consists of a standard hydrogen electrode in one half-cell and a Cu/Cu2+ half-cell. Calculate [Cu2+] when E cell is 0.22 V.

    asked by chemfiend
  16. Math

    Two squares are enclosed in a large square as shown. The area of the smallest square is 5cm^2, and the area of the middle square is 20cm^. Determine the area and perimeter of the shaded region.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Physics

    A conductor has a diameter of 1.00mm and length 2.00m.if the resistance of the material is 0.1 ohms,it's resistivity is A.3.93 ×10^-6 B.2.55 ×10^2 C.3.93 ×10^-8 D.2.25×10^2?

    asked by Robotic
  18. Trigonometry

    tan2θ if tanθ = 5 I really having a hard time understanding this.

    asked by Hannah
  19. physics

    a cube of side of 10cm and mass 0.5kg floats in a liquid without only 0.2 of its height above the liquid surface. what is the relative density of the liquid.

    asked by Aguson
  20. Math

    Solve the following l.p.p using simplex method Maximum z=10x+20y Subject to 3x+5y

    asked by Akansha
  21. English

    Instructions You read expensively ahead a health lifestyle in the short course you attended write the instructions to be followed by your community to Benefict from practicing a healthy lifestyle

    asked by Linah Linah
  22. art and design

    2 paragraph discussion post on hybridity, diversification, and transnational/diasporic cultures

    asked by zenah
  23. maths

    Ade was 4 times as old as his son 8 years ago. Ade will be twice as old as his son in 8 years time. What are their present ages?

    asked by Andrew
  24. Electromagnetism

    A toroid is a solenoid in the shape of a donut. The magnetic field inside the toroid is B=μ0NI/(2πR). Suppose that a toroidal electromagnet with 146 loops uses a coil 1.2 m in diameter made from square copper wire. The power supply produces 120 V at a

    asked by Michael
  25. Math

    A=cos2x+isin2x ,B=cos2y+sin2y hence prove that A-B/A+B=itan(x+y).

    asked by Saloni
  26. Electromagnetism

    A 550-turn solenoid is 15 cm long. The current in it is 33 A. A 3.0-cm-long straight wire cuts through the center of the solenoid, along a diameter. This wire carries a 22-A current downward (and is connected by other wires that don’t concern us). What

    asked by Michael