Questions Asked on
July 2, 2019

  1. Physics

    How so I solve for Torque 2 mass? Torque 1= .125Nm Torque 2= mass? x 9.80 m/s^2 x .253m

    asked by mssailormouth
  2. Physics

    A pilot wants to fly west. If the plane has an airspeed of 95 m/s and there is a 25 m/s wind blowing north: A. In what direction must she head the plane? B. What will be her speed relative to the ground? C. How far will the plane go in 2.25 h? Can you

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by bola
  4. Maths

    In Yahtzee, 5 dice are rolled. Find the probability of rolling at least one 6. Answer: 4651/7776 Thanks for any help

    asked by Harry
  5. Science

    A truck with a mass of 20t has tractive resistance of 280 N/t if it travels speed of 72 km/h .calculate The distance travelled in 36s 2 . The power required for that speed

    asked by Pearl
  6. mathematics

    In a Gp the product of the second and the fourth term is double the fifth term and the sum of the first four term is 80. Find the first five terms of the Gp

    asked by peace
  7. Financial accounting

    Mr Onyango operates an electronics shop along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. He undertook the following transactions for the month of May 2018. 1 May 2018 4 May 2018 4 May 2018 5 May 2018 6 May 2018 8 May 2018 9 May 2018 12 May 2018 Purchased 50 stop watches

    asked by Vincent
  8. Science

    A water pump produces 9kl of water per hour at height of 70m above the pump. The pump is driven by 3kW electric motor calculate 1.the work done per hour. 2.the work done per minute.

    asked by Jady
  9. child, family and community

    Erik Erikson named the psychosocial stages of development concerning the early issue of A. trust. B. patterns. C. theory. D. attachment. My answer is D.

    asked by Diana
  10. Child, family and community

    Which of the following statements is true? A. Studying child development without regard to context is best because it's easier to understand. B. Contexts are environments or settings that hold people. C. Every context is embedded in a web of unchanging

    asked by Diana
  11. calculus

    whats the integral of (10+ ln(2x) )^7 ------------------- dx x

    asked by tom
  12. Physics

    A spring is stretched by a 40mm by a force of 10 newton.what is the work done by the force

    asked by Zainab
  13. Science

    Compare the costs and benefits of operating a laptop computer using its battery versus using an electrical outlet. Include at least one social impact, one environmental impact, and one economic impact.

    asked by Angelica
  14. Science

    A 30kN load is hoisted through a height of 70m in 5 minutes .calculate 1.the work done in one minute

    asked by Yolanda
  15. math

    Macario is making 9 pounds of nut mixture with macadamia nuts and almonds. Macadamia nuts cost $8 per pound and almonds cost $5.25 per pound. How many pounds of almonds and how many pounds of macadamia nuts should Macario use for the mixture to cost $61.00

    asked by Paul
  16. Math

    Find the mass of a cylindrical iron pipe 2.1m long and 12cm in external diameter, if the metal is 1cm thick and of density 7.8g/cm cube. Take π=22/7

    asked by Deborah
  17. Maths

    Suppose that a particle with mass m moving on a plane having position vector r(t)=a cos(t/4)i + a sin(t/4)j , where t>0 is the time and a>0 is any constant. Find the equation of the path that the particle is moving. My question: what are required to find

    asked by Ashley
  18. Home economics

    Importance of table setting

    asked by Anonymous
  19. child, family and community

    Two-year-old Jenna refuses to open her mouth while being fed. Jenna's behavior is an example of A. inferiority. B. basic mistrust. C. autonomy. D. guilt. My answer is C.

    asked by Diana
  20. Science

    A truck pulls a trailer at 75km/h and exerts a uniform pulling force of 800N on the trailer .calculate 1. The work done by the trailer in 30min. 2.the power required to pull the trailer.

    asked by Jady
  21. Math

    Volume of cube of edge 28cm

    asked by Deborah
  22. Biology

    what exactly happens in the krebs cycle

    asked by Galaxy
  23. Maths

    No:bw 2000&3000,odd no:, 6in tens place, digits in one's and tens place is same

    asked by Ammu
  24. math

    Simplify the expression √x^2+36. (Are absolute values needed?)

    asked by pika
  25. Maths

    The H.C.F of two numbers is 70. Their product is 49000. What is the difference between the two numbers?

    asked by Jay
  26. Physics

    The vectors sums of two vectors of magnitude 10 and 15 unitscan never be

    asked by SAHANA
  27. Math

    Brian borrowed $400 for 1 year. His payments are $34.50 a month. If he decides to pay the loan off after 8 months, find the amount of interest that he will save.

    asked by Leslie
  28. maths

    240 word in 15 minutes, how many seconds does it takes to type 44 words

    asked by siphokazi
  29. Math

    The quotint of two numbers is 2 . The product is 8 . What are the two numbers.

    asked by Ansh
  30. Logic

    (1) It is unclear whether a benign use of animals in research is possible or, irf possible, whether scientists could be persuaded to practice it That being so, and (2) given the serious risks run by relying on a steady supply of human volunteers, (3)

    asked by John