Questions Asked on
June 13, 2019

  1. Algebra

    Simplify (-24x^3+18x+6)/(6x+3) -4x^2+2x-2 4x^2-2x-2 4x^2+2-2 -4x^2+2x+2 I need a bit help on this. I don't know how to do it. I think the first step is divide 18x+6 with 6x+3 and 6x+3 divide by 6x+3. Am I on the right track? Please help

    asked by The Great Undertale fanatic
  2. Maths

    An aeroplane flies from a town x on a bearing of N45°E o another town y,a distance of then changes course and flies to another town zon a bearing of s60°e.if z is directly east of x,calculate to correct 3significant figures, A.the distance of x

    asked by Fathia
  3. Trigonometry

    A bridge across a valley is 150 m in length. The valley walls make angles of 60° and 54° with the bridge that spans it, as shown. How deep is the valley, to the nearest metre?

    asked by Dylan
  4. Home economics

    What is table laying and its importance

    asked by Kabir
  5. geometry

    Quadrilateral ABCD is transformed according to the rule (x, y) → (y, –x). Which is another way to state the transformation?

    asked by angel
  6. Language arts

    9. Which sentence in the selection shows the Jenja has matured during the course of this story A) There was only one word for it, and I said it:"Superblastic!" B) This might not just be a summer job; this could be my life's work. C) I knew the job was

    asked by Coco
  7. Physics

    a 2.25 kg bucket of water attached to a rope is swung in a 0.809 m circle. At the top the tension in the rope is 15.5 N

    asked by Tyra
  8. Physics

    a sled starts from rest and slides down a 38.0 degree frictionless hill for 4.24 seconds. How fast is it going at the end

    asked by Ty
  9. Physics

    a 2.35 kg water bucket is swung in a full cirlce of radius 0.824 m just fast enough so that the water doesn't fall out the top meaning n equals zero there. What is the speed of the water at the top

    asked by Gary
  10. biology

    Which statement correctly describes why the phospholipids of the cell membrane arrange the way they do in a bilayer? The polar heads are repelled by water, so they position themselves in the middle of the bilayer. The nonpolar tails are attracted to water,

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    Tau ,Igo,Iron shared a bag of mangoes in the ratio 7:5:14 If Igo receives 18 mangoes less than Iro,how many mangoes does Iro receive?

    asked by Vivian
  12. algebra

    A spinner contains four sections: red, blue, green, and yellow. Joaquin spins the spinner twice. The set of outcomes is given as S = {RB, RG, RY, RR, BR, BG, BY, BB, GR, GB, GY, GG, YR, YB, YG, YY}. If the random variable is “yellow (Y),” which of the

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    a 57.0 kg person on a rollercoaster moving through the bottom of a curved track of radius 42.7 m feels a normal force of 995 N how fast is the car moving

    asked by Aaron
  14. Science

    7. The condition in which all the forces on an object are balanced and the object is at rest is called __________. net force normal force static equilibrium inertia C?

    asked by Ryder C.
  15. English

    What story element is developed in the excerpt "Pyramus and Thisbe"?

    asked by Michael
  16. Algebra 1

    Does anyone have the answers to the Rational Expressions and Functions Unit Test? I can't focus at all right now

    asked by Ughhh
  17. Math

    Write 10+6+2+(-2)+(-6)+(-10)+(-14) in sigma notation.

    asked by Narancia Ghirga
  18. Math

    Convert the polar coordinates (-83,23°) into rectangular coordinates. Round the trigonometric values and the rectangular coordinates to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Trish Una
  19. Physics

    a rope pulls a 82.5 kg skier at a constant speed up a 18.7 degree slope with uk equals 0.150. How much force does the rope exert

    asked by Lilly
  20. Math

    The value of a particular investment follows a pattern of exponential growth. You invested money in a money market account. The value of your investment t years after your initial investment is given by the exponential growth model A=2600e^0.08t . By what

    asked by Narancia Ghirga
  21. Science

    9.__________ is the tendency of an object with mass to resist a change in motion. Inertia Normal force Tension Drag I think its C.

