Questions Asked on
June 18, 2019

  1. Physics

    A toy "spring gun" has a spring with a spring constant of 30,000 N/m and is depressed 4 cm. It shoots a plastic dart with a mass of 45 grams. How fast will the dart travel if there is no friction?

    asked by mssailormouth
  2. Physics

    A basketball player throws a 1.2 kg ball 15 meters into the air. What is the increase in potential energy? What is the work done by the player? Is the answer the same for each, because I'm getting the same answer but I feel like something is wrong... 176J

    asked by mssailormouth
  3. Physics

    A box has a momentum of 38.0 kg times m/s to the right. A 88.3 N force pushes it to the right for 0.338 s. What is the final momentum of the box

    asked by Mari
  4. Physics

    A golf club hits a 0.049 kg golf ball at rest. Afterwards the ball leaves at 63.9 m/s. What impulse was given to the ball

    asked by Lauren
  5. physics

    A catapult launches a cat from ground level to a target located on the ground. The cat leaves the catapult moving at 100 km/h at an angle of 40º. a) What is the cat’s velocity half-way through the trajectory (size and direction)? b) What is the cat’s

    asked by jess
  6. Maths

    After allowing a discount of 9% on an article, a seller collected the sum of $1865.50. Find the amount of commission paid and the total sales?

    asked by Paulina
  7. physics

    After landing safely on the target the cat tries another projectile apparatus. This time the cat is shot out of a cannon over a 30 m high wall. The cat is launched at an angle of 55º0 and can be assumed to be at ground level during launch. With what speed

    asked by jess
  8. English

    It begets only the worst.(negative)

    asked by Raiyan
  9. math

    find the 20th term of the sequence 25, 23, 21, 19, 17

    asked by mary ann
  10. math

    Write an expression to represent: The sum of four and the product of three and a number x.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. math

    Four darts are thrown at the target shown to the right. Assume that each of the darts land within one of the rings or within the bull’s eye. How many different point totals are possible

    asked by fred
  12. Chemistry

    How would the calculated concentration of the HCI be affected, if the sodium hydroxide were poured from a beaker that contained some water before that NaOH were added to it ?

    asked by Tiffany
  13. Social Studies

    Why has immigration to Europe caused controversy in recent years? (This is a write-in, so there is no multiple choice)

    asked by Eclipse
  14. mathematics

    In a class of 43 students at least every one of them offers physics or geography. If 27 of them offers physics and 31 offers geography, how many of them offer both physics and geography

    asked by Moses
  15. math

    a ball is dropped from a height of 5m assuming that on each bounce the ball return to 60percent of its height attained

    asked by rahul
  16. physics

    Tethys, one of Saturn's moons, travels in a circular orbit at a speed of 1.1x104 m/s. The mass of Saturn is 5.67x1026 kg. Calculate a) the orbital radius in kilometres.( i know how to do this part, the answer is 3.1x10^8 m) b) the orbital period in Earth

    asked by Anonymous
  17. physics

    When an automobile moves with constant speed down a highway, most of the power developed by the engine is used to compensate for the energy transformations due to friction forces exerted on the car by the air and road. If the power developed by an engine

    asked by Hendricks
  18. maths

    A balloon is rising 4 meters per second. If a wind is blowing horizontally at a speed of 2.5 meter per second, find the velocity of the balloon relative to the ground.

    asked by Obsa Mohammed
  19. Vectors

    A vector of length 5 perpendicular to both u = (3, -1, 5) and v =(2, 1, 0) has what coordinates?

    asked by anonymus
  20. business

    Dewey Dare is a production and operations manager with a clothing manufacturer. He has been looking into a system that will enable his company to take measurements from a customer and program machines to design and produce custom-cut clothes at little

    asked by fannie
  21. Math

    How to make 5 vairous square root spiral

    asked by Shrishant
  22. Maths

    if 104n =68 find the value of n? Options are A. 5 B. 7 C. 8 D. nine

    asked by Ms. Fatimah
  23. English language

    The existence of old spelling and new spelling of a word, show that language is what in nature?

    asked by Ms. Fatimah
  24. Maths

    a wire long 10m long goes from the top of 7m pole to a point on a wall 12m above the ground. Find the angle between the wire and the wall?

    asked by Pauline
  25. math

    David is helping his father build a rectangular pen to keep their goat from getting lost. The pen will be 24 meters long ,20 meters wide and have fence post do they needed?

    asked by Cindy
  26. Maths

    A number of students can be arranged in 5, 10, and 15 rows, and also into a solid square . Find the least number of students.

    asked by Sidra
  27. Chemistry

    What idea can be used with waste products that involves Chemistry? For example, a banana peel can remove bad odor because it contains enzymes.

    asked by Gregory
  28. Science

    Common suspension and their uses

    asked by Carl
  29. Economics

    The manager estimates that the total revenue from the sale of her firm's product is given by the equation TR = Q^2/2 and the total cost function is estimated to be TC = 5000+60Q+Q^2 A. What are the profit-maximizing levels of price and output? B. Find the

    asked by Yonas
  30. Maths

    A seller marks an article to gain 26% but allows 4% discount. Find the price he sells an article bought for N500?

    asked by Paulina
  31. english

    i need to know the three pharagraphs of the poem

    asked by neo
  32. Chemistry

    in the hare's apparatus water rises to a height of 26.5cm in one limb.if a liquid rises to a height of 20.4cm in the other limb .what is the relative density of the liquid?

    asked by Paulina
  33. Business communication

    Some writers argue that planning messages wastes time because they inevitably change their plans as they go along. How would you respond to this argument?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Literature

    As we find with most songs, in poetry A. sound and content have equal weight. B. each couplet must rhyme. C. meanings are hidden in imprecise words. D. there's no specific point of view.

    asked by Sarah
  35. English

    In King Arthur's Knights, what type of irony is illustrated when Elaine explains that she cannot or will not continue on, since she has lost love? A.situational B.suspense C.dramatic D.verbal Is the answer Situational Irony?

    asked by Sergio
  36. Social Studies

    Hi! So I need help on this one questions. It's a write-in, so I just need to know some facts about the question and I'll be on my merry way. Thank you! Would you prefer to own a business in the German economy or British economy? Why?

    asked by Eclipse
  37. social studies

    Which of the following issues was resolved by a major compromise at the Constitutional Convention? A. representation in the executive branch B. representation in the legislative branch C. representation in the judicial branch D. representation in

    asked by Punniest girl in the world
  38. Grammar

    Please double check, if the quotation marks are in the correct place. 1. The patient described her issue as an "unsteady feeling in my legs". 2. "Stop Stop you're trying to kill me!" she kept screaming throughout the examination. 3. He described the color

    asked by Dimples
  39. Physical Education

    What are the branches of Philosophy in Physical Education

    asked by John Jerald
  40. Physics

    In an auditorium, a physics teacher uses a pendulum made by hanging a bowling ball from a wire to the ceiling. At the low point in its swing, a ball with a mass of 7.2-kg has a speed of 6 m/s. Ignoring air resistance, how high will the bob swing above the

    asked by mssailormouth
  41. Physics

    A roller coaster with a mass of 500.0 kg starts from a height of 27.0 meters with a speed of 5.1 m/s. It descends to a height of 2.00 meters before it starts back up. Some energy is loss to the work due to friction. The speed at the bottom of the ramp is

    asked by mssailormouth
  42. History

    Religion: what were the common religious practices? What was the governments role in religion? Ancient Greece and ancient Rome

    asked by Katkat