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June 12, 2019

  1. History

    Which accurately describe the involvement of the Catholic Church in the Crusades? A.)In the 13th century, the Church sanctioned the Children’s Crusade in which adolescents and teenagers set out from Europe to reclaim Jerusalem. B.)In 1208, the Church

  2. Early childhood

    According to the text, which of the following is not a nutrition consultant? A. American Heart Association B. American Dietetic Association C. American Red Cross D. American Cancer Society

  3. Chemistry

    Propane and oxygen react according to the following equation. C3H8(g) + 5O2>>>3CO2(g) + 4H2O(g) Calculate the volume of carbon dioxide and water vapour produced and the volume of oxygen remaining, when 20.0 dm3 of propane reacts with 120.0 dm3 of oxygen.

  4. English

    In Grammatical Name and function, what does this expression stand: (‘.....Whose members share similar attitudes.....)? Ms. sue help.

  5. Math

    Find the 55th term of the sequence 12, 9, 6, 3, 0, … I got -153

  6. Maths

    How many numbers greater than 200 can be formed from the digits 1,2,3,4,5 if no digits is to be repeated in any particular number?

  7. Math

    24x2+25x−47 ax−2=−8x−3−53 ax−2 is true for all values of x≠ 2a , where a is a constant. What is the value of a? A) -16 B) -3 C) 3 D) 16 I think c???

  8. Maths

    in what ratio must two sorts of sugar costing $390 and $315 be mixed in order to produce a mixture worth $69 per kg?

  9. Physics

    a 15.5 kg block is pulled by two forces. The first is 11.8 N at a 53.7 angle and the second is 22.9 at a -15.8 angle. What is the magnitude of the acceleration

  10. mathematics

    construct a triangle XYZ in which |YZ|=6 cm angle XYZ=60° and |XZ|=9 cm measure|XY| , construct a mediator of XY and draw a circle with center X and a radius of 5cm. Measure|YA|, where A is the point of intersection of the mediator and the circle in the

  11. Physics

    A locomotive creates a 59400 force which creates an acceleration of 0.145 m/s. What is the mass of the locomotive

  12. Calculus

    Use geometry to evaluate the integral from 0 to 6 of the function f of x, dx for the system of equations: f(x)= 3 for x LESS than or EQUAL to 3 and equals 6-x for x > 3. A. 27 B.13.5 C.12 D.10.5 I could really use some help. Thank you!

  13. Spanish

    ¿Cómo estoy viajando? Lee la oración y decide si estoy viajando por avión, coche o tren. Question 6 of 25 Por fin estamos aterrizando. Llegaremos con retraso otra vez. avión coche tren Question 7 of 25 Necesito subir por el andén número 15. avión

  14. Physics

    A 39.5 kg sled is pulled forward with a 72.8 N force which causes an acceleration of 0.521 m/s how much friction force acts on the sled

  15. Maths

    Four letters are chosen from the word RANDOMLY. How many ways can this be done?

  16. Maths

    equal quantities of sweets at two for $10 and six for $10 are mixed together. How many of the mixed sweets can you get for $10?

  17. English

    What are rhymes in swift things are beautiful poem?

  18. math

    Solve using elimination. 10x + y = -19 6x − 2y = -14

  19. Physics

    Two friends are pushing a stalled 1610 kg car. The first pushes with a 107 N forward force. The car accelerates at 0.123 m/s. How much force does the second person exert?

  20. math

    The scale model of a rectangular garden is 1.5 ft by 4 ft. The scale model is enlarged by a scale factor of 7 to create the actual garden. What is the area of the actual garden?

  21. science

    The table below shows the fossils found in various layers of an undisturbed rock: Fossils In Rock Layers Layer (from top) Fossils in Layer 1 A, C 2 E 3 A, D, F 4 B 5 F, C 6 D, B Please Help! Need answer now! Which is most likely an index fossil? A B D E

  22. algebra

    Solve using elimination. 2x + 6y = 6 2x + 3y = 12

  23. Math

    Which of the following is another representation of the polar coordinate P=3,45° ?

  24. Maths

    Find correct to the nearest degree, the angle between p=12i - 5j and q=4i + 3j? I need solvings please?

  25. Science

    An object reaches a velocity of 147m/s in 15s at a uniform acceleration vertical plane .calculate the size of the uniform acceleration ,also determine whether it was an upward or downward movement from rest.

  26. Science

    Equilibrium? 2SO2 (g) + O2>>>(g) 2SO3 (g) ∆Hο= –200 kJ According to the above information, what temperature and pressure conditions produce the greatest amount of SO3? Give explanation Temperature Pressure A. low low B. low high C. high high D. high

  27. maths

    from a point on the egde of the sea,one ship is 24km away on a bearing,550east and another ship 7 km away on a bearing of S40 far a part are the ships?

  28. algebra

    3x + 4y = -14 3x − 10y = 14

  29. Algebra

    A radio signal travels at 3.00 ⋅ 10^8 meters per second. How many seconds will it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of Earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 3.54 ⋅ 10^7 meters? Show your work. This is my

  30. Math

    The hundred thousands digit of a six-digit evev number is three more than the thousands digit, which is twice the ones digit. Give at least four numbers that satisfy the given condition.

  31. English

    In The Sweet Hereafter, Ansel says, "It's a way of living with tragedy, I guess, to claim after it happens that you saw it coming, as if somehow you had already made the necessary adjustments beforehand." In one or two paragraphs, discuss the other ways

  32. Math

    Lauren earns $13 per hour at her after school job. If she has worked 64 hours at this job, how much has Lauren earned total?