    asked by Ryder C.
  22. Science

    A vehicle maintains a uniform velocity of 60m /s for 60s. Calculate acceleration

    asked by Yolanda
  23. math

    The bearing of B from A is 045degree.what is the bearing of A from B

    asked by gold
  24. Chemistry

    Consider the esterification reaction below C2H5OH +CH3COOH CH3COOC2H5 + H2O WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF 1. water is removed from the system? 2. More alcohol is introduced into the system?

    asked by King Sọlọmọn
  25. Math

    Write the following complex number in polar form. Express all angles in degrees rounded to the nearest tenth. Given complex number: 5+6i

    asked by Narancia Ghirga
  26. Chemistry

    Enthalpy questions? Given this enthalpy change MgCl₂(s)---->Mg²⁺(g) +2Cl⁻(g) ΔH∅ =+2490KJ/mol Mg2+(g)----> Mg²⁻ (aq) ΔH∅ =-1920KJ/mol Cl⁻(g)---->Cl⁻(aq) ΔH∅ =-360KJ/mol What is the Enthalpy change in KJ/mol for following process

    asked by Arvind Vijayanand Dubey
  27. Physics

    a 47 kg person in a rollercoaster moving through the bottom of a curved track of radius 47.7 m feels a normal force of 895 N. What is the net centripedal force acting on the person

    asked by Danny
  28. Science

    __________ is the measurement of the speed and the direction of an object. Velocity Rate of change Slope Acceleration It is A Right?

    asked by Ryder C.
  29. Science

    6. A quantity that is described by both magnitude and direction is called a __________. magnitude vector reference point scalar B?

    asked by Ryder C.
  30. Science

    10. __________ is a law which states that for every action, an equal and opposite reaction results. Newton’s first law of motion Newton’s third law of motion Bernoulli’s principle Newton’s second law of motion It is the Third Law Right?

    asked by Ryder C.
  31. math

    Terry is an up-and-coming florist who specializes in weddings. He uses 5 roses, 3 daisies, and 4 bundles of green filler to make one bouquet. If r is the cost of a rose, d is the cost of a daisy, and f is the cost of a bundle of green filler, which

    asked by dylan
  32. chemistry

    A reversible reaction has an equilibrium expression, Keq = 50. If the reaction quotient calcuated in by a student performing this reaction is Q = 75, which of the following statements is true? a Equilibrium will proceed in the reverse direction favoring

    asked by Kaashif
  33. programming

    1. Write an if-­statement that increases the variable num1 by one and reduces the variable num2 by 1, if the variables are not equal. MY ANSWER: int num1 = 11; int num2 = 10; int counter = 1; If (num1 != num2) { Num2+ counter } If (num2 != num1) { Num1 -

    asked by mozart
  34. Adv biomechanics

    a 1kg ball is thrown vertically. If the ball has a velocity of 8 m/s at release, please find: the maximal height that the ball can reach and the time it took for the ball to reach the maximal height and how long does it take for the ball to return to

    asked by Cam
  35. Math

    We are interested in calculating the probability that there are 5 Heads in the first 6 tosses and 3 Heads in the last 5 tosses. Give the exact numerical values of a , b , c , d that would match the answer ap7(1−p)3+bpc(1−p)d.

    asked by Cyan
  36. Science

    A vehicle accelerates uniformly form rest, from West to East, to a velocity of 60m/s in 40s . Calculate acceleration

    asked by Nompumelelo
  37. Science

    A component is uniformly accelerated in a production plant from 3m/s to 8 m/s in 4s and at a constant velocity of 8 m/s for the following 2s . Determine the displacement for a time of 6s.

    asked by Yolanda
  38. science

    1.if you kick a beach ball that weights 50g with a force of 10n.what is the beach ball acceleration?

