Questions Asked on
July 7, 2019

  1. MATH


    asked by MARYAM ADAMU
  2. math

    in a school half of students play badminton 1/4 play volleyball 1/8 play tennis 1/16 play chess and remaining go for swimming if the number of students playing volleyball is 160 how many students play chess?

    asked by Chandan Singh
  3. science(physics)

    A piece of copper block of mass 24g at 230 degree celsius is placed in a copper calorimeter of mass 60g containing 54g of water at 31 degree celsius.Assuming heat losses are negligible,calculate the final steady temperature of the mixture (Specific heat

    asked by Richard
  4. Child, family and community

    9. _______ is/are important time(s) for free play, teamwork, problem solving, and self expression. A. Gym class B. Recess C. Intramural sports D. Playing tag My answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  5. Math

    A recipe uses 3 cups of flour to 1 1/6 cups of milk. if you have 2 cups of flour how much milk should u use

    asked by Laura
  6. physics

    Three forces of magnitude 15N, 10N and 5N act on a particle in the direction which make 120° with one another. Find the resultant and the angle the resultant makes with the x-axis?

    asked by brain Mac
  7. Science

    Some birds on plants

    asked by Adnan
  8. Child, famiy and community

    19. The _______ group is an agent of socialization even for young children. A. tracking B. ability C. peer D. kindergarten My answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  9. Chemistry

    When copper (II) nitrate reacts with sodium hydroxide, copper (II) hydroxide is produced. How many grams of copper (II) hydroxide can be prepared from 2.7 grams of copper (II) nitrate reacting with sodium hydroxide?

    asked by Ariel
  10. Social Studies

    What seperates asia and South america

    asked by Chloe
  11. Math

    A rectangular table has a length of 4dm longer than its width. What is the length of the table if the area is 16.5m?

    asked by Jinkee
  12. Math

    The area of a garden is 900m^2 and has a perimeter of 0.2km. What are the dimensions of the garden?

    asked by Jinkee
  13. Civics

    The impact of the contemporary social issues

    asked by Mogorosi Tebogo
  14. Maths

    In a class of 30 girls, 13 are dancers and 23 are gymnasts. If 7 girls do both dance and gymnastics, what is the probability that a girl chosen at random does neither dance nor gymnsatics. Answer: 1/30 Thanks to anyone who helps

    asked by Harry
  15. Math

    If sec theta+tan theta=2 then what is the value of sec theta-tan theta?

    asked by Surupa
  16. Mathematics

    construct a quadrilateral PQRS such that /PQ/=6cm,/QS/=/RS/=9,PQS=75° find /PS/and /QR/.

    asked by Popoola tunmise
  17. Life Orientation

    Discuss Four basic municipal services that local government is responsible for in promoting safe and healthy living in community.

    asked by Ntuthuko
  18. precalculus

    log little 2 (3x^2) - log little two 6 =5

    asked by Anonymous
  19. physics

    Calculate the time taken for a car to cover a distance of 125m if the initial speed is 5m/s and it has constant acceleration of 1.5m/s2?

    asked by brain Mac
  20. physics

    A force F=(5i+3j)N acts on a body and causes a displacement r=(7i-j)m. Determine the work done?

    asked by brain Mac
  21. Math

    Of the following series of partial sums which might arise in the addition of 36 and 25 the one that is incorrect is: A)11,31,61 B)11,4,6,61 C)11,41,61 D)36,56.61

    asked by Jon
  22. Math

    A point X is on the bearing 342 from point Y. What is the bearing of Y and X

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Maths


    asked by Bobrisky
  24. Precalc

    310 degrees into radians

    asked by Anonymous
  25. science, physics

    Bella walks 4 m north,13 m east and 4 m south.what distance did she travel? and what is her displacement?

    asked by felix
  26. Civics

    How do good leaders protect the interest of their followers

    asked by Musa