Questions Asked on
June 15, 2019

  1. math

    Write an equation for the quadratic with x-intercepts (-1,0) and (3,0); and y-intercept (0,-2)!!! Please help ASAP!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  2. Maths

    An aircraft is timetabled to travel from A to B. Due to bad weather it flies from A to C then from C to B. Where AC and CB make angles of 27 and 66 degrees respectively with AB. If AC =220km find AB

    asked by Rita
  3. Maths

    D is partly constant and partly varies with V,where V=40,D=150,and when V=54 ,D=192 1.find the formula connecting D and V 2. Hence,find D when V=73

    asked by Adefoluke Adesewa
  4. Health education

    facts about women's participation in sports

    asked by JAJA
  5. math

    Find b and c so that y=-1x^2+bx+c has vertex (-5,-4). Please help ASAP I'm having a really hard time on this question!!!

    asked by Andrea
  6. Math

    show that each function is a linear tranformation T(x,y)=(2x,x+y,x-2y) (T:R²=>r³) (2) T:R³=>M^(2,2) given by T(x,y,z)=[y 2] [2 0]

    asked by clement
  7. Science

    What is the acceleration of 4000 kg airplane that had a force on it of 24000n

    asked by Mera
  8. Physics

    A bullet of 0.06kg travelling at 120m/s penetrates into a fixed target and is brought to rest in 0.01s. The distance through which it penetrates is: Answer is 60cm

    asked by Aneesh
  9. physics

    The New River Gorge bridge in West Virginia is a 518-m-long steel arch. How much will its length change between temperature extremes −17°C and 30°C?

    asked by Maria
  10. Maths

    The 3 rd term if an arithmetic sequence is 19 and the 9 term is -5 find a and b

    asked by Siddiha
  11. Maths

    if 9^(x-12)=3^x2 find the value of x?

    asked by Oga Buhari
  12. Maths

    solve for y in the equation √10×5(2y-2)×4^(y-1)=1?

    asked by Oga Buhari
  13. Maths

    104n = 68 find value of n

    asked by Oga Buhari
  14. Probability

    A,B, and C defined on a common sample space, determine whether it is true or false. 1. Suppose that A,B , and C are pairwise independent. Then, A∩C is independent of B . 2. Suppose that A,B, and C are pairwise independent. Then, A,B, and C are

    asked by Kina
  15. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    you are hanging a picture. the picture is level but the walls look off slightly. you want to know if the corners of the wall are squares to see if that's why things don't look right. explain how you could algebraically determine whether or not the corners

    asked by phillip
  17. Maths

    Find the gradient of x=7?

    asked by Oga Buhari
  18. Logic

    Tomorrow is to day before yesterday as Tuesday is to -?

    asked by Afra
  19. Physics

    Calculate the heat energy required to change 0.1kg of ice at 0oc to water boiling at 100oc (SPC of water = 4200, SLH of ice =336000)?

    asked by Venessa Benson.
  20. math

    Two consecutive whole numbers add up to 31. Find the number using an algebraic method.

    asked by odean
  21. math

    kyle throws a baseball into the air and the height of the ball, h meters, above the ground after t seconds is represented by the equation h=-4t^2+32t between which 2 times is the ball higher than 48 meters

    asked by ray
  22. physics

    a force of 5N stretched a string to a distance of 10mm, to what distance will a force of 7N stretch the string. assuming the elastic limit is not exceeded?

    asked by shamoha acie
  23. Math

    A boat, which has a speed of 9.00 m/s in still water, would like to reach a point on the shore directly across a river. The river has a current of 3.50 m/s and the river is 550 meters wide. a. In what direction should the boat be aimed in order for the

    asked by Lami
  24. math

    An airline charges the following baggage fees: $30 for the first bag and $35 for the second. Suppose 51% of passengers have no checked luggage, 27% have only one piece of checked luggage and 22% have two pieces. We suppose a negligible portion of people

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Physics

    The heat in unit H produced by a battery current is directly proportional to time t and the square of the voltage v and inversely as the resistance R ,when H=120, t=2 v=24, R=80 (I) what is the law connecting the variable (ii) calculate H when t= 3/2 v=120

    asked by Venessa Benson.
  26. Maths

    the formula A=(1 + RT/100) gives the total money A, that a principal P amount to T years at R% simple interest per annum. Find the amount that a principal of #850 become if invested for 6 years at 6% simple interest per annum.?

    asked by Venessa Benson.
  27. Mathematics

    the formula A=(1 + RT/100) gives the total money A, t?

    asked by Venessa Benson.
  28. physics

    Mr John is driving his car along the road. The radius of his car tyres are 0.28 m. suddenly 60 m in front of his car his angry wife stand still trying to stop him. He decelerates at 7.0 m per second to avoid hitting his dear wife. The wheel angular

    asked by solo
  29. English

    Structure device

    asked by Swift things are beautiful