    asked by johanna
  39. English

    What is the unfavourable bias word for questioned?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. History

    How did the Portuguese use geographic factors to help them control the spice trade? They used European technology and expanded agricultural production to set up a trading empire. They used diplomacy to establish alliances with inland Indian rulers and Arab

    asked by Warren
  41. Physics

    A 1600 kg car moving at 22 m/s is in a wreck with a 2900 truck moving at 32 m/s in the opposite direction. Which exerts a greater magnitude of force on the other?

    asked by mssailormouth
  42. Math

    Find the eighth term of the sequence 5, -15, 45, -135 ... I got -10,935

    asked by Narancia Ghirga
  43. Math science

    A right pyramid on a base 4cm square has a slant edge of 6cm. Calculate the volume of the pyramid

    asked by Eniola Dawn
  44. Physics

    a 2.35 water bucket is swung in a full cirlce of radius 0.824 m just fast enough so that the water doesn't fall out the top meaning n equals zero there. What is the speed of the water at the top

    asked by Ty
  45. social studies

    why is philadelphia described as an industrail powerhouse?

    asked by laqueshia
  46. Math

    Find the distance between the points (3, -2) and (-4, 10).

    asked by Risotto Nero
  47. Math

    A triangle has side 8 cm and 5 cm and angle of 90° between them calculate the smallest angle of the triangle

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Language arts

    I remember packing and repacking the small container a hundred times, trying to arrange everything so nothing essential would have to be left behind. Which of the following is being used in this sentence A)Hyperbole* B)Analogy C)Personification D)Simile

    asked by Anon
  49. Physics

    a 47 kg person in a rollercoaster moving through the bottom of a curved track of radius 47.7 m feels a normal force of 895 n

    asked by Curt
  50. Physics

    a 47 kg person in a rollercoaster moving through the bottom of a curved track of radius 47.7 m feels a normal force of 895 N. What is the net centripedal force acting on the person. I still couldn’t solve it sorry

    asked by Danny
  51. Math

    A swimming pool is in the shape of a rectangular prism. L= is 35ft w=25ft death=8ft what is the maximum amount of water in cubic ft that the pool can hold.

    asked by Morgan
  52. Math

    An arc of lenght 28m subtends an angle of 24 at the centre of a circle.In the same circle,what angles does an arc of lenght 35m subtend?

    asked by Joy
  53. Physics

    a 57.0 kg person in a rollercoaster moving through the bottom of a curved track of radius 42.7 m feels a normal force of 995 N. How fast is the car moving? Please help quickly it!!!

    asked by Tyra
  54. Trigonometry

    While cruising at a steady speed of 400 km/h, you identify a storm cloud straight ahead 45 km away. To avoid turbulence, you start climbing at an angle of elevation of 15°. If you maintain this speed and direction for 6 min, how far will you be from the

    asked by Marcus
  55. social

    This is a sentence in my essay. Doing a defensive paper on globalization "This can lead to constant melting of the ice caps and glaciers in colder countries, warmer countries are experience blistering warm, and dry weather." Comment: How does this sentence

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Physics

    astronomers believe the moon used to be much closer to the earth mass=5.98 x 10^24 kg. When it was at 1.92 x 10^8, half its current distance. what was its orbital period in days

    asked by John
  57. Physics

    Ganymede is a moon of jupiter mass=1.90 x 10^27 kg. it orbits jupiter in a circle of radius 1.07 x 10^9 m. what is ganymede's period in hours?

    asked by John
  58. Math

    Do the ratios 6 4 and 51 24 form a proportion?

    asked by John
  59. chemistry

    Assuming an efficiency of 30.80%, calculate the actual yield of magnesium nitrate formed from 147.4 g of magnesium and excess copper(II) nitrate. Mg+Cu(NO3)2=Mg(NO3)2+Cu

    asked by skye
  60. math

    Find the complex conjugate of -18 and 604i-94!!! Please help ASAP I didn't understand at all!!! :(

    asked by Andrea