Questions Asked on
July 9, 2019

  1. Child, family and community

    Which of the following is a responsibility of early educators? A. Set up the center or classroom to invite both boys and girls to all areas. B. Create competitive activities between boys and girls. C. Set up a classroom environment that supports

  2. Physics

    A uniform rod of weight 10N is balance at a point 75cm from the end B the pivot is removed to point 30cm from A. What force must be applied at A to balance the rod horizontally?

  3. Calculus

    a piece of wire 12 inches long is to be used to form a square and or a circle.determine a function that expresses the combined area of both figures.what is its domain?

  4. Physics

    A flower pot from a roof top garden fall off the edge of the roof and fall fast the window below. Air resistance may be ignored. The flower pot takes 0.48s to travell between the top and the bottom of the window which is 1.9m high. How far below the roof

  5. Physics

    Calculate the braking force to bring a body of mass 1kg to rest from 25m/s on a level ground in 60m with uniform retardation?

  6. english

    Which feature of functional texts is evident in the passage?

  7. Calculus

    The differential equation dy/dx= -x/y I. will have a slope field with negative slopes in all quadrants II. will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrants III. will produce a slope field with rows of parallel tangents Choices: A. I only B. II

  8. Calculus and Vectors

    Determine the value of k so that the line with parametric equations x = 2 + 3t, y = -2 + 5t, z = kt is parallel to the plane with equation 4x + 3y – 3z -12 = 0. I got the cross product of (2,-2,0) and (4,3,-3) which is (6,6,14), but that's not adding up

  9. Physics

    A copper strip 20cm wide and 1.5mm thick is placed in a magnetic field of 1.75wbm^2.if a current of 220A is set up in the strip,what hall potential difference appears across the strip?(n=8.5×10^28m^2 and e=1.6×10^-19)?

  10. Child, family and community

    4. Which of the following best describes discipline? A. It works all the time with every child if you find the right method. B. It must be harsh to work. C. It's nearly the same as guidance. D. It should be avoided. My answer is D.

  11. Physics

    A body accelerates uniformly from rest at 2m/s².calculate its velocity after travelling 9m

  12. calculus

    Use Newton's method to find the coordinates, correct to six decimal places, of the point on the parabola y = (x − 7)2 that is closest to the origin.

  13. Child, family and community

    15. According to the textbook, people with high self-esteem are A. intelligent. B. financially motivated. C. extrinsically motivated. D. intrinsically motivated. My answer is D.

  14. Math

    A class has 42 pupils. The ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is 5 : 2. Find the number of boys in the class. My understanding is that in order to find the number of boys, you need to find BOTH genders first, and so I could only get up to

  15. Law

    Stealing is an offence punishable by the State. Required: i. Explain briefly the meaning of stealing. ii. Onyi collected the sum of N40,000 from Ade for the purpose of assisting him to obtain a UK scholarship to study law abroad. Onyi expended the money on

  16. Calculus

    A biker is slowing down according to the following table of velocities: Time (secs) 0 1 2 3 4 Velocity (feet/sec) 25 20 16 12 10 Approximate the distance traveled, in feet, during these 4 seconds using 4 rectangles and a Left Riemann Sum. A. 20.75 B. 58

  17. operating system

    please tell me if i have solved these correctly question: Consider a paging system with the page table stored in memory. 1)If a memory reference takes 50 nanoseconds, how long does a paged memory reference take? answer=2x50=100ns 2). If we add TABs, and 75

  18. Math

    A bag of durian is (9/5) as heavy as a bag of rambutans. Express the ratio of the mass of rambutans to the mass of durians. The part that I don't understand in this question is: all the question gives out is the fraction amount. That's the only information

  19. Statistics

    The length of pregnancies are normally distributed with a mean of 273 days in the standard deviation the 15 days. If 36 women are randomly selected find the probability that they have a mean pregnancy between 273 days in 275 day

  20. Calculus

    Find all solutions of the question. 8 sin x - 9sqrt(2) = 6 sin x - 8sqrt(2)

  21. Physics

    calculate the work done and the heat liberated in the isothermal expansion of a gas of volume1.80L from pressure of 252kpa to a pressure of 125K pa?

  22. math

    Revocatus paid back 30,000 shillings to the bank after 1 year. Find the amount of the loan if the bank charges 15% per year. #Please help me to solve this question#

  23. Physics

    A drop hammer is lifted to a height of 50m above the ground and then allowed to fall from rest on to forging at ground level. Calculate the downward velocity of the hammer when it strikes the forging (g=10m/s)?

  24. Maths

    A gambler plays a game of chance in which he has 60% chance of winning. If he wins, he collects N1,800 but if he loses he pays N2,300. Required: If he loses alternate games, i. Obtain the sample spaces respectively for 12 games and 14 games (ii. Calculate

  25. Math

    A book is 1 2/3 centimeters thick.How many of these books can fit in a bookshelf which is 100 centimeters wide?

  26. Physics

    JoJo exerts a horizontal force of 276 N in attempting to push a freezer across a room, but the freezer does not move. what is the friction force that the floor exerts on the freezer?

  27. Software Architecture

    Software development is iterative task which aims to provide quality solution to end users according to their needs. This job is tedious and requires continuous brainstorming and adopting best practices of software engineering. The foundation for any

  28. math

    The area of a rectangular Park whose width is 1/3 rd Of the length is 980sq. M. Estimate the length to the nearest whole m

  29. Math

    Mr. Anderson has a rectangular yard that is 27 yards long and 25 feet wide. How many square feet of grass must Mr. Anderson mow?

  30. finance

    Johnson Ltd a manufacturer of office equipment is considering purchasing a new machine for $2,000,000. The company is expecting an annual cash inflow of $1,220,000 from the sale of the products and an annual cash outflow of $350,000 for each of the six

  31. Life orientation

    Compile a bibliography to acknowledge all the resources you have used during your research??

  32. Math

    The 2nd and 5th term are 10,200 is it so which term is it?

  33. Science

    Why gold is faster to change temperature?

  34. Math Repost for ashley

    This was originally posted on another student's thread. Jessica has 5 bills coming up. If the first bill is 110.65 and the following four are 174.62 how much could she pay extra on the first one to make them all equal? 0 0 posted by ashley today at 2:34pm

  35. Child, family and community

    1. Despite being told by his mother to pick up his stuffed animal, four-year-old Jack leaves it on the floor. Jack's dog chews up the stuffed animal. This scenario is an example of A. a logical consequence. B. discipline. C. redirected energy. D.

  36. Child, family and community

    17. Which of the following is an acceptable way to express feelings, regardless of one's culture? A. Taking out anger out on your sister by biting her B. Yelling, screaming, and throwing objects C. Using direct verbalization and I-messages D. Name calling

  37. Child, family and community

    A child sucking his thumb is an example of A. coping with fear. B. problem solving. C. coping with simultaneous feelings. D. a self-calming skill. My answer is D.

  38. math

    If e=mc^2, then e^2/m^2*c^4

  39. Math

    please i need answer assuming am having a 3 by 3 determinant [a+b c+p m+w] [b+m v+r r+d. ] [c+d r+p e+w] can i say [a c m] [b p w] [b v r ]. +[m r d ] [c r e ] [d p w]

  40. Calculus

    If h(x) is equal to ((x^2)-4)/(x+2) when x is not -2, and h(x) is continuous for all real numbers, then what is the value of h(-2)? 1. 0 2. -2 3. -4 4. 2 5. This is impossible. There is an infinite discontinuity at x=-2