Questions Asked on
June 27, 2019

  1. math

    I need help!!!! Write an expression describing all the angles that are coterminal with 127° . (Please use the variable "k" in your answer)

    asked by HELP
  2. History

    What did Eastern and Western societies have in common during the Age of Discovery? They both have a storied and colorful history of the dramatic arts. They both practiced democratic forms of government. They were both actively exploring Greenland and

    asked by Josiah
  3. math

    Write an expression describing all the angles that are coterminal with 127 °. (Please use the variable k in your answer)

    asked by yu
  4. Physics

    Two people sitting on rolling chairs with little friction push off from each other so that they move apart. On is 60 kg and one is 40 kg. If the 40 kg person recoils at 4.3 m/s, what will the veloocity of the 60 kg person's recoil in m/s mivi=mfvf

    asked by mssailormouth
  5. science

    an electron moves a distance of 6.0 cm when accelerated from rest by an electric field of strength 2*10^4 n/c . Calculate the time of travel?

    asked by Anushka Goswami
  6. social studies

    institutions that promote national unity

    asked by daniel
  7. statistics

    A​ student's course grade is based on one midterm that counts as 5​% of his final​ grade, one class project that counts as 25​% of his final​ grade, a set of homework assignments that counts as 35​% of his final​ grade, and a final exam that

    asked by Karen Ventura
  8. Physics

    A ball is dropped down to the floor and bounces back up to the same height. (we are assuming a "perfect" ball.) What is the change in the momentum? the change would be ZERO right? If the momentum was zero to begin with then there is zero change.

    asked by mssailormouth
  9. physics

    A man walks 400 m in the direction 45 degrees north of east. Represent this vector graphically by selecting a scale and drawing a coordinate system. I do not know how to answer this question.

    asked by melly
  10. Physics

    A truck of mass 4000 kg is at rest, but free to roll with no resistance. If you push it forward with a force of 500 N, the momentum at the end of 5 s of pushing will be force=delta p/ delta t 500= delta p/5 p=2500?? right?

    asked by mssailormouth
  11. Physics

    An electric heater which produces 900W of power is used to vaporize water. How much water at 100c can be changed to steam in 3 mins by the heater? (Heat of vaporization=2.26×106j/kg, specific heat capacity of water=4.2×103 j/kg.k).

    asked by Jordan Asad
  12. Careers

    What career I qualify with this subject History and geography and life science and maths l

    asked by Keamogetswe
  13. Maths

    Use the binomial theorem to evaluate (1.004)^8 correct to 5 decimal places.

    asked by Ande2
  14. economics

    If the demand function is Qd=-0.5+20,calculate the quantity demand when the price is 15.00?

    asked by CEO
  15. Physics

    The electronic configuration of an element X is: 1s² 2s² 2p6 3s2 3p5 Deduce the atomic number of X To what group does it belong Give two properties of the group to which the element X belong. Identify element X by name. Write a balanced equation to

    asked by Sade
  16. english

    can anybody suggest movie characters with good communication skills and characters with bad communication skills? Thank you

    asked by matt
  17. Physics

    A blacksmith dropped a 1.5kg iron bead at 300c into some quantity of water. If the temperature of the water from 15c to 18c, what is the mass of water assuming no heat is lost to the surrounding?(Take the specific heat of iron as 0.46jkg-1 and that of

    asked by Sade
  18. Physics

    4000J of heat is applied to a 1.5kg sliver pendant initially at temperature of 150c. Determine its final temperature (Latent heat=336jkg-1, specific heat capacity=233 j/kg.k)

    asked by Jordan Asad
  19. Physics

    A 4 kg block, initially moving due east at 3 m/s, is acted upon by an impulse having magnitude 8 Ns and direction due west. The final velocity of the block is I keep getting this problem wrong. ok so momentum =massVelocity 3x4 =12kgm/s=impulse force delta

    asked by mssailormouth
  20. Math

    Suppose you earn 3% on a $1,200 deposit for 5 years. How is the interest affected if the rate or the time is increased. Explain.

