Questions Asked on
June 19, 2019

  1. physics

    A typical arteriole has a diameter of 0.080 mm and carries blood at the rate of 9.6×10−5cm3/s. \ a. What is the speed of the blood in an arteriole? b. Suppose an arteriole branches into 8800 capillaries, each with a diameter of 6.0×10−6m.What is the

    asked by henry
  2. Science

    Let vector A=i^A cos theta +j^A sin theta be any vector. Another vector vector B which is normal to A is

    asked by Anmol
  3. math

    the angle of elevation of the top of a radio mast from a point due east of it and 96m away from its base is 30degrees. from another point due west of the mast, the angle of elevation of the top is 60degrees. calculate the distance of the second point from

    asked by Joan
  4. Physics

    A force of F = 125 N is used to drag a crate 3.0 m across a floor. The force is directed at an angle upward from the crate so the vertical part of the force is Fv = 65 N and the horizontal part of the force is Fh = 107 N. How much work is done on the box?

    asked by mssailormouth
  5. Physics

    A 2200 kg car can accelerate from 0 to 30.0 m/s in 5.5 seconds. What is the power required?

    asked by mssailormouth
  6. math

    A baseball team plays in a stadium that holds 66000 spectators. With the ticket price at $12 the average attendence has been 29000. When the price dropped to $9, the average attendence rose to 33000. Assume that attendence is linearly related to ticket

    asked by Andrea
  7. Physics

    A 10 kg rock that has been dropped from a 60 meter high cliff experiences a average force of air resistance of 30 N. Calculate the KE at the bottom of the fall.

    asked by mssailormouth
  8. Trigonometry

    An elliptical arch is constructed which is 6 feet wide at the base and 9 feet tall in the middle. Find the height of the arch exactly 1 foot in from the base of the arch. looking for direction with what ellipse equation is and how to approach this problem

    asked by CodyJinks
  9. Chemistry

    15.0g of potassium trioxochlorate (v) was crushed and heated with 0.1g of manganese (iv)oxide in it. Write an equation for the reaction and state the role of manganese (iv) oxide in it.

    asked by Rose
  10. Physics


    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    The second and fourth terms of Geometric progression are 9 and 4 respectively. Find the common ratio and the first term

    asked by Newman
  12. Math

    If the area of hexagon is 150cm2. Find the area of the smaller hexagon

    asked by Reagan
  13. Physics

    Why does the coasting rotating system slow down as water drips into the beaker??

    asked by Rimsha Ahmed
  14. physics

    ethys, one of Saturn's moons, travels in a circular orbit at a speed of 1.1x104 m/s. The mass of Saturn is 5.67x1026 kg. Calculate a) the orbital radius in kilometres.( i know how to do this part, the answer is 3.1x10^8 m) b) the orbital period in Earth

    asked by jess
  15. Physics

    Before colliding the momentum Of Block A is +450 kg • m/s and Block B is -150 kg • m/s After Block A has a momentum +100 kg•m/s What is the momentum of Block B afterwards? Please help quickly

    asked by Mari
  16. Physics

    A roller coaster with a mass of 500.0 kg starts from a height of 27.0 meters with a speed of 5.1 m/s. It descends to a height of 2.00 meters before it starts back up. Some energy is loss to the work due to friction. The speed at the bottom of the ramp is

    asked by mssailormouth
  17. Math

    the fifth term of an exponentrial sequence is 4375 and the second term is 35, find the third and the sixth term

    asked by Nero
  18. Maths

    What is bearing?

    asked by KWAGHZA
  19. Biology

    Groumd pries are known as :

    asked by Rimsha Ahmed
  20. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  21. Computer

    Draw a flowchart and algorithm pseudo code to print the product of the first 10 even number.

    asked by Tsega
  22. Math

    Least number possible with 5 in thetousand place

    asked by Chad
  23. Science

    5 example of pure science technology and applied science Asap

    asked by Althea jane
  24. math

    distance between 8,3 and -9,-6 and round to the nearest tenth

    asked by sebastian
  25. physics

    A cyclist travels a distance of 4km from a to b and then moves a distance of 3km towards north find distance and displacement

    asked by Gagan deep kaur
  26. Algebra

    What Is the relationship between income and expenses before a break even point is reached? What is the relationship income and expenses after a break even point is reached?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. maths

    how to solve: two parrell chord whose length are 10cm and 24cm and lie on opposite side of the center; if the radius is 13cm ; find the distance between the chord

    asked by happiness
  28. English Grammar

    Are both "I'm traveling by plane" and "I'm traveling by flight" grammatically correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Maths

    what is the factor of f(x) = 5x3 2x2 -6x-1?

    asked by Jackson allies
  30. Maths


    asked by Jackson allies
  31. Maths

    a bag contains 9 Indentical balls out of which 3 are blue,2 are white and the remaining are red.if a ball is drawn from the bag,what is the probability that it is (1)blue (2)not red.?

    asked by Jackson allies
  32. Math

    How long would a 6cm candle take?

    asked by Angela
  33. English language

    Which word has a different stress pattern a. Abrupt b. Abstain c. Advent d. Bamboo e. Begot?

    asked by Jackson allies
  34. Grammar

    Peyton led the Colts to a Super Bowl victory over the Chicago Bears in 2006, two years later,

    asked by Lis
  35. Physics Friction

    A roller coaster with people on board has a total mass of 4500 kg and starts at a height of 22 meters with a speed of 2.0 m/s. 50 kJ of work is done by friction on the way to the bottom of the ride. What is the speed at the bottom of the ride?

    asked by mssailormouth
  36. Theoretical Probability

    What is an event that has a probability of 2/10

    asked by Cherie
  37. Science

    A 4.0g slug moves at a speed of 3.0cm/min. !@#$%^& much energy would the slug expend in climbing a plant stalk 16cm high? At what rate would this energy be expended? Finally, if the slug’s muscles are only 18% efficient, how much chemical energy must

    asked by Hiteshwari