Questions Asked on
July 13, 2019

  1. math

    Conditioned on the result of an unbiased coin flip, the random variables T1,T2,…,Tn are independent and identically distributed, each drawn from a common normal distribution with mean zero. If the result of the coin flip is Heads, this normal

    asked by Adam
  2. Careers

    Math literacy, life science, geography and history What career can i do with this subject and what percentage i need

    asked by Alwande
  3. MAth

    Could someone help with the PORTFOLIO item? ASAP? Plane Art UNIT NAME: GEOMETRY Directions: Follow the guidelines below from the M.C. Escher Gallery to create your work of art for the "Math Behind the Art" exhibition. • • • • Choose one kind of

    asked by Right Guy!!
  4. Math

    How many numbers between 100 and 200 can be expressed as powers of 2??

    asked by I still don't get it.
  5. Math

    Point G is the midpoint of the median XM of XYZ. Point H is the midpoint of XY, and point T is the intersection of HM and YG. Find the area of MTG if XYZ=150.

    asked by AoPS
  6. math

    A car passed a point on a course at exactly 12 noon and maintained a speed of 60 km/h. A second car passed the same point 1 hour later, followed the same course, and maintained a speed of 100km/h. When, and after what distance from this point, would the

    asked by Anon
  7. english

    Which of the following sentences is written in active voice? a. The decision was made to revise the original proposal. b. A market analysis was conducted to determine the project’s need. c. The project was developed after months of planning. d. The

    asked by courtney
  8. Statistics

    based on data collected by national center for health statistics and made a public in the sample adult database (A-5) sn estimate of the percentage of adults some point in their life been told they have hypertension is 23.53 percent if we set random sample

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Physics

    A hydraulic device is used to lift the bucket of a backhoe. The input is a round cylinder that is 1.0 cm in radius. The output piston is round and 6.0 cm in radius. How much can it lift if the input force is 500 newtons? so converting radius to Area A=Pi x

    asked by DariaV
  10. Physics

    A fireman's water hose has a diameter of about 4.0 inches. The water is flowing through it at about 14.0 m/s. The nozzle's diameter drops to about 0.80 inches. If there is no friction, what would the exit velocity of the water be?

    asked by DariaV
  11. Physics

    The volume of air in a balloon is 4.5 liters when inflated. External pressure decreases the volume to 1.1 liters. If the original pressure was 1.00 atmosphere, what pressure would be required to produce that change if everything else is constant? 4.1 atm

    asked by DariaV
  12. math

    A defective coin minting machine produces coins whose probability of Heads is a random variable Q with PDF fQ(q)={5*q^4 if q∈[0,1] A coin produced by this machine is tossed repeatedly, with successive tosses assumed to be independent. Let A be the event

    asked by Adam
  13. Physics

    A bullet of mass 30g is moving with a speed of 166km/hr. Calculate its kinetic energy

    asked by Adam Ahmad
  14. Semi conductor

    Argue why the concept of mobility is meaningless for an electron moving in vacuum?

    asked by Maburuk maker
  15. Physics

    There are 40 ml of air in a large syringe. With the exit hole plugged, you squeeze the air down to about 10 ml. If the original pressure was 1.0 atmosphere, how much pressure do you need to exert to squeeze it down to 10 ml in atmospheres?

    asked by DariaV
  16. physics

    When two objects A and B move with uniform speeds toward each other along a straight line, they get 5m closer to each other every second. If they move in the same direction along a straight line with the original speeds they get 1m closer, to each other

    asked by mithu
  17. Physics

    A steel rod is 2.55 cm long at 16 o C in an operating room. It is placed in a patient's leg where it rises to 37 o C. What will the change in length be? coefficient of linear expansion for steel 13.0 x10^-6 I am getting .0006915 but the answer is .000643

    asked by DariaV
  18. English

    When writing for emphasis one should ____________. a. use passive voice b. use active voice c. use multiple adverbs d. omit the actor from the sentence

    asked by courtney
  19. Physics

    A pile driver of mass 125kg falls through a height of 80m before striking the pile. What is it's momentum at the instance it strikes the pile? g=10m/s2?

    asked by Ms: Hadiza
  20. Physics

    What is the kinetic energy of a rock of mass 220g after it has fallen freely for 5seconds?g=10m/s2?

    asked by Pedlo
  21. Chemistry

    In a certain chemical reaction, 20.40kJ of heat are evolved. The volume of the reaction is 36.8dm^3 and that of the product is 9.6dm^3. Calculate the change in internal energy for the reaction. Assume the reaction is at ATM pressure.?

    asked by Ms: Hadiza
  22. Math

    If we add the ages of three brothers bharat, mahesh, and ramesh then it becomes 60 years today. If 6 years ago ramesh was of half the age of mahesh

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Physics

    Determine the distance traveled by a particle whose initial velocity is 48km/h. The particle accelerate uniformly at Tate of 1.8m/s and attained a velocity of 72km/h?

    asked by Ms: Hadiza
  24. Physics

    A car of mass 1000kg travels with a velocity 45km/h on a rough road and it is brought to a rest after 10s. What is the force exerted on the car?

    asked by Ms: Hadiza
  25. Physics

    A bridge 100m long weighs 500kN. A lorry weighing 100kN is 25m from one end of it. Find the force exerted at this support?

    asked by Pedlo
  26. English

    Please correct my English grammar below. Please.. Moringa tree still growing up. Do not pick the leaves yet. Wait until become more leaves and matured enoght. We all can pick the leaves then..

    asked by Jessie
  27. Biology

    Common vectors and their diseases

    asked by Ehi
  28. chemistry

    The acidity of a water with initial pH of 5.5 was tested using the following procedure: The pH of a volume of 50.00 mL water sample was adjusted to 4.0 using 5 mL 0.1 N H2SO4 solution. Then this sample was titrated using 0.2 N NaOH. After addition of 7 mL

    asked by damon
  29. English

    Parallelism can be defined as: a. clarifying main ideas through language choice and sentence structure. b. the process of revising two works simultaneously. c. varying the length and structure of sentences. d. using similar grammatical form for similar

    asked by courtney
  30. physics

    Four point charges, each of charge 2.5 x 10 -5 C, are located on the x- and y-axes, one at each of the locations (0, 2.0 m), (0, -2.0 m), (2.0 m, 0), and (-2.0 m, 0). The potential at the origin is

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    A fast moving object of mass 200g travels at 100m/s and hits a block of wood of mass 2kg. The two bodies moved together after impact. Find the velocity with which they moved together after collision.?

    asked by Ms: Hadiza
  32. math

    For each quadratic, state the direction of opening and the y-intercept. a.y= 3x^2+2x-5 b.y=x^2-7x c.y=-x^2+12

    asked by lexie
  33. Physics

    A metal block of made 2125g displaces 250cm3 of water. What's is it's density?

    asked by Ms: Hadiza
  34. english

    One way to eliminate sexist language in your writing is to _________. a. use man or words containing man to refer to both genders b. avoid the generic, he, the male pronoun used to refer to both genders c. address mature women by Mrs. or Miss d. use

    asked by courtney