    asked by KAshi
  21. math

    A sector of a circle with diameter 8 meters has an area of 18 meters squared. What is the central angle of that sector?

    asked by yu
  22. Geometry

    If two lines are cut by a transversal in such a way that alternate interior angles are congruent, then the lines are parallel. Given: Use the lines and angles numbering system shown on page 156 in your online textbook. Alternate interior angles ∠3 and

    asked by Sierra
  23. Algebra

    I = 4/3 s + 3 2/2 total if he collected 27 socks

    asked by Anonymous
  24. algebra

    Help me solve (-9,8) and perpendicular to the line whose equation is y=5/6x+7/6

    asked by Rita
  25. Maths

    What must be added to x2+10x+23to make it perfect square?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Civics

    The way good leaders can protect the interest of their followers

    asked by Daniel
  27. Math

    Mrs lee was given $1200 every month for the household expenses . she used 17/24 of it to buy food for the family. 5/7 of the remainder for the clothes and other expenses. She put the remainder money into the bank as savings for the family. Find the amount

    asked by .
  28. science

    a train travels a 20 km. at a uniform speed of 60 km/hr. and next 20 km. at a uniform speed of 80km/hr. Calculate the average speed of

    asked by bhavjot
  29. Business math

    abigail sells rice in stores. she has a total of 125 cavans that she plans to distribute to 3 stores. if she gives 1/5 of what she has to store a, can she divide the remaining equally to b and c? how many will store a and b get(with solution and answer)

    asked by Shoto
  30. Math

    f two lines are cut by a transversal in such a way that alternate interior angles are congruent, then the lines are parallel. Given: Use the lines and angles numbering system shown on page 156 in your online textbook. Alternate interior angles ∠3 and

    asked by Sierra
  31. Math

    Fully factorise 16x^36 -1

    asked by Pearl
  32. Math

    Factorise X^2y + x^2 -4xy- 16

    asked by Jady
  33. Math

    Find the simple interest on #38,000 in 5yrs at 5% per annum

    asked by Shogunle busayo
  34. math


    asked by jeffrey
  35. Physics

    An aircraft attempts to fly due north at 100km/h. What is it's resultant velocity

    asked by Moyinoluwa
  36. Physics

    A force of 40N Will stretch it through 5.0cm and what work will be done in stretching the wire through 5.0M

    asked by Moyinoluwa
  37. Physics

    What does collinear and non collinear vectors mean

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    Find the unit rate for the given rate. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. 192 miles on 6 gallons of gasoline

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math

    The population of a country is 313 million and there were 45,600 deaths due to kidney disease. What is the rate of deaths per 10,000 of the population of the country?

    asked by Krista
  40. Science

    Explain which acid is more concetrated than another, conc. H2SO4 acid 98% and conc. H2SO4 acid 70%?

    asked by Wilbert
  41. Math

    A rectangular nursery bed 10m long and 60m wide is edge on all four sides with a carpet grass step 4m wide. Find the area covered by carpet grass?

    asked by Iorgba Shimayina
  42. math


    asked by na
  43. english

    How do these words evoke emotions? real reason”, “distrust”, “refusal”, “racial minority ”, “woo young voters”, “faulty premises.”

    asked by A
  44. Maths

    Without using tables find the value of (2+√6)^6+(2-√3)^6

    asked by Ande2
  45. Physics

    When a baseball bat hits the ball, the impulse delivered to the ball is increased by is it "follow through"??

    asked by mssailormouth
  46. physics

    Shows three boxes connected by cords, one of which wraps over a pulley having negligible friction on its axle and negligible mass. The mass of the boxes are mA = 5 kg, mB = 2 kg, and mC = 3kg. Given that there is no friction between box A and box B with

    asked by HL
  47. english

    Can I say: Her eyes got bigger and the voice got shakier. is shakier a word ?

    asked by matt
  48. World History

    anyone familiar with world history? please check my answers. 1.) the peloponnesian war began, in part, because of a.economic rivalries among greekcity-states b.threats of invasion by the mycenaeans c.alliances formed among sparta,persia and crete

    asked by Jason