Questions Asked on
July 23, 2019

  1. probability

    Let Θ be a Bernoulli random variable that indicates which one of two hypotheses is true, and let P(Θ=1)=p. Under the hypothesis Θ=0, the random variable X has a normal distribution with mean 0, and variance 1. Under the alternative hypothesis Θ=1, X

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Math/Physics

    A block-and-tackle pulley hoist is suspended in a warehouse by ropes of lengths 2 m and 3 m. The hoist weighs 340 N. The ropes, fastened at different heights, make angles of 50° and 38° with the horizontal. Find the tension in each rope and the magnitude

    asked by #1
  3. history

    Which identify protestant argument that challenge the sanctity and infallibility of the catholic papacy

    asked by jc
  4. Math

    Alice has two coins. The probability of Heads for the first coin is 1/4, and the probability of Heads for the second is 3/4. Other than this difference, the coins are indistinguishable. Alice chooses one of the coins at random and sends it to Bob. The

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math

    A defective coin minting machine produces coins whose probability of Heads is a random variable Q with PDF fQ(q)={5q4,0,if q∈[0,1],otherwise. A coin produced by this machine is tossed repeatedly, with successive tosses assumed to be independent. Let A be

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    Five males with a particular genetic disorder have one child each. The random variable x is the number of children among the five who inherit the genetic disorder. Determine whether the table describes a probability distribution. If it​ does, find the

    asked by Mary
  7. statistics

    Multiple-choice questions each have five possible answers left parenthesis a comma b comma c comma d comma e right parenthesis​, one of which is correct. Assume that you guess the answers to three such questions. a. Use the multiplication rule to find

    asked by Maru
  8. statistics

    Several psychology students are unprepared for a surprise​ true/false test with 18 ​questions, and all of their answers are guesses. a. Find the mean and standard deviation for the number of correct answers for such students. b. Would it be unusual for

    asked by Mart
  9. Chemistry

    My question was A person’s blood cholesterol level is 245 mg/dL. (1g=1000mg; 1L=1000mL). Show all calculations. What is the cholesterol concentration in ppT (part per thousands) and ppm (parts per million)? And your answer was For ppm just remember that

    asked by anonymous
  10. Microeconomics

    Define the following terms using graths&mathmaticals experessions of budget line:utility &util ?

    asked by Abdulahi babekir
  11. math

    Beverly sells mangoes. She sold half her mangoes plus half a mango last Monday. Then she sold half her remaining mangoes plus a mango last tuesday. Again she sold half of her remaining mangoes plus half a mango on wednesday. She then sold the remaining

    asked by KEVIN
  12. math

    How much will $8500 be worth if it is invested for 10 years at 6.5%/a, compounded weekly?

    asked by A
  13. math

    A mass is attached to a hanging spring and undergoes simple harmonic motion about an equilibrium location at y = 0. The displacement of the mass (in cm) is given by y=10cos(πt/6) where t is the number of seconds since the mass was initially pushed or

    asked by opo
  14. Physics

    An air column 10cm in length is trapped into the sea end of a capillary tube by a 15cm column of mercury with the tube held vertically as shown above. On inverting the tube the air column becomes 15cm long. The atmospheric pressure during the experiment is

    asked by Mr:EL CHALPO
  15. Geometry

    Use the graph to answer the question. Parallelogram ABCD and its image. The coordinates of the vertices are listed in the long description. © 2016 FlipSwitch. Created using GeoGebra. Which series of transformations correctly maps parallelogram ABCD to

    asked by Dasia Garcia
  16. Physics


    asked by Mark
  17. Math

    findth e im ag e o f th eli n e. y=3x+4.after.reflectioneintheliney=2x -3?

    asked by line.of.reflectione
  18. Physics

    A ray of light which is incident in air on the surface of the glass block is deviated through 15 degree. The angle of incidwnce in air is 60 degree.What

    asked by Arora Priyansh
  19. Physics

    A gun of mass 0.1kg has a bullet of mass 0.1kg the bullet leaves the piston when fired at a velocity of 200m/s find the final velocity?

    asked by Mr:EL CHALPO
  20. Math

    I need help with this question. A student used the area of a squre to find its side length. which probably describes the numerical result? A) rational B) irrational C) negative D) integer My work explanation: let’s say of area of a square is 16 then

    asked by Sara
  21. Maths

    For a prime number greater than 5, what can the last digit be ? Explain your answer.

    asked by Your Boss
  22. Chemistry

    There are several technological applications for the transuranium elements (Z > 92). An important one is in smoke detectors, which can use the decay of a tiny amount of americium-241 to neptunium-237. What subatomic particle is emitted from that decay

    asked by Katherine
  23. Physical Science

    What element has 6 valence electrons and 6 energy levels?

    asked by Adam
  24. Calculus

    The function f is continuous on the interval [3, 13] with selected values of x and f(x) given in the table below. Use the data in the table to approximate f ′(3.5). x 3 4 7 10 13 f(x) 2 8 10 12 22 Please HELPP! Thank you

    asked by Justin
  25. Science

    What does the air in the living room of a man weigh if its dimensions are 3.2m,4.8m and a height of 3.5m respectively, When the air density is 1.21kg m at1.0at m and g = 10.0ms

    asked by Gideon
  26. Programming

    The question is: You have recently been employed by a company that specialises in application development. Your first project is to help them design an application using Python that will help shoppers determine which products to buy at the supermarket and

    asked by aria
  27. Algebra

    Expand and collect like terms: 5 + (3x - 4)

    asked by student #1
  28. Algebra

    A rectangle's length is 4 more than its width, x. Find an expanded expression for its area.

    asked by student #1
  29. maths


    asked by Usara racistina El albu
  30. Science

    A 60 kilogram tourist tries horseback riding in tagaytay.The horse has a mass of 500 kilogram.He moves around a circular path with a radius of 10 meter at a rate of 5 meter per second.Compute the centripetal force.

    asked by Kira
  31. Algebra

    Jill pays tax at 20c in the dollar for every dollar earned over $10 000. If Jill earns $x and x > 10 000, write an expression for Jill's tax in expanded form.

    asked by student #1
  32. Calculus

    Suppose f(x) = (x-1)^2/x+1 if x < 2 (x^2-2x-8)/x-4 if 2

    asked by Eddie
  33. Science

    Calculate the centripetal force on a 2100kg car rounding a curve of 175m radius at speed of 60kph

    asked by Miguel
  34. Earth science

    What surface ocean current is located at 30 degrees north and 75 degrees west?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    write 2:15 in the afternoon in Roman numerals

    asked by kevi
  36. Career guidance

    I need some assist seriously I don't know which career or job is suitable for me I've been thinking about this matter I have, which job can I do or career can i do if I'm doing this subjects “history, geography, mathematics literacy, tourism... "? Please

    asked by Sbongakonke
  37. Chemistry

    The rate constant for the reaction 2A → B is 7.63 × 10−3 s−1 at 110°C. The reaction is first order in A. How long (in seconds) will it take for [A] to decrease from 1.17 M to 0.590 M?

    asked by Marco
  38. Math

    Factorise 20x^2 -x -1

    asked by Jady