Questions Asked on
July 11, 2019

  1. Religion

    When can an altar server move the chairs (of the the bride and groom who were sitting on the chairs) so that the bride and groom leave the church

    asked by Anonymous
  2. history

    which describes the most accurate reason why oil wealth affects the stability of the middle east? a. wealthier middle eastern countries are able to use their oil profits to fund armies for self-defense. b. middle eastern nations with unlimited oil/fuel

    asked by vanessa
  3. Math

    solve by factoring x^2 -7x-72=0

    asked by Candice
  4. English

    Hello, I just wanted to have some extra eyes look over my essay for the vice-presidential nomination for USMA. The character limit is 3500. I welcome both constructive criticism and grammatical fixes/suggestions. Thank you! WHY DO YOU WANT TO ATTEND ONE OF

    asked by Nathan
  5. psychology

    Ryan was purchasing a new garden hose at Wal-Mart when he heard raised voices in the next aisle. When the cart came around the corner, he had to move quickly to dodge an exploring preschool age child followed by an “out of control” mother. The mother

    asked by ally
  6. Chemistry

    Each equation has to be balanced, please help 1. Erbium metal (Er) can be prepared by reacting erbium(III) fluoride with magnesium; the other product is magnesium fluoride. (a) What substance is reduced? (b) What is the reducing agent? (c) What substance

    asked by Jen
  7. Maths

    Let the inductive sequence (Un) be given by Un+1= 1/3Un +4, U0=2, the value of L which the sequence. Un=Un-L, is a geometric one is? a) L=6, b)L =8. c ) L=7 d) L=9

    asked by Becky
  8. Math

    Between 1200 and 1300 3 in the tens place Even number One digit is repeated

    asked by Shahal
  9. Physics

    A density glass bottle contains 44.25g of a liquid at 0(c) and 42.02 at 50(c). Calculate the real cubic expansivity of the liquid (Linear expansivity of glass=1.0*10^-5 K-1)?

    asked by Psychokiller
  10. Physics

    A machine gun fires a bullet with an initial velocity of 200m/s at an angle of 60° to the horizontal. If g=10m/s2, the total time of flight of the bullet is?

    asked by Omen Stella
  11. Mathematics

    Solve for 5x -6=3x -8?

    asked by CEO
  12. Physics

    A load of 2 tonnes is raised with 10N efforts. Calculate the mechanical advantage of the machine with which the load is raised?

    asked by David Cameron
  13. Physics

    If you put a balloon in a warm oven and assume the balloon cannot pop. Will the the balloon continue expanding forever or will it eventually stop expanding?

    asked by DariaV
  14. Chemistry

    Is Hydrazine a solid, liquid, or a gas? I've looked it up and there's no straightforward answer...

    asked by anonymous
  15. Math

    5H - 9 = -16 + 6H Quiz plz helppp

    asked by Right Guy!!
  16. Physics

    a wire of length 5.0m and diameter 2.0mm extends by 0.25mm when a force of 50newton was used to stretch it from the end. calculate the stress of the wire

    asked by Samuel
  17. Science

    What do you think would happen blood entering the heart mixed with blood leaving the heart?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Physics

    A metre rule is found to balance horizontally at the 48cm mark. When a body of mass 60g is suspended at the 6cm mark the balance point shifts to the 30cm mark. The mass of the metre rule is?

    asked by David Cameron
  19. AP seminar

    What are implications of an author's argument? Is an example that the author implies that if the African tribes had come together as one, they would be able to defeat apartheid?

    asked by Elizabeth
  20. Physics

    A 8kg mass rests on an inclined plane. If the limiting frictional force of 50N and g=10m/s2, then the angle of inclination of the plane is?

    asked by David Cameron
  21. Physics

    A man can row a boat at 13m/s in still water. If the aims at crossing to the opposite bank of a river flowing 5m/s, at what angle to the bank of the river must he row the boat?

    asked by Yemen
  22. Chemistry

    How do I prepare for an 8N sodium hydroxide solution?

    asked by Kimera
  23. Physics

    A pole AB of length 10m weighs 800N and has its centre of gravity 4m from the end A, and lies on horizontal ground. The least vertical force required to lift its end B is?

    asked by Omen Stella
  24. Physics

    If ball is rolling from 2 ft down an inclined ramp at an angle of 45deg, what is the speed of the ball when it reaches the ground and how far will it go up a second ramp that is inclined at 30deg?

    asked by George
  25. Physics

    An equilateral triangular lamina has each side equal to 50cm. How far is the centre of gravity from each vertex?

    asked by Omenala
  26. Physics

    A pain wire 0.5m long has a total mass of 0.01kg and is stretched with a tension of 800N. The frequency of its fundamental note is?

    asked by David Cameron
  27. Physics

    An open organ has a length of 6m. If the speed of sound in air is 340m/s and neglecting the end corrections, the frequency of its first overtone is?

    asked by David Cameron
  28. Physics

    A conductor of length 5m carrying a current of 15A is placed in a uniform magnetic field of flux density 0 25T. If the conductor is placed at 60° to the field then the force on it is? The answer i got is 10

    asked by David Cameron
  29. Maths

    Log5 raise to power of 10000?

    asked by Psychokiller
  30. Math

    A Garden has a many trees in each row as there are rows in the garden if the total number of trees in the garden is 2500 find the number of rows of tree

    asked by Tanya