  33. Calculus

    A 5,000 m² rectangular area of a field is to be enclosed by a fence, with a moveable inner fence built across the narrow part of the field, as shown.The perimeter fence costs $10/m and the inner fence costs $4/m. Determine the dimensions of the field to

  34. Math

    Find the sum of a geometric series with the following values: a1=10; r=0.5; n=4 I got: 17.3205

  35. Maths

    find the center and radii of the circle 3x^2-3y^2+4x-5y+2=0?

  36. Physics

    the velocity of s stationary wave in a sring is given by te relation V=K^x T^y e^z where k is the constant calculate the value of x and y?

  37. Math

    If the quantity P varies as the square of Q and inversely as the square root R. If P=12,Q=3 and R=81,find P if Q=1 and R°25

  38. Chemistry

    Enthalpy questions? Given this enthalpy change MgCl₂(s)---->Mg²⁺(g) +2Cl⁻(g) ΔH∅ =+2490KJ/mol Mg2+(g)----> Mg²⁻ (aq) ΔH∅ =-1920KJ/mol Cl⁻(g)---->Cl⁻(aq) ΔH∅ =-360KJ/mol What is the Enthalpy change in KJ/mol for following process

  39. Physics

    find the first, second and third derivative of : sin3x^2?

  40. Physics

    find the derivative of the following: (a) e^tanx (b) e^sin4x?

  41. biology

    draw a map of Nigeria showing the local biomes

  42. Math

    X^1/8 =32 solve for x

  43. Maths

    find the stationary points of y=x^4/4+4x^3/3-2x^2-16x+1?

  44. algebra

    can someone please help me with my algebra? you don't have to answer every question but I'm very confused, this is algebra 1b unit 6 sample work simplify the rational expressions. state any excluded values 1. 36x^3 / 42x^2 2. -70n^2 / 28n 3. 2r-4 / r-2 4.

  45. Maths

    Determine the nature of roots of 2x^2-2x+5=0?

  46. Maths

    5% of items manufactured by a machine are known to be defective is 4 out of 100 items taken randomly, find the probability that they will be deffective.?

  47. Physics

    the velocity of s stationary wave in a sring is given by te relation V=K^x T^y e^z where k is the constant calculate the value of x and y?

  48. math

    The medical office purchased new computers at a cost of $1,855 at 14% add-on interest for 2 years. Find the APR (rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent) for the loan.

  49. home economics

    the 2019 bece

  50. chemistry

    At s t p a certain mass of gas occupies a volume 790cm3 find the temperature at which the gas occupies 100cm3 and has a pressure of 726mmhg .P1V1=P2P2---T1 T2/

  51. calculus

    A Calculus student bought 20 m of flexible garden edging (shown in green). He plans to put two gardens in the back corners of his parents' property: one square and one in the shape of a quarter circle. He will use the edging on the interior edges (shown in

  52. Mathematics

    A rectangular pyramid with 10cm by 7cm has a height of 11cm. Calculate the rate of the nearest number. a.the size of triangle b.surface c.volume

  53. Algebra

    2 +7 -3× 5 ÷2 solve this questions in mathmtic

  54. Algebra

    The total length of the walking path is 8x+xy+6y. Find missing side length. Other side lengths are: 2x-xy+3y 3x-2xy+3y 2x+5xy-y I know to subtract but I think I’m still doing it wrong. I got two different answers. I got x-xy+y and I got x+3xy+11y. I’m

  55. calculus

    A particle moves along a linear path (left/right) and its position, relative to its starting location is given by the function s(t)=13t^3−2t^2+3t , t≥0. a) Determine the particle's velocity and acceleration at any time t. b) When does the particle

  56. Physics

    1)a man uses a rope to haul a load of 750n up an wooden inclined plane of effective length 4.50m,1.5m high,the fractional force between the plane and the is 200n.find the; A)effort required to move to haul up the plane. B)volocity ratio C)useful work done

  57. history

    How were Americans affected by terrorism during the Clinton Administration? Americans believed the authorities would go to great lengths to investigate incidents. Americans believed that Clinton was weak on foreign policy, which led to terrorist attacks.

  58. history

    How did the Congressional response to the Soviet-Afghan War change Americans’ perspectives about the global role of the United States? Americans viewed intervention in Afghanistan as another attempt to stop the spread of Communism. Americans believed

  59. geography

    What reptiles are extinct and endangered?

  60. Physics

    Show that the coefficient of surface tension T is given by T=rhPg/2 where P, h and r are density, height and radius of the system respectively.?

  61. Science

    The blackene toast is a ____.

  62. Math

    Convert the rectangular coordinates into polar coordinates (-5,-5sqrt3)

  63. Math

    Show a number that is 10100 more than12342 and less than 1100

  64. English

    I need help writing a story with these words in it Adopt. Debris impatient. Rely Advantage. Decade. Import. Requirement Adventure. Defeat. Impossible research Adverb. Defender impress. Resist Advisor. Delicate infinite. Resource Sorry if u can't do it I

  65. Chemistry

    You have a solution containing 1 mol each of two unknown amino acids in a mixture at pH6.5 (pKa=6.0). What would be the pH if you added 0.2 mol of NaOH? I've used the Henderson-Hasselbalch to get this: 6.5 = 6.0 + log [B/A] 10^.5 = [B/A] 3.16/1 = [B/A]

  66. English

    Pacific Power completed your online request to stop service at so and so address effective 06/17/2019. You will receive your closing bill within 2 weeks of this date. Does this mean that the closing bill will be on July 